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North Central New Mexico

Employees such as checkers are being or have been replaced by self checkout machines. Strange & unhappy shift from customer perspective. A downer.

Corporate me-too

It seems the theme in many large corporation layoffs. Older, more experienced employees are targeted so cheaper new hires can take their place. This saves money in the short run, but it quite possibly can be the companies ultimate downfall as in... —  read more 

True Story...

No matter what your told by HR head hunters do NOT come here and work for them. D1 in Nashville is failing - You will regret working here every day of your life lol. Do not leave your current job (even if it's in the lowest parts of hell) to come... —  read more 

It's about shareholders

This is not a company that cares or values their employees, the people on the front lines making them their 121 billion. It's about their shareholders, failing business deals and being on top. All the talented a nd well seasoned employees will leave... —  read more 

Another layoff will be Kroger's death nail

My guess is another layoff will be the death nail. Workers are already looking to find work elsewhere while at kroger - another massive layoff will send the message to whoever they keep who were on the fence about their job security off of it and... —  read more 

Grass Is Greener

Coming from the other side of the layoff. I just want to say the grass is greener. I know a lot of store managers like me that have dedicated their lives, moved their families to other towns or states, worked 12 to 16 hours all the time, usually 6 or... —  read more 

Nobody is safe!

if you made it through the first round of firings, this is NO guarantee you will make it with this company. It's a company that can't be trusted in any way. They can just as easily change their minds or receive commands from great leader that more... —  read more 

January Layoffs!

I hear from several sources both at the regional office as well as various levels of tenured store management that there will be another larger lay-off in January for store management. Has anyone else heard this? I’ve heard 160-180 managers will be... —  read more 

Pay Rodney More!!!

Sure, he deserves it. Where else in America could an accountant systematically gut the culture of hard work and dedication who men of CHARACTER and INTEGRITY such as Lyle Everingham and David Dillon created. Folks he will look you in the eye and... —  read more 

Kroger's Layoff song

LET ‘EM GO (sung to the tune of “Let It Go”) The numbers run red on the balance sheet tonight Not a huge profit to be seen A quarter of losses, And it looks like labor costs must get lean. The shareholders are howling up a storm at the board... —  read more 

Expect to see a 15% reduction

I was in the know at GO until I retired. Cuts are coming at GO in 2020. 15% of the workforce. As I remember folks that got less than an average on their reviews will be looked at being eliminated. Posted in another thread by @125SfW6V-2obr, bumped... —  read more 

Kroger Layoffs 2020

Have you heard anything about potential Kroger Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Former customer

Due to Kroger laying off valuable managers , I do not shop there, the company does not value their employees.

Walmart is the lesser of two evils

I worked for Kroger for three years and truly felt the corporation viewed employees as SLAVES and not in any way assets. From scheduling, which is atrocious and shows a lack of regard for employee well being or personal lives, to not listening to any... —  read more 

Kroger's New Logo

What do you think? Kroger is set to reveal a new logo on Wednesday... Here is the memo... With 135 years in the food industry, Kroger knows food. But both consumer demands and the competitive landscape have changed. We're transforming our... —  read more 

No assistant manager layoffs for now

They are laying off the local grocery warehouse drivers this week. They contracted the deliveries to a cheap carrier. About 30 people. The contractor offered the drivers jobs for 1/2 their current rate. Expect it to hit every division once other... —  read more 

Layoffs in GO

15% cut is not enough cuts up there in GO, cut all these folks from “key retailing” that travel all over the country doing audits but have very little clue of what reality is like in the real world. They cost us $9,000 just on expenses. Hotels... —  read more 

Local grocery warehouse drivers

They are laying off the local grocery warehouse drivers this week. They contracted the deliveries to a cheap carrier. About 30 people. The contractor offered the drivers jobs for 1/2 their current rate. Expect it to hit every division once other... —  read more 

Do we know anything about the next round yet?

Things seem to have quieted down a bit, which should be a good thing. Still, I can't stop worrying about the next time, which I think we all can agree is coming. So any news would be helpful. I know it might still be too early for anything to be... —  read more 

So a backwards in Arizona

We have lost alot of people in AZ. The powers at the top are so ignorant and disengaged. They paid out severance packages via direct deposit before people even had their meetings.. Can you imagine checking your bank account seeing an extra larger... —  read more 


What are the odds of Rodney getting a visit from Cousin Eddie on Christmas Eve?

The beginning

I've read many comments on here, but none seem to touch on the reason it all started. I work for Kroger myself, but I also own 2 small business, and see what many cannot. A lot of you understand, or are at least aware of, something called 'versus... —  read more 

How many actually fired?

Can anyone post confirmed numbers for their area/division for people fired? I've just been trying to figure it out. I heard it was 33 for Kroger Mid Atlantic (I personally know 4), but I don't have confirmation. I also heard that other areas had a... —  read more 

What keeps you working at Kroger?

What's the reason you show up for work? What are things that still inspire you and make you push forward even when it's hard? For me it's my team and my manager who is a true mentor, I try to ignore everything else that's not so good and things... —  read more 

Kroger's Denver Division

Looks like the Denver division(Colorado Springs district) is done putting people on the chopping block. They have cancelled all one on one meetings after yesterday's blood bath.(Drastic I know) Store management that are still around get to pick... —  read more 

Tax cuts???

Makes me wonder what the brilliant executives did with the corporate tax cuts since 2017. Well they dumped 5 million into helping hands fund, nice gesture... then they rolled out their program to help associates with college... again nice gesture... —  read more 

Maybe this caused layoffs?

Fresh off the press: Kroger rival Amazon plans to open new chain of grocery stores around the country Amazon plans to open dozens of... —  read more 

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