Topics regarding layoffs at Whole Foods Market Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Whole Foods Market Inc.

John Mackey's Legacy

What will be left of Whole Foods Market when John Mackey leaves in September? From where I am standing not a thing. This man built a great company and then stood there and did nothing while "the Board and shareholders" bullied him into stepping... —  read more 


What is the point of the STSS now if they have no access to log into anything unless they are on a VTeam? Just give the SSS the ticket and have then touch things.. Heard thats coming back anyways.

Make sure they see it

I feel sorry when I see some people think that it's enough to just work hard and that someone will notice and value it. No they won't! No one will notice it if you don't make sure they notice it. WFM is full of employees who work little but make... —  read more 

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New Structure

so with the latest announcement of EVP's- is the queen getting her power reduced? she was already an EVP and had Ops and Store Development- now someone new taking away her den of spies?? this was not a promotion but a reduction in power- maybe one... —  read more 

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Being watched....

Can anyone shed light on the truth behind the installation of all the cameras in the stores? All the money spent on them cannot just be to monitor theft. Now we're being watched and our conversations being monitored too??? What about our rights?

Multi tasking

It seems now that WFM has many of us multi tasking, doing multiple jobs and then they have the nerve to walk up to me and say I had overtime. When technically they should be paying for 2 different positions, but are having trouble hiring. What a F... —  read more 

Old timers

I’ve been here for half a year and I’m leaving at the beginning of next month. I can't wait for my last day here. I don't feel sorry for those waiting to be laid off even though they can find better offers, but I do feel sorry for all those old... —  read more 

Combining Regions?

From the recent announcement in Innerview “ As Bill transitions into his new position, we will take the time to carefully consider next steps for Rocky Mountain leadership. We will share more information as soon as we have it.” Leads me to believe... —  read more 


I'm not going to get into the dollar amounts that I have to pay out of pocket but our insurance is obscene. I have a daughter and basically it barely even covers her. How do they get away with offering such terrible insurance? Tell me if I'm wrong... —  read more 

The impacts of inflation

Escalating oil prices translate into bigger grocery bills. Given that many consumers are affected, I wonder how this will affect WFM. Will the company be faced with looming losses? I hope that the coming period will not be much worse than when the... —  read more 

Don’t feel guilty

I felt terrible for months, because for everything that was not good in our store, the manager blamed us. How often do you feel guilty that things are not going well in your store? If we are such bad employees, why did WFM hire us in the first... —  read more 

Shifts with no breaks

^ That doesn't happen in my store. However, according to some writing here, it could be concluded that there are a lot of those who do long shifts with no breaks. Of particular concern is "no breaks". Is it possible? I would automatically give... —  read more 

Order Writer Position

I was thinking about applying for an open grocery order writer job at a nearby store. Someone told me that that the order writer job is going to be discontinued soon. If that is going to happen, I don’t want to apply. Does anyone out there know if... —  read more 

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