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We had a false positive

Tm initially tested positive. Lots of tm's told they had to take the 14 days of PTO and self quarantine. Shortly after, they all get told the test was a false positive, see you for your next scheduled shift. Still out of sanitizer wipes and gel.

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Why are they not getting/letting us wear masks. Lord knows the customers are not following the 6 foot rule. The cashiers have that plexiglass now. Please let us wear masks!


Honestly an extra 10 percent off for not even 2 weeks does nothing for me. I am tired. My team members are tired. We’re trying to stay safe but this is going to hit in store sooner or later. Let 1.5x base pay be what we get now. Keep your double pay... —  read more 


Just received word that Grocery/WB teams in the SO region have to count inventory on the 31st to reset the in-stock tool in preparation for April launch. In the middle of a pandemic. Unfucking believable.

Change.org petition for worker justice

"Sign this petition to show your solidarity and support for Whole Foods' employees and to send a clear message to Jeff Bezos and Amazon executives that their employees deserve paid medical leave and that no one should have to use PTO to get healthy... —  read more 

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Regional helping out in stores

Any regional team members coming to your store to help out during the crisis like they do for show during Thanksgiving? It would make sense construction would be halted during the pandemic, so there’s 1 available team! All hands on deck, right?


I know He is sending emails out to please social media after is pto sharing mistake,he now is saying we get double time for OT but now my store is saying no OT ,so what does it matter? Just give us 5-7 paid sick days and shut up!

Sandwiches and Tacos during a pandemic?

Can someone with any authority, whether it be regional or global, please explain why Whole Foods is still selling made to order sandwiches, tacos, pizza, etc? Other than dollars? I understand having to be open for essentials, but this just seems... —  read more 

Kronos time keeping & scheduling

Everything written in these forums about Kronos being a giant pile of tuck is completely accurate and not even close to being an exaggeration. Please for the good of Whole Foods someone who has any sort of authority trolling these forums, please... —  read more 

Is Coronavirus Covered by Workers Comp

If we have a person working here with C19, they get infected, and we get sick. Can we get workers comp? Some cases have permanent lung damage, would Workers Comp cover that?


30/hr all TM's throughout crisis. TM's with comorbidity factors sent home with pay. Testing for all employees (Amazon, too. Bezos van f—ing afford it). Masks for TM's interacting with the public. Plenty of available labor for a proper wage for the... —  read more 

Temp Pay Increase and JD

Is it okay for my TL to delay my JD because of this temporary pay increase? My TL says she won't consider mine or my teammate's until the end of April, even though they were submitted last week.

Shut it down

We SHOULD shut down the hot/salad bar during this crisis. Prepacked foods only from prepared foods and bakery. I can't believe our company is moving so slow to make this decision.


We already have had people bring back hundreds of dollars of food, because "they bought too much." I'm not sure what the company can do, but they better address this issue before it gets out of hand.

PTO donation article


Demos and samples on HOLD

Three days ago we put a hold on all non active demos and samples. We had to pull all opened testers from whole body and destroy them. We had to make sure all the applicator tips for mascara were cut off so that people would have to use the... —  read more 

All-Star Jokes

Can we talk about how ridiculous and sad the criteria for all-star leadership is? JDs done on time, low shrink, whatever other bull sh– its based off of. So you can have empty walls so your shrink is low, huge negative comps and chill in the office... —  read more 

Whole Foods is a joke

I worked there for several years. Amazon has k–led the store and it shows. There are so many other opportunities out there. I hear about severance pay. Benefits... An old coworker is working at target getting treated better than she was at... —  read more 

Almost all prime signage removed

Our STL took down all of our prime signs yesterday throughout the entire store. I thought Prime was the big thing we are trying to push. WTF is going on?

Corona Virus

With it being such widespread, what is Amazon/wfm doing to protect their employees? Florida region is a tourist mecca. Do they even care?

I was fired for requesting a mediation.

I was an employee for eight years in the South in the bakery department and I loved my job. Went through five TLs throughout the entire process. Just to try and make this short, the final one I was under wrote me up three times in a period of four... —  read more 

parm crack

Whose brain child was this? Why do we make a big deal about cutting a block of cheese every year? I just don't get it. Customers want faster checkout lines so they can gtfo the store and get on with their day. They don't care that some supermarket... —  read more 

Amazon stock

Why aren’t we getting stock every year ? Do amazon employees get stock ? It is one of the most valuable companies after all.

A rhetorical question

You drop a 12 OZ T- bone steak on the floor. Your employee witnessed it, what do you do? Explain your reasoning.

The new Richmond, VA store is huge

Business Insider has a ton of pics of the new store. This store is gigantic. https://www.businessinsider.com/inside-amazon-whole-foods-newest-store-photos-2020-2#-candles–24

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