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Amazon Go

Curious what this will look like down the road for us. It went from a cute little concept in Seattle, and now there's one in Chicago. There are job postings on Indeed for Amazon Go in NYC, so I guess that's next.
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Shrinking stuff out then selling it

Backwards a-- company, even the behind the scenes actions are dropping the ball on quality standards. Make sure to give me the whole ego-puff of this is business and " this is a way to track " or whatever, when really you schmucks know it's to lower... read more

Prices not budging

Looks like even the almighty Amazon was not able to truly influence our prices and affordability. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing for us. I guess we'll know soon enough... read more

WFM let the competitors catch up

This is just one of the articles that I've seen lately that talks about our competition growing more and more, and I can’t say that I’m surprised. It’s no secret that we fell asleep since Amazon took over. We adopted their practices and strayed from... read more

New id--ts working

The new id--ts working at Whole Foods are terrible. Now the hiring process just doesn’t give a damn. New age Front end supervisors are like a disaster. Recent experience -Front end supervised steps up to help bag- Sup: you need a bag today? Me: yes... read more

Insurance s---s

Nice that WFM is bringing back stock options for those eligible, but the insurance is really terrible. Last year, 100% of in-network was paid by the plan after deductible was met. This year, only 75% is paid after the deductible is met. No increase... read more

Employee Stock Option back??

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yahoo.com/amphtml/finance/news/whole-foods-bring-back-employee-stock-option-program-calls-unionize-182009491.html Who is going to get these and how many? Can you wait 4 years to rip the benefits??????

Hurricane Florence

For all tms in her path, please be safe. And whatever your local, state officials tell you to do, do it.


Will ots ever go away,some of the things are nice to use for accountability and systems but regional has gone to far with micro managing everyone and making these scorce cards unrealistic.I always thought retail was about sales and driving those... read more

Attention all SSS’s

Slack is an app owned by Amazon. STL’s have been going around to all the teams telling them to not use slack and uninstall it from the computer BUT they are not telling SSS’s this! They want the SSS group to use the app so they can track what you are... read more

Should be good times at wfm

The economy has been booming on the stock market these last 8 years...people are getting rich...fine dining restaurants are full thurs thru sat...regular workers still struggle but min wage has shot up An economic crisis is on the horizon My point is... read more

Unions, WFM and everything inbetween

We no longer get any (meaningful) gainsharing, stock options disappeared and were never discussed (but ASTLs and above still get Amazon stock), responsibilities have increased dramatically with the elimination of some people and concentration of... read more

You can unionize individual teams

Former TL here who was forced to take anti union training there. Their biggest fear is that individual teams are viewed as separate entities and can unionize independently from the entire store. A whole body team of 5 people could unionize if 3... read more

The whole worker?

Who else got this whole worker email from a gmail account? Did your store leadership call an emergency meeting? What the f---. I don’t know what’s Going on in California but they’re turning everyone inside out. Anyone have any info on this SLACK app?



Customers leaving

How many customers have told you they are leaving and not returning since Amazon takeover? How many have said they now chose Trader Joe's or Fresh & Easy or something third? People used to come here becasue WFM used to stand for something. Nowadays... read more

Amazon GoGo a GoGo


Overpaid no production employees

Come one come all, please tell me about fellow employees who contribute nothing yet get paid highly. Let's do this. $25/hr to work behind the customer service desk? $19 an hour and gets p-ss-d bc they are asked to fill the drink box? Whatcha got?

National Hiring Day?????

Why? Lets hire 4000 TM on the spot WTF??? So maybe 3 stick around for awhile, most don't even show up and the rest are on their phone!! What a joke!!


How's 365 going? Haven't heard much from that spin-off in the media, I'm assuming it's already a dead concept? Lake Oswego and Bellevue can't possibly be making any money...

Prime only deals

Whose bright idea was it to make the last 25% off supplement sale Prime only? Any Whole Body team member could have told you that was going to be a complete failure and it was. Instead of learning from that, let's just make the upcoming body care... read more


Hey marketing team. Why can't you just say all deli meats & cheeses on sale, pre-packaged or sliced to order. I saw an add "All charcuterie on sale" which means nothing to the average consumer that you are supposedly trying to appeal to. Who even... read more

Amazon changes?

Where are all these Amazon changes that everyone said were going to happen in August?!?

Installing cameras???

They are installing 50 cameras in our store. What’s the deal anyone know why so many. Getting ready for amazon go?

It's real bad at the top

TL in grocery here. I just get glimpses of the people pulling the strings at the top and meet regional people briefly. The handful of meetings and conference calls about OTS I've been on are mind boggling. Everyone at regional says things like "OTS... read more

Curbside pickup?

Two whole stores (maybe a couple more now)...wow Seriously. I have yet to see home delivery service in our region or anything else for that matter. but yes just keep announcing big things then just move on to something else. I see a big fail. Not... read more

Weights and Measures

Whole Foods still knowingly ripping off customers? My regional leadership knew all about it but didn’t care until it hit the fan. You have a similar situation? Call your local weights and measures bureau and let them investigate. Stop allowing wfm to... read more

These articles are pathetic

Check out this article trying to bring back the idea that Whole Foods is passionate about Whole Foods. Do you know what Whole Foods is passionate about? OTS! Check out that photo in the article! FAIL. Modern OTS Produce TL: -The carrots and... read more

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