Topics regarding layoffs at King Soopers

Topics regarding layoffs at King Soopers


Loyd King had built and family and customer friendly stores when Kroger took over they put so much pressure on the employees that they could no long help each other they created dog eat dog environment. They waste money on new programs and... —  read more 

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Layoffs are happening

Denver division, King Soopers. It all started yesterday, all store managers have to go to a certain location to find out whether they have their job or not. Selected ASM have received an invite to find out if they have their job. Every... —  read more 


Taking hours away from in-store bakers and cake decorators. Instead of baking cookies, the bakery plant is now baking them and sending them to stores prepackaged and prelabeled. Cake decorator cake cases no longer need to have any in-store designed... —  read more 

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