Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Upgrading skillset

I did not come here with the intention of staying. My idea was to stay just long enough to gain experience that will help me find something better. However, I’m not happy with how much I’ve managed to learn here so far. How did you expand your... —  read more 

Adding hours back

My mother works here and they recently cut her hours. Even as a full-timer, she could barely pay the bills, and now it's going to get even harder. I wonder how often it happens that Walmart adds hours back to schedule again? I believe this does... —  read more 


I am a manager wanting to put in my notice. I also want to stay long enough to collect my bonus. Does anyone know the exact date of the end of fiscal year? I was told you have to be there through the 4th of Feb since the 31st falls in that week. Does... —  read more 

Temporary closings

Is there anybody here from one of the stores that recently closed temporarily for COVID-19 cleaning? Considering how little attention is spent on day-to-day cleaning at my store, I'm just wondering if there is actual, deep-cleaning done while the... —  read more 

Demand Team

Can we look back at Wal-Marts decision to create centralized teams, especially the horrid Demand Team and how it’s crushed Walmart and our home office structure? I’ve never seen us hold onto such a bad decision due to people not owning being totally... —  read more 

Fun fact!

The stock is now worth 10% less than it was 12 months ago today. I think it's hilarious that all those stock options the big wigs have are getting more worthless every day. If they keep making d-mb decisions this pig could get cut in... —  read more 

26 year salary manager

Hi I was a 26 year Salary manager for Walmart . Had an outstanding record for performance and team building with a ho-e wall full of plaques documenting my performance over a 26 year career Then in June of 2017 I was in a bad accident that required... —  read more 

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