Topics regarding layoffs at Kroger Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Kroger Co.

You can always leave

Nobody knows better than I do what a cr---y place Kroger is to work. From lousy pay to being overworked to daily abuse from managers and so many other things. The thing is, so many people are choosing to stay in that environment. It took me three... —  read more 

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Time slips away

There are many who tell me that they planned to leave here much earlier and that they never had a plan to stay here for more than a few months. Still, they stayed for a few years. I don't understand how it happens that people stay so much longer... —  read more 

No upward mobility

It used to be that you could start at the bottom at Kroger and work your way up. That's no longer true. I'm sad to say that if you're hoping to get ahead, this is not the place to be. Only join this place if you're absolutely desperate or if you... —  read more 

Tech jobs

Are the Americans who skated by all the India H1B replacements remaining hush hush so their kids get training and internships? How does that work?

An absolute sh-t show

Absolutely one on the worst no caring companies I have ever worked for. I am currently a store manager, and the lack of care they have for their associates is overwhelmingly clear. DON'T be fooled by their phoney "feed the human spirit" bologna, and... —  read more 

I’ve had enough

After more than 10 years with the company I finally left. I just walked out. Told manager I quit and I felt such relief and even a twinge of happiness. Kroger is a terrible company that doesn’t value their employees one iota. Over the last year this... —  read more 

Manager bonuses.

Our store received out yearly bonus. 178%. Sounds like alot until you realize the bonuses structure was changed after the pandemic started. They knew it would be a record bonus for the managers. Can't have that. I ended up getting 21% more than I... —  read more 

How many will be laid off?

It’s a shame what Kroger who has posted record earnings during the pandemic is doing to their workers. I used to work at a store in Seattle and luckily I’m not there anymore. My former colleagues still work there and when I saw the news I was really... —  read more 


Has there been a company-wide moratorium on promotions that I don't know about? I've been promised a promotion more than a year ago now and nothing is happening. Every time I bring it up I get reassured that it's a done deal and then nothing happens... —  read more 

What a shame

Is it just my location or does management seem to get a kick out of berating employees in front of others? Not one day goes by that some member doesn’t get humiliated in public. I find this to be very unprofessional and demeaning, not to mention it... —  read more 

Signs of disorganised company

Kroger stop caring about their employees when they started going international, Now instead of board of directors being brought up through ranks of Kroger. You have people from Sweden and Switzerland over logistics and other vital areas of company... —  read more 

Rodney the moneyman can't fix horrible management so he hires consultants who sell him falsehoods

As soon as Amazon bought Whole Foods and Wall Street told Kroger they had no strategy Rodney and the anti-American board of directors embarked on a mission to let greedy sales people from consulting companies guide the company's destiny. Always... —  read more 

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Find something else

I was an executive and retired a few years ago... the company is not the company that it once was they could care less about you... i know first hand. I retired when i got the inside look at how the company was going to get rid of “outdated” high... —  read more 

Why are we having layoffs?

Can anybody please explain to me why are we having layoffs when sales are through the roof (at least in my store?) I haven't been here for a long time, but if this is how Kroger treats its employees when the results are this good, I don't think I'll... —  read more 

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