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Doesn’t look good for this company come 2023. As you scroll back looking at all the comments, it have been a train wreck ever since Bruce took over. Not sure why he is so he’ll bent about his both star cr-p. Now he wants to get back to close outs but there isn’t anyone left in the headquarters that know anything about close out buying. The customer base became so confused over the last several years, they have went elsewhere to shop. His new que checkouts have to be one of the d-mbest things he could have done. I say wind the company operations down and be done with it. Stop holding the last few loyal employees hostage with hopes of better days…. They were gone 20 years ago

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They are pricing themselves right out of competition. Anyone look at the new seasonal merchandise pricing?
Discontinuing a majority of the NVOs is gonna hurt them. Brands and names that people trust and know are no longer going to be a reason to shop the Lots and furniture buy outs is gonna back fire also when people need to return and get a different one because once they’re gone… they’re gone!

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Big Lots is sinking fast. Take it from this DC worker- we have one boss per every worker. The bosses would never dream of working, they are kings and queens on golf carts, which they use to dash as fast and far from physical operations, as the carts will role. The bosses cruise in 30 seconds before the shift starts, fake the huddle meetings, then vanish. All team spirit has evaporated. The merchandise is all Chinese decor-trash, with prices that are laughable.

The average employee is held at distance, never informed about company happenings, never thanked for going the extra mile. There is so little supervision, most workers waste 50 minutes per hour. It is very sad for the dedicated few, to watch it all sink. They'd do better,to listen to advice from low level workers. We know where the money drains are at. We aren't fools. We are dressed scruffy, because we are working in a dusty warehouse. It's not an indication of our intelligence. But we are treated like trash.

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There was talk of shifting away from the grocery side and focusing on fast, salty snacks-- yet, we still get carton upon carton of things like Mac'n'Chee that is close-dated to less than one month, as well as cr--kers, chips and pork skins (the closest thing one can get to eating sun burnt skin!?) that are nearly or already expired right off the truck.

Uncle Bruce has expanded 'round the midsection, based on his last appearance in the training videos, and has had a full dental makeover "Hollywood"-style! Uppers and lowers! Way to use those self-given bonuses!

Not sure about this Store Of The Futurrrrre model, and I, personally, wouldn't trust any worker who makes less than $9 an hour selling foam covered driftwood furniture to help coordinate the decor in my house.. But that's what people want.

Big Lots! is an indoor flea market where the lowest common denominator customer expects full service from entrance to exit.

And above all, prices go up every Monday, as they attempt to match Target's pricing scheme, with half the merch and 1/4 the quality or less.

Brucie lives BIG. Really Big! Employees do NOT get paid LOTS.

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