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Good time to give back that sick time we earned???

I know they stole it fair and square, BUT with the current situation, and Target offering 30 days paid off to anyone at risk including anyone over 60, is it unreasonable to expect Walmart to let "associates" use the sick time they've earned? I know... —  read more 


Today, an associate was told they tested positive for the virus. She had been out of work all week but worked on Friday with a fever and management knew she was sick. Does management have to let the other associates know that they have been exposed... —  read more 

March 2020 Bonuses

Hourly associates have been give not only a 300 cash bonus for full time employees and 150 for part-time employees, but also their Q1 bonuses in advance. JF is a complete id–t not offering anything to the salaried managers. Complete slap to the face... —  read more 

Walmart help wanted

Walmart a place where you will be treated like dirt , used and abused. We will take time away from your family work you like a dog . We will even pay you low wages and expect a lot out of you. After we are done using you will we terminate you . If... —  read more 

Walmart Will Have to Downsize

During the first decade of the 21st century, Walmart went ridiculously crazy and was throwing up new stores, I think on the average of three per week. Those were their peek years when it seemed they would never even slow down, let alone fail... —  read more 


Anyone think they’ll push GWP back nexuses of Covid 19?

Why did I catch half point?

So I felt unwell yesterday and decided to call out and apply my PPTO to my missed shift. I must've only had 7.5 to apply to my 8. I still caught a half point today. My manager is a flunk who avoids conversation w associates. Any ideas how I fight... —  read more 

I was terminated on March 11, 2020

I was terminated March 11th. I’ve been an ASM if almost 2 1/2 years. I am in Missouri. My first evaluation was needs development... Had only been an asm for 5 months at that point so I accepted it moved on and promised myself I’d push harder to... —  read more 


I joined about three months ago and I have interviews for other places lined up for the next 2 weeks. It's crazy - I'm listed as part time but scheduled 40 hours a week, the wont change me to full so they can get away with not giving me benefits... —  read more 

WalMart and Sams Club Coronavirus Policy

Way to lead Walmart! I hope all companies do as good as we or better. It'll help the worker... This was announced today after news broke that a WalMart employee in Kentucky has the coronavirus: 1 - Effective through the end of April, the... —  read more 

Protest in front of Alice Walton’s residence :-D

I hope Alice Walton enjoyed the protestors outside her mansion/penthouse - & I sure hope it helped to open her ears & eyes a bit. In addition to better pay & better work schedules, they also need to ensure that their employees have some of the... —  read more 

Assistant manager

Why is it that store manager and assistant can called in anytime and used there Pto days. But we have to fight to get our approve and we have one at our store they calls about every week


Do you know how long it takes to get a job interview after you apply for a job position with Walmart?

Two NC stores closing

Wadesboro NC closing


Does anyone know when we will be able to purchase another vest?? We were given one only at our store and they said eventually we can purchase online but haven’t heard when that would be.

Oh, well

Personally I believe the biggest problems with the stores vs internet, was the long period in which so much stock was NOT present! Shelves were empty- result of cost cutting stupid mistake, it forced customers,faced with many other retailers closing... —  read more 


Any word on when they will fully do away with them

Cuts... Darn...

It sad what Walmart is doing cut the hard working people. Thats what they will do to try to keep cost down, investors happy, and the top people making their loads overwork the bottom people, cut their pay, benefits just disgusting...

Unions Coming ? If not there should be !

With all the uproar of managers being terminated for no reason? With all the uproar of associates not being given hours for pay ? With all the uproar of Walmart not taking care of their people ? Why is there not a UNIONIZED Walmart ? Do yall... —  read more 

recent firings of salaried managers

Does anyone know what the guidelines are for who is being terminated? I am reading on Reddit that some salaried managers are being fired for two bad evaluations in a row, Some managers have posted that they are getting fired for one bad evaluation... —  read more 


Any other store have their inventory yet? Ours was bad. But to be expected. Our AP was told about someone under ringing at sco and she told us that’s the hosts job. Hasn’t stopped anyone in her 3 years there. Guess Walmart would rather people steal... —  read more 


When do people get there bonuses this year? Is it still in March?

Fired for bad eval??

Comanager here. Been on the outs with my peers since transferring to this store. Just received my eval....a bulls**t needs improvement. I was then told that "unfortunately the company has decided not to move forward with any development neededs"... —  read more 

Any Store full GWP?

Is any store full Gwp yet? If so what happens to people in backroom like claims and dsd?

People Lead Changes

Anyone notice the people lead was added to Workday as a direct report to the SM? Any change to their level? Our people lead thinks she doesn’t have to listen to any ASMs and only has to follow the store managers direction.

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