Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Team schedules

Does anyone have info on how team schedules are going to work? It sounds a lot like core schedules. Working same hours everyday and having set days off. What if one already has days that they are not available? I read on wire that it will be for full... —  read more 


Any word on when MIP tracker will be available? Today was the day it was supposed to be released

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Walmart is a cold hearted company! Let me go right when my shift ended, and was about to start my vacation. Love you too Walmart!

C-ap company

Walmart is such an AWFUL company. They made record profits while others had to close due to covid and to thank their employees they are cutting hours. Nothing says thank you and you’re appreciate than treating employees like garbage. Such an awful... —  read more 

DM layoffs Jan 29th

It is important to note that there have been catches in the way that severance is/has been handled for associates going through the DM layoffs: Do not sign anything without reading it first. If you do, you may forgo severance. Some managers have... —  read more 

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Next Layoffs

I heard that coverage ASM are going away January 29 so they won’t get the mip and apm are merging with the front end. Digital ASM are going to coaches. Has anyone heard this too


When will we get the vaccine? We are considered essential workers and we are most exposed after hospital workers and first responders. Also, we have a lot of people catching Covid at our store yet nothing seems to have changed. No extra... —  read more 

Pharmacy in trouble?

Any worries in pharmacy, especially after all the negative attention in the news with the current law suit situation? Maybe they’ll just blow it off or maybe they can afford to pay if they lose but can’t help but worry they’ll throw in the towel with... —  read more 

GWP Teams

When are they doing the GM side? We have team leads, but when do the teams happen and what information we have that isn’t shared yet that we know about teams? Do we know about raises for this year as well? I know it’s a leak somewhere of some... —  read more 


They eliminated DM and Assistant Mgrs. Now you have a one Team Lead for multiple departments with no team with one coach supervising multiple Team Leads. My question is if I am working under the Team Lead and these positions are few and far between... —  read more 

Walmart tech

This place is bad. I thought walmart was trying to get rid of the corruption within the company. It seems like its already dug itself too deep. As an experienced developer, walmart tech is a s***hole place to work and a visa mill for those who know... —  read more 

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