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It's happening

Unfi just bought out my husband's Supervalue warehouse in Stockton CA. 7 people have been laid off since yesterday 6/5/19. In case somebody was doubting this was happening, it is. I'm thinking this is only the beginning, and we'll be seeing much more... —  read more 

SuperValu Job Postings

Selector position offered at the Oregon facility. Says "room to grow". Dudes, theyre shuttin the place down! Where ya gonna grow? Unemployment What a joke S---er them all in UNFI. No wonder why the business is a failure. —  read more 

Supervalu Layoffs 2019

If there are Supervalu Layoffs in 2019 what departments and positions will be affected the most?

More layoffs at SuperValu?

Yes a little bird told me theyre cleaning the buildings getting ready to sell off everything. A major layoff is coming in June. Pay rates will be slashed 15% and no more vacation days they have PTO where you work like a slave to accumulate 1 measly... —  read more 

Pay rates will be cut 2019 New Stanton

If you work at supervalu in New Stanton your pay will be cut 15% and all older workers better start stretching now and get ready to pick a 100%. I read the new contract proposed and they're taking everything from us in June so grab the lube and get... —  read more 

Tell me about your Union (Whole Foods Market TM)

So creating a union or joining one has been a hot topic as of late at Whole Foods Market. I'm just curious about your starting pay, benefits, job security, growth opportunities and overall morale at work. Also, how much do you pay in union dues... —  read more 

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Major layoffs likely at Shop ’n Save

Over 1300 unlucky folks in stores not picked up by Schnucks will most likely be laid off if another buyer is not found, which to be honest is really not likely. Schnucks already picked up the best and most profitable locations, so I'm thinking the... —  read more 

SuperValu New Stanton to layoff 2019

A friend of mine in Eden Prairie HQ said in a meeting they're closing the New Stanton building by the second quarter of 2019. He told me years ago about belle vernon months before so i trust his word.


Thoughts on the acquisition news?

What's everybody thinking about the fact that we have now officially been acquired by United Natural Foods? Frankly, I don't see much of an upside for us regular SuperValu employees. We'll be looking at major layoffs and closings very soon, with... —  read more 

SuperValu Pharmacies Layoffs

I know other chains are downsizing, big time - specifically WMT has laid off a bunch of pharmacists and technicians. Do you know what's in store here? DO we expect any MAJOR CUTS?

Shoppers Food & Pharmacy - Bowie, MD

Supervalu is in the process of eliminating quite a bit of jobs at SFP - 40 administrative positions at Shoppers Food & Pharmacy headquarters, in Bowie, Md will be lost forever and they are talking about a potential sale of the company in which case... —  read more 

Champaign Urbana Distribution Center

They told us in a meeting today nine distribution centers are grouped together for a “sale to lease” deal where an investment group buys the property but is contacted to rent it to Supervalu, an asset shift that frees up more money for the benefit of... —  read more 

Mass Layoff 1000 at Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh is owned by Super Valu, which is selling much of the company and laying off 1000 people. Revenues way down, losses mounting for Super Valu and Farm Fresh. —  read more 

Farm Fresh Supermarkets

Anyone know what's going on with Farm Fresh? Are they selling some of the stores our all of them?

Supervalu Layoffs-Seattle-2018

Would someone please provide details on all the layoffs occurring at Supervalu in Seattle? The employees have to be out of the old UG building by April 2018. What is going to happen to those employees? Meat department was notified that they WILL loss... —  read more 

Supervalu Layoffs 2018

Can someone share ANY info you may have, any bit of info, please, especially about layoffs in Eden Prairie.

No clear direction

Layoffs don't surprise me anymore. With our outdated technology, no clear direction, and absolutely no accountability - especially on higher levels - it's shocking that they are not resorting to savings through layoffs more often. After all, that... —  read more 

Complete disconnect between management and workers

It's obvious that SUPERVALU is suffering from complete disconnect between its leadership and regular workers. Just look at the amount of work that is expected to be done, the people who are getting laid off, the recognition some of us (especially... —  read more 

Can we get some training for the new people?

Maybe Supervalu will start doing better if we actually train new people on how to their jobs. People are coming to me with such basic questions (they don't even know which software programs we are using, for crying out loud,) that it's no wonder it... —  read more 

Work overload at Supervalu

This is becoming ridiculous, we have fewer workers each month, and the work remains the same, if not even increasing. Not to mention that there are a few people who skirt by with doing bare minimum, but are well protected by managers because - you... —  read more 

We do need some stability

Everyone I know that works in the corporate office is anxious, we do need some stability and layoffs do not help morale. I've personally witnessed the drop in productivity because people are distracted and I hope management steps forward and says we... —  read more 

SUPERVALU Rumors 2017

More rumors are floating this week - what is it gonna be? You pick your favorite rumor about SUPERVALU: Buyout? Sale? Merger? Layoffs? (again) More Money? Less Money? Expanding? and of course, contracting... You never know, it's a new thing every new... —  read more 

Some jobs going away

80 jobs impacted by 3/11/16. Some jobs going away, some moving to Minn, some new jobs in Minn.

Supervalu Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Supervalu layoffs in Eden Prairie in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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Here we go again

Here we go again. Potential layoff targets here at Supervalu are as follows: Albertsons, Shaw's, Jewel, Cub, Hornbacher's, FFF, ACME, S&S, Shoppers... Here are some locations... Billings, MT (Albertsons), Boston, MA (Shaw's and Star Market), Chicago... —  read more 

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