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At least Walmart is trying

Am I the only one here who is happy that Walmart is at least trying to make things better? Trying to make sure we still exist in the post-Amazon world? Just look at Sears. It's like they decided to just wait it out until they have to close. Not even... read more
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Supply chain problems ?

I am not a employee. Just a customer wondering why so many products seem sold out or temporarily out of stock at the Malabar rd store ? Most trips i dont get everything i came for, god help you if you need a airfilter

Another Walmart Neighborhood Market closing

Just noticed that Walmart Neighborhood Market Store in San Antonio is closing early next week. Has this been announced previously or is this one of those stealth closings? I thought most of the Neighborhood Markets were doing well, so this comes as a... read more

John Furner headed to Walmart US?

God help us all. The good old boys from the Sam’s club plague are supposedly headed to Walmart U.S. He was seen at their holiday meeting and it’s believed he will replace Foran.

Walmart To Higher One Million People

According to J_lie M_rphy at the Presidents council on hiring and training for business, she stated Walmart will hire and train over 1 million new associates in the next few years. Also, mentioned about the new college tuition program. OUTSTANDING... read more

Threshold for low volume

What is the threshold for low volume, under preforming stores to stay open?
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Work place Bullying I experienced work place bullying several years ago at WM. This was by a manager and co-workers. It is sad to see this behavior in a professional work environment... read more

H1B workers

If you live in Bentonville get ready more h1b Indians are going to be arriving over the next few months. Walmart is hiring java developers like crazy. Get ready for being cut off in traffic and your neighborhood smelling like curry.

Anybody seen this?

I wonder if they win, how many layoffs it will take to make up for $2 billion they are seeking. Ecoark Holdings, parent company of Zest Labs, filed a civil suit Wednesday against Walmart, claiming the retailer stole technology that extends the shelf... read more

Recent earthquakes in NW Arkansas

There is no need to be alarmed. The recent seismic activity is simply Sam Walton "rolling over in the grave" with disbelief on how uncaring the company has become.

CAP 1 vs. CAP 1 fresh

Could someone PLEASE tell what the job descriptions are for Cap 1 and Cap 1 fresh and what the pay differential is?? As a Cap 1 Associate in a supercenter, we are getting conflicting direction on what exactly our responsibilities are....Thank you for... read more

What went wrong?

Anybody knows what went wrong with the whole "pay employees to deliver online orders on their way to home" thing? Why has it been scrapped?

You are a fool, if you think things will change

I left Walmart (home office) in Bentonville in early May of this year. I'm working in the Dallas metro area now. My new employer gave me a $3500 sign-on bonus, plus a relocation package and the pay is 23% higher. And, I'm working 8 hours a day, not... read more

Optical updates

Any optical updates? I’m a licensed optician at Sam’s and we are having to deal with the changes.

We need to drain the swamp

Grabbed from @U9NqSMM-7ijc, makes an excellent point more people should read: Sam Walton Development Complex houses the real estate division. My two-cents, good! Time to drain the swamp. This consultant or workforce SR Director that has been brought... read more

Walmart Associates - We Are So Fu**ed

Fellow Walmart Associates, it's sad to say but we are witnessing the start of our demise. Think about what has happened and the thinking and planning that went into the current events below. Does any of this sound coincidental? 1) The new store... read more

They Only Win

The company bullies can only win if we succumb to their threats and take our anger and frustration out on others. Seemingly; anytime we have a visit, the management teams respond with a pile of coachings and “tough conversations.” Success is not... read more

It's not just Fayetteville

We are losing people in Crawfordsville as well. Not sure about the exact number, but it's not a small number, that's for sure. I guess it was our turn after stores and HQ. Walmart seems determined to cut staff literally everywhere they can, whether... read more

Optical Lab lay offs
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We don't deserve better

Let me ask you something, how many of you buy stuff from Amazon? How many are jumping on the Prime bandwagon? If Amazon is poised to grab half of online sales in the country, then I'm betting quite a few. And then you wonder why we are closing stores... read more

Walmart 3rd Shift Stockers Eliminated!

Our 3rd Shift Frozen,Dairy and Fresh Associates jobs ended on July 14th. There were forced to go to 4am -1pm. They also lost money as well. I'm hearing that the remaining 3rd accociates will also be forced to take the 4am -1pm or 2pm-10pm shifts... read more

Cap Team 1 Frozen and Dairy

Is everyone else's store having their regular cap team 1 do the frozen and dairy our entire frozen and dairy from 3rd quit. They hired some new people but we were told the entire crew had to run it.

Isn't it funny . . . .

. . . .that, for all these lay offs, firings and budget cuts, both the Walmart stores in my town have 'Now Hiring!' stickers plastered on all their doors? Hmmmmm...

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