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Walmart HR Home Office

Does anyone know if there will be more HR layoffs at the Home Office. I've heard rumors more the first week of March esp in Recruiting. Can anyone confirm?
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Voluntary Layoff

If you are offered a voluntary layoff is the package usually better than an involuntary layoff? And can you still collect unemployment?

PC/TC Phase 2

Does anyone know when back office phase 2 is coming??? any information for the P/C, T/C position would be helpful
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Does anyone know about Canadians stores? How many ASM's at what $ volumes?
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Amazon added 110K jobs this year

I know this is only slightly relevant but some may find it interesting: http://www.geekwire.com/2017/amazon-soars-340k-employees-adding-110k-people-single-year/

Neighborhood Market MMs

I just heard all the Market Managers at the Neighborhood Markets were given 60 days to find new positions. Can anyone confirm this??????

Wal-Mart IT / E commerce layoffs 200

Looks like the IT / E commerce division run by the management from Jet.com that Wal-Mart bought is cleaning house with 200 layoffs. Does anyone know if it just getting rid of the original Wal-Mart IT staff and replacing them with the newly purchased... read more
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No job is secure

Folks, lay offs will continue over the next 2-3 years till the HO headcount is optimized to pay for the $2bn store wage and e-comm investments. This will become a way of life, so get used to it. It's tough to lose your job in a place like Bentonville... read more

co manager layoffs

So you're aware, FY18 Store Management Structure calls for the reduction from 4 co managers to 2 for all stores under $85 million. Stores over that will keep their 4. ASMs for the same volume will be reduced from 9 to 8. Right now the document is... read more

Total body count

A summary of what I've read and/or know: Finance - 100 +/- AP - 12 +/- Realty - 103 eCommerce - 200 +/- Replenishment - 55 +/- HR - ? ISD - ?

Store PC/TC

Huge talk of the Academy replacing TC s in the stores. Cant see PC holding down the office alone???

HR Layoffs

Does anyone know if the HR layoffs are done yet? What HR departments (corporate, store, sam's gec) were impacted?

DGTC layoffs

Though there has been several posts affirming layoffs in DGTC, from what I can systematically discover, there have only been a few compared to Finance, Replenishment, Audit, GEC and HR. Does anyone have credible evidence that there are more coming?... read more

In the club restructuring.

I am hearing in the club restructuring isn't done. There is more to come in near future. Anyone else hear anything?
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HR layoffs

Heard over 400 HR layoffs tomorrow. Does this include recruiting ?

Sam's Home Office

I was impacted on the Sam's Home Office side today, 1/24. Yes, severance was generous and lots of info to help with landing on my feet. I was laid off twice with the same company before going to Walmart. So, I was familiar with the cadence of the... read more

Sams club

Heard they are doing away with receiving clerk as well .....

eCommerce 200 Layoffs

200 e-commerce folks, California offices Tuesday... Part of the latest cut, all done before the end of January. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/wal-mart-to-cut-200-e-commerce-jobs-in-california-2017-01-24

Marketing creative team layoffs

Marketing creative team was hit pretty hard today, funny how most of the team had ten or more years with the company. I myself was at 18, wonder if there's an age discrimination law that has been violated? But then again, they pretty much own... read more

Calibration Meeting

DGTC west 113 and 114 are booked all morning both Tuesday 1/24 (labels: "Calibration Meeting", "Calibration Session" and Thursday 1/26 (label: HOLD). Those rooms are somewhat close to the primary lobby.

Layoffs starting tomorrow?

I understand that rooms have been booked up at the home office tomorrow for a massive layoff hitting finance, HR/recruiting, and ISD. Has anyone received planners? At least they are generous with a severance policy for us that might be impacted.

Rumors I have heard:

Rumors I have heard: the Audit teams are being gutted, -Fresh Assistant Managers Roles and Titles will change, -They are going to cut a manager position in the building again... (since membership manager role did not perform as well as they had hoped... read more

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