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Walmart Changes 2019

Let's list all the changes we expect Walmart to do in 2019. This may be several things: changes due to pilot programs changes due to market changes changes due to restructuring changes due to financial reasons changes due to (fill in the blanks) I am... read more

Department managers

Has anyone heard about Department being eliminated and go strictly mod and price changes team

Slippery Slope

It’s a slippery slope......eliminate associates = save wages.....sales are not meeting expectation = eliminate more associates.....inventory is too high = decrease orders....This is a vicious cycle. How about this....staff the stores to take care of... read more

This is not good for us

How many people stand to lose their jobs once this is implemented? Microsoft is now working on tech that would allow retailers to build checkout-free stores. However, instead of installing that tech in the smattering of Microsoft stores across the... read more

$43 million on a Dollhouse

I guess they are about to start the chopping block so he can keep the lights on for Christmas. #Getout...

Resource Reductions Again

Resource actions that were scheduled for Q3 are being moved up. Most will be at HO, stretched out during August and September.

WMT ranked the worst in rep But the worst of the worst, according to survey results, is Walmart. The discount chain store undoubtedly has... read more


Has anyone heard about PUT going away ?

Third Party taking over connections

Our connections people were told that they are being replaced by a Third Party company.....Luckily oe person is moving onto another job.....don't know what will happen to the others....

Holiday Balance?

Does anyone know what the Holiday Balance is on the new scheduling App is? Are they doing away with Pto?
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Walmart divests Brazil operations

I think this is a good thing. The more Walmart focuses on operations in the US, the better it will be for us as employees. Or at least I hope so. I'm frankly already starting to see some improvements... read more
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The future of Walmart

One of Sam Walton’s mantras was to listen to your associates. That isn’t happening because everything is hush hush. No open dialogue , Therefore, I can see them failing and having to rework everything in a couple of years. Many of the long term... read more

The (not so distant) Future of Walmart

Two things I see this company doing: phasing out all hourlies and going through temp services, and of those, pushing for a huge % of illegal immigrants. Walmart has already dabbled in both. Get ready to see it explode.


Seems like the company is trying to find ways not to raise the wages. The hiring pool is slowly closing in on them. Target starts at a higher rate.

Publicity stunt?

Walmart will help funding college degrees for all of the associates who have been with the company for at least three months. I wonder if this is a publicity stunt or a genuine attempt to help out employees. Knowing Walmart, it's most likely the... read more

Walmart Pilots

Always watch out for pilots, always. That tells you what's coming... For example, see if any of the pilots going on right now will turn into global rollouts: day supports going away, PC/TC going away, adding DMs and splitting departments, closing... read more


No overtime nationwide according to my assistants. As they sent everyone home early. That doesn’t seem possible

Pay Increases

How much is the employee pay raise? I am new to Walmart. Do we get any holiday pay? Also, what about time and half.

Over hiring Managers at Corp

Anyone notice the excessive hiring of management at Corporate? Seems they are getting top heavy. Is there no balance checks in place?

Any Co's getting Unemployment?

Curious if any Co's out there who accepted severance and won unemployment? Really, Severance helps the the $950 month Cobra, 40+unpaid days of PTO I earned and only got paid for 5 (which I carried over from last year) yet there are still the same... read more

AES scores are out

How'd your area do? My area was ok at about 45% but heard of another that got a dismal rating. Like unheard of negative sentiment, less than 25% engagement.

How about we focus on America?

This is driving me insane. With so many things going wrong here, so many stores and clubs being closed and so many good employees being laid off for cost cutting reasons, Wallmart drops $16 freaking billion on an Indian company. Imagine if we... read more

How many jobs?

How many jobs will be lost to pay for this boondoggle?

Walmart is mediocre at everything

Walmart is mediocre at everything: Amazon is better at e-commerce. Target is better at store experience (and better style in terms of products), Aldi and Lidl and Dollar stores (and Costco, usually) are cheaper, HEB and Publix and Wegman's have... read more


We just printed a whole lot of severance packages

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