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Walmart is constant changing itself to death

Walmart is hiring workers by the bus load,just about every day they come through with a group of 8 to 10 people for orientation they work for a week or a month or 2 then as soon as they get there time cut to 16 or less hours baby,they are gone.It's... read more

Great Workplace restructure is coming

(Originally posted on r/walmart by bdonvr) 1.) The following has been confirmed to be true through internal documents 2.) THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST 3.) Details may change before implementation 4.) This is for supercenters, NHMs are similar minus GM... read more

Walmart doesn’t need layoffs

The way Walmart treats and pays its employees it has become maybe the only company in the world which people leave by choice , the moment they have another offer or option. At my store the only people that stay longer are the ones that can’t land a... read more

The Three Types of Managers

Regardless of the business type, managers tend to fall into mostly one of three distinct categories; the one thing they all have in common is they're smart enough / physically capable of doing the job. But that's it. As you read this, you'll find... read more

Claims Elimination...any other news ?

I remember when the rumors of PC/TC's being eliminated came to be, rumors of Claims being eliminated popped up as well. Any validity to those rumors? I keep hearing of stores running new Claims pilot programs and what not, but I never heard what... read more

Core Hours, Hours Packages....what gives?

In our store today, management had conversations with associates with limited availability regarding core hours. Several associates came up to me saying that management sat them down and said if they didn't open their availabilities, core hours would... read more

Lyiing liar liar pansts-on-fire managers

All companies have managers who lie to some extent, but wally's crew takes it special level. Who here deals with managers who will look you in the eye and lie to you like you're r----ded, just blow smoke when it'd be easier to tell the truth?

Who is next to be replaced?

So, now that Walmart is cutting costs by bringing in even more robots to replace us, who do you think will be next to be cut? What positions are the most vulnerable?... read more


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Walmart customers in Nevada will soon starting seeing changes at local stores. The company is spending $16.3 million to upgrade its Nevada stores with new technologies. According to a news release, the company says the upgrades... read more

PPTO not approved

Was told today by personal that we can’t use our ppto until May 2nd. That when this was first announced they told everyone in a meeting. One not everyone can go to meetings. Also it wasn’t on Walmart one or the wire. So FYI. May 2nd is when we can... read more

People lead platform

More about the new position on the AMP today New people lead role coming soon, read people lead platform and people lead FAQS answers a lot of questions

26 yrs with Walmart and I feel the same

26 yrs with Walmart and I feel the same. I 100% feel like I'm being pushed out. If it wasn't for the insurance, I would take the severance and run. Just feels like a count down until July. I have no interest in opting in to this new position. I wish... read more

Why the hour-cutting?

I honestly don’t understand why they resorted to cutting hours for the experienced long-time employees. I’m a 10 year employee and my hours were cut. It’s not like I make a lot more than my newer colleagues, and shouldn’t it be in the company’s... read more

Target raises their minimum to $13

What will Walmart response be? Will they pay up to be competitive? If they do will the long term associates be forgotten (screwed over) again, or will we see the equivalent raise? I think I know the answer as I've seen how this company likes to... read more

People Lead Position

Is there any info out there on the people lead position? The hours, pay grade, and responsibilities? I looked on the wire but couldn't find anything.

Hours Changed

I had 40 hours, now I am down to 32. For the week of April 13th. I picked up a shift for Saturday. I checked my schedule at home and notice that my hours had been changed? Can a manager legally change your hours, after it has been posted?

Walmart Executives

Why all of the sudden are there so many top dogs leaving Walmart? Right now I can name 5 and just saw another one this morning. What is going on? Are they leaving on their own or are they being pushed out?

Fresh Cap 1 Duties

What are the duties for the Fresh Cap 1 Associates. My manager is trying to get me to cap the "Deli Production Area and Pick the merchandise. The fresh associates work in the produce side. We work in the meat dept, work the wet wall and produce. I... read more

Deleted posts and responses

So I'm wondering why the admin. of this page apparently removed an interesting dialog between a store manager and someone who responded to that person's post. I didn't read anything out of line from either of them. But now it's not there. What's up... read more

People Lead

Just curious..... how many current PC/TC 's are actually interested in applying for this position?

People Lead

Anyone else interested in people lead role that is currently not in personnel already? I am thinking about it because of my degree.

Are more store closures in the making?

Regarding the recent story about Walmart closing its stores at several locations, the logical question that comes to mind is are we talking about isolated closures of stores that weren’t profitable, or is this just the beginning of a planned bigger... read more

Layoffs at ISD?

Starting to hear rumors of layoffs over at the ISD building this week. Any details? So sad for associates that keep getting jerked around, continuous fears and unable to have any stability. Any one know what's going on?

24 Hr Stores Closing Nights?

Hi, I'm new to this site, so please excuse my ignorance if I misunderstand or violate any rules or etiquette... In our area, there have been rumors for a couple of months about the store closing at midnight. Now its on the wire that only stores with... read more

The full list of stores closing is as follows

3900 W. Ina Road, Tucson, Arizona 1600 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, California 712 N. Western Ave., Liberal, Kansas 1229 NE. Evangeline Trwy., Lafayette, Louisiana (Supercenter) 3603 Broad River Road, Columbia, South Carolina 2501 University Commons Way... read more

More layoffs at home office

Somebody mentioned 500 more people will be cut from Walmart home office this year - is it true? Where did that info come from? I'm trying not to get too upset over rumors that might turn out not to be true, but since this is Walmart we are talking... read more

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