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Are Layoffs Still Happening This Year?

I was just wondering if the additional layoffs that were supposed to happen this year are still in play. I believe they were supposed to layoff more long term in store management, cut GO employees, cut divisional VP's down to one, etc. I know the... —  read more 

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Kroger Does Not Care

Having worked for kroger for many years and now in a management role the writing is on the wall. They could care less about their associates. Just keep pushing their associates to their max. No days off, long hours, and no family time. They make... —  read more 

Hero Bonus For Salaried Workers

Where is the bonus for salaried workers??? We are on the front lines everyday and have not received squat. The hourly associates get the 2 bucks an hour raise and a bonus. Store management, Clicklist supervisors, beverage stewards get nothing?? This... —  read more 


Kroger not requiring employees to wear gloves. Stockers, cashiers, baggers etc. Food dept. only wearing when handling food. So all packaged items bought have been touched. Cashiers touch every item in every customer's cart that they have touched and... —  read more 


Kroger has the managers left working (the ones they didn’t fire) 7a to 4p today and having them return at 7pm to work overnight. They don’t care about the health and well being of their staff. They only care about money!


My girls school just closed for at least 3 weeks. My wife works at the school and is required to go to work. My supervisors response was I don't know what to tell you. Find someone to watch them or take off and loose pay. And use up you're vacation... —  read more 

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Do it

We SHOULD shut down the hot/salad bar during this crisis. Prepacked foods only from prepared foods and bakery. I can't believe our company is moving so slow to make this decision.

Here is Walmart's response to the virus

Walmart's response to the virus 3 - If an associate contracts the coronavirus and is recommended quarantine, WalMart Inc will pay the associate for the full 14 days of quarantine. On top of that, if more time is needed per care giver order... —  read more 


Our store has been out of nestle purelife, now all water is gone. We were out of paper both towels and toilet paper for 2 days until the truck finally showed yesterday. It's so bad our store had to limit sales of water, paper and hand sanitizer.

Store closings

Does anyone know the process when they close a store? Trying to figure out if mines next😞

Get out of there

Next round is in October '20. So get ready for it. After that they will got rid of certain department mngs. That is why they are working on paying MODs 50 cents more.

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Here we go again

So sick of the stress that comes with working for this company. I know the grass is not always greener, but it just gets worse everyday. Rodney is terrible. He will destroy Kroger completly. Good luck to everyone who is waiting to see if we get to... —  read more 

Atlanta Division Announces more mgmt cuts

2/26/20 Atlanta Division announced via conference call and email; their threat that more layoffs were coming didn’t scare enough people away (natural attrition) and that they would be firing more people by the end of the quarter (further headcount... —  read more 

Are people being fired or laid off???

There is a huge difference between the two, so I would really appreciate it if somebody could provide us with a clarification. I am worried enough as it is about layoffs, I really do not need to add firings to the mix as well (or I will need to up my... —  read more 

Are You Prepared?

It's a near certainty that you will be laid off at least once in your lifetime. Knowing this, what are you doing to prepare for the day when you're notified that your position has been eliminated? Do you have emergency savings to cover 6 months'... —  read more 

What's up with stocking

Why is Kroger moving all the stockers to third shift what is the point of it there the shelves will be empty pre-prime time 6:00 with nobody to fill the shelves

Does Kroger Pay Well?

I know it's probably not the best site for asking a question like this but since no other options exist, here it goes: Does Kroger Pay Well?

Overcharged for Insurance

(Atlanta Division) I called again about my insurance and the lady told me that there was some error, and they were erroneously charging people the extra $15 a week for not doing the bio screen in Sept. even if they were only on the ancillary plan... —  read more 

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hied - no hrs

The person in charge of hiring hired multiple new people for my department without talking to anyone. The head of our department tried to work around it by giving them training hours because they do need to be trained, but the store manager chewed... —  read more 


Has anyone heard if they got jobs at Walmarts or Targets maybe Meijer here in Dayton. I know the SM Who ran 933 into the ground cut and run a lemonade stand. And the one the one at 759 couldn't run a taco cart but they weaseled their way this far... —  read more 

Why are posts being deleted?

I see a lot of posts but the next time I get on line they are gone? What's the deal? Who has a say on what stays and what goes? I don't recall any posts inciting violence, being s-xist, etc. that would cause a moderator to take them down?

North Central New Mexico

Employees such as checkers are being or have been replaced by self checkout machines. Strange & unhappy shift from customer perspective. A downer.

Corporate me-too

It seems the theme in many large corporation layoffs. Older, more experienced employees are targeted so cheaper new hires can take their place. This saves money in the short run, but it quite possibly can be the companies ultimate downfall as in... —  read more 

True Story...

No matter what your told by HR head hunters do NOT come here and work for them. D1 in Nashville is failing - You will regret working here every day of your life lol. Do not leave your current job (even if it's in the lowest parts of hell) to come... —  read more 

It's about shareholders

This is not a company that cares or values their employees, the people on the front lines making them their 121 billion. It's about their shareholders, failing business deals and being on top. All the talented a nd well seasoned employees will leave... —  read more 

Another layoff will be Kroger's death nail

My guess is another layoff will be the death nail. Workers are already looking to find work elsewhere while at kroger - another massive layoff will send the message to whoever they keep who were on the fence about their job security off of it and... —  read more 

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