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Kroger closing Mount Pleasant store

More than 80 people will be laid off in the process. Does anybody know what kind of severance Kroger offers to employees when it shutters one of it stores? And more importantly, who is eligible to even receive severance? I'm assuming most hourly... read more
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Kroger laying off Roundy's employees in Milwaukee

I have firsthand knowledge that Kroger is dramatically (and quietly) cutting Roundy's corporate staff in Milwaukee. They're letting folks go 6-10 at a time every other week to stay under the radar of the state and the press. A clause in the severance... read more

Advertise your customer service

You know, with Walmart basically trying to get rid of cashiers, Kroger should advertise the fact that they still have actual people to help the customer check out.

Kroger in Denison is closing

This is an end of an era. After nearly six decades, Kroger on Crawford Street in Denison is closing. At least the employees are getting a choice between a severance or transferring to another Kroger... read more
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More closings

One by one we fall... Kroger Mid-Atlantic announced on Thursday that is will close the Wards Corner Norfolk location on Little Creek Road in mid-December due to declining sales... read more
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Wrong people are being cut

The fact is Kroger stores are staffed with too many salaried assistant store managers. Most stores have at least 3. That is just ridiculous and a waste of labor dollars. Most of them perform no physical labor and refuse to help where help is needed... read more

Non Union, Non Company Workers

Frys Food Stores, a division of the Kroger Company, last year allowed employees of Damon to work in the Frys stores prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas. They were to stock " holiday items " but actually helped with loads, back stock and facing the... read more
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Tell me about your Union (Whole Foods Market TM)

So creating a union or joint one has been a hot topic as of late at Whole Foods Market. I'm just curious about your starting pay, benefits, job security, growth opportunities and overall morale at work. Also, how much do you pay in union dues. Thank... read more
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Mundy Township store closing

Kroger grocery store in Mundy Township is closing. No layoffs are expected, as everybody is being offered jobs in other nearby stores. I was wondering, when people are offered to transfer to another store due to a closing, are they offered a... read more
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Kroger has significantly cut bagger positions

I was in a hopping full store today on Saturday this Labor Day weekend. It has become typical to expect less than 50% of lanes to be staffed with baggers. Today 3 out of 14 lanes had baggers. My options given the significant downsizing of force has... read more
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Kroger continues closing stores

I really don't like this trend of seeing an announcement of new store closing every other week. Latest one is store in Smithers, West Virginia. It will close sometime in October. The company says the store was under-performing. This is starting to... read more
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I heard Kroger is going to buy lots of stores

Garner and Fuquay-Varina stores

Garner and Fuquay-Varina Kroger stores will close over the weekend. Do we now finally have a full list of announced closings, or are there more we don't know about yet? I think we are at the finish line... read more
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Kroger closing Indianapolis store

In case somebody is interested: Kroger on Thursday announced it will close its 46th Street grocery store on the northeast side by Aug. 31. The store at East 46th Street and North Arlington Avenue has been struggling with "ongoing poor financial... read more
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More info on closings

Kroger is closing three more stores across the Triangle sooner than expected. Initially, when it announced it would be leaving the Triangle market entirely, Kroger said that its 14 grocery stores would all close on Aug. 14... read more
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Three more are closing...

3825 S. Roxboro St. and 3420 Southwest Durham Drive in Durham and 7905 Falls of Neuse Road in Raleigh
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Layoffs are larger than originally estimated

Latest number given by Kroger on layoffs is that 1,652 employees will be affected, as opposed to originally announced 1,500. Kroger has told the N.C. Commerce Department that 1,652 employees will be laid off when the company closes its Triangle... read more

Severance question

Does anybody know who is entitled to receive severance at Kroger? I'm assuming it's all full timers, but I'd like to be sure. Toys R Us employees also assumed they'd be getting severances and they got screwed in the end. Also, what is the current... read more

Major store closings at Kroger

More stores are closing, this time it's all 14 locations in in Raleigh and Durham. Nearly 1,500 will lose their jobs as a result of this. Buckle up, people, this is only a preview of what all of can expect, and sadly we can expect it sooner rather... read more

Acquisition related layoffs

Anybody else thinks that the latest acquisition of Home Chef will be used by Kroger as an excuse for more layoffs? I know there is very little crossover, but somehow I don't see that stopping them... read more
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Kroger Cutting Pharmacist Hours

Kroger is cutting staff pharmacist and floater hours to only 32 hours guaranteed. Possibly worse...nobody yet knows the full extent of the damage.
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Kroger in Southside Savannah closing

With Southside Savannah Kroger closing, I was wondering if anybody knew if there is a list of all the Kroger stores that have closed so far somewhere? We seem to be hit less than other chains, but one by one, the number seems to be raising. Also... read more
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Another Kroger store closing in April

Kroger is closing Jackson's eastside store on April 7. Around 70 employees will be affected by the closing. Hopefully, this is not a preview of more to come in the following months... read more
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Kroger to sell off nearly 800 of its stores

Buckle up, it's about to become a very bumpy ride. Kroger is planning to sell off nearly 800 of its stores. There are so many uncertainties right now, but one thing is for sure, a bunch of people will be laid off as part of the transition... read more
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Kroger Downsizing Pharmacy

I am surprised there is no coverage about this (Kroger Downsizing Pharmacy) - Even the media is not covering it - I see other companies write about cuts extensively yet nothing here on Kroger Pharmacy. We'll see how things develop, I think over time... read more

75 assistant managers in Cincinnati

They are also laying off 75 assistant managers in Cincinnati to offset the raise the CEO gave himself last year. They will claim it's inflation can identical sales from 20 years ago. Which is crap, considering processes have changed and efficiency is... read more

Kroger Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Kroger layoffs in Cincinnati in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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2015 Layoffs at Kroger

I wanted to see if you had info on this, we have 400,000 people right now and that's huge - I am sure we'll have some cuts in Corp again.

Severance Payment

Let me tell you my scenario, please let me know if you have any suggestions. I've been with Kroger for about 7.5 years right now, I work in the corporate office and I am a new manager over there. I am pretty sure I will be sacked during during the... read more

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