Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart

401k and Associate Stock

Many months ago I read something on here about the 401k plan and buying Walmart stock. I’m single and don’t know about that stuff but got my sister’s husband to help me look through it. Over the weekend we took a look at everything and I was... —  read more 

Why would anybody join?

Once upon a time, you could have an actual career at Walmart. Now, all new employees can expect is to get a part-time job with open availability and zero benefits. Not to mention that even fast food pays better these days. Why anybody new is willing... —  read more 


what id--t managers, i run my own telecom business and i would never layoff people like they did, these managers do not know how to run a large business. They are looking out for them, what comes around goes around.

Question about performance

I would rather leave this place on my own than be shown the door and that's why I care about improving my performance. But how to do it? What are you doing about it? I ask this because the irony is that my performance was rated better when I put in... —  read more 

Looking for a job at 45+

Please give me some encouragement that it is possible to find something better at my age and that I will finally be able to escape from here. My age is holding me back from finding a better job, while at the same time I'm worried that Walmart might... —  read more 

The Truth about Corp WM

Walmart throws away their old people. We all know it. The pattern has been there for years. During a pandemic when it’s already hard for older people to get another job and start over. Get out while you still have time to start over. Shameful. —  read more 

What/ who is to blame?

Of course, Walmart blames inflationary pressures as the reason for all this. However, are inflation and recession worries the only reason for these layoffs? I don't think they are. I think everything would be a lot better if the company, that is... —  read more 

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