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Regional Structure

Looks like all the RP's are scrambling for Global positions- looks like the Regional structure will finally be addressed- can you say 11-2 Regions..................................

Whole Foods W2

I need to download my W2 for 2016. I left in January 2017, but I need it now for legal purposes. Do you know where I can download that W2 now.

How is Amazon Locker working out in your store?

We don't have one yet and I'm wondering how this works. Does your store have an Amazon Locker? Is it inside or outside the store? If it's outside, do customers complain they can't get their stuff until you open the store?

WSJ - Wholefoods to close 365 stores

What was thought to be a 'life-line' for WFM has failed miserably. That's the reason why financial results of the 365 concept was concealed for a long-time. Yet another failure and this may just be the beginning of more. Seeking Alpha WSJ: Whole... read more

Pulse from Other Regions

I don’t know people in other regions but wondering what the rumors/thoughts/feelings are out there. Is change coming? Are people leaving their jobs or not applying for jobs? Don’t need to sarcastic response just looking for some good TM to TM... read more

Things will change

I would think that all regions will have the same set-up/job positions in the future. Whole Foods has always allowed each region to operate fairly independently. I don't think that will continue much longer. I believe that all regions will operate... read more
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Fallout from the hacking?

So, now that it's out that customer payment information was hacked, what do you think the fallout will be for the stores involved? Or will there even be any fallout? In case you have't heard (small chance, I know):... read more

No more demo specialists

So in NC the demo specialists were given to Jan to find a new position....and it begins! Can you say lowered wages?


Now he's calling himself- Houdini!! Ran the company into the ground and had to sell or be bought and now he's Houdini? Wow- too much!! How many thousands of Lemmings followed him like he was a DemiGod- now he's convinced he is!


Now the wunderkluts got hacked!! Will it never end!!
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Is there an echo in here?

I hear things, but I can't trust them. I feel things, but I've got scars. Do I unpack my baggage? Am I here to stay? Should I take a knee, or does my aging preclude me? What?!? Is there an Echo in here, or is that a banana in my ear?!? What would JM... read more

FY 18

Anyone heard about any changes for FY 18?

STLS and a few coordinators resigning

Something is up , for all those still drinking the look aid a big reality check is coming . Start looking now . It business sense low price means controllables like labor will Be adjusted for that . It amazing how so many people still is in doubt ... read more

Buyers Layoffs

I'm a buyer and even I'll admit the end is coming. Best to look elsewhere. Whole foods gave a lot of us really bad buying skills but if you were willing and able should have learned some good things along the way. Use those skills, polish your resume... read more

What's next?

They'll centralize buying to take cost out. Prob restructure stores similar to distribution centers. Handful of managers and tons of human and robotic drones pushing product. Amazon sells just fine. Their education is the consumer doing research. If... read more


Does anyone else have problem logging into myapps today? How about access to Kronos? This is so frustrating and happens way too often.

Copied - OP gets it

Lol you don't make an acquisition of that size without spending millions on research and due diligence. Far greater minds than yours were involved in assessing the risks and benefits to this deal. They probably have a greater awareness of the state... read more

Amazon selling synthetic Urine!

Just watched on CBS 12 Investigates @4pm EST, that AMZN is selling synthetic urine to cheat drug tests. According, to the report this is growing in popularity. AMZN has since downplayed this. Very, very interesting as speculation mounts of new WFM... read more

Things haven't changed in over a decade

I've been a team member for 12 years and the same crap is till happening. We just got a new store team leader who is turning our store into her old store which happens to be 5 miles away. So much for the unique experience. There is a feeling among... read more
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Old-Timers Light at the end of the tunnel?

I've been with Whole Foods for 16 years. Recently I've been hearing rumors that Amazon might offer severance packages/Layoffs to the older, over 45 group of team members with lots of service hours. This seems to make business sense at least, older... read more

Changes are definitely coming

Everythingis so quite at my store... Changes are definitely coming..it's just a matter of when. All team members should prepare for a change..whether it be good or bad. Ir's just reality. I don't see any good coming from this merger for the old... read more

Unprofessional ATL

We have a specialty atl in our store who talks down to people. We have repeatedly gone to our STL and he has not done anything about it. What can be done going forward? I would hate to go to my STL, TL or PBS in fear of retaliation-This is a problem... read more

Whole foods works?

Who is the store team leader in NYC union square store? Been reading that many leaderships jump ship. what the truth?

Tl jobs are safe

Tl job is safe , buyers and sups will be eliminated . Coordinators eliminated and combo teams ! Just sipping my coffee !

We've already DONE lower prices

It's such an obvious gimmick. Because nothing has been repaired regarding cost structure, logistics, supply chain, technology, cross-regional compatibility or any other operational feature of a SANE business, the lowering of prices on certain items... read more

Amazon 365 Pricing

so i went on Amazon to look at 365 pricing- 32oz. Citrus Grapefruit shampoo- 17.99 I remember 2 years ago it was under 10 bucks- OG Linguine 2 pk- that's 2 lbs 18.95!! Holy Crap is Amazon the new Whole Paycheck- are they trying to ruin the brand-... read more

Storm coming

There's a storm coming. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.

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