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I wanted everyone to know that if you do get laid off, you can get unemployment benefit. Please don't forget to look into this benefits. Even if you get a big package. People please be smart. Walmart is running to fix problems. Anyone that has worked... read more

Associate Engagement Survey (AES)

How nice. From 7/24 to 8/6, thousands of HO associates can once again pat management on the back! Or maybe they can wise up and tell how they really feel for a change?

Walmart vs online

Walmart's main customer (in the US) is the American family. Things happen when you get married and have children. Life gets complicated and people have budgets. While the uninformed seem to think their keen sense of seeing into the future is spot on... read more

This is infuriating

Several people were laid off a couple of months ago who have worked here for a long time, and new people were hired to replace them - people who had no idea how to do their job, and are not getting any better! I don't think they are even trying. Now... read more

Total Count

Any guesses at the total count since January 1, 2017? I've heard estimates from 1000 to 5000 with the 5000 number coming from someone with an HR area.

The problem with these layoffs...

The problem with these layoffs is that they seem to be ongoing with no stopping. It is one thing to have a layoff to cut costs, but get it done and then stop; let the staff know it has stopped. Laying people off like this with no stopping erodes... read more

Sams Club meeting Dallas Texas

Is anyone freinds with a market manager or higher that can give us the information on what was rolled out at the mandatory managers meeting in Dallas today. Any info would be helpful?
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Walmart and WARN Act

Layoffs are ongoing; each week people are being shown the door, that is a fact! Whether or not the 17th is going to be a day for a large layoff or just a handful of people is unknown. Walmart HR has been very calculating in avoiding tipping people... read more

Last in first out system

As a pharmacy manager I lost one cashier/otc stocker to this round of layoffs. I can tell you that performance played no part in the decision of who to let go, and I had no input at all into the decision. The person they chose only makes sense if... read more

Management at Walmart is ridiculous

I don't think the simple concept of rational common sense applies to this company anymore. Most management is incapable of making any common sense decisions that they now have to outsource to 3rd party companies to tell them what to do. Have we gone... read more

Walmart fleet

Any word on layoffs in the private fleet? Drivers, office shops?
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Walmart Pharmacists Layoffs (June/July 2017)

A severance question for Walmart Pharmacists Layoffs. I was recently let go pulled into he back 60 days pay and info on a so called Severance package. Tech with experience prior to Walmart and total time at Walmart of 8 months. Certified by Walmart... read more

Treat people better, results will follow

These layoffs have the appearance of targeting older associates and long tenured associates for no other reason than the associates are either old or well paid. That may not be the truth, but it looks that way to some and the people who feel that way... read more

GSS-NA Corporate

Layoffs and reorganization coming soon. By end of September. Get your affairs in order.


That is the decision model for being shown the door at wmt. At least forty years old Twenty plus years of service Make over 100k. H1b's can do it faster cheaper and better.

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Threats

I know this is a layoffs board but why not discuss something outside the main topic. What are your thoughts on DTC? How concerned should we be - the trend is accelerating and I personally see it as a major headache as we continue to position for the... read more

Walmart getting rid of longtime employees

I'll be 35 this month and had 18 (almost 19) years with the company. I was let go like I meant nothing. Worked hard for all those years. Starting as a cashier and finally making my way to the Home Office after 8 years in the store. None of it meant a... read more

Sams Club?

Not trying to start any rumors. Trying to confirm rumors. Is Sams Club HO going through some layoffs today?

WM is fighting a 2 front war

All the focus on Amazon/Whole Foods while no one talks about the fact Walmart is fighting a 2 front war with Amazon and ALDI LIDL. Leadership is mistakenly focused on Amazon when we should be paying equal attention to relevant up and coming brick and... read more

Amazon taking over grocery shopping?

Really Amazon's Whole Foods is going to take over grocery shopping? Please tell me how? Whole food store prices are outrageous and they are not very well placed geographically. They would have to build 3000 stores over the next 10 years to be a real... read more

The Layoffs continue

They continue each week in small dosages, one very dear friend and mentor of mine just today who is a bigger name with the company. He was talented, hard working, and pretty selfless in so many ways. A great leader whose area was only increasing in... read more

Walmart's Vendors and Amazon Cloud

Repost from @NUUVA0H-god (I thought it was a smart post): Can't really blame Walmart for that one. Given that Amazon uses the profits it gets off its web services to subsidize the rest of its business, this request makes sense. Interestingly enough... read more

Walmart to Purchase Sprouts Farmers Market?

Rumor is that Walmart is preparing to purchase Sprouts Farmers Market stores. Walmart is coming back so don't found us out yet! Amazon has a big surprise coming their way if the rumors are true. We will see!

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