Topics regarding layoffs at Blue Apron

Topics regarding layoffs at Blue Apron

200 Laid off in Arlington

This is a WARN notice by the state of Texas Notice Received on: Jan 31, 2019 Company: Blue Apron- Arlington County: Tarrant WDA: Tarrant County WDA Number of employees laid off: 206 Layoff date (end): Apr 01, 2019 Layoff date (start): Jan 31, 2019... —  read more 

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More Blue Apron layoffs

Arlington fulfillment center is being hit, and it's being hit hard. 450 people will not have a job as of April 1 (and no, this is not a joke.) I really wish the company would try to find some other way to turn around falling profits instead of always... —  read more 

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Blue Apron layoffs November 2018

Blue Apron is laying off another hundred people, all salaried. Basically, we are getting more of the same. The layoffs would cut costs by $16 million. Blue Apron said it would pay out in its fourth-quarter roughly $1.6 million in severance payments... —  read more 

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Major layoffs at Blue Apron

A bunch of people were laid off at Blue Apron yesterday, mostly folks who have been here longer. Not sure what the criteria for the layoffs was, as we lost some really good people. It makes no sense. I hate that layoffs have become a norm here... —  read more 

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BA Layoffs Update (Media)

Blue Apron Layoffs 2017 - Media round up (8/7/2017) QZ: Blue Apron is closing down its Jersey City facility for a new one CNN: Blue Apron to move New Jersey plant and hundreds of... —  read more 

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