Topics regarding layoffs at Whole Foods Market Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Whole Foods Market Inc.

What a mistake....

I blame myself for not inquiring better about this company before applying for a job here. I left a company that is 100 times better than Whole Foods looking at it from this perspective, but now it’s too late. If there was anyway to go back there, I... —  read more 

I feel stuck

I can’t complain too much, it’s the only option I have so far, but the amount of work I do is really too much. At first I even blamed myself, getting everything done in time was difficult for me so I thought I wasn’t a good worker. I really don’t... —  read more 

CFO email about weather in Texas

Thanks for the praise about stepping up thats really going to help your TMs pay the bills while you sit safely in your ivory tower. Your fake smile and and souless eyes always remind to put in as little effort as possible anytime I see your picture... —  read more 

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Take a break

I was told if you want to take off a month or more all you have to do is fill out the: "take a break form" and turn it into your tl. My tl told me recently that I have to wait until April to fill it out. What is the truth????

Give it to me straight

I’ve been here almost a year, and I want to know - will things get better? I feel like I’m being way overworked for what I’m being paid and the time frame for things to be done can sometimes seem absurd. The work environment while tolerable can be... —  read more 

Relocation ......

Layoff So let's talk about when a store has a relocation. Florida regional, im talking about you. You have an amazing stl thats been there building relationships for over 2 yrs getting ready for the new store. This person is an all star many times... —  read more 

You know what gets me?

When I first joined Whole Foods it wasn't just a job to me, I considered it a way of life - and I know so many other people did as well. Then over time things changed, priorities shifted, and what was a way of life became just a career, but it was... —  read more 

Unrealistic expectations

Sometimes I wonder if they even look at us as humans? My situation is that I do enough work for three people, for sure. I’m afraid to turn it down because I wouldn’t want to lose my job. When I first started working here a few years ago, I was also... —  read more 

Why are you still at WFM?

We all know this is not the company it was when it started and is far removed from its original ideals some of us actually used to believe in. And it's obvious that working conditions have deteriorated over the years to the point that the majority of... —  read more 

Each WH store has its own clique?

Now I already have the experience of working in two WH stores and each has had its own clique formed by the groups of low performing workers guarding each other’s backs, nothing more. Compared to all the other problems in the company this one is less... —  read more 

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This is how it starts

Everyone I have known,that has been with WFM a long time, and has gotten pushed out says it starts with micromanaging. They are constantly monitoring what you're doing hoping to find something they can fire you for, but really they want you to get... —  read more 

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10 minute breaks.

Just found out that very soon, team members will only be allowed 10 minute breaks instead of 15. I guess that extra five minutes is really eating up time for a team member to get so much more work done. I am sure this will inspire already disgruntled... —  read more 

Unrealistic goals

I don’t know if they are even aware of how many unrealistic goals they put in front of us that rarely anyone can meet? The only excuse I could accept is that they are doing it unconsciously. Otherwise, it is the ultimate arrogance and squeezing of... —  read more 

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New Ordering system

Does anyone else think the implementation of the new ordering system has been a complete disaster? Our back room is full of product that we have no need for and it just keeps coming in. I've never seen inventory levels so bad in the back it's out of... —  read more 

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