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Yes people

This is the bottom line with whole foods, they ONLY want " yes" people. They push tms and dept leaders to the edge with busy work to make store leadership look good for empty meaningless corporate walks. That's to weed out the people that question... read more

Annual Gathering

They’ve been renovating our store for the last 4 months to prepare for this event and then this week, with only days to spare, every single Coordinator, EC, etc has walked our store and asked us to completely remerch everything - including the back... read more

Culture champions

When is this nonsense going to end. Do any of the the people working at the stores believe any of this. Everything that is on the posters is contradictory to what actually goes on in the company.

Any new closings expected?

I'm a bit worried about our numbers, sales have been going down consistently. Will this put us in danger of being closed sometime soon? This has happened before but we managed to recover. However, that was before Amazon was in charge. Since they took... read more

stl spreading rumors of suspect at store

my stl has spread a rumor from the layoff.com of who they assume is spreading rumors and i heard heard it from the person they left in charge of the store and they eventually said something about it and spread it at store level and all recordinds... read more

What's happening?

One of the managers left the store last week and was quickly followed this week by two of his favorites. Should this be a cause for concern? I'm hoping he found a better job and took them with him, but I'm also worried he knows something about our... read more



Stores coming soon

Why is the "stores coming soon" page of our website blank? https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/list/development

NE region

Hello guys, any feedback on the NE region, I’m moving to New York due to my husbands work. Specially any feedback on bakery or prepared foods. Current bakery atl.

Sunday inventory count and Amazon Prime shopping

Amazon Prime shoppers had a terrible experience last night. 80+ orders in the queue. Teams counting inventory so nothing else can be stocked out. Offering replacements for almost half of every order, then having to chase down a team member to confirm... read more


Warning rant ahead: I love my job. It was a conscious decision because I never wanted to be sitting at a desk waiting for birthday cake (or any other carb hit to get my cubicle monkey serotonin recharged until woot woot Friday alcohol binging time)... read more

WFM Denies cutting employees hours

"Claims that Whole Foods Market is reducing hours as a result of increased wages are false," the spokesperson said in a statement to Business Insider. "In fact, on average, our full-time store team members worked the same number of hours in January... read more

Walmart deploying 50 scanning robots

These robots can scan an entire aisle in 90 seconds. Eliminates the needs for SSS scans, never-out scans, and buyer scans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMZM5rMOIPE

FL shoplifter makes the news

https://wsvn.com/news/local/woman-caught-on-camera-shoplifting-from-whole-foods-in-davie/ Funny how some stores actually care about shoplifters.

Paid Maternity leave

How come other companies have paid leave for parents like Starbucks and Walmart and Amazon but we get unpaid leave?

OnePlum is a failure

Your scales will soon be converted if they haven't already. They combined multiple departments together so you can't find what you're looking for. If the price is wrong, the SSS can't even reload it anymore. The MSI can't either. You have to call the... read more

ASTLs external hires

Has anyone else noticed more ASTLs hired from Walmart and Target? What happened to promoting from within?

SW leadership

Is anyone in leadership happy anymore? Open for change,but it seems everyone around is just scared now a days. Dallas has gone through stl rotations which most are unhappy about but too scared to say. Houston is constantly posting leadership both... read more

hours cut to make labor?

appearantly we need to make labor even if we are under fulltime status.We are not guaranteed more than 36 like the committment said to team members .When in the world does market team cut hours to adjust for labor and them the store management sign... read more

amazon new stores?

amazon to open new stores separate from from foods. bye bye corrupt leadership in whole foods! hahaha i love to say i told you so! we will hire you only if you move fast and fill the holes without socializing!
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WTF is Mammoth? I never heard of it before today.

Another Sale Fail.

Its 3 pm and the Sale still not working. Angry customer screaming at my cashiers but by all means DO NOT TAKE DOWN TAGS.. we dont want to waste labor wow. oh but make sure the SSS completes their sale audit.

Education in s the key...

Team members.. education is the key to rising above Whole Foods. Take the time to better yourself,,, It will pay off.. Whole Foods is no longer Whole Foods... It’s beyond saving.. prepare yourselves ❤️ There is life beyond this bulldhit..

Bakery RTC Logs

Is anyone else using these logs? At first we were using them only for same-day shelf life items, basically just pastries and bread. It actually consolidated the par, rack-up, and shrink processes into one sheet, which was pretty handy. However, this... read more

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