Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Associate "Discount" Sucks!

As the years pass, they keep eliminating food items. I think that's where most of our shopping is done. With the recent price hikes, I think we need the discount even more! Example...5-7yrs ago, discount for coffee was dropped. A couple yrs ago... —  read more 

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The move comes as Walmart's Sam's Club division has enjoyed strong sales growth and a record rise in membership over the past two years. This has the growth potential of 20K electric vans. Huge win. Lets see the last two years : pandemic most... —  read more 

Were you laid off? WARN Act

The WARN Act requires an employer to notify employees, in writing, 60 days before a layoff, and pay the employee for those 60 days, in addition to any severance the employee may be entitled to. Unfortunately, some employers attempt to circumvent the... —  read more 

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Atlanta store closing

"After a thorough review of all factors related to our Vine City and Howell Mill Road stores, we have made the decision to reopen our Vine City location as a Walmart Neighborhood Market and permanently close our Howell Mill Road location," a... —  read more 

OGP Success

The huge success of OGP in the last two quarters opens an opportunity to close high theft stores and turn them into OGP and eCommerse pick up sites. Closed to public shopping, but still carry the same items for ordering online.

Breaking into management

I'm at a crossroads. I would like to be considered for a management position here, but on the other hand, I have become quite skeptical that I will get promoted to be a manager. It would be interesting to know what path someone took on his/her... —  read more 

AP / Security

What happened to the good ole days at Wally where AP had a book of no entry and knew every thief in the neighborhood. No need for AP layoffs, we dont even have any in our store, Coach quit, others went into the store. Bring back uniform officers in... —  read more 

Useless managers

Unfortunately, I can't quit right away but I will do it asap because it's become very difficult to deal with my manager which is increasingly negatively impacting my health. Apart from being a demotivator of employees who are trying to be useful... —  read more 


So, my phone is getting messages that it needs to update by Feb. or won't be able to use the work apps anymore. Why? They seem to be working fine right now. I don't want to buy a new phone but I also don't want the hassle of trying to find a... —  read more 

A shooting at Lumberton NC walmart today, then things started at Walmart in Bennettsville N.C. heard they closed that store down

Not sure why people want to do things at Walmart's, I know they do things at other places/stores etc. But why Walmart. It's making some of us a bit nervous especially those of us who work front end. We just pray that nothing happens, our families... —  read more 

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