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NA Gossip

Anyone have any gossip about the NA? Heard some bad stuff going on there. Was looking to move back to the area but not sure now.


Warning rant ahead: I love my job. It was a conscious decision because I never wanted to be sitting at a desk waiting for birthday cake (or any other carb hit to get my cubicle monkey serotonin recharged until woot woot Friday alcohol binging time)... read more

WFM Denies cutting employees hours

"Claims that Whole Foods Market is reducing hours as a result of increased wages are false," the spokesperson said in a statement to Business Insider. "In fact, on average, our full-time store team members worked the same number of hours in January... read more

Walmart deploying 50 scanning robots

These robots can scan an entire aisle in 90 seconds. Eliminates the needs for SSS scans, never-out scans, and buyer scans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMZM5rMOIPE

FL shoplifter makes the news

https://wsvn.com/news/local/woman-caught-on-camera-shoplifting-from-whole-foods-in-davie/ Funny how some stores actually care about shoplifters.

Paid Maternity leave

How come other companies have paid leave for parents like Starbucks and Walmart and Amazon but we get unpaid leave?

OnePlum is a failure

Your scales will soon be converted if they haven't already. They combined multiple departments together so you can't find what you're looking for. If the price is wrong, the SSS can't even reload it anymore. The MSI can't either. You have to call the... read more

ASTLs external hires

Has anyone else noticed more ASTLs hired from Walmart and Target? What happened to promoting from within?

SW leadership

Is anyone in leadership happy anymore? Open for change,but it seems everyone around is just scared now a days. Dallas has gone through stl rotations which most are unhappy about but too scared to say. Houston is constantly posting leadership both... read more

hours cut to make labor?

appearantly we need to make labor even if we are under fulltime status.We are not guaranteed more than 36 like the committment said to team members .When in the world does market team cut hours to adjust for labor and them the store management sign... read more

amazon new stores?

amazon to open new stores separate from from foods. bye bye corrupt leadership in whole foods! hahaha i love to say i told you so! we will hire you only if you move fast and fill the holes without socializing!
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WTF is Mammoth? I never heard of it before today.

Another Sale Fail.

Its 3 pm and the Sale still not working. Angry customer screaming at my cashiers but by all means DO NOT TAKE DOWN TAGS.. we dont want to waste labor wow. oh but make sure the SSS completes their sale audit.

Education in s the key...

Team members.. education is the key to rising above Whole Foods. Take the time to better yourself,,, It will pay off.. Whole Foods is no longer Whole Foods... It’s beyond saving.. prepare yourselves ❤️ There is life beyond this bulldhit..

Bakery RTC Logs

Is anyone else using these logs? At first we were using them only for same-day shelf life items, basically just pastries and bread. It actually consolidated the par, rack-up, and shrink processes into one sheet, which was pretty handy. However, this... read more

Revlar waste!

1 up revlar Sale Vertical and Horizontal going away, 1 up white revlar going away, Orange revlar and card stock going away. At 50 cents a sheet and 24 cents to print seems to be getting expensive. Now we told to laminate again if needed. Lol Also... read more
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Marketing doing an awful job

Can we get through a single sales cycle without mistakes being made with signage. Every cycle emails come down because pricing or the the signs sent to the store are not worded correctly.

whole foods protecting unsavory individuals ?

why is whole foods protecting their high powered individuals from accountability? hold them accountable! expose them ! why do we have all these trainings that are required but people in leadership positions excempt when they mess up?

OTS Scan

How can a Billion dollar company like whole foods roll out a program that is based on the honor system ? These scan are nothing but lies and nobody questions it.The compare all stores together in a region by email,stores cheat to get a desired number... read more

How’s your bakery team doing?

Hey just wondering how’s bakery doing in other regions, my AC just put his two week notice. He said global is taking over and making All the decisions then blaming the regions when it doesn’t work, bakery n prepared foods just had a summit in Texas... read more

astl’s sabotaging teams on purpose!

how can ge go about reporting or exposing astl’s sabotaging teams here in norcal team members are calling every day since they don’t want to be here with the astl’s they hurt team morale with their expectations when seafood never has help,no one in... read more

Thank you Florida Region

We applaud you and thank you for taking Paula out of the NE region. She’s is a f...ng nightmare, backstabbing b..h I’m sure her gum buddy Cristina Minardi help her get the position but I don’t care anymore, I’m glad she’s gone. Her goodbye email to... read more

I love my job.

Whole Foods is the greatest place ever to work. You should all be ashamed of posting anything negative on here.

Calling out during first 90 days???

Is it normal procedure to get a verbal warning if you call out within your first 90 days of employment even if you use your pto?? Does anyone know the answer to this? I’ve never heard of this before.

Meatless Monday discount gone

It's gone and I never even heard of it before today. https://www.businessinsider.com/whole-foods-kills-meatless-mondays-discount-2019-1

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