Topics regarding layoffs at

Topics regarding layoffs at

Favoritism is rampant

It's not like this is the only company I've worked for that has a problem with favoritism. However, it has become widespread here and managers no longer even hide the fact that they give unfair support to certain employees while they treat others... —  read more 

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Don't quit

A lot of my coworkers are considering quitting due to everything that's been going on. I understand that being the first reaction when faced with the lack of job security for the first time in a while, but you should not follow that first instinct... —  read more 

This is not a job

This is he-l on earth. How can a company be allowed to treat us this way? We are not robots. We are people. What they're doing to us is inhumane. If you are thinking of joining an Amazon warehouse, run as far and as fast as you can. I honestly don't... —  read more 

Focus, next steps

Red badge amazonian here. I was told yesterday that I will be put in focus. I have some interviews lined up but not very confident as I have not interviewed for a job in 10 yrs. I'm being treated for anxiety, depression for over a year. I'm a... —  read more 

L5 / L4 Offers

Just wanted to hear some thoughts on this. I'm currently at a remote position with a small company making $105k. I have 6 years of experience and interviewed at Amazon for a remote L5 role. I did not feel that I did very well at the interview, and... —  read more 

Fingers crossed

Amazon employees need a union. I just hope enough of us are brave enough to keep voting for it. There is a reason why the company spent MILLIONS to try to bust our efforts to unionize in the first place. That should be enough of a sign to people how... —  read more 

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Can we trust Amazon?

I hope there are people who visit this forum who can help me out. I work at MGM and we were just officially acquired by Amazon. We were told not to worry as there will be no layoffs related to the acquisition. Can we trust that is true? I'm worried... —  read more 

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