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From the Seeking Alpha board:

Well, as I noted yesterday, we were not going to get any profits and here we are with a near 20% drop in the stock price.

Once again, ZERO profits yet the CEO of Rite Aid has decided to piss away $350 million in Capex redesigning stores that were just redesigned.


I believe she is doing it to funnel profits out of Rite Aid and into the pockets of people connected to Rite Aid’s board and management. The board members involved (Bodaken no doubt) are likely getting kickbacks from the capex spending.

The SEC and the FBI need to investigate Rite Aid’s capex spending. There needs to be a deep audit of the spending, and these questions need to be answered:

  1. Who is getting the capex money?
  2. Are they connected to any Rite Aid board members or management?
  3. If so, then who are they connected to professionally, personally or financially?
  4. If they are connected to Rite Aid board and management then they need to have their financial accounts audited to see if they have transferred funds to board members or management.

The SEC and FBI also need to investigate and audit the personal financial accounts of Bruce Bodaken, John Standley, Heyward Donigan, and all of the past and current board members to see if they have been receiving kick backs from the capex money.

Mark my words, the capex spending is the key to understanding how profits are being funneled out of Rite Aid and into the pockets of Rite Aid’s board and management, as well as their friends and family.
Shareholders are being cheated by these criminals and you can forget seeing any profits for the foreseeable future.

Wait and see, next ER will be the same. More write offs, more losses and MORE MONEY BEING FUNNELED OUT OF THE COMPANY VIA CAPEX SPENDING.

Since the sleazebags and criminals at Rite Aid headquarters seem to monitor this page, I challenge them to release a detailed audit of the company’s capex spending, with every single dollar accounted for, along with details about the companies and individuals receiving that money.

They won’t do it as that would make it far too easy for their criminal conspiracy to be detected and exposed.

Rite Aid shareholders are being cheated by criminals.

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Seen a few top rite aid Corperate guys at dockside willies in Harrisburg drinking down bragging on how rite aid was paying the tab. Then driving under the influence on rite aid time

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