Topics regarding layoffs at

Topics regarding layoffs at

Out with the old!

Amazon is going after a younger, and likely more affordable, talent pool by limiting entry level software engineering positions to students and recent grads only. Appears to be part of an effort to overhaul its slowing engineering culture. Not cool... —  read more 

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Big Tech Using Layoffs to Rein In Workers

“Controlling labor costs via periodic layoffs is like breathing for Silicon Valley: cyclical, necessary for life,” Malcolm Harris, author of the forthcoming book “Palo Alto: A History of California, Capitalism and the World,” told me. The layoffs... —  read more 

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Amazon Smile Ending

This is going to hurt Amazon's image--if it still had one.

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Finally, a relief.

It may sound ugly because I know that some are very worried about their future after getting laid off, but I'm almost sure that the layoff from Amazon also brought some kind of relief to most, including me. This is truly the worst company I have... —  read more 


I am just curious didn't you all at amazon get paid tons of money and did you not save it? many of you should be able to retire with all the sign on bonus and on going bonus money. Am I mislead in my thinking? You all should leave as millionaires... —  read more 

What is your plan for the future?

I feel depressed when I hear others say that they would like to be laid off. It is obvious that everyone has better experiences with looking for a new job than I do. Wherever I apply, the competition is huge. I'm curious what your plans are after... —  read more 

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Tomorrow's the day

The only thing I'm worried about is that they might decide to go with lower severance to save more money. I'm sure they can come up with a reason or five why that would have been absolutely necessary. But I hope that's just me being my usual... —  read more 

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I can't wait for tomorrow

Being laid off would be the push I need to get away from this place. This is the most toxic company I've ever had the displeasure of working for but the pay is good so I've been having a hard time justifying leaving. Amazon, please, do me a favor and... —  read more 

Do managers know already?

I've seen and heard a few people mention their managers told them to start looking because they're about to get the boot. Do managers really know already who's going to be affected? If that's true, then what's the point of waiting in telling all of... —  read more 

No big deal?

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Are these cuts too deep?

The company has basically doubled its workforce over the pandemic and some might say that 18k are actually not big cuts considering the total number of employees. However, I still think that these cuts are too deep.

Waiting in limbo

The anxiety produced by the uncertainty of whether I will be cut or not is perhaps even worse than the layoff itself. I don't trust the manager at all when he tries to relax the atmosphere. I can't focus on work and I wonder how the rest of you... —  read more 

I'm quite worried

I hope for the best, although I have been preparing for a long time in case I end up on the target list. Considering that most places have hiring freeze or are laying off, I still haven't received any offer and that makes me very anxious. What are... —  read more 

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