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Time to Unionize

Never in a million years would I have thought Whole Foods team members needed to be in a union. Trust, open doors, collaboration, shared fate, core values, we didn't need a union. Guess what folks? It's time. Time to unionize.


I had a customer complaining about ots yesterday..he read about and was p-ss-d because of empty shelves and outta stocks..lol..its such failure at our store..our warehouse is soo small and we cant even store the products for our business/sales... read more
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Labor, Labor, Labor............

How many TM's are feeling the labor squeeze, the OTS b---s---, the cleaning SOP, and Lord Prime dosen't even take over till August 1st. The worst is to come and it will not get any better, especially with the freight train of The Holidays rolling... read more

Overly Toxic!

What a toxic enviornment WFM has become with this OTS Bull####! Team Members are at each other's throats because they are on work overload and stressed out. It's such a shame that the workplace has evolved into this. What used to be a fun, high... read more

The ongoing brain drain

In my region I'm seeing a lot of very talented TLs of large teams and long time ASTLs quitting over the past two years. This leaves a void for promotions as the company continues to expand so all of the ASTLs hired recently are from very small teams... read more

Will OTS really matter?

I have to start off by saying that I was fortunate enough to find other employment after 10 years at a MW WFM 2.5 months ago. I did get a few months of experience into what the OTS culture brought forth. Like most people I thought it was over... read more

How many?

How many suppliers are we losing due to the Prime discount crap? Will there be any of those that actually matter left in the end? Or are we going to be only carrying the generic brands like every other grocery store out there? I guess Amazon is... read more

Not many are happy with Amazoned Whole Foods

Good WSJ article to go with the last day for laid off marketing staff. Suppliers say they are angry at the higher rates Whole Foods now charges them to sell their products there, with some refusing to sign new contracts. At Whole Foods stores... read more

Marketing Layoff

Feeling kind of down and angry today. I'm a member in marketing that has been with this company for 10+ years and have worked my butt off to gain this position. I have built so many relationships and based my career path with this company but... read more

July 11-17th

We know Prime Day is the 16th to 17th, but why is this week now a national black out week? Why have teams been instructed to leave certain fixtures empty for something to be merched in that week?

Prime Discount

How is the Prime Discount Affecting you Business?
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Third party stockers

Anyone else have Optimus showing up to stock shelves? A third party or the new face of Amazon -Whole Foods?

SSS Signmaking

I received a packet yesterday and it said part of the sign making role will have to be done by the SSS. Do you know if it comes with a PAY INCREASE besides the 10 hour increase? The sign maker at our store said it should since its a lot of work that... read more

Mackey trying to act like a badass

If find his statement that he stands up to Amazon so historical that I can stop laughing. Isn't he the idiot that had to sell because of all the poor decisions made on his watch? Yay he's a badass all right. Just move on. You had your shot.....

Who's looking for a way out?

I'm curious, how many of you are already searching for something better? Or is it easier to just hate on Whole Foods and do nothing to better your situation?

No words to express...

I have been with Whole Foods for many years now..and the change that has happwnwd since Amazon took over is so sad.. I do understand the need for change..that is thee way of the world..but so many team memebers have left and the morale is not there... read more


Well well, I see John Mackey isn’t concerned about being fired by Amazon. I guess not, you walked away with a tidy sum of money. Mackey you’re nothing more than a country hick that opened a small grocery store and got lucky. Amazon will crap on you... read more


This is going to be fun to watch. My meeting with my lawyer went well and I’m suing. You can’t advertise for a position with certain qualifications and give the job to someone that is totally unqualified. See you a. . .holes in court.


So my extra 10% off did not work on sale items (with the yellow tag) I’m an ex tm so I know how messed up our data can be but really???!!! All of the signs and then it doesn’t work. Unfortunately I looked at the receipt after I left the store. I... read more

Is this true?

Somebody mentioned in another thread that they've heard big and expensive to run stores will be closing, and mentioned Lamar in Austin among them. Can't figure out if this is an actual rumor or somebody trolling. Has anybody heard more about this?... read more

Feed the beast

Now instead of ordering for OTS they want us to feed the beast, pack out the shelves now all the sudden they're not worried about back stock, so everything we were taught for ots is meaningless , will this company ever make up its mind, I'm guessing... read more


I am trying to plan a career change within WFM and have been trying to figure out our tech support model. I may move to another region and am wondering if this support model is found in all regions. In our region we have the following structure: *SSS... read more

Costco minimum wage $14 hr

Is WF still paying $11.50 an hour? It’s no wonder anyone that’s good doesn’t stay and only the mutants stay long term anymore.

Still no labeling of GMO foods

Good or bad idea? I frankly have no issues with GMO foods and I think people really need to educate themselves on the issue more before deciding to not consume it, but I'm afraid this will alienate a whole bunch of our customers... read more

Global Help Desk

What happened to the GHD? I used to call and get friendly folks who would help me. Now I call and get befuddled people who sound like they never answered a phone before, and more often than not the issue doesn't get resolved. Who exactly is answering... read more

Prime roll out

Florida peeps, did they make you schedule “prime ambassadors”? We are told to schedule someone for 40 hours a week to sit at a table and anticipate prime questions from customers. Seems like over kill and a waste of money. Most stores aren’t doing... read more


So - what's going on with the marketing team as things should be wrapping up now with interviews, offer letters, relocations, etc. It's been crickets on here about it!

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