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Massive layoff at TPA1 (Ruskin, FL)

Insiders report that there was a massive layoff of floor warehouse workers yesterday. Reason given was that there excess employees for the amount of work and they were layoffing people instead of cutting hours. Any confirmations

Updates on Amazon NC Driver / Manager Layoffs

Nearly 200 workers at three Amazon facilities in North Carolina will lose jobs. Inpax Final Mile Delivery, a delivery company running a contract with Amazon until recently announced the 200 layoffs. Amazon had ended its relationship with the... —  read more 


Something many sources within tech companies aren't aware of is that they have a legal right (under the National Labor Relations Act) to talk to journalists about their working conditions. That right isn't removed by an NDA.

Do Amazon Warehouses Lay Off Workers?

Check this out and judge for yourself: Amazon’s fulfillment centers are the engine of the company — massive warehouses where... —  read more 

Amazon Flex on CNBC

Just watched a story on Amazon Flex. This really is a f'd up world.

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Layoffs coming to a warehouse near you

Amazons new move is to hire on professionals at a L4 level only to promise a raise and stocks when they reach L4.5 but then when they get the 4.5 promo they are told no additional pay. This causes them to work harder, taking on 10x the normal task so... —  read more 

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Amazon is going downhill

Have recently started using Amazon after about six months inactivity and I am having all kinds of trouble with orders and deliveries. Not coming back after I get their mess straightened out. Your customers are noticing.


A to Z update

I notice they added a voluntary resignation button to the app. Layoffs incoming?

Amazon Game Studios Layoffs (June 2019)

Here is the official disclosure by the company PR: Amazon Game Studios is reorganizing some of our teams to allow us to prioritize development of New World, Crucible, and new unannounced projects we're excited to reveal in the future. These moves are... —  read more 

Contractor let go after 5.5 months with Amazon

I signed a 9 month contract with Amazon. Things were looking good, I thought this may turn into a permanent position. Anyhow, I was let go about 5.5 months into it - there was no advanced notice, I was just cut. They released three contractors on the... —  read more 

Placed on development plan

To my surprise I was placed on a development plan earlier this month. I led the launch of an internal product pretty much myself, but my manager still had issues with my work. I asked for examples, but I didn't get any. My old manager hardly showed... —  read more 

Pop-Up stores are no more

Looks like Amazon is on a cutting spree - all pop-up stores are gone and with them hundreds of jobs. I don't like this new Amazon's "layoff happy" trend...

The future is dark at sams club

What a sad day for this company. Yes we all saw this coming but it just goes to show you that the future for any associate with this company is very dark. I wish everyone that lost their jobs today and in the near future all the best of luck. Its a... —  read more 

Amazon Racial Discrimination

I was hired as a season as a seasonal worker. There was always favoritism showed from the manger to the non African americans. After a few months of working I started to notice that most of the one's that were removed from the company were... —  read more 

New search

Bezos will launch an exhaustive search for eligible new wife candidates from all over North America, only to settle on two mistresses from Northern Virginia and New York City.

Stay tuned in case I heard this right

I am a former Sears employee. Back in late 2017 I was helped by a team of "quietly rebellious" HR execs & labor lawyers to keep my job until I was ready to leave. Hey, all sorts of dirty tricks were already being played to press folks like me out of... —  read more 

Left on my own

I worked for amazon, for about 2 months. I was a packager, you had to meet a certain time and your numbers had to be good on the line. It was hot, no air movement and the line was constantly getting backed up or jammed. The managers tried to get us... —  read more 

#1 of the Most Toxic Company Cultures

Bad Places to Work? If you’re looking for a job, you’re probably doing your due diligence to avoid landing in a toxic work environment. We’ve all heard and read horror stories from people who hold “toxic jobs,” or jobs that often involve low pay... —  read more 

Any Amazon Go folks here?

The whole foods board on this site has a lot of speculation about amazon go. Anyone here have anything to share? Stop by your bastard hippie cousins page and let us know. —  read more 

Is Amazon the modern Walmart?

Bezos essentially has done the same thing Sam Walton did. But instead of having general merchandise to mix out his margins, he has Amazon Web Services. Now he’s just trying to crack the food business so that he can drive even more traffic. When he... —  read more 

Amazon CEO a self important nut?

Anyone encounter this guy in the flesh? He seems like a real dooosh canoe. Also, what is with his new terminator image? I halfway expect a red laser beam to go shooting out of that crooked eye of his as he terminates most of retail. Put your best... —  read more 

Amazon on-campus department layoff

100+ employees were given layoff packages last week in a department elimination. We are given time to find a new job at the company but many will not because of headcount freezes. I hear Prime teams are next. Hope everyone is able to find new jobs... —  read more 

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