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This is not OK

I love how Dollar Tree is touting the fact that "only" 200 people are being laid off and 700 are being offered a job in Chesapeake. Because I'm sure that 700 people are willing to pick up and move five hours away, uproot their families and spouses... —  read more 

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No Layoffs

Been with family dollar 2 years and haven't heard anything about layoffs. I like. My job, the part of it that s---s is not getting budgeted enough payroll hours to properly staff the store...

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Step it up

We definitely don't get paid enough for the amount of work we do. Our store only has 5 girls working at it. Last week I unloaded the entire truck and put it on the shelves ALONE!! Our internet has been down for two months, forcing us to run on... —  read more 

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No perks or bonuses whatsoever

not sure if every store is like this, but we get no perks or bonuses whatsoever... with the pay as low as it is, screwed up scheduling, and management that keeps yelling at us for no reason, one would think they'd offer at least some kind of perks to... —  read more 

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F--- Family Dollar

Family Dollar f---ed me. They closed the store I was working at. They left a small town with nothing. They left loyal awesome customers & the best co-workers with f---n nothing. They are the worst company I've ever worked for. —  read more 

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Is this ever gonna stop?

Stores closings, managers and workers layoffs, less foot traffic - what's going on. Seriously - not only Family Dollar the whole industry has gone nuts in last two years. the change is accelerating, people are afraid if we'll be able to survive... —  read more 

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