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Corporate layoffs at Big Lots is a real thing

Corporate layoffs at Big Lots is a real thing. On 4/23 60+ Corporate Associates were walked out the front door. The entire company was put on notice at 9 AM to stay at their desks and wait for a call from HR, by 11 AM it was over. The building was on... read more
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Lack of Lease Renewals

Most stores are not renewing their lease because the rents are too high. I worked at the big lots in Maple grove last year and the rent was $35000 a month or higher.
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List of Big Lots! Stores closing in 2019

Do you know what Big Lots stores: will be closed in 2019 location of each store to be closed what will happen with the real estate what will happen to the employees (transfers or layoffs)? Please chime in if you have any info.

Invest in the safety of your employees

As a store manager for Big Lots it always angers me to have upper management make these asinine decisions at the store level when most of them have never worked the floors! We are expected to run a store successfully with very few hours allotted for... read more

Customers come first?

For a company that constantly promotes that customers always come first, Big Lots doesn’t provide the coverage needed to run a shift successfully and ensure that customers are satisfied. We aren’t given proper training other than online instructional... read more
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Big Lots Closing Stores Rumor

Who has more info? There is a ton of rumors on the internet that BL would be closing stores left and right? Is this reliable info? Or is it a hoax? How many stores will be closed?

Big Lots Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Big Lots layoffs in Columbus in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

List of Big Lots Stores Closing in 2015

Hello All - I see that our stock is melting and that we'll likely be closing stores very soon. My hunch that some of the stores will decrease in size as well. Big Lots will have to cut payroll too, both in Corporate and in stores. I wanted to see if... read more

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