Topics regarding layoffs at Dollar General Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dollar General Corp.

Workplace safety violations

Dollar General is a “severe violator” of workplace safety rules, according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The two sides are in early settlement talks regarding violations, according to OSHA. The federal agency has already... — read more 

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I hope she sues!

All she did was tell the truth. That's it. But I guess that's too much for those on top, or should I say that's too much embarrassment for them. Dollar General Manager In Tampa Fired After Viral TikTok... — read more 

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From bad to worse

So at my store we had all the old timers quit within a year. My manager has replaced each and every one of them with friends. Now I feel like an outsider but what makes it worse is that they’re all a bunch of lazy good for nothings earning a... — read more 

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Yes assistant managers

YES they started layoffs and downgrading positions thanksgiving 2020 includes removal of hourly wages and positions they gave raises to workers in spring in regards to pandemic took away employee discount then promised a bonus based on wages and work... — read more 

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I am a sociologist conducting university-based research on Dollar General, investigating their labor practices and internal workings.

I am seeking current and former DG employees (particularly corporate level) willing to step out and speak up. Please contact me to learn more about my research and set up a confidential interview with me. Your personal information and identifiers... — read more 

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