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Differences in prices

I know from personal experience that the prices quoted on for items in the store can be drastically different from the actual shelf price in store. For example, I saw a large power strip on for about $10.97 and it said... read more

Ex zms frontend

Since this position has been eliminated why are they still given scheduling options? Mngt still empowers them to manage other csm why? Why are they still coming in when they feel like it and not following their current schedule? Why aren't mngt... read more

Equity grant?

Has anyone received notification about accepting their equity grant for FY19? Seems like that email should have circulated by now.


Heard something coming again in isd at end of April. Can anyone confirm?

new asm transfer?

i’ve looked on the wire and read that it says as a new asm you must stay in your store for 18 months then you can apply for other stores. my question is. is there a way around that i was part of reg selection and got place at a store that’s an hour... read more

Is csm being downsized?

New self checks pending or already in some srores. So why the need for so many csm? Do you think it's a waste of payroll? Any thoughts


PC isn't listed as a job on Walmart careers anymore, we all know it's going away but can anyone give us a date. Talk about, respect transparency!!!!! How about it, We all are waiting!!! When you ask a higher up and instantly they won't look you in... read more

More Pickup Towers incoming

Let's make it even easier on people to order their stuff online and thus make brick-and-mortar stores (and the pesky employees that come with them that cost soooo much) obsolete. Walmart is adding hundreds of more of its Pickup Towers at more of its... read more

Notice question

What kind of a notice is given when the store is slated for closing? Do they let employees know a month or two ahead, or is it just sprung on everybody a few days before the fact? I'm talking about single store closings, not the ones that are... read more

The more that emerges from this...

...the more it's being revealed that the real reason for the layoffs was a much-needed house cleansing. Everyone of the ousted cooze-cos from my geo was a waste of space and air. And it's going to be delightful watching this pendulum continue to... read more

Severance packet

Anyone else get their fedex packet in the mail? Any surprises? Was interesting to see the associate listing with ages. But it did not include the list of those kept like it said it would. Glad to be away from these toxic f---tards.

More stores opening

I find it surprising that Walmart is planning to open 90 new stores this year. I thought will all the closings, cut positions, layoffs, and other cost savings, the last thing we needed were more stores that have zero guarantee of being profitable... read more

More cuts!

Walmart is looking at buying PillPack, an online pharmacy, for under $1 billion Christina Farr | Lauren Hirsch Published 15 Hours Ago Updated 13 Hours Ago Sources say Walmart is looking at scooping up PillPack, a start-up that helps manage... read more


Its been a long hard rediculous ride. Its obvious the changes put in place are to get rid of sh--bags so stop playing politics and do it already. Changing schedules and making sh-- stupid trying to make people quit is a waste of company time and... read more

HQ severance agreement - any watchouts?

i know it states a two year inability to work at walmart et al for 2 yrs which is fine but was curious if anything caught anyone's eye? i know you can't poach fellow employees. im new to all this so just curious. not sure what people debate on these... read more


At the store where I shop there taking out all the good carts and replacing them with bigger hard to steer carts, and I dont like it. Also, there making the bakery section smaller and taking away cake decirating requests. Who else thinks this s---s??

No layoffs before September?

Been talking to my GM yesterday, and he at one point mentioned that he is finally able to focus on his regular stuff once again and that he is going to enjoy the next six months of being able to catch up on everything. I know I might be reading way... read more


Can someone explain why Walmart wants to overpay for Humana like it overpaid for It seems like they want to spend money on everything BUT their brick and mortal retail segment these days.

Metro asm

Has anyone noticed the job listed as metro not non metro?

Excellent point

WalMart is known for building their business with older staff. 1) they wont unionize 2) their wages are low...and 3) uncle sam is already paying their healthcare..NOW if you're amongst a well paid minority of folks (primarily women) who built their... read more

Changes in DSD??

Going to the DEX system? What does this entail? Quicker or slower? What about vendors that don't have DEX, PFS or ASN? Hours/ number of associates changing? Affects Reclamations in what way?

Things aren’t looking so hot!

Imposing duties on imports of those products could spell trouble for some prominent U.S. retailers, including Walmart and BestBuy, which sell products imported from China. One way companies may adapt to tariffs is by raising prices on consumers. A... read more

Co managers getting severance

Does anyone know when we are getting the packet that we are supposed to sign and send back so that we get our severance pay. We were told we would have it by the end of the month so we could get payed as close to the 31st as possible. Gettting near... read more

No Raise??

I just had my evaluation for this year. I am a C level associate. The assistant that done my evaluation said we were not getting a raise this year. Anyone else heard that??

Toys R Us

So these a--holes running HR are recruiting from ToysRUs and Winn Dixie after they just laid off 1000s of good managers not even giving them a chance to demote to hourly. Now they're scavaging from companies that failed because of poor leadership... read more

Amazon & ToysRUs

Amazon was a major contributor to the demise of Toys ‘R’ Us. Now it may take over some of the soon-to-be-abandoned storefronts. Bloomberg reports the online retail giant is looking at the possibility of acquiring some Toys ‘R’ Us locations as it... read more

Any new news about WM optical?

So we’ve been hearing that “changes” to optical will be announced in April, has anyone heard any leaks about what they may be? Just curious if anyone’s MM has let anything slip they shouldn’t have.

OTC/ Cashiers

If you are in OTC you will become Div1. If you are a cashier for rx, you will be cut! Companywide changes.

Awesome Oh this is good!

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