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So - what's going on with the marketing team as things should be wrapping up now with interviews, offer letters, relocations, etc. It's been crickets on here about it!

Big thing?

What’s the next big thing happening?! I’ve heard rumblings of a vote happening today from all rps and that something will be happening in late June that will drive a lot of traffic (not prime discounts, something bigger)

Store Meeting

Our store meeting scheduled for Wednesday (5/29) has been canceled!?!?


Well everyone, it’s almost over. Now let’s see how our bosses in the Mid Atlantic region handle this. Let’s see how the ladies in the north east handle it. Just wait, all your jobs will be gone shortly!! I hope they all rot in hell. Your WFM will... read more

Johns new book

It’s going to be tilted “How to promote your friends and ruin the company”. The first thing amazon should do is give the regional and central office a good douching. Why would amazon keep people that caused the company to need to be sold?

NA bakehouse

You’re closing. As usual it’s a secret. Not making enough money which equates to smaller bonuses for the big wigs, and your new global rvp. They don’t like their bonus being touched. If it’s their bonus or your survival you lose every time. Sorry you... read more

Dear Amazon,

Please ask Whole Foods exactly what CIO has accomplished since coming in and being paid ridiculous amounts of money. Rewards? Full of glitches. Gone. Digital coupons? Worked sporadically, half the content was inaccurate. Gone. Data Monster? It’s a... read more

Check this out!!

Have you noticed an increase of external new hires for leadership roles mainly ASTL’s and TL’s? That should tell ya everything . With this level of stress a lot of TL’s and ATL’ are leaving to different jobs or they’re firing them for not following... read more

RPs looking to get out!

I have it on very good authority that a RP has recently contacted a headhunter. Changes are coming people, get out in front of it so you’ll be prepared. Don’t be blindly lead to the slaughter by the people above you, they don’t care about you... read more


Amazon is going to roll in and these idiots are not going to know what hit them.


I thought this all had to do with ordering truck to shelf! It has taken on a life of its own mandating every move now in the stores. It is a toxic fungus out of control. Really people it's a grocery store. I now have to read e mails twice a day!?!... read more

Unknown meeting May 29th!.

Just got an email saying there is a mandatory meeting May 29th and it’s at 10:30 pm. Does anyone know any details? My STL isn’t giving any details.

OTS Irrelevance

First of all, the program should be called Standard Operating Procedure. Order To Shelf is buyer terminology that has little do with signing off on a PM duties checklist. Second, the OTS script is monitored by store level management full of their own... read more

Last Chance Tags

What’s with all the Last Chance tags in the stores? I don’t work at WFM anymore but still shop there. It’s pretty obvious they are getting rid of LOTS of products. What gives?

Monday Store meeting

Any idea or heads up on what's to come from the Monday morning store meeting on 5/14? All east coast stores at the same time?

Our current systems and processes are all bad

Literally everything is wrong with our current systems and processes. We are using outdated software, we have a poor network infrastructure, and rely on excel macros where web apps should be used. The fact that we don't have self check out is... read more

Post layoff apathy.

As one of the SGA's that has been laid off and is just waiting until July 2nd for severance I find I GIVE ZERO F---S about this company anymore. I thought i could stay positive but 3 months is a long time to wait for the inevitable. My teams have... read more

Start a union

Unions aren't good but they are better than not having a job and this current mess. Individual teams can unionize if need be and are treated as a union. OTS would have to be approved by a union.

OTS woes

I find it telling that regional OTS coordinators come in to do a pre cert walk and say things like " I really don't care when it came in. Just mark a date on it that seems like it's reasonable " Really! Why are we doing this? Surely something will... read more

SSS Is Going

Store Support will print the tags Each team will take down, put up and audit their own tags Done deal.

Blue origin

Good to see Our boss spending money on rockets. I bet they are really good just like all of WF super awesome technology. I thought amazon was a tech savy company when will they fix the debacle that our computer systems are.

No layoffs before the year is up

Is it true we are safe from layoffs until the year since the acquisition was finalized is up? Been talking to my manager the other day and he said that there has been no indication anything will happen before than. After that it's nearly certain that... read more

Sp team leader abusiveness

Many team members at this certain location are quitting due to team leaders being emotionally Abusive. These team leaders need training. They are very self centered, egotistical and super c---y people. They aren’t even leaders. Upon quitting, members... read more

Hiring new people all the time is expensive

Since Amazon has these great algorithms, I hope they use them to analyze how many people leave a particular store. It is expensive to hire a new team member. If you have a manager who makes everyone miserable, be it dept or store, It’s amazing when... read more

South region store tours

Regional lackies we'll be in my store this week. Any idea what it's about? Me thinks it's going to be a renovation/ homogenization. Smaller meat and seafood. Meat going to protect like the rest of the region. Bollocks! The end is near!

PTO drives

Does anyone else find it ridiculous we have PTO drives for sick TM while we are owned by the richest man on the plant. Low paid TM donate hours while this guy is getting a $23 million dollar renovation on his home.He makes $36000 an hour and could... read more

Any official word on Demo?

Our region still has Demo Specialists. I've heard some regions no longer have them. Is there a plan to eliminate them entirely?

Automation is going put everyone out of a job

Automation is the end goal some jobs can’t replaced by machines yet.WB and Grocery will be the first to take the hit I think. Almost all items are prepacked except for things offered in bulk.TM will still be needed to stock but buyers will probably... read more

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