Topics regarding layoffs at Costco Wholesale Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Costco Wholesale Corp.

Losing together

Blowes is nothing more than a dead end job. Its like a race, you hit the pit stop to refuel, then you get back in the race and move on. Its was supposed to be just a temporary job til you find something good, that was me after being here double digit... —  read more 

Current state of Lowes explained

What is happening is simple. The current CEO and his affiliates are no longer putting out the illusion of a family oriented organization and clearly stating their purpose: to appease the shareholders and hedge fund activists. It is a hard pill to... —  read more 

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Davenport, IA Costco!

They treat there employees like c-ap. They just throw you out there without training you and expect you to learn in 2 seconds on what to do in your department, then yell at you when you do something wrong. Do not, I repeat do not apply there. It... —  read more 

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New Davenport Store

New Iowa store Desperately needs to replace Warehouse Manager. Cuts people and hours but spends money on frivolous things like matching staplers and tape dispenser because NO COLOR allowed!


What hours do other Deli associates work and how many deli associates do you have ??

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Conservative Mgmt

We have very conservative management over here at Costco, finances are run in a very disciplined manner and we think seven times before we hire somebody. As a result, we are lean on the resource side and that results in the fact that we have minimal... —  read more 

Downsizing discussion

I think we should limit this discussion to downsizing and layoffs, I get that you might not like your manager but I do not think this forum is targeting that kind of feedback. We should share information about layoffs, downsizing, cuts, RIFs... —  read more 

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@ Anonymous

I can read two things into your messages. One, you should report this store to Corporate in a reasonable manner. They will do something about it. Two, you are a lousy employee and not willing to do things the way your paycheck-provider wants. You... —  read more 

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