Topics regarding layoffs at

Topics regarding layoffs at

Bezos selling off stock

Plan is to sell off 50 million shares throughout 2024. Sale can net him $8.6 billion. Analysts claim that Amazon is “too big to fail”, meaning this is not the sign of impending doom. Does it actually mean the end of an era of mass sales of everything... — read more 

Layoffs History

7 rounds of layoffs (plus forced silent layoffs/RTO) in just 1 year under Jassy. 4 rounds of layoffs over 17.5 years under Bozos. Quite the contrast. Somebody covering up their forecasting errors? Anyone on the board noticing? Amazon... — read more 

Not really suprising

Amazon has allegedly found a controversial new way to cut its workforce An Amazon employee is accusing the company of allegedly dodging negative press associated with layoffs and skipping out on providing severance packages by “silently sacking”... — read more 

Alexa cuts

Are layoffs day Amazon 60 day notices or are you gone same day as notified? Do laid off people change LinkedIn immediately? We might be looking for some AI people.

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Get out!

Get out while you can especially if you’re in WWSO! WWSO database is filled with ex oracle folks that are destroying an already bad AWS culture. From corporate travelers to leaders with zero experience leading that take credit for others work while... — read more 

MED Insights

Inquiring minds in Nike Tech would love some feedback on MED our new CTO. Want to know what to expect (the good, bad & ugly) from the new CTO so we can be prepared.

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