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C&S to Lose Ahold Delhaize Business. Layoffs to Follow.

Obviously this is hitting the wire now, but Ahold will be revamping their supply chain to a self-distributing model. This will mean significant layoffs in their Northeast warehouses and offices, as Ahold accounts for nearly 50% of their sales.

More cuts in Florida

There you go: C&S Wholesale announced it was cutting 205 employees in November. C&S is a major distributor for the Southeastern Grocers family of supermarkets, including Winn-Dixie and Fresco y Mas. Southeastern went through bankruptcy earlier this... —  read more 


State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name: C&S Wholesale Services, Inc. Number of Laid off Employees: 328 Address 1: Address 2: 4401 Seaboard Road City: Orlando, FL WARN Notice Date: Thu 06/21/2018 Layoff From: Mon 08/27/2018 Layoff To: Mon... —  read more 

Major layoffs at C&S Wholesale Grocers

Orlando is loosing a C&S warehouse and with that 328 jobs there. People have until the end of next month to find new jobs, as that's when the layoffs will start. It's just the one right now, but I have a feeling that we'll be looking at many more... —  read more 

Could be better

Wages are not rising fast enough, overall morale is low. I can say that we did not have layoffs recently though.

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