Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart


For the ones who didn’t accept Walmart’s offer on the new scheduling, how many hours did you get on the newest schedule? I’m full time and got 20.

Help is on the way

Walmart associates need to take control of the work environments you are subjected to. Workers organize and vote in unions everyday .they do it to regain some dignity, fairness, and respect from companies that treat them like disposable wipes... —  read more 

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Why did the changes occur?

Can anyone explain to me why it actually happened that employees have to choose between being available or losing full time? Was the previous system so dysfunctional? I would like someone to objectively explain the real reasons to me.

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Thanks for the hard work

As CEO of walmart e commerce Mark Lore and Alex Rodriguez are able to purchase the professional basketball teams the timberwolves and the lynx. Just thought you guys should be thanked for making that happen.

So no more availability

So basically one’s availability doesn’t matter anymore. If you can’t work a shift or certain days it doesn’t matter. You must take what you are given on the new team schedules or be put down to part time. I don’t see how Walmart getting away with... —  read more 


Has anyone heard the rumor about TL’s going salaried ? I keep hearing the rumor, but nothing to substantiate it. Seems like it would be counterproductive, but never can tell .

This is that place

No matter how hard you work you are never appreciated and everything you do never seems like it’s good enough. No wonder everyone is leaving this sh– company. I’m I’m on my way to fill out apps. This sh– hole has awful mangers that are lazy that... —  read more 

Health benefits

I am dissatisfied with the health benefits in this company and they are most important to me. I am particularly concerned that some think the situation could get even worse with regards to health benefits. So I wonder if Walmart has been reducing... —  read more 

Walmart vs. Costco

I apologize in advance because my question is very personal, that is, it concerns only me and not the problems of all of us. Namely, I have the option to move to work at Costco. I asked some people who work there what the working conditions are... —  read more 

Amazon unseats Walmart

Amazon has surpassed Walmart as the No. 1 apparel retailer in the U.S. thanks in large part to the pandemic-fueled e-commerce boom, according to Wells Fargo... This is today’s news (CNBC article quoted), but as far as I’m concerned it’s nothing... —  read more 

Could it get any worse?

Is there anyone who actually enjoys working at Walmart? Someone here said that it couldn’t be any worse, starting with dissatisfied and impatient customers, management, health benefits etc. Nothing is right. The question is can it be even worse... —  read more 

Retail is changing!

All this change people are complaining about is a company trying to figure out how to compete and evolve with the customers new ways of shopping. Brick and Mortar stores will change as well. We will see some low profit stores close to customers but... —  read more 

People Lead Turnover

How many stores have lost their people lead since last March? Probably the most stressful job under store manager. I would be interested in knowing what the company plans to do to try and control the turnover for this position.

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