Topics regarding layoffs at Whole Foods Market Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Whole Foods Market Inc.

STL/ASTL Bonus Program

Saw a few things on here about STL/ASTL bonus program being eliminated? Any truth to that? I know back in 07 recession hourly increase for store leadership where suspended. Bonuses where unaffected at that time. Bonus program would be a huge blow to... —  read more 

They crossed the line

I have endured their insolent behavior so far, but I do not want them yelling at me. It's already crossed the line. Of all the companies I have been in so far, I have never experienced a superior yelling at me. That is not normal. I immediately gave... —  read more 

Out of product

Can WFM do anything to not constantly have the problem that we've run out of product? It is a daily topic of conversation in our store. In the beginning I thought that it can only happen a few times, but no, it's happening all the time.

A/STLs and unions

Hello union guy. Are you still here? Is it true that 51% of a team can become unionized? So if 2 astls vote yes on union would the whole store become a union? Asking for a friend. A lot of astls are really really really tired of working 45+... —  read more 

Activity Based Scheduling

Who else has had it with this absolutely ridiculous new venture? Just another class act program by WFM to potentially save a buck. Such a shining achievement of a program that works so well and makes so much sense at a store level. not to mention... —  read more 

Culture Compass Results

It looks like the Culture Compss results are starting to roll back to a store level. Any guesses as to what tone-deaf responses are in store for us this year? I am sure 95% of the TM responses were directed only at global- demanding higher wages... —  read more 

Stockholm syndrome?

At WFM, I had a lot of colleagues who were completely dissatisfied, but still didn’t do anything to leave. I understood to some extent because people think that nowhere is the grass much greener. And, in fact, it is. I haven’t made a drastic change... —  read more 

EL visitS in MA

There iS 1 EL that comeS to stores & all he doeS is points wat things are wrong with the store. My poor astl who works his bu-t off got reprimended for not being on top of few things like proper signage. The other astl who doesn’t do anything but... —  read more 

The sooner the better!

Today I set a personal record for the number of applications sent out because the sooner I leave, the better. I hope you are sending A LOT of applications too? Rumors of layoffs and position consolidation indicate that nothing good can be expected... —  read more 

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Labor surplus in your store?

More like Amazon recouping that $2 an hour COVID raise they apparently only loaned us last year. Whether it be through understaffing or hour restrictions, this is clearly a manufactured attempt to make that money back. Absolutely criminal.

Problems just pile up

The problems most of us face are just piling up. At least that's my impression. More and more is expected of employees, who are under increasing pressure and stress. And what is being resolved??? As far as I can tell nothing is improving? That is why... —  read more 

Another clipboard

I think we need another clipboard. This one will track the mental health issues brought about by Store Process, poor staffing, and bad leadership. Make sure to sign off when you've had your daily anxiety attack. Otherwise, you'll get a write up.

Burned and turned

ADVICE: Never allow yourself to get into a situation to experience a burnout here and endanger your health. You will not achieve anything except that you will eventually leave, and this company will replace you with another employee because we are... —  read more 

Don't take the bait

Do your 40 hours and don't do OT even though they are offering double time. If nobody gets on board it will put pressure on them to make real changes. They still don't appreciate you they are just nervous going into the holidays.

Holiday season

WFM\Amazon you owe them nothing and they don't appreciate you whatsoever. Staffing is so thin and they are doing nothing to bring people back to work. They can afford to pay us all more and make the company a more pleasant place to work.

Skip the CCAS

WFM already knows where the problems are they just choose to ignore them. Your feedback means nothing its just a ruse to pretend like they care about issues. Your silence would cause more concern than anything you could ever write on this sham... —  read more 

Only bare minimum?

We are not understaffed, we are more than understaffed. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I worked only the bare minimum because it no longer makes sense to make an effort in this company that is not even trying to get back on track. Admittedly... —  read more 

my time at WF

So i made the mistake of working here until recently and i just want to point out a few things about this company that i think are an absolute joke, let me know what you guys think: 1- If anyone told me this company ever made money i wouldn't... —  read more 

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