Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Academy Premium going away

If you work at an academy store you will be losing this premium this year because no more audits. every store gets a Star audit now so no longer needed. but don’t worry you will still have a academy and have the extra eyes and attention detail that... —  read more 

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You love to see it

Walmart-backed DroneUp is cutting jobs as drone delivery market struggles Drone delivery startup DroneUp is laying off some employees. The company confirmed the job cuts and said in an email that the layoffs hit “a small percentage of the... —  read more 


What's everyone's opinion on being held an extra 2 hours after working overnight 12 hours and that person falls asleep behind the wheel on the way home? Should I get an attorney?

Unpaid time off

So today we were told all unpaid time off requests are being denied. We were told if you ask for time off, use your PTO and ppto. If you have no pto or ppto and need time off what the he-l are you supposed to do?? Reason management says is because... —  read more 

Walmart Harvard

How does a 2 hr meeting help sales, clean backrooms, help stock, set mods, fill features? Cause the world is happening while you have yor meetings. Now your 2 hrs behind and you expect everyone to catch.


So why doesn’t management hold associates accountable for dress code, attendance? They sure preach enough about following dress code in store meetings, but sure don’t practice what they preach to the choir!! Absolutely no accountability. Associates... —  read more 


When will a government agency audit the billing practices of the optical? Patients bills are now going to collections, if I were a patient I’d be pi---d. Another case of no communication to the field. We have useless directors, regionals and... —  read more 

Walmart and the Future

So this is the way it's going to be for Walmart? More security (cameras and private security). US workers gradually replaced by robots and automation. Cheap (and smelly) sh*t from China, India, Vietnam, Honduras. Maybe this is karma after... —  read more 

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Investing in automation

I think the push for automation will lead to more layoffs… Walmart said on Tuesday it expects around 65% of its stores to be serviced by automation by the fiscal year 2026. In a press release, the U.S. retail giant said around 55% of packages... —  read more 

Not shocked

This company could use manager training more intense because the one I worked at all the managers acted like they didn't care. Just fire random people and refuse to explain their new policies on their point system. So idc if they do layoffs I... —  read more 

Theft and the future.

What did everyone think was going to happen when theft is “not a real crime” Shut down the stores that are in high crime areas and focus on the areas that are profitable. Scan and go with current AP policy is not going to be a combo.

Disaster at my store

I can't even start to describe the utter chaos that's been going down at my store. It's a disaster zone! What used to take us a measly hour to complete now takes a painfully excruciating two hours to finish, and don't even get me started on the new... —  read more 

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