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Any real news on Assistants getting cut?

Very recently I'm reading here what looks to be some seriously legit information that I'm not scoffing at and dismissing out of hand. So with that said, does anyone have any real insights on what we can expect to see with the Assistants this coming... read more

Deep Thoughts and stuff to noodle on

Borrowed from a previous post with some comments from me - Robotics - Staff Cuts - Pay not enough - Online - Brick and Mortar - Walmart used to be a happy place to work - For some it was a career but for others it was a part time job or provided a... read more

WM pays for store remodels with cuts in workforce

I worked at Walmart store #603 for 6 years and one night was called back to the office in an abrupt 3 minute conversation was told I would no longer have a job on 3rd shift, but there was another similar job paying 50c less an hour.. Walmart invested... read more

The flaws of Walmart’s strategy to beat Amazon

This is an interesting article that contains a truthful observation of what Walmart is missing in its strategy regarding e-commerce and its quest to take on Amazon. Tend to agree with the fact that, with these kinds of investments into technology WM... read more

CJ and all his “awards”

Is it me or is he buying all these public awards? Maybe he should be focusing on his sub par leadership instead of twitter coverage

Full Time Reductions Coming To Stores

Merry Christmas Wal-Mart Associates. To thank you for all your hard work this season we will now cut more associates. So f--- you for you're hard work. You are only a number hurting our bottom line. You are not a person. We do not care about you or... read more

The Last Days of Disco

I've been particularly present at my local Walmart throughout this holliday season, and here's my report: The side counters everywhere, all departments, are almost always blown out. I see maybe a handful of stockers in the whole place----and this is... read more

Less and Less people

As a licensed professional, I decided to end my relationship with this company. For the past 5 years I saw the writing on the wall. More automation, more online access, thus reducing the work force. Less people on the floor to assist customers. And... read more

Robot janitors

Think that this is more of a move an advertising move rather than something that will cost a lot of people their jobs, but symbolically I saw this move as a display of the process of Automation that is going on for a while now. A lot of people are... read more


Who has heard of any pending changes coming in 2019


The fresh cap 1 hours are being cut from 40-to-36 hours a week. Some employees are getting 37. Why do they cut employees hours? How long will this last.


Guy came in and told me I was doing to many returns had me fill out ethics paper now what

Sam’s Optical

Announcing 3rd party tomorrow. Not sure if that is a prelude for Walmart Optical doing the same

Walmart in 2019

Not a prediction, a fact. The US-China trade war will turn into a full blown cold war, where both nations will aggressively try to take each other down using every economic weapon they have. Walmart and other corporations which heavily rely on China... read more

Is Walmart getting rid of assistant managers?

Here are my questions about this. Is Walmart getting rid of assistant managers? If yes, when? Is this going to be a program, with some duties transferred? How will we operate if this happens? Do you think this will benefit the company? What are your... read more

Only online shopping can bring Walmart down

If sales drop significantly enough to cause a problem, it won't be because of public out cry against working conditions/employee abuse. The consuming public couldn't care less about retail workers; many of them don't even think of them as human... read more

Christmas bonus

Christmas bonus... That was one of the first things they did away with like 15 years ago. Luckily? I'm grandfathered in as a 19 year employee and get a whole 75 bucks or something. No you get NOTHING for working days like Thanksgiving, New Years... read more

Walmart’s treatment of workers hurt sales?

Do you think that Walmart’s treatment of their workers with all the layoffs will hurt sales? The company has what? Two million employees? You would think those would be their best customers. But if the company treats people poorly, will they still... read more


How many customers told you it was "oh so bad and sad" you had to work on Thanksgiving while at the same time being completely oblivious to the fact that them being there on Thanksgiving is the exact reason you were there to begin with? Maybe it's... read more

Happy Thanksgiving!!

What a great day to be at work working for normal c-appy Walmart pay! I hope no one was dumb enough to go to work today, if you did you should reevaluate what your prioritys are. What kind of company expects its entire workforce to work for normal... read more

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