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WM Canada restructuring

I've been employed by WM Canada for 6 years. I started as an hourly (minimum wage) associate at the "front end" (cashier) even though that was not the job I applied for online. It took two years of applying for everything on the "wire" before I was... read more

How will these layoffs save Walmart?

Walmart is in big trouble. Massive changes in retail and new competition require new thinking and innovation that I have yet to see at Walmart. Walmart would have to lay off 90% of their store associates in order to maintain the bottom line. Maybe... read more


It seems the personnel coordinator position has been saved for the moment, but has anyone heard anything about the training coordinator position??? With the academy and the new orientation program it sure looks as if the writing is on the wall
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Co-managers being "hidden" in Canadian stores

Recent new store structure called for a reduction in co-managers and assistants in Canada. Our store had to move out an assistant manager to make room for a co that had to "step down" as we had one too many. The trouble is he is still acting like a... read more

More layoffs to happen all year?

Rumor mill is stating Walmart is not done with the layoffs.... Thousands more layoffs to come for HO Bentonville. I suppose time will tell. May be time to think about going elsewhere.


The thing about Walmart associates especially tenured ones is that they are very very loyal. They "bleed blue". They've dedicated their careers to this company. Poured their hearts and souls into building it up to the company it is today. I saw... read more

IT thoughts

I worked in the IT (ISD) department for about 9 years. It is full of wonderful and knowledgeable people who know how to do what they do. Here was the problem, nothing new could come about because of our the associates unwilling to allow or think... read more


The fight between e-commerce and Homeoffice will end in the destruction of the company. You can't M&A your way to success at some point you have to stop fighting and do real innovation. All the non technical managers need to be let go and they need... read more

Here's a telling anecdote...

I knew Sam and worked closely with him in developing the first iteration of the Walmart Visitors Center in Bentonville back in 1989-90. Sam was adamant that we not call the WMVC a "museum". I'm paraphrasing, but I vividly recall him noting that... read more
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Walmart has a few key issues.

They'll never be able to cut enough headcount or skus to be as efficient (and thus cheap) as Aldi. Their stores are just too big for that sort of efficiency. And their stores are a fixed resource. So that's a big problem for them. If it were me, I... read more

The top brass

The top brass does not give a damn about the long term viability of the company. They are only trying to squeeze out as much as they can in the short term. They make a ton of money then move on. WM is no longer a mom and pop shop. It has become a... read more
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Not sure what will happen with the data from RDS?

Walmart USA is what was impacted. Not sure why pricing is relevant when there is only one person in some of the SBU's. I guess Savings Catcher is being so utilized by so many consumers that there is no need for pricing. Not sure what will happen with... read more

Pricing Team

Friday, April 28th, numerous pricing team associates were impacted. They either received a package because their position was eliminated or offered a demotion to another group. Seems like a significant restructuring of the role within Walmart. Maybe... read more

More layoffs in ISD

I heard from a reliable resource there were layoffs occurring in DGTC next week on Wednesday Thursday and Friday. The layoffs will be targeting 75 and higher.

Americans Never Feared Layoffs Less Thank Today!

http://fortune.com/2017/04/28/layoff-fears-record-low/ The Gallup poll is based on telephone interviews of about 550 Americans at the beginning of the month. Concerns about layoffs, as recorded by the survey, reached an all-time high in 2010, with... read more
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Re org severance?

I know a re org is coming to Bentonville technology. If I don't like where they are moving me too, Will they give me a severance ???

Walmart Canada

What happens if we choose not to apply for the new positions? Do they have to give us a severance package? What happens if we don't get the new job we have applied for?


Anyone have new information on personnel positions being eliminated in Walmart stores??

Severance policy changed

I looked at the wire this morning - search severance . The policy used to be 2 weeks for each yr of service + 1 week per 10k of base pay, max 40. Now it's 2 weeks + 2 week for each year if service , + 1 week per 20k of base pay, max 40. This has... read more

Walmart Canada

So there are no department managers anymore... and are making us all apply to different positions. Does that mean that if we dont get the job they will lay us off? I dont think the new hours are so bad... but are they gonna have the sames shifts... read more

WMHO Canada

Was in a meetings with LT, SM, PT & GV. Get your box ready, Finance restructure is coming.


My advice to all, use all your PTO, all hours in those so called buckets they set up last year. This was a set up for us not to use. You don't get to use your personal hours once they terminate your position. i am so sad to see this happen to our... read more

co manager layoffs in the US

i heard some regions began laying off their co managers to get to the new guidelines. Others said we aren't letting anyone go. Anybody have any info? That's a lot of people losing their jobs!

Severance question.

I am an ASM in Canadian Walmart. Does anyone know if the company can force me to be the overnight manager? Could I ask for severance instead?

Walmart Canada

Important meeting today for all store mgnt at 11 : 30. I'll keep you posted.

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