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We got February on a roll already

Wanna bet February will be double this thanks to Walmart and Sam's Club? The U.S. layoffs in 2018’s first month totaled 44,653, 37.7% more than December’s 32,423, according to a report released by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray &... read more

Another 2% raise this year!

So far everyone that has had their review in my store has gotten only a 2% raise. Even those that got exceeds expectations. WTF! They saved billions in tax cuts and billions more firing half the Co's. Makes me think they don't want people working... read more

Shameful on Walmart's part

Why did Walmart just hire a new store manager from outside the company when there are so many displaced Cos??? We lost our Cos and our Store Manager in all of this mess. The Cos were hard working good people. Instead of promoting one of them, or one... read more

Vision Center Manager Schedules

All VCM's. Go in your scheduler. Bring up week 7 and our job code 892. See if you have a schedule in the system like the rest of my colleagues. Something is definitely brewing for optical. Comment what state you are in. Virginia here.

Thought more people needed to read this

Oh to be a newbie & blinded by the light. Old timers know a thing or 2 you buckroos would love to know. 1st & foremost the culture & company created by Mr Sam was all about change. He loved change & was always studing retail thru the eyes of... read more

And now day supports

5466 We were informed individually that our store will be allowed to keep 2 of 4 supports. The 2 cut will have 60 days blah blah blah...same as all other eliminated positions. Remaining 2 will work with Cap 2 lead and DMs in teams.

Too early's founder may be eyeing the exit at Walmart

WMT Stock Drops 10% - More Layoffs Imminent

The way to save WMT will be to save the brick & mortar first. Hey, if you can't trust the stores, why should the consumer trust the online business? They should start with the top executive leaders and HR because they got the company to this spot in... read more

Walmart Business Idea

I have a novelidea: Buy more .com companies and layoff more associates. That should help drive profits. Then close all stores and just go online. OK, this is all sarcasm - so, do not hurt me!

Displaced CO's

Displaced CO's, how many of you have found Assistant Manager positions and are any of you still waiting to get picked up?

Walmart sales misses expectations

Now we know why Walmart started layoffs, and those surely won't be the last ones, especially with this news. Think you dodged the bullet? Think again.

PTO Changes?

Check your paystubs this week.... Anybody notice a change in available PTO? Last paycheck (the one with the payout) the payout there was 80 hours available, now there is less than 20 available and i didn't use any of it... What's going on?

best place to work in America

walmart has gotten some bad press lately but I think with the new starting wage more associates will be happier. if you made 9 an hour, your pay if you are full time, which most associates are, will go up 160 dollars a pay period. the insurance is... read more

Price verifier going to pt

I was told Friday my position is now part time. I haven't been in the position very long. I'm sure they knew this was coming and they let me leave a position that is still full time to get bumped down to part time a couple months later. Now my only... read more

Integrity Always.....Where did it go?

When I started at WMT there were 3 basic beliefs....Strive for Excellence, Service for the Customer and Respect for the Individual. Then along came “Integrity Always”. Integrity used to be a given but because some people didn’t have any, they had to... read more

APM Changes

As we have seen a recent change to the APM role starting with adding Assistant Manager to the title and being a key holder I encourage folks to look at how the APM role has been transformed at Sam’s Club and find the similarities and possibly predict... read more

Naive and Heads is Sand

It seems to me that there are still a lot of naive people who think, "this can't happen to me". Wake up, no one is safe! Seems that the business as usual with the MAPMs is especially concerning. They are barely treading water and act like they have... read more

Department Managers are next

I was informed they were laying off many Ecommerce Department Managers. They only want one DM per store if their orders are less than 800 between grocery and STS.

Is overnights finished?

So at my store cap 2 is finally getting staffed enough to finish all consumables including infants hba pharmacy cosmetics pets included. So when’s it gonna happen?


PTC, Personnel Manager, PC,TC any word on this position?

Door greeter elimination O’Fallon Illinois

Door greeters loosing their jobs again! They were called to the office one by one and told April 13th would be their last day! However they could reapply we know how that works. Another round of age discrimination layoffs. Supposedly they are... read more

Toxic leadership at every turn

What is the 1% club doing about our toxic leadership at the director and above levels? It’s quite evident that leadership is now a title and not a quality. My VP doesn’t know who I am, doesn’t know my name and I’m sure doesn’t have any interest in... read more

Front end Z, losing position and $

Front end ZMS position going away is confirmed. Also hearing that their pay rate is not protected? When other Z jobs went away they kept the hourly rate. Really getting screwed.

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