Topics regarding layoffs at ALDI

Topics regarding layoffs at ALDI

Store closings

Do we know if all the stores that have been slated for closing are closed by now? There has been some talk about possible cost cuts which makes no sense if we've just completed a major cost-cutting round. Aldi used to have above-average job security... — read more 

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Why is real estate going national but buying isn’t? The corp take over is mostly remote anyways.

I wish they would just hurry up and give us the dates already. I don’t want to make a lateral move into ops and I’m not moving to IL. I’m feeling crazy because I have to pretend like what I do matters when the layoffs are coming. It doesn’t make... — read more 

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Cashier's gone

Went to Aldi Sunday. All self check out. One cashier running entire front end. Pallet jacks blocking aisles with perishable food sitting out. Looked like a food poison outbreak about to happen. Half the stuff I needed was gone not replenished. How... — read more 

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Divisional Lay-offs

Aldi Foods is beginning a world wide, rolling layoff for all Divisions. The layoffs will affect Inventory Accounting, Bookkeeping, AP Merchandise and Non Merchandise, and Purchasing. All of these positions will be eliminated beginning 2023... — read more 

Another store closing

Schenectady Aldi location to close A manager at the Aldi located in Woodlawn Plaza on State Street in Schenectady confirmed Tuesday that the location would be closing. He said any further detail needed to be provided by the corporate office as... — read more 

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Aldi closing Ipswich store

The Aldi store in Meredith Road, serving the Whitton and Castle Hill areas, is now due to close on Sunday, October 24, several days earlier than originally expected. Aldi bosses have said that no jobs will be lost in the move, with all the staff... — read more 

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Aldi adding jobs

The company plans to add about 180 new stores in the country in 2018:

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