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Is Amazon the modern Walmart?

Bezos essentially has done the same thing Sam Walton did. But instead of having general merchandise to mix out his margins, he has Amazon Web Services. Now he’s just trying to crack the food business so that he can drive even more traffic. When he... read more
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Amazon CEO a self important nut?

Anyone encounter this guy in the flesh? He seems like a real dooosh canoe. Also, what is with his new terminator image? I halfway expect a red laser beam to go shooting out of that crooked eye of his as he terminates most of retail. Put your best... read more

Amazon continues to be generally horrible

Amazon is eliminating a Seattle team that supported the company’s contract-delivery drivers and moving the jobs to Phoenix, where salaries start at about 75 percent of Seattle’s minimum wage... read more
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Amazon on-campus department layoff

100+ employees were given layoff packages last week in a department elimination. We are given time to find a new job at the company but many will not because of headcount freezes. I hear Prime teams are next. Hope everyone is able to find new jobs... read more
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Questions in regards to Amazon employees being laid off

I'm hearing rumors that Amazon is cutting corners just to get buy till they lay off. I was told at the Etna Ohio facility that major layoff are coming with the next 60-90 days. But why is it not all employees are aware of what's going on?

Severance or replacement position?

I survived this round, but it is clear this is far from over, which makes me curious about some things. Any chance somebody can tell us what kind of severance was offered to those who were laid off? And in case they were offered a replacement... read more

Media Coverage (Amazon layoffs February 2018)

Here are some of the articles covering the story today read more
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Pivot Plan

They asked us to rank the bottom 6% and I am hearing rumors that they will force us to put them on a pivot plan which basically equals a buyout or a fairly Unachievable improvement plan. Not sure when it will happen but this s---s. I came here to... read more

Is it over?

Does anybody know if it is over by now? I talked to my wife a few minutes ago and she said that it was crazy for a while but that the situation calmed down significantly. I still can't help but worry. Talk about unexpected! Everybody knew about the... read more

Amazon layoffs February 2018

Amazon HQ is getting hit hard, with more layoffs happening throughout the company. Not sure what prompted this and if it'll continue, but right now it's pretty bad. Hundreds of people are being hit with notices. Why there are layoffs while we are... read more

Finance/Tax department

Anyone who has comments to share about these departments please let me know if I should take a job here. Heard the usual stuff about Amazon but maybe it's a bit more copacetic in the tax department?
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$4B for a bubble?

Where did Amazon get $4B to build a bubble for its elites?

Need inside scoop

I'm excited about Amazon and have been closely following the 2nd headquarter frenzy. Before I jump ship can someone give me the inside scoop?? What's it like, is there stack ranking? I don't mind working hard as long as I am gaining real skills and... read more

Amazon 666

Local residents inform the International Amazon Workers Voice that Amazon is attempting to seize 50 acres of land owned by elderly working class descendants of slaves in Northern Virginia, pave over the residents’ homes, and build power lines.

How does someone get hired?

How does someone get a job at Amazon? I am interested in Asset Protection and I see very little postings, a new warehouse is being built near my home and I would like to know how soon before opening do they hire staff, especially in Asset Protection?

Quidsi Layoffs

Quidsi to close. Not sure about layoffs but I'd assume so...

Layoffs without warning

My daughter was offered guaranteed security work for 1 week starting on the 18th December, Amazon need female security staff to do searches. Her first shift started at 6pm at 4am on the 19th all the security that had been brought in specially was... read more

Amazon, please begin a hostile takeover of Target.

Let's face it, Target cannot compete with Walmart in physical space. Amazon needs some physical presence to compete with Walmart. Future is on-line but need for ship to store., etc....A combined Amazon and Target is natural fit. GET IT DONE!

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