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How many people work at Walmart?

What's your guess on how many employees the company will have before the end of the year? How about the overall headcount? And headcount at Bentonville?

People lead/ workday

People leads going to training for workday training so that they can train managers and hourly supervisors,. I wonder once this training is completed what happens to us no direct reports. I can remember Sam's club pctc having to do training... —  read more 

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Walmart pay cuts and management

As of this year Walmart is cutting pay of department mangers by 10%, and making a new title new title as Academy trainer (same job more responsibility less pay. With this change they also move them to an A B level which cut them out of the better... —  read more 

More Claims changes down the pipeline?

So far... The only big changes were the More to the Floor and dept mgrs doing their own disposals and Cvp. Im hearing that claims are going to be eliminated from Claims responsibility... Meaning that Claims no longer are the ones... —  read more 


Well... the rumors that have been circulating for months came to the forefront on 1.13.2020. Co Managers are being eliminated. A Store Lead, and two additional coach positions will replace. As a Co, you are not allowed to demote, only a promotion... —  read more 

India layoffs


GWP CONFIRMED CHANGES u/dougmcmillion1d For sake of anonymity I have created a new account. We all know the HOs watch us here. I have some confirmed changes that will be taking place in Quarter 1 and there are a lot. These changes are exclusive... —  read more 

Walmart in Florida misused Christmas donations

USA today reports that a pro football player donated $80k to a Walmart in Florida to payoff layaways. The layaways only totaled $60k. The managers let employees put things in layaway to use up the other $20k. Yes someone ratted them out. Yes... —  read more 

Shaker assessment

What is a shaker assessment I apply for one of the new positions and got told had to apply for the shaker assessment


Co managers changing to store lead. Positions open January 16th. Stores 90+ will have 1 Store lead and depend on value it will go up to 3 store lead. Ppl have to reapply.


Health and wellness restructuring, anyone heard anything new?

Fresh GWP

Had meetings today about the upcoming changes in fresh did anyone else had meetings? What do you thing about the changes

Today’s Calls

Any SMs want to post the link they gave you to check store restructures?

2019 Annual Hunger Games

Well folks. ‘‘Tis the season. Ranking is happening. We have new leadership. And they’re hungry for new tributes. Post what you’ve heard about restructures and layoffs. May the odds be ever in your favor.


Has anyone heard they are changing the attendance policy again going to 7 points and NO ppto time

What’s the structure.

Outsider looking in (might consider working at Walmart as it may be the only option in 50 miles hiring. What’s the structure for most stores? Who is salary and who is hourly- please explain the abbreviations as I don’t know what they may stand... —  read more 

Many Wal-Mart Roads, Which Will Be Travelled

I work for a Semi-Supercenter. Meaning we are not as big as a Supercenter, but bigger than a Neighborhood Market. We have seen the company do a HUGE push for first and second shift. Our second shift has been continuously understaffed by 5-7 people... —  read more 

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Salaried PTO

So I requested salaried PTO and was only given my PTO days off for that week. Am I not entitled to the regular 2 days off as well?

Inhumane GM

My husband has a severe heart condition. He has had two heart surgeries plus a lung surgery and a pacemaker implanted last year. He is an ASM of a big supercenter. The GM know he is going to be retiring in three months. He recently made him go onto... —  read more 

Academy facilitator 1

Can anyone tell me the pay level for academy facilitator 1? I can't seem to find a direct answer anywhere.

Whoa now, GWP!!!

Our FE has been transitioning already, but I heard they are backtracking on transitioning our Fresh at the start of the year. It could be lies to keep people from jumping ship, but I heard there's at least a "pause" on it for my market and that it... —  read more 

Walmart SWAT Teams

It is all over the news that Walmart is starting SWAT teams to do appears that what was once old is now NEW again - Walmart had these for YEARS until someone decided to do away with all of them a few years ago - now the powers that be... —  read more 

Walmart is an anti american company

Watch out for these sell outs. They are part of the reason we see a decline in the middle class. They sold out the American people. Why do you think they only want to improve Bentonville arkansas? Because they think everybody else is worthless. ... —  read more 

Walmart home office has it's own caste system.

Contractors from foreign countries get placed on the pedestal at the home office next to all of the privileged people that dont do anything. All other Americans are treated like a cost and they will force you to train the contractors for no reason... —  read more 

January 2020 Layoffs at Walmart

Historically looking the HO has layoffs every January. I am sure January 2020 will not be an exception. Now, the issue is how deep and wide these cuts will be and what groups will be affected the most. I highly doubt they will be touching... —  read more 

Something is coming: Vision Center / Division 1

All kinds of rumors flying. Division 1 thinks that vision center is coming to Division 1. They think that pharmacy is going to be left in Division 10. Each division 10 district will be merged into 2 districts, essentially cutting half of MHWD. Each... —  read more 

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