Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Talking Points Monday

My store manager has been in the office all morning and called all of management back to the office about 30 minutes ago. I just seen my Coach and asked what was up since they didn’t call Team Leads. He said he couldn’t say anything but there will be... —  read more 

Work a day in my shoes

I’d like to see HO come to any store location and work a day in our shoes. There is so damn much expected of us and for once I’d like them to experience just ONE LOUSY SHIFT. Maybe then we’d be treated with respect instead of always getting the... —  read more 

Walmart or Amazon?

I know, it's not great anywhere, but do you think that employees at Amazon are valued a little more than here? Is it worth moving to Amazon or staying here and waiting for another opportunity?

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Poor Walmart /s TL;DR Walmart fired an employee with Down syndrome who worked there for 16 years. A jury said it should pay... —  read more 

Irvine, CA Closure

Walmart was one of my favorite stores. Good supply and best prices. However, I will stop going to this store because the nearest to me in Irvine, CA was recently closed. Now I have to go all the way across town to Foothill ranch on the east side of... —  read more 

Double, triple workloads?

None of the top dogs wonder if we can handle so much work and is it normal for a single person to do triple workloads? No problem, I'll stay here for as long as I have to, because the bills have to be paid, but I'm leaving at the first opportunity... —  read more 

The worst of the worst

Wally world is definitely the worst place to work. Constant demented changes that seems to increase workload, decrease productivity and don’t encourage efficiency at all. Unreasonable expectations and demands in exchange for mediocre pay. As soon as... —  read more 

Dime store management

All the managers at my location are frauds and know they can’t go anywhere making what they currently do because they’re all incompetent. If they don’t like you they will make work so unbearable you will want to quit. In fact, we’ve had a few... —  read more 

Get out

Walmart will ki-l you and not even bat an eye. Overworked, underpaid, and not appreciated. There are tons of places hiring now. Start looking. I spent almost 10 years there and had enough. The best decision I made was to leave. I am so happy now... —  read more 


My team and I are busting our as--s at work while one of my coworkers is busy schmoozing it up to management to get out of doing an honest day’s work. Worst part, this coworker is shown so much favoritism that the rest of us have been tempted to walk... —  read more 

Frontend Coach

Is the frontend coach and ap asm merging? Rumor is they will be called the compliance coach and both will have to re apply for there jobs. I have herd of ap teaming but according to that the ap asm is still a position. Any truth to all this?

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