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Tax cuts and layoffs + tarrifs
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Marketing changes?

At our club all our team leads including COS's just got a $4 raise. Although our marketing team lead did not. Has anyone been displaced from their marketing position in the company? Does anyone know what is going on?
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What is next position to be eliminated?

Our pc/tc position is gone at end of July and was rumored for years to be eliminated before it actually happened. So now wondering who is next? I seen claims and receiving posted couple times but nothing recently. My store is under 60m and nothing... read more

Indiana closed

People Lead

Does anyone know where to find out how long the current PC is required to stay in position? I did not opt in for this position, just wanting out at this point

Layoffs at ISD?

Anyone heard about this? Several areas targeted for layoffs in ISD between the end of June and end of September? Most Jobs moving to India. We heard infrastructure and support were getting hit next month, along with some teams in store systems. About... read more

Personal time and sick time

This is where it went.
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Walmart Vision No Doc

i work at a WalMart Vision,our doc quit a year ago and they are not looking for a new one.None of the ones in our area have a full time one As far as we can tell no one in cooperate is looking for one.Our hours got slashed.A full time employee quit... read more

Toxic Work Environment @ HO

I quit Walmart recently. Was employed there for 3 years after college. Now am with a different employer. I'm much more peaceful, less stressed out, have a better pay and life. Over there, I was headed towards total misery. Is it just me, or is the... read more



Walmart wants to know why it's workers don't trust it. When you say one thing publicly and plan something completely different in private. What do you expect? Especially when this happens multiple times.


Out with old and in with the new

In the IT part of the company there is a war on removing whi te ol der workers. Not even trying to be discreet. Unfortunately quite a few of my friends have been removed who Fell into the category.

Any news on officer shake ups?

We keep hearing that the Walmart US CEO is on his way out but he still seems to be going strong. If GF leaves will a new CMO come in? Will the king of layoffs SP finally take his Chris Farley impression somewhere else? Every time new leadership takes... read more

Pharmacy layoffs

Anyone heard anything about layoffs/pay cuts coming to pharmacists? Stuff like that usually happens after shareholders

People leader

I have a question I am a Sam's Club employee I want to apply for the people lead position on the Walmart side before I did this I have checked with my local Walmart and neighborhood markets and their ptc's or training coordinators are not applying... read more

Wakmart Employee Survey

I was cut prior to seeing results of the employee survey but I was surprised year-over-year on how pleased people were. The scores were higher than i would anticipate. Either this was because those that were disillusioned did not submit the survey or... read more

VR Training

Has anyone done the VR training for the People Lead yet? If so, how was it?

Walmart Unemployment Benefits in California

If I work in California and if the store closes am I eligible for any kind of severance? Also, what about Unemployment Benefits offered by the state of California. I should say that I've been with the company for about three years now and there is... read more

Walmart #949

WARN filed with the state of texas: Notice Received on: Apr 03, 2019 Company: Walmart #949 County: Dallas WDA: Dallas County WDA Number of employees laid off: 415 Layoff date (start): Jun 07, 2019 Layoff date (end): City: Dallas

Walmart seeking high schoolers...

Out with the old, in with the new. And lure the kiddies in with subprime colleges like Purdue Global.
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Camp 1 thru 4

What is Camp 1 thru Camp 4? I am not familiar with this new program/incentives.

They know very well that they don’t need layoffs at all

Why go with layoffs and have to pay people severance, when they have the ability to overwork us until we quit on our own, orchang our schedule to a point where we can’t spend time with our loved ones. This works out for them really well. Sad that... read more
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Over 25 years at Walmart 16 years in personnel, exceeds on evacuation, no coaching and not falling into ppl req. Called career preference and not successful. This is not a clinch it's fact. Long termers applying for ppl that is already a PC or tc... read more

Walmart Recruiting College Grads

I heard the company is going to college campuses and recruiting recent college grads to put into the People Lead roles. YOU have got to be kidding me. They would rather hire college grads and NOT promote those PC/TC's who have so much knowledge and... read more

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