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Let go

Seems alot of asms are posting about being let go with no coachings and good evals dose anyone have info on this. If you where affected what was the reason given job performance? Did you already recieve your eval for the year? I cant see Walmart... read more
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Big Changes Coming Soon to a Walmart near you!

Grocery sales expected to boost the numbers

Here is an interesting preview of WM’s earnings that underlines the segments in which the company is expected to outperform. The grocery market is something that is especially interesting, as that segment is especially expected to boost sales... read more

Cashiers should be brand ambassadors

Cashiers are an opportunity every time a customer comes in the store to check in on the customer experience. It’s just that the industry uses them wrong for the most part. Your cashiers should be brand ambassadors. If they were coached on how to... read more

Some of the Changes told by Mkt Mgr

The REAL DEAL Call happened to day from Market Managers to Store Managers for Phase 1. These changes will roll out in Phases. It will be similar to the Stores meeting goals on the CAMP process. Store Managers received an email today that outlined the... read more

Day stock

Has anyone confirmed smaller store (less than 60) will be going to day stock or is this another rumor. I'm guessing they would get rid of the 2 overnight asms.

The Salesfloor People Replacement

Call Buttons to replace staffing of departments. Walmart is even using digital technology to change the way customers ask for help. New next-gen call buttons activate GPS-enabled devices worn by staff members, meaning, only employees who have... read more


At store 992 in Tulsa our Fresh Cap program is quite a joke. I don't think it's run the way it's suppose to be. We aren't allowed to cap and pick the old produce first, we have to work the new freight down on the pallets, then cap everything. Same... read more
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Could the ASM position be eliminated for good?

As far as I could tell the elimination of the ASM position started off at smaller stores and neighborhood WM’s, so it looks to me the management is testing an operating model that doesn’t involve the ASM position, if it proves to be working on the... read more

Self checkout

Anyone else tired of the customer complaints and theft through self checkout? What a mess. Just like the steal and go program, they should call this the “help yourself to free merchandise” program. Also, if you want to see customers just walk out and... read more

pto cut

well im sure cutting pto accrual rates for all employees will improve employees attitudes!! as most employees are part time your now only earning a fraction of time for vacation.. as a employee of 5 yrs thanks to their current pto program that they... read more

A freeze on ASM promotions currently?

I heard there was also a freeze on ASM promotions currently. Anyone else hear this? It would make sense to do that if big changes are coming! Store managers just had to do the calibrations on current ASM to figure out who to cut, so makes me wonder... read more

Walmart to Bring Back Holiday Pay

Bring it back. It is the only just thing to do. Now. It is a win-win situation, Walmart wins and the worker wins, the customer is happy as the worker behaves much better. And, stop whining about folks calling in sick, give us back our holiday pay and... read more


The merger of pharmacy and optical has ruined both departments. Pharmacist don't know how to run a successful OPTICAL. When Opticians were DM's the operation ran much smother and opticians actually enjoyed their jobs. Now.. Opticians dread a visit... read more

Sayonara for Sam's?

Every store I see here in central Il. looks dead in the water. Almost no cars in the lot or people in the stores. They look like K Mart of the early 2000s. Which is actually all fine with me; I never was a fan, could never see the sense in having to... read more

Job shaming

I find it very sad that anyone would say people who work at walmart are not smart enough to work a real job! I've worked since I was out of high school. Almost 30 yrs for walmart. It was a wonderful company to work for when I started. Only the last 8... read more

Pay raise

I’m at Sams and have not heard anything on raises this year. Anybody on the Walmart side heard or seen anything about it??

Walmart Hunger Games

Which tributes were sacrificed to shareholder profit this season? Leave a list of the positions affected below.

People Partner Position

Does anyone have any more info on PP (hehe) position? Timeframe? When job will be posted? Pay? When PC and TC positions wil be eliminated? Training? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks.


Asms at my store have mandatory meeting tomorrow....any other store having one also? Wondering if Asms are getting cut.

Horrible treatment from the management

Am I the only one who is in a situation that his manager is dumping extra work on you, while he treats you like garbidge? I and a couple of other guys work our asses off, but that seems not to be enough, as we are told of or written up for every... read more

How to deal with this?

Any ideas on how to deal with a manager who waits until five minutes before I have to clock out to give me a task that will require much longer than those five minutes? Of course, I'm still expected to clock out when I was supposed to AND finish the... read more


I need answers what are core hours? I am a full-time associates and my manager told me about core hours. My hours are 32 a week, and he would schedule me more hours so that I would get up to 40 hours a week.

PTC Sams

Today, all the PTCs at Sams were told their jobs were eliminated. They have until 3/29 to find another position. Severance is being offered.

Great Workplace Pilot

Walmart is running a proof of concept for almost the past year on this program called "Great Workplace" in two Supercenter stores. The structure is as follows: 1 Store Manager 1 Developmental Store Manager (Co-Manager) 3 Business Owners (1 Fresh, 1... read more

Personnel Hunger Games

I am a TC and my friends act like I died. Our PC has friends she never knew she had before pumping her for info on the new position. She even got a call from another store. Just shoot me now.

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