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Hazard pay

Why was our hazard pay taken away??? We are still wearing masks and having our temperatures taken. This isn't right. Something must be done!

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Zombie Capitalism

Chance discussion with another order writer today caused us both to wonder if other order writers are receiving the same low level harassment we are? Both of us are good at our jobs and never call out, so it isn't a case of TLs needing to get rid of... —  read more 

Cleaning house?

One of our astl’s was asked to step out while store leadership cleaned house so she wouldn’t be involved. Guess what? You involved too many people so for them to shut up 100% ? Not realistic. Never bring a friend of a friend. Stl will over look... —  read more 

One thing this virus has revealed

I thought I knew my coworkers pretty well, but this virus has revealed something. The TMs that refuse to wear a mask until we are open, or wear it all day half-assed under their noses and chins do not care about others. They complain that the masks... —  read more 

Covid-19 and employees must come back

My store in the MW region has two confirmed cases and ten people in quarantine. The unlimited call-puts and $2 an hour raise ends May 17. All employees must return just as the virus starts to take hold at my store. We found out through the automated... —  read more 

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Working us to the bone!

What is the directive from regional or global? We got direction from regional to move the bulk of team members to the am and have a skeleton crew at night. Seems Store leaders are unaware or they play dumb. Since this whole covid-19 started there... —  read more 


Whole foods really tries hard to discredit any team member that calls them out during covid-19. Build your case with pictures,emails,statements,recorded messages and even text messages but it will be over looked but for how long and in what... —  read more 

Amazon vp quits

https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/05/04/tech/amazon-vp-tim-bray-quits/index.html. Smart man. Whole foods will soon follow to avoid personal lawsuits. Too much of a single diversity and preffrencrbis too many problems at work.

Call off the witch hunt!

Call off the witch hunt or else all atl’s,sl’s,tl’s,astl’s,stl’s,ec’s,vp’s and presidents exposed and how they failed to protect us by name ,store ,regional or global under this pandemic along with other criminal issues by cover up at stores and... —  read more 

Whole foods look out!

Atl’s are not part of the bargaining chips ! They are spreading union support at store levels. How to find out look at their call out ratio!

Unionization heatmap

I've always been told not to call the 'tipline'. I was told ten years ago WFM had a team that would go to stores about to organize and give them free hot bar and scooters at store meetings (temporary perks). That was a weird time. I would love it... —  read more 

Time and Attendance Policy

Has anyone heard if the time and attendance policy has been extended through May or does it still expire at the end of this month (April)

Was the $2 raise worth it?

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bostonherald.com/2020/04/17/swampscott-whole-foods-worker-dies-from-coronavirus/amp/ If this isn’t real to you what is? All you get is free counseling to get over the dearly departed and a get back to work order... —  read more 

Don’t disparage the amazon

You will be fired! https://www.seattletimes.com/business/amazon-fires-2-tech-workers-who-criticized-warehouse-working-conditions-amid-coronavirus/.

Things that make ya go hmmmm...

SoMa Store to Begin Online-Only Period, Focusing Exclusively on Delivery Orders April 10, 2020 As we face challenges associated with COVID-19, we are introducing a new process that will allow us to serve even more customers in our communities... —  read more 

$2/hr Additional Pay Does not Apply to PTO

Just looked at my paystub for this Friday's payday, the $2/hr premium is only applied to hours worked, not my applied PTO from a couple of days when I called out with body aches and a scratchy throat to PROTECT MY FELLOW TMs and customers. Luckily it... —  read more 

Conscious Capitalism

the true mettle of an individual or a company is tested in times of crisis, not when things are going well. In November 2008, the Tata Group’s iconic Taj Mahal Palace & Tower Hotel in Mumbai was the epicenter of a horrendous terrorist... —  read more 


We have several people in our store who have been told to quarantine based on their doctors diagnosis. They have not been tested due to the severity of their symptoms ( not needing hospitalization) and short supply on test kits and components. ... —  read more 

Regions realigning post-pandemic

Any updates on when the next phase of regional realignment is postponed until? Originally it was supposed to take place April 1, thinning the regions out to just 3 north, east and west. I’ve been a buyer for years at multiple stores and look forward... —  read more 

Global strike tomorrow


We had a false positive

Tm initially tested positive. Lots of tm's told they had to take the 14 days of PTO and self quarantine. Shortly after, they all get told the test was a false positive, see you for your next scheduled shift. Still out of sanitizer wipes and gel.


Why are they not getting/letting us wear masks. Lord knows the customers are not following the 6 foot rule. The cashiers have that plexiglass now. Please let us wear masks!


Honestly an extra 10 percent off for not even 2 weeks does nothing for me. I am tired. My team members are tired. We’re trying to stay safe but this is going to hit in store sooner or later. Let 1.5x base pay be what we get now. Keep your double pay... —  read more 


Just received word that Grocery/WB teams in the SO region have to count inventory on the 31st to reset the in-stock tool in preparation for April launch. In the middle of a pandemic. Unfucking believable.

Change.org petition for worker justice

"Sign this petition to show your solidarity and support for Whole Foods' employees and to send a clear message to Jeff Bezos and Amazon executives that their employees deserve paid medical leave and that no one should have to use PTO to get healthy... —  read more 

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Regional helping out in stores

Any regional team members coming to your store to help out during the crisis like they do for show during Thanksgiving? It would make sense construction would be halted during the pandemic, so there’s 1 available team! All hands on deck, right?


I know He is sending emails out to please social media after is pto sharing mistake,he now is saying we get double time for OT but now my store is saying no OT ,so what does it matter? Just give us 5-7 paid sick days and shut up!

Sandwiches and Tacos during a pandemic?

Can someone with any authority, whether it be regional or global, please explain why Whole Foods is still selling made to order sandwiches, tacos, pizza, etc? Other than dollars? I understand having to be open for essentials, but this just seems... —  read more 

Kronos time keeping & scheduling

Everything written in these forums about Kronos being a giant pile of tuck is completely accurate and not even close to being an exaggeration. Please for the good of Whole Foods someone who has any sort of authority trolling these forums, please... —  read more 

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