Topics regarding layoffs at Whole Foods Market Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Whole Foods Market Inc.

Unrealistic expectations

Sometimes I wonder if they even look at us as humans? My situation is that I do enough work for three people, for sure. I’m afraid to turn it down because I wouldn’t want to lose my job. When I first started working here a few years ago, I was also... —  read more 

Why are you still at WFM?

We all know this is not the company it was when it started and is far removed from its original ideals some of us actually used to believe in. And it's obvious that working conditions have deteriorated over the years to the point that the majority of... —  read more 

Each WH store has its own clique?

Now I already have the experience of working in two WH stores and each has had its own clique formed by the groups of low performing workers guarding each other’s backs, nothing more. Compared to all the other problems in the company this one is less... —  read more 

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This is how it starts

Everyone I have known,that has been with WFM a long time, and has gotten pushed out says it starts with micromanaging. They are constantly monitoring what you're doing hoping to find something they can fire you for, but really they want you to get... —  read more 

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10 minute breaks.

Just found out that very soon, team members will only be allowed 10 minute breaks instead of 15. I guess that extra five minutes is really eating up time for a team member to get so much more work done. I am sure this will inspire already disgruntled... —  read more 

Unrealistic goals

I don’t know if they are even aware of how many unrealistic goals they put in front of us that rarely anyone can meet? The only excuse I could accept is that they are doing it unconsciously. Otherwise, it is the ultimate arrogance and squeezing of... —  read more 

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New Ordering system

Does anyone else think the implementation of the new ordering system has been a complete disaster? Our back room is full of product that we have no need for and it just keeps coming in. I've never seen inventory levels so bad in the back it's out of... —  read more 

Artificial Intelligence

We are currently training the A.I. that will take over ordering altogether with programs like instock, so eventually the buyer position will be phased out. The way Whole Foods moves, it will likely be a couple more years. Eventually all... —  read more 

What do you do?

My store plays favorites (it’s pretty darn obvious) and I have to go with the flow because there ARE worse things out there - like being unemployed. Sometimes I want to tell my manager and his favorites off but I refrain. At the end of the day I’ve... —  read more 


I recently moved to another state and applied online. I’ve yet to get a response for an interview and was wondering what I can expect if hired. I’ve worked in the industry for 8 years for a competitor and would still be there if not for moving... —  read more 

Bring back hazard pay!

Why hasn't Whole Foods brought back hazard pay for employees? Cases of covid are worse than ever. Our store has been making so much more money during the pandemic and Jeff Bozo is the richest man in the world. It makes no sense. We should demand our... —  read more 

They are nudging people

Whole Foods Covid shortened hours means there are not enough hours for everyone to fill up a needed paycheck.After 11 years at this north side Chicago location I am forced to cash in 2 days of PTO per pay period to make rent and utilities.I am now... —  read more 

Dress Code

Our store has taken a harder stance on the dress code. Banning even simple patterns. The one inconsistency has been that our leadership doesn’t keep uniform equipment on hand, ie: aprons, hats, etc. and they don’t plan to stock up on any of these... —  read more 

Ready for the holidays?

Are you already to get sick with covid during the holidays when WFM leadership overloads the stores with customers? Most busy time of year you can bet your a– they will throw us all into the fire to potentially die so they can pat themselves on the... —  read more 

It's still a good job

No, it's not perfect. But it's a job and it's a decent job in a time when tens of millions of unemployed people would give anything to trade with you. Keep that in mind next time you want to complain about the 'evil' company that's putting food on... —  read more 

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