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I love my job.

Whole Foods is the greatest place ever to work. You should all be ashamed of posting anything negative on here.

Calling out during first 90 days???

Is it normal procedure to get a verbal warning if you call out within your first 90 days of employment even if you use your pto?? Does anyone know the answer to this? I’ve never heard of this before.

Meatless Monday discount gone

It's gone and I never even heard of it before today. https://www.businessinsider.com/whole-foods-kills-meatless-mondays-discount-2019-1

what’s going on?

here at nc it looks like we’re going out of buisness! what the heck is the regional leadership thinking? they are way out of touch from what customers want and not to mention team member morale is at it’s lowest we can go to sprouts and find those... read more

out of stock reports faked by stores

i was brought up while visiting a sister store that there are teams in the region getting zero get that zero out of stocks when the items were out of stock for days. we reviewed the reports for the stores getting 100 % in stock conditions and the... read more

New wages n bye bye 365

365 model is gone, all 365tm’s at global received an email that they need to find new jobs, lucky ones will be merged into WF. remaining 365 stores will integrate into WF model, (John M’s email) confirms it too. New wages depending on tm category and... read more

Any news for xSIs?

People are quitting and no new xSIs have been hired to backfill open positions. Most stores have no SSI since the position was split into MSI/SSS a few years ago. Only remote stores have an SSI now. The stores that rely on the metro MSIs are seeing... read more


Out of curiosity, who do you talk to regarding your availability if it suddenly changes due to life circumstances? With so many internal changes over so many years, it’s hard to keep up.

Regional offices disbanding

Starting mid April, regional offices will begin shutting down operations and consolidating into area offices. Includes product teams, data teams, tech teams. Few positions will survive consolidation. Don't be surprised and prepare.

Little success for Amazon on the grocery market

No one can deny the numbers, and the numbers show a decline of Prime customers from 2017 to 2018 and a decline of money spent on groceries at Whole Foods. For me that's not realy a surprise. Amazon not only showed lack of any concept but managed to... read more

No Christmas Coupons!

Has anyone else been told by their store leadership that there will be no Christmas coupons this year for team members like lunch coupons, because the budget does not allow.

SSS audits

How many SSSs are asked to lie on their audits from store leadership because the teams cannot seem to get their sale tags up by 8am? STLs & ATLs... Why dont you ask the TLs to make sure they hang their tags instead of asking the SSSs to lie? To all... read more

Regional Purchasing is downsizing 2019

I work in the NorCal region as a department grocery buyer. My sister is married to one of the EC’s of OPS, and she told me they are downsizing the regional coordinators and regional buyers at the top of the year.Most purchasing is going to global so... read more

Clocking in and out

Is there a way i can review my time stamps without going through the ancient old time clock which is hard to navigate? Im just A regular team member and Kronos seems to not work either. South Region

Whole Foods Ranked Worst

https://www.bloombergquint.com/onweb/whole-foods-cutting-food-packaging-with-cancer-linked-chemicals. This makes me sick. I feel like I lied to customers for YEARS about how health conscious Whole Foods is.

Lamar grievances

Been working three years at Lamar to be unexpectedly terminated due to attendance. If y’all know anything about Lamar it’s that they can never keep on top of their paperwork so its suspicious circumstances that they got me fired and nobody else and... read more

Cashierless stores - doing more harm than good

Read that Amazon is considering the possibility to introduce the concept of cashierless stores to Whole Foods, similar to the one that it’s testing in AmazonGo stores. This strikes me as a catastrophic move, and not just in terms of the dangers of... read more


What happened? We’re they all fired?

Happy Holidays Everyone

Happy Holidays to all team members and their families!!!! May you all have a blessed and wonderful holiday season 😇😇😇

The CEO plans to cut prices

I can generally say that my opinion of this article is that it has a fair amount of praises for the company leadership, but regardless of that if the part about another wave of price cuts is true, I have to say that that is something that is... read more


I'm thankful I quit this awful job and have a holiday off for a change.

amazon leadership or wholefoods leadership?

should whole foods global and regional leadership be replaced by amazon leadership? if so why? the consensus in our region is yes due to many errors made daily and no accountability from regional leadership and global due to the way the company is... read more

The competitors lowered their prices when Amazon took over

The article in the link was an insightful analysis of the impact of Amazon's purchase of Whole foods on the grocery market, so I recommend it as a good read. One thing in the article caught my eye in particular. It seems that the competition reacted... read more
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Toy displays incoming?

According to this interview at 1m45s, the biggest predicted winner of the holiday season is amazon.com AND Whole Foods due to toy displays that will "fill the gap" from closed Toys R' Us stores. https://youtu.be/1SYYvrdkFg0?t=105


I know Regional makes such a big deal when they come in your store and pick you apart during your pre-certification walks but couldn't you walk in any store that is OTS certified and pick them apart the same way and fail them? what's it really matter... read more

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