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I've been an employee of Walmart for 11 years. They did away with my position. And I decided to take the severance pay. My issue is they're offer was for a little over $1,200. Is that exceptable? Am I missing something? Cause that amount doesn't... —  read more 

Store closing at 5pm

Are all Walmart’s now going to be closing at 5pm? The ones in my area have been closing early since Sunday

Stay Safe

I’ve only been with Walmart for 4 months. I started in February as an ASM trainee and was hit with my Academy training being postponed because of Covid 19. I am fresh out of the Academy training by only 2 weeks and here we are with riots along... —  read more 

Hold on filling dept manager positions

Our store was told that we are not allowed to fill any dept manager or academy positions. Store mgr said that home office has given the direction. Anyone hearing anything?


Does anyone know if there is any paperwork that can be filled out by a doctor to except you from wearing a face mask? Are face shields allowed instead of a face mask? I was so miserable today at work. Over heated and getting sick from having mask on... —  read more 

So, what to do?

Soooooo here's a question. Say your 16-17 years old, your AP manager is busy doing an accident report and taking care of a bleeding customer.. She turns to you and asks you to put on the PPE equipment and go clean up the blood from the customer... —  read more 

Why is this taking place?

This entire situation is insane. Millions of people sitting at home everyday being paid approx $1,000 each week while some us in retail, grocery, health care workers, etc are going to work and making less. How in the world did someone come up with... —  read more 


Over 5 employees at Porter Ranch Walmart with Covid.


Ok our store is starting gwp test this week. We were told it's just a test for when gwp comes through and the already selected 2 fresh team leads to the laziest people. We were told bot to get worked up because it's not great work place. There are 2... —  read more 

Walmart Labs will hire 2,800 in India this year

Google the subject of this post. First results will be links to the story. Bentonville and San Bruno should prepare for more layoffs. India already has more (associates) then bentonville. I remember when the offshoring was in full swing and... —  read more 


I've been afraid to share my experience with this whole thing but I think it's time... 3 weeks ago my husband tested positive for Covid 19 and at first I feared for his life my family and my job. It's been quite the experience and I expected to be... —  read more 

Core hrs

Does anyone know if they are still going to be doing core hours?

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Who else is worried?

If restrictions are lifted too soon, I think it'll be us who'll feel the worst of the negative effects. Just imagine, stores full once again, nobody trying to stay away from other people, everybody touching everything in sight... And all of us will... —  read more 

GWP Rollout

Hearing they’re going to drop full GWP in stores this month. Can anyone confirm?

What is really going on

With Walmart being sued over the deaths of two associate's from one store I would like to know when this happened because I feel Walmart put in place this emergency leave after that happened along with let's hire all these temporary people because... —  read more 


Any news about the gwp roll out? Q2 is in 2 days what positions are being eliminated this quarter. How many coaches will there be once this is fully rolled out. What about the tle and ap asm

Is this legal?

Is it legal for a manager to take your temp rectally? I just felt like I was being violated


What are they doing with stores that have employees that have tested positive? To greedy to close for a day to have professionally sanitized that’s for sure!!!!!

How Long?

How long do we have to wear these dreaded mask?

Smoke and mirros

Walmart wants customers to think that they are keeping their associates safe through this virus. Making us take our temps every morning and wear masks, yet they allow vendors and customers to enter the store without masks or taking temps. If we are... —  read more 

Core hours

Are they still going to be doing core hours? Or did they get rid of it?

Masks need to go over your mouth!

I'm so tired of both customers and coworkers who think the mask is there just to be an accessory, I guess? If it's around your neck or on your chin, it is useless to both you and those around you. How hard is that to figure out! What's the point of... —  read more 


Is walmart going to give bonuses to everyone who has worked the whole time during this virus outbreak? Everyone got either $150 or $300 dollars a few checks ago but many of those people were not even working since the start and still haven't worked... —  read more 

RX Vending Machines

It's been a long time coming, but the chain's finally got what they have been asking for. Pray for the patients. I see Rx vending machines in our future. Maybe we should pass a law that you have to be a pharmacist to restock them, before it's too... —  read more 

people living in wal mart

We have people that live in our parking lot and bathe in the restrooms, they also just walk around the store aimless, I’m curious if anyone else has thus issues or is this just in the Miami area

Non-essentials sales ban

Has removing sales of non-essentials helped reduce the foot traffic at your store? Or has it just increased the number of irate customers who can't wait for a reason to yell in your face - with no mask on, of course? I'd really like to know if it... —  read more 

Is my full time position going away?

So I was offered a full time dsd position back in December and if I don't remind personnel I only get scheduled 25-28 hours. Is the position going away because I'm the only dsd person at my store?

Numbers down

A little birdie told me that Walmart is losing tons of pr-scrip-ions due to transfers because they don't have drive-thru and that the market managers are beating the staff like a rented mule to regain market share. They set the business model and... —  read more 

Tested positive in San Diego

This may be rumor, but, through the grapevine two associates may have tested positive at a Wal-Mart in San Diego. From a credible source, management is afraid they may close the store. Assuming this is even true, why would management be more... —  read more 

Branding the asssueociates

Our store (400) is requiring associates (including management) to wear a label every day, saying " Screened MM/DD/YY on the front of their name tag, I feel like a branded cow now, safe for the daily slaughter of the workday, This seems to be a... —  read more 

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