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Walmart Hired Thanos

I work in Bentonville HO, and so far everyone I have talked to (especially in Merchandising) saw half of their team let go. This is oddly similar to Thanos’s Snapture. So either 1) Walmart hired Thanos, or 2) John had great inspiration from Avengers... —  read more 


Seems like the initial comments about hundreds of layoffs is a gross understatement. Employee comments suggest most of office work force in Hoboken ( > 1000 employees) and San Francisco, either laid off or given ultimatum to move to Bentonville, Ar

Store Ops Changes

I saw this on a Bloomberg article. Does anyone have any information? The changes to store operations follow a similar move in 2017 that reduced the number of U.S. divisions from six to four. Walmart has re-named its store divisions “business... —  read more 


When will store structure for gwp be announced specifically looking for management 40-60mil D1 no fresh

Self check outs

They said they got rid of cashiers at Fayetville Arkansas. But I know they had to keep some for the SCO. But how many cashiers did they lose? And will this be happening at other stores too?


I talked to several Walmart employee. The Garages will never open again! They are going to Thousands of Store, since their Merchandise they purchase is from CHINA! Glad to see WALMART Going under, they earned it. The CEO's leave... —  read more 

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Natural (or not) order of things

They are moving all things technology related away from the US and India is a big winner here. Look at our offices in Banaglore and compare the size to just a few years ago - they are growing at a very high pace. Chennai is growing very quickly (see... —  read more 

Marketing / Customer Org

Several folks were let go today. I knew it was coming but was not expecting it to be this big. Good luck to all.

Full Text from John - Changing How We Work

For the past few years, Walmart U.S. has been on a path to transform into an omnichannel organization, change how we work and put the customer at the center of everything we do. Recent months have reinforced the importance of this effort. We’re proud... —  read more 

Layoffs in customer org

While e commerce is growing within walmart, all the people who supported it are let go. The entire analytics that supported ecommerce is being laid off for no obvious reason. Just because leadership changes, letting people at ground level go is not a... —  read more 


Can anyone provide any details around the restructure that is happening in Merchandising? What is happening within Merch Ops?

WMT HOMEOFFICE layoffs started 7/29/2020

All ares are affected. Exec changes last year signaled deep changes to occur. People division, supply chain and others. Product org (created a couple years ago) let entire teams go. Fast agile development just came to a screeching halt.

Several people impacted in HR and people area

Several associates lost their jobs today. This reflect other side of Walmart and how they supports associates and their families at this time. Executives talk on TV and advertise on newspapers about hiring and giving bonus to associates . On... —  read more 

Black Friday

Wal-Mart is going to copy Sams for Black Friday. Sam’s has always been closed on Thanksgiving, there Black Friday is always 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and that’s why you don’t see a massive ad for Sams on Black Friday. Once all these other... —  read more 


So are more coach positions coming, or is it being put off for now?

Call offs.

I work Fresh cap 1. We are currently averaging around 3 call offs every day. Over the last two weeks, we’ve only had 2-3 people working meat, produce, and bakery. We get help from Cap 1, but that takes away from their jobs. Management claims they... —  read more 

Pharmacy Seeing Cuts Again?

I’ve heard from a few places that Walmart plans on keeping their pharmacies closing at 7, meaning losing two hours a day M-F which will undoubtedly lead to hours cuts. Both pharmacist and techs, that probably means 10 hour days with only one... —  read more 

Bigger Concerns

Forgetting for the moment the minutiae of problems plaguing WM on the inside, the much greater concern is how their failures will affect the USA economically. WM is still the largest private employer, and the leading employer in 22 states. The... —  read more 

Entire Houston Market and REgion 6

Store managers are far and in between in Walmart of Today - between what you might ask ? Retirement - Resume' building and investing ! Old school is going out and or fired to bring in the new! History and facts show this to be true ! FACT CHECK IT !... —  read more 

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GWP rollout

Had division and region in the store last week. I (a co) was told our market will completely start changing to GWP at the beginning of Q3. Was told it will take a month to get everyone into new roles. The way it sounds makes it seem like one of the... —  read more 

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