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6.55 Million $ for Thorn in 2019

It was revealed to the US Securities and Exchange Commission in a filing on May, 1, 2020, that CEO Bruce Thorn received a total compensation package of 6.55 million dollars for FY 2019. This is more than a million and a half MORE than the previous... —  read more 

A perfect opportunity for layoffs

I don’t mean to minimize the seriousness of the Corona Virus situation. People are dying and at this point it is most important for all of us to get out of this situation alive and well.However, our leadership never cared for the employees so I... —  read more 

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Virus situation

I work for the big lots in ocala florida on e. Silver slrings ocala fl and not only are we under staffed and certain managers are rude you dont get paid for all the work you do and the harder you work the more they put on u for the same amount u are... —  read more 

Stock falling

Wondering how the recent drop in stock is going to affect more layoffs? They have already cut hours to nothing. I'm concerned what is next in operation north star now.

Wave two has begun

I received the call on my day off, at home. A conference call letting me know that today is my last day of employment with the company. They sent some documents to my email after the call and it included a chart of severed employees, no names given... —  read more 

Big Lots Layoffs 2020

Is this going to be an interesting year as it relates to Big Lots Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

wrong people let go

My assumption is that the company let all the assistants go and then re-invented their jobs at lower salaries to save money. If money is the object then how is it that we ran on strict hours, got threatened with a write up if we went over, but when... —  read more 

What degrees do Big Lots employees hold?

There are 4 times more applicants with a Bachelor's Degree than those with a High School Degree. 46% of applicants have a Bachelor's Degree. 39% have no degree. 9% have a High School Degree.

C-ap lots

They let hardworking assistants go so they can reinvent the same role in some of the stores with a much lower salary. Ironic that they let go people who had done nothing wrong but kept a district manager in a major southern city market even though... —  read more 

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Junk Lots

As someone that was wrongfully let go a few years back, I sympathize with everyone. I’m sure if I was still there that I’d be one the ones getting a phone call. I gave years to company, blood, sweat and tears. I wasn’t until I was forced to find work... —  read more 

Laid off in the last batch

And now my job is being advertised as an 'open position' on the internet. Sick and illegal. That's it. I wish I had money to sue.

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What was the reason you were given!

For anyone that was lay-off from Big Lots on Monday 7/29/2019 what was the reason given? Kinda a childish move to talk over the phone instead of talking face to face about being let go. Thanks for all you do for Jennifer but you didn’t do enough

tossed aside

After years with the company I was called into an office and told over the phone that they had restructured the stores and that my job no longer existed. I was to turn in my keys and talk to no one in the store about it. No Thank you for my years of... —  read more 

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This whole thing is ridiculous

I have 21 years with the company never had a write-up in my file it comes down to the fact of whether your district manager likes you or not and I know for a fact that mine did not. There's no rhyme or reason I have worked with an assistant who is... —  read more 

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More to come

Don't get complacent people, everything points to this being just the beginning... If you have a chance to leave on your own, now's the time to grab it. I already started looking, and I'll sure be leaving this place the first chance I get. The... —  read more 

Why is nobody talking about this?

From what I can see, there is ZERO media attention given to these layoffs at Big Lots. And we are not talking just a few people here, this is huge! So why is it? Are we not interesting enough to merit coverage? Or is Big Lots working hard on... —  read more 


Wanted to start by expressing my extreme disappointment in the company. I've been with Big lots for 5 years and I've seen cutback after cutback eat away at our store and our work environment. Bruce and his consulting team are going to drive us... —  read more 

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Laid off Today

Worked at BL for 7 years was called on the phone and "let go" following a conference call today. Told the ATLS (worked at BL for less than a yr) is now going to be furniture manager and STL is over furniture. What a joke?!?!

More layoffs?

Will there be more layoffs at Big Lots in the following several weeks? Or any time soon, for that matter?

Corporate layoffs at Big Lots is a real thing

Corporate layoffs at Big Lots is a real thing. On 4/23 60+ Corporate Associates were walked out the front door. The entire company was put on notice at 9 AM to stay at their desks and wait for a call from HR, by 11 AM it was over. The building was on... —  read more 

Lack of Lease Renewals

Most stores are not renewing their lease because the rents are too high. I worked at the big lots in Maple grove last year and the rent was $35000 a month or higher.

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List of Big Lots! Stores closing in 2019

Do you know what Big Lots stores: will be closed in 2019 location of each store to be closed what will happen with the real estate what will happen to the employees (transfers or layoffs)? Please chime in if you have any info. —  read more 

Invest in the safety of your employees

As a store manager for Big Lots it always angers me to have upper management make these asinine decisions at the store level when most of them have never worked the floors! We are expected to run a store successfully with very few hours allotted for... —  read more 

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Customers come first?

For a company that constantly promotes that customers always come first, Big Lots doesn’t provide the coverage needed to run a shift successfully and ensure that customers are satisfied. We aren’t given proper training other than online instructional... —  read more 

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Big Lots Closing Stores Rumor

Who has more info? There is a ton of rumors on the internet that BL would be closing stores left and right? Is this reliable info? Or is it a hoax? How many stores will be closed?

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