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RIF Rollcall (serious post)

If you know if layoffs in your area please post department and potentially title of those escorted away. Do not post their names.
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Project Replacement List

I was just displaced and was working on the project replacement list. This list is what was decided on by Jeremy King & Marc Lore that needs to be canceled and or replaced. Now, this doesn't mean you'll be displaced, but it could mean you get moved... read more

Layoffs at sam's club?

Does anyone know anything about layoffs happening soon on the Sams side?
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Walmart's values led to their own demise

Walmart undercut tens of thousands of US businesses, and millions of workers, over the decades. It's sad that workers have to pay the price, while all the Walmart heirs keep the billions that Walmart squeezed from its employees. Now a more predatory... read more
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These layoffs will be staggered...

These layoffs will be staggered, and have been happening all along where they've been taking out 10 people here, 20 people there type of thing. It is not like they are rounding up 500 people on a given day and escorting them out of the door. Some... read more

The handwriting was on the wall

Unless one has inside info, it is difficult to say what will happen. But ever since the jet.com purchase was completed, the handwriting was on the wall. Also the Bangalore expansion doesn't favor Bentonville based workers. The departures we have... read more

Opposite will happen

My business area had a meeting before X-Mas. They were told that changes are coming in January with no massive layoffs. Usually when leadership tells you one thing, it means the opposite will happen. In the meantime, my team has brought on 5-6 new... read more

Perpetuating the lie

There is an ugly truth about Walmart The American worker needs to come to terms with. It is that those in leadership positions have made it a part of the business model to perpetuate the lie that Americans are not as smart, as innovative, as... read more
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The Wal-Mart Way

Department managers are paid more now and do less work. The stores are understaffed and the people in the middle or with the most senoirity still work the hardest and were lucky if they got a quarter raise last year at the store level. Wonder why the... read more
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Hang in there guys

Walmart is SERIOUSLY upping its game around here...the store is CLEAN, remodeled, and the brain dead employees have been replaced with fairly "normal" people... and in the grocery section there are stocking EVERY thing imaginable...super hard to find... read more

Is Friday, Jan 13th the day for layoffs at ISD?

Here's a cut and paste from this website: http://www.arkansasmatters.com/news/local-news/hundreds-of-walmart-corporate-layoffs-expected/241403787 "According to the Wall Street Journal, some Walmart department directors have been told to cancel travel... read more

Moves & Layoffs - January 20th 2017

Yes, 20th is scheduled by HR and Asset Protection. Inventory MGMT, Planning, Buying, HR, WM Tech, Business IT/Special Project, Modulars, Merch Ex, and Finance are expected/known areas for the big move and layoff. I hear more moves than layoffs with... read more

Walmart Realty Any News?

Has anyone heard if/how Walmart Realty will be impacted by this Jan 2017 round of layoffs? Stress is high and the atmosphere is definitely off in the office.

Optical Lab Layoffs (Dallas)

Here is the news Wal-Mart has cut 91 jobs at its optical lab in Dallas after installing new manufacturing equipment. The lab, which is one of three where Wal-Mart makes prescription eyeglasses, will now employ 430 people. While trade policies were a... read more

Layoffs in the HO

Someone accidentally leaked that the Market Assistants and Regional Assistants jobs are going away. This is about 400 associates company wide and will save the company around $2M a year. These associates are supposed to be given opportunities in the... read more

2008 to 2013 Employee Number Drop

The # of employees in the United States fell by 7 percent from early 2008 to early 2013, for example, a span in which the square footage of US stores rose 13 percent.

Walmart's forgoten mantra

Sam Walton had a business model even a fool could follow. KEEP THE CUSTOMERS HAPPY. His mantra was that a happy customer was a customer for life. Then the kids started cutting associates to pad lower sales, which lowered sales further. Then they... read more

The back offices

The back offices used to be the heart of the stores. I have done It, and it was a job. Payroll the worst, though and it still is.
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I am glad to be gone

They don't care about their employees... When Sam was alive they ran a good honest company but now that is all in the past... Got to keep paying those big bucks to Doug M... I am glad to be gone from that place... They screwed me out of promotions... read more

TV Ad by Doug M

Doug M recent commercial on TV is a joke. He lies looking directly into the camera. They are NOT committed to taking care of their people as he states. Can you say vomit? No longer a family first company.

Look elsewhere for long term employment.

Walmart has made a practice of laying off tenured associates for cheaper, less skilled contract labor at the home office. It no longer is a family and respect for the individual is only catch phrase. A career is no longer possible with this company... read more

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