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The CEO plans to cut prices

I can generally say that my opinion of this article is that it has a fair amount of praises for the company leadership, but regardless of that if the part about another wave of price cuts is true, I have to say that that is something that is... read more


I'm thankful I quit this awful job and have a holiday off for a change.

amazon leadership or wholefoods leadership?

should whole foods global and regional leadership be replaced by amazon leadership? if so why? the consensus in our region is yes due to many errors made daily and no accountability from regional leadership and global due to the way the company is... read more

The competitors lowered their prices when Amazon took over

The article in the link was an insightful analysis of the impact of Amazon's purchase of Whole foods on the grocery market, so I recommend it as a good read. One thing in the article caught my eye in particular. It seems that the competition reacted... read more
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Toy displays incoming?

According to this interview at 1m45s, the biggest predicted winner of the holiday season is amazon.com AND Whole Foods due to toy displays that will "fill the gap" from closed Toys R' Us stores. https://youtu.be/1SYYvrdkFg0?t=105


I know Regional makes such a big deal when they come in your store and pick you apart during your pre-certification walks but couldn't you walk in any store that is OTS certified and pick them apart the same way and fail them? what's it really matter... read more

Over a year later and no new technology

I'm still using ChefTec, IRMA, DVO, Prodigy, SLAW..etc. Our registers are still dumb. Our computers are old. All of our process for running reports take multiple steps. What gives? Will Amazon ever intervene?

Whole Foods has become a joke

We’ve lost 3 team members and one supervisor in less than three weeks. Today we were so short staffed that there was no one to man the customer service booth and a customer actually yelled, “ I need help!!” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but... read more

prices up in norcal due to what?

why soo many price increases this friday in norcal?? you woul think wednesday is the biggest ad change? friday we shoulbe be focused on getting ready for the weekend and leaving all sets full why price increases over 100 items? we need to get rid of... read more



OTS is a complete waste of time and money

We have nobody to work the truck at all because of the restrictive labor budget, but WFM has no problem spending a fortune to fly these people around for needless positions that shouldn't even exist, as they arent nesessary in any way. All they do is... read more

Micro managing

This company has become very micromanaged with a lot of the regional people trying programs that just don't work but rolling them out anyway.OTS is a prime example it creates more headache for people at the store level and less time to actually fill... read more


Dag..folks here can't be happy. First-going to lose my job. Then- I'm so unhappy that minimum wage is $15 hourly, what about existing TMs wages? Followed by the news other positions will get bumps too-I only get a $1.00, my TL gets $2.00 so unfair... read more

I think a lot of us are disappointed

I think a lot of us are disappointed that capped out team leaders are getting a raise. I heard the rumors that their pay would get cut but now the opposite is true. We all wanted to see them get whats coming to them but it seems that it wont be... read more

Buyers/supervisors/seasoned tms get screwed

Everyone super excited that your tl gets two dollars meanwhile as a buyer or supervisor you get screwed? I've been here almost 6 years and been promoted 5 times, now just make 15 and will be at 16. Joy, all my hard work gets me a dollar more than... read more


I would have thought Amazon would have had a better plan in place after acquiring WFM. With all the resources and technology they have access to. Why have they not cleaned house of the clowns that ran us and continue to run us into the ground is... read more

NE fun day?

Meant to write this a couple weeks ago but I called the regional office only to find they were away on a “fun day”. Isn’t that another name for team build? The superpowers in this region banned team builds at the store level years ago, but the office... read more

customers asking about unionizing

Hey...I have had several customers tell me that we need to unionize. One person in question is very aggressive about it. Has anyone else experienced this? I won't be with this company much longer...but there's already so much stress.. Why add to it?... read more

$1 raise for those making for than $15/hr??

An article just came out stating that TMs over $15/hr will receive $/1 an hour raise. Anyone know if there’s any truth to this? If they don’t compensate those of us who have been here for years, there will definitely be an uproar.

TM Discount and Prime Membership

Why can't we get both discounts? As a team member I'm entitled to my discount and as an Amazon Prime CUSTOMER, I'm entitled to those benefits. It's absolute b---s---. p-ss-d, Longtime regional TM

$15 amazon minimum for US employees

https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/02/amazon-raises-minimum-wage-to-15-for-all-us-employees.html Anyone care to speculate if this applies to us? What about people who make this amount and have been around for years?

Bad News, Buyers

Got some inside word that buyers are definitely the next to go, along with another round of regional people. Get out now before you’re scrambling for a new job.


Stls are dropping like flys??? Why is everyone leaving maybe it’s the s--- a-- bonus structure for store leadership. Maybe the expectations are unrealistic ?either way like many of us we left because wfm is the worst place to work to be in store... read more

Anti Union defense begins

You fools really think Amazon will let you start a Union? All they need is time that’s why the anti union videos have come out. Half the employees will be replaced by service robots and self check outs. It’s close to the end... read more

SLAW 2.0

What a successful launch in NA! Everyone was prepared and nothing went wrong. Go NA!

MW trash dump.

I work at a very popular store in the midwest. We have bern without a working dumpster for over a week now. Team members are literally stacking trash wherever it will fit in the backroom. Piles of rotting meat, produce, old prep foods, etc. Yet... read more

Amazon Go

Curious what this will look like down the road for us. It went from a cute little concept in Seattle, and now there's one in Chicago. There are job postings on Indeed for Amazon Go in NYC, so I guess that's next.

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