Thread regarding Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc. layoffs

Working for ULTA

Prepare to have fun while working here at ULTA - here is a few bullets to bring you up to speed on the work culture here:

  • Too much gossip and backstabbing

  • Hours are bad - between 4 to 10 a week

  • Mgmt is sometimes rude to customers and employees

  • Management plays favorites

  • Conning, I mean selling in style magazine to customers

  • Schedule is never out in time

  • Need another job with this one

  • Lazy employees

  • Being sent home early

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ULTA defined as: lack of training, rude and unprofessional mgmt, not good pay, lack of talking with employees in the store, always being watched and baby sitting, mgmt focus only on the negatives and dosen't seem to care about actually doing the job, but just what their title is.

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