Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

What a joke of a business.

I will not spend another dime in that place, they treat their employees like complete dirt. I will spend the extra money elsewhere. I challenge everyone else to do the same. I hope Amazon puts them out.

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Third Anniversary

Today marks the third anniversary of when a sleazy district(market) manager perp walked me to an office and told me I no longer worked at Walmart as a pharmacist. The way the company treated me while I worked there and the way they ended my career... —  read more 

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Team Leads Salaried

Any news on Team Leads going slaried? I'm not talking about People Leads.. I've now heard from a pretty reliable source, but looking to see if anyone else has any info?

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Adapting to a new job

I don't have much experience but I really care about this job. However, it is very difficult for me to fit into this workplace. A lot is required of me. Despite all the efforts to learn new things quickly, adapting to this job is quite difficult... —  read more 

These people have no shame

Douglas McMillon was paid $25,670,673 in 2021 while the median worker compensation is $25,335. That makes for a whopping 1,013 CEO to median worker pay ratio. It's not the highest, but it's certainly up there. These people have no shame. Employees... —  read more 


If you work at WM do u have to work every weekend? Also do they accept part time hours available because of other commitments? Can someone work just certain days?


Hello does Walmart HO/Global Tech still dr-g test when you get promoted? Also are there any other reasons they would test? I was never tested when I started

Pay change

Someone has already asked this question but it remained unanswered. [We are still waiting for the claims dsd transition... Does anyone know if there is a pay change when it does happen...] I too am wondering if there will be a pay change... —  read more 

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