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No more Walmart culture

Lipstick on a pig doesn't change the pig. And for all of those interns who came & left due to the disgust of even thinking of working at Walmart- well to each their own. All that glitters is not gold but if you have been in the dream world of a... read more
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Salaries in the supplier community

For those who have left the company, either through a RIF or voluntarily, how do you find the salaries/benefits in the supplier community in NWA as compared with Walmart? I have to admit that the compensation package at Walmart is a key reason I and... read more

Finding Peace

There are challenges within Wal-Mart that will apparently continue for the foreseeable future. Change is a constant and at times the way it's handled is not always perceived as positive, however change is inevitable within Wal-Mart. There are two... read more

Layoffs at ISD Friday?

Three meeting planners were sent out today and they all had to do with the way our organization is going to be working, different teams Etc. The first meeting is Friday at 1 p.m. . Coincidence? I've been through this enough times to recognize it... read more

You earned it ending

YEI to Sunset on Nov. 1 After analyzing data and feedback from the pilot of the YouEarnedIt (YEI) tool, we have collectively decided to sunset YEI on Nov. 1, 2017 across all technology teams currently on the platform. You will be able to redeem... read more
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Colonial Era!

A 3rd party survey link on Friday close to midnight, left me wondering!, well its simpleā€¦ (1) siphon the opinions into a black hole (2) save some embarrassment by reducing the feedback posted in public. Changes made in last few months, reminds me of... read more
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Walmart New HQ

It amazing to hear Walmart say they need a new HQ location to attract talent...Ya' think? Coming to this area and seeing Walmart HO is shocking to people from the outside, it was for me, for many reasons, not just the horrible offices. It was made... read more

Anybody else hates the word restructuring?

Restructuring has become a new way to announce layoffs without actually having to say the word. It's mildly put annoying and a huge cop-out. A title with restructuring and Walmart in it does not seem as bad as one with layoffs and Walmart, I guess... read more

Ageism at Walmart

How many people believe these layoffs are targeting older people? Do you have any proof?

SG&A goals to drive further layoffs

I've heard that they're trying to hit an SG&A number of 16% over the next four years or so. If this is true, they'll have to keep cutting headcount. Can anyone confirm/deny this rumor? Is it even possible for Walmart's SG&A to get that low?

Just let go!

This company is ridiculous! I have given 19 years to this place and was told today my role had been eliminated. Leadership has NO empathy for their people. What a disgrace this company has become!

Layoffs is the "New Way of Working"

Doug made it clear in an HR quarterly meeting that layoffs will continue & basically said if you cannot accept that, you need to go somewhere else. HR has the lowest AES scores across the company. We get blamed for all the layoffs even though we just... read more

Walmart September layoffs announced

told on sept 11th that they are reducing divisions,regions and markets but now we have to wait until 25th to know if we have a job or not then effective oct 3rd so one week notice if you have a job or not let alone the stress of waiting 2 weeks. Sam... read more

Senior leadership with no experience

Walmart has historically put people in senior leadership roles that have absolutely no experience, or education for the jobs they are given, then wonder why they get bad results. Recall years ago when they used to play musical chairs with the... read more

Q3 or Q4 Rumors?

Anyone heard anything about layoffs at the H.O. in Q3 or Q4? Seems to be occurring quarterly nowadays.

Outsourcing ISD Management

Why don't they outsource management in ISD. Do they really do much at all besides ask when things are getting done? If you work in ISD you know what I mean...

Blue Earth Walmart closing

Another one bites the dust:
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Asda now


Can people post layoff info on here?

Does anyone have information on layoffs? It'd be nice to know if co managers are going to be laid off. I'm not sure why other stuff needs to be on this site. I'm more concerned about if I will have a job tomorrow.

Government to Break Up Amazon

It's time to break Amazon up and I think the regulators realize this now... Amazon treated the book industry the same way we handled the territories into which we decided to expand - use massive amount of capital to lower prices, destroy anyone who... read more

Severance package

Has anyone seen any of this so called severance package? I know the paid leave ends on the 1st of September, and we where supposed to see something mid August but still nothing. Thanks

Refocus on customer experience

The drivers behind the intense remodeling and investment in stores are an outcome of not investing in the customer experience and leaning too heavily on price as the 1st priority. It can be hard to visualize Amazon and other DTC players as real... read more

Why do incompetent longtimers get to stay?

For the person posting about Walmart keeping people at the Sr. Director/VP level people around forever (great post, btw), and not weeding out poor performers, why is that? Why does the company keep these people? We used to joke that they must keep... read more

AES Rollcall

Just curious what everyone's AES scores have been. My area was in the thirties for the overall score. Anyone worse than that ?

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