Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Layoffs in the East

A friend that I worked with years ago works in the eastern business unit in Charlotte NC and was told on Tuesday that they have until May 31 to find a job or be let go. This person has been with Walmart for 27 years and is hurt.

Global Ethics

Does anyone here know how it works? Does anyone have any experience with them? Once they finish an investigation and if something is found they want or think should be acted on do they take the action or do they make recommendations to the SM/MT... — read more 

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Vision Centers Closing

14 Vision Centers got notice Monday January 29 that their last day would be on February 9. Less than 2 weeks notice. Are these employees going to be able to transfer to other Walmart vision centers? One of these locations is Russellville Kentucky... — read more 

Stocking 1 team

Anyone hear that stocking 1 team schedule is changing. We were told it’s going 7 to 4. We are currently 5am -2pm while other stores nearby are 4am -1pm. Where’s the consistency?

Long term

I am on long term disability through Walmart. Lincoln is wanting me to file social security disability but said I can keep my benefits through Walmart. It won't affect them they said How long can I be on long term? Anyone been through this?

Store leads

Have any heard about the new structure.. store leads going away and the AP coach reporting back to the mapm. The coach’s are going to be the new store leads they own there areas.

Request layoff

Is it possible for a salaried homeoffice employee to request/volunteer for a layoff from Walmart with severance without getting fired? Who would the request go to, HR?

Turning into Reddit.

Use to be a decent site for reliable rumors. How I find out about ZMS elimination and DMs a year before announcement. Now it's another reddit with no real information. With that said, any news on TL eliminations? 😅

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