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Another bad period

So financials were in the crapper again last period. When is Amazon going to wake up and start purging the regional leadership that’s causing bad morale which is responsible for the general lack of caring? There need to be changes in August. Start... read more

SP Leadership News

Another regional person gone this week in SP. Sadly it's not the top leadership, namely either the RP, RVPs or any of the 12 ECs... When is Amazon going to check under the hood of 'regional leadership" and pull the plug?? Also, sounds like a cap on... read more

Regional must go

I have been with WFM for over 12 yrs and I saw it's demise when Walter Robb was CEO and Mackey became silent. Unfortunately no one stepped in to stop what he was doing and here we are. So many missed opportunities to get ahead of the competition. Now... read more

All raises under a dollar from now on?

What's going on with raises? Is it true that nobody will be getting a full dollar anymore? I've heard of people getting 40-60 cents in this new system. This was asked in another thread, but nobody answered, so I'm hoping more people will see it like... read more

Store Scanners, Signmakers and Recievers

Store scanners - replaced by electronic tags. Sign makers- replaced by pdf sent from global, and a printer. Recievers- teams will be recieving there own product moving foward. Coming sooner than later

Purchasing "evolution"

the purchasing evolution moves purchasing from the region to global. Regional purchading team gets reduced into a merchandising team. Theres A few regions that is piloting this Already and Im affaid here at store level there will be a bigger... read more

Amazon price match?

It's becoming a daily occurrence in Whole Body...customers saying they can get said item for much cheaper on Amazon and because we are Amazon, why don't we match? What is our response supposed to be? I understand not being able to match exactly but... read more

Accept that this is Amazon now

Once again people, you aren't Whole Foods. You are Amazon! Bezo bought WFM because he wanted organics and WFM is known for its organic foods and already set up with suppliers, but Bezo wants all the crappy food that people go to other stores to buy... read more

Atlanta Fresh Contract Cancelled

Does anyone have any insight to why WFM pulled the rug out from Atlanta Fresh last fall, eventually driving them out of business? The 7 year contract had only been in effect for 14 months. I saw a press quote where WFM said something about sales not... read more

Is whole planet success being noticed?

Our store has really focused on getting our whole planet numbers up and we are haveing an amazing year for us. We are near some top stores for the first time and I am amazed at the lack of recognition we have got? Is this normal where we work hard... read more


I wonder what Bezos had to say at the WFM annual tribe meeting in Arizona. People look up to him like he’s a god.

I quit and couldn’t be happier.

I was told that whole foods is the place “chefs” go to retire. After 4 months in Prep Foods I slowly realized, it’s where chefs who couldn’t hack it in the industry go to pretend to be big shots, and brag about how they were total bad ases in the... read more

Anything on layoffs?

Things have been awfully quiet around here in regards of layoffs, I'm starting to worry this is a major case of calm before the storm. Do we know if there is anything brewing in near future or am I just being paranoid for no good reason (wouldn't be... read more


does anyone know when the next ASTL rotation will take place in the south southwest region?

TMAW 2018?

I have not heard a peep about Team Member Appreciation Week for 2018. Have you?

Come to target !

Everyone going to target, wfm is not what it used to . Looking for a real company hop on the band wagon with target


What do these lazy sacks do all day? Why does no one in store leadership help anyone with anything? Why does this position exist?

Combo teams

Where are the second round of raises we were promised over a year ago for being forced into taking on combo teams? Just another broken promise?


Why are post and comments being deleted?

OTS is total horse crap

What a bunch of crap, checklists, walks , scorecards , blah blah blah. We need OTS for senior management, and time those breaks. And where's our bonuses ?

Store scanners

Out of curiosity what in the hell do the store scanners do (the ones that do all the pricing) It seems like ours just sits around all day.

Inventory Breaks?

How many people take a full 30, minute break during inventory? I highly doubt most TM's take a full 30 during inventory.

NA Hiring 8 New Regional Positions

It's great to be in NA. Things are going so well 8 new positions were recently announced for the regional office. Really excited what the new ChefTec team member will bring to the table. Go NA!

So much for the Amazon scapegoat

Everyone believing the media hype that Amazon is causing retail's demise when Amazon only accounts for around 4% of total retail, and now they're even laying people off... read more
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