Topics regarding layoffs at Whole Foods Market Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Whole Foods Market Inc.

CVS Caremark

If anyone is still having trouble with prescriptions this is what I had to do. I had to call BCBS of Texas and speak with them. BCBS has to send over the information to Caremark so they can reinstate your prescriptions coverage. Whole Foods did... — read more 

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Whole Foods Call Out Policy

Is it normal procedure to get a verbal warning if you call out within your first 90 days of employment even if you use your pto?? Does anyone know the answer to this? I’ve never heard of this before.

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Whole paycheck or Whole greed

In floral dept. On 11/7/23 4inch Christmas Catus-$3.99. On 11/8/23 4inch Christmas Catus-$4.99. And to top it off- for 4+years they haven't even watered and plants that come into the store. Whole greed- where healthy plants go to die.


Beware- More layoffs to come Q1. Order writers and receivers SOT/SRT is rising up. Auto replenishment is in full gear. Step into other store roles or step out to more layoffs!

Fire scanner

Fire the scanner specialist. All he does is sit in the office & take up space. “Pretends” to work on fixing a scale or computer. Takes down signs we put up. I can print my own g-d d tags.

Order Writer Job Posting

I am thinking about applying for order writer for grocery at a different store. Someone at my store said the job is going to be gone soon. Anyone know if this is true? Does anyone know when it will be gone???? I don’t want to change stores and then... — read more 


I'm I reading this right. Whatever I put in for the year. There gonna cut it in half and then...... 4% of that half😐😐😐

C'mon STSS TMs!

We know you're out there lurking. It's your time to shine! This is a layoffs FORUM for heaven's sake! You're witnessing a sea change, and we want to know how it's going! I for one remember when we acquired a smaller chain that used Unysys for it's... — read more 

Laid off after 15 years

I was laid off after 15 years and they tried to offer me my job back on my last day (plus 2 other peoples’ jobs lol). It was complete chaotic disorganization at the top. I took the generous severance and ran to my new, higher paying job. I feel... — read more 

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