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Barely anybody comes into our store naymore

Honestly, I'm shocked we're still open. Usually around this time of year we'd be seeing major increase in foot traffic. It's been going down over years, but I've never seen as big of a drop as it is right now. I think Barnes & Noble's days are... read more


On the street: Company up for bid and announcement after holidays. So, full timers with health benefits, goodbye.

No heads up

The flagship store at 18th and 5th in NYC just shut down one day, no notice, nothing. People came to work with the doors closed and a sign saying they'd been laid off. Nice, huh? Despite the massive cheapness, lowering employee discounts, taking away... read more

And another store is done...

No surprises here. The Barnes and Noble location on East Third Street will close in February 2019, according to a statement from Jim Lampassi, vice president of real estate development at Barnes and Noble... read more

Here's How It Will Go

B&N will struggle through the holiday, and will probably fall short, since it has for the previous six seasons, and there's nothing to suggest that it's doing anything new to prevent it this year. The money guys will come in on a certain Monday... read more

No severance in the future

I heard there will be no severance for future layoffs. One of the guys I used to work with (who is still at Barnes) said so. He's been there 25 years, so he's really going to get screwed when he gets laid off. They have to provide you with... read more
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Barnes & Noble pushing people into quitting

The conditions are miserable and it's like they want people to quit. I'd be really shocked if there aren't major layoffs after the holidays. I was told that if some stores don't make their marks, they'll close this year. There is no "like" about it... read more


It is imperative that this company realizes that the base pay hourly rate for booksellers HAS to go up....we cannot hire the people needed at the rates we are locked into....

This is the staffing plan for Holidays?

Had to wait over 10 minutes for a staff member to assist me because she was alone on the floor and being asked other questions and 15 minutes on the register line because of 2 cashiers and their constantly trying to up sell each customer with gift... read more

How does your store/district feel?

I honestly feel that more and more both are feeling a-- backwards. Not to mention our music section is a mess. I don't even get the idea that we're supposed to do much of anything unless a manager tells us to. I remember there being a lot more... read more
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New bad news

Many of the college book stores will be closing or down-sizing. So expect more layoffs by February. I expect major layoffs for all book stores then too. Anyone NOT looking for new jobs?
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Hey! Did everyone get their 25 cent raise? After they laid off all those people, Im sure they can afford that coveted quarter incentive to work harder. Some years they just skip it and plead poor mouth.

What id--t would buy this company?

We all know they've been trying to sell it since they've been making us harass customers to buy the stupid member card and get that ridiculous credit card. They'll make good dollar stores! Because those are the only retail stores that are doing well.

As leases expire, so will the store

Barnes and noble is soon to be history. As each store's lease expires the store will be gone. And has anybody noticed that post for jobs at barnes and nobles say "TEMPORARY PART TIME BOOKSELLERS " Sorry but the end is near ......there's no saving... read more

Another store set to close by New Years

Apparently, Barnes & Noble didn’t renew the lease for the Dartmouth Bookstore in Hanover, and it is set for closing by December 31,2018. Another sad reminder of the state that our company is in. What’s even more humiliating is that Dartmouth is now... read more
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Fired CEO lawsuit

Here is a PDF of DEMOS' law suit against B&N. Look at the last few pages of his accusations against RIGGIO.

No saving Barnes & Noble

It's a long read, but it's well worth it in my opinion. A revolving door of CEOs and failed attempts to boost stores with restaurants have plagued the retailer's turnaround efforts. Some say that's because there's no place left for big-box book... read more

EVEN MORE BAD NEWS for B&N, plus comments Didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that it was a hair-brained idea. $26 for short ribs at B&N? You gotta be kidding me. Ribs in a bookstore? Nope, nothing wrong... read more

One of the laid off in February

Yeah, still angry, still hurt, compounded by several things happening at my old store. I hope this stupid company goes down fast and hard. Say what you will about my anger, my un compassionate state of mind I really don't care. I feel for the people... read more

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