Topics regarding layoffs at Whole Foods Market Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Whole Foods Market Inc.

Covid text allert

Just received another one of those useless text about another teamember. Useless because so outdated. And the store leadership doesn't even enforce correct usage of masks. Not even the correct mask to use. Quite a few use neck gaiters as "masks".

Career progress

Ever since I got the job here I wanted to become a supervisor. I don't know how possible that is, but it's what I wish for. Some will say it doesn’t make sense because they don’t like it in this company, but nowhere is it good when you’re at the very... —  read more 

You can do better!

I finally got an offer! I will have a higher pay and I think there will be less stress. I'm here only because of my age. I was looking for a new job for a long time and when I started thinking I would never get anything better, I finally got an... —  read more 

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Covid cases going up

Where I live the amount of covid cases was at 12k on Wednesday, and 13k today. There are more maskless customers than there are ones wearing masks. Salad and hot Bars are still open, no glove option for customers, no sanitizers at the bars. I hear... —  read more 

"I regret leaving."

Said no one ever. I went back to the forum just to give a little support to anyone who is debating whether to leave or wait a little longer. The only thing I regret is not leaving much earlier. I procrastinated for months because I thought nowhere... —  read more 

How to start a union (UFCW) Step 1: Talk to Your Coworkers. Step 2: Talk to a Union Organizer. Step 3: Start a Committee. Step 4: Know Your Rights. Step 5: Sign Union Support Cards. Step 6: Vote! Step 7: Negotiate Your Contract.

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Union at ‘bucks

Cmon now ! those brilliant beverage technicians “baristas “ managed to pull off a union despite many thinking they are overpaid over priv’d to start with…they still stuck it to upper management …just for the heck of it…this is the most pro union... —  read more 

Meeting the metrics

I am so demotivated that it is become all the more difficult to meet the metrics. I have a feeling that metrics are unrealistic, but sometimes I think everyone else is working successfully to meet the metrics except me. - Is it harder than ever for... —  read more 

Are you stressed out?

HAHAHAHAHA The audacity of these /d/ots asking that on innerviews. WOW JUST WOW. I commute about 2 hrs one way because of traffic, stay at store 9+ hours and dont get ot, short handed on every department, got a 2% pay increase, lines up the you... —  read more 

Culture Compas Results

The results are in! So many burnt out TM's. Leadership throughout the company quitting in droves. Laughably short staffed. Morale at an all time low, but finally action is being taken! We now get to have a list of who is shift leader today... —  read more 

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