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Invoice clerk

Has anyone heard anything more on the fate of the receiving clerk?

Cuts everywhere

I finally got tired of all the cuts at Save Mart and changed companies last month. I feel so much better now that I left that mess behind. For the past several years the company managed to cut pretty much everything, including our hours (even to... —  read more 

This isn’t highschool!

Sometimes it feels like we’re back in highschool with all the juvenile work politics going on around here. It gets old when we have coworkers who are slacking in their job duties just because they are favored by certain managers and are a part of the... —  read more 

36 people layed off? Lie Save Mart said they only laid off 36 people. Another lie from this shady company. Smh. —  read more 

The old guard at Save Mart needs to go

You have a CEO who has no knowledge of the grocery business being told by old timers how to be successful in a modern market. You have corporate blaming the store levels for. 5.5% decrease in sales. You promote this lifer to the highest position and... —  read more 

Corporate Lay offs 2017

No rhyme or reason on this one, must be the same incompetents who orchestrated the last couple of lay offs. No consideration given to skills or experience. Looks like they went off of last in first out. Get in this century! How is that best for a... —  read more 

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