Topics regarding layoffs at

Topics regarding layoffs at

Is 7 month too early to change teams?

Hello, Assuming I am in good standing and no focus thing is in place: Is there any push back or concern If I have an internal offer and I request a transfer after only 7 months with a team? Should I wait closer to 1 year?

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Depressed | Need some advice

Joined 10 months ago as an SDE2. So did my manager and an SDE1 on the team. 2 others are SDE3. Small team. 2 people were on PTO this week. Had to pick up stuff one of them was doing while also finishing whatever I had to finish this sprint. It was a... —  read more 

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Remote Workers concerned?

Is anyone else who is entirely virtual concerned this week with RTO starting up? I'm a little hesitant to sit comfortably, I know my whole org is virtual and maintains it at every chance that we will stay virtual. However, with a large emphasis... —  read more 

cut throat company

I heard even directors got the axe in the layoff. It appears they are just doing what they do best is cut throat? The market won't accept so much money going to the worker bees. Laid off L5, L6 and L7 mainly? what division is being tasked the AI? I... —  read more 

Where are you applying?

Fellow folks from AWS who were laid off, where are you applying for jobs? I've been looking and the situation looks bleak. Everybody is laying off, few are hiring, and those looking for employees are hoping to find people with 20-plus years of... —  read more 

aws layoffs

This is cutting deep ... half the SA's, Tech Account Managers and GTMS team in my group let go! bottom is falling out of this place. house of cards. pick your catastrophe analogy.

Quitting Amazon Trivia

10,000-25,000 corporate employees quit: Jassy high fives board. 25,000-40,000 corporate employees quit: Jassy high fives board and blinks. 40,000-60,000 corporate employees quit: Jassy stares at the ceiling, adjusts RTO to 2 days/week. 60,000-90,000... —  read more 

Amazon wants us to quit

They fired many PMs and now senior and principal engineers drive projects to completion. Is this our future? From now, we'll be expected to work twice if not three times as much for the same pay? I was overworked before this, so this is simply not... —  read more 

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