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why is barnes and noble not using dayforce anymore?

More and more people think our days are numbered

On a positive side, while it's becoming clear that Barnes & Noble will not survive as it is, if at all, more and more people are rallying to save us. And more and more people are realizing what Amazon truly is and how dangerous it can become (or at... read more


has anyone cashed out? my severance runs out next week, and I'm STILL unemployed. I will be out of money ad out of an apartment by next month. I was thinking about cashing out my 401(k). I could at least survive on that for a while until I FINALLY... read more

still looking for work...anyone found anything?

I was music dept. lead for 17 years. technically dept. manager for the last 7 or so. I still haven't found work, and am looking for some good leads. i'm almost 50 years old, and really have no ambition. just looking for a job with benefits that will... read more

Buy on line, pick up in store! Yeah right.

They can't even find the books that they have in the store for the customers IN the store. The inventory systems in the store have completely broken down. Shipments are not being done in a timely manner. Neither are returns or shelving . you have a... read more

Anyone using the new scheduling yet?

They said they are rolling this out in July but I know they usually have test stores before full rollouts. As far as I can tell this means there won't be designated cashiers. It was pretty obvious when they started moving registers to the customer... read more

It is not going to get better

I am an ex-employee. I was laid off when B&N closed my 5.5 million dollar store. I was with the company 22 years. My advice for everyone who is reading this thread is to ACTIVELY start looking for new employment. B&N was a wonderful experience but I... read more

No more severance at Barnes & Noble?

Also, future lay-offs won't get severance. Maybe 2 weeks, but not like the huge amount they paid out last time. Any chance you can share some more info on this? Is this just guessing or is it based on something concrete? This would destroy people... read more

Returning to B&N?

Just wondering if anyone who was laid off chose to go back or is planning to go back to work for Barnes and Noble.

Spontaneous Conference Call

There’s a spontaneous middle of the week conference call today (Wednesday 4/18) with DM and SM. Call me paranoid; it could be nothing, but I’m concerned...

Over here in NY

I've been hearing about the problem for quite some time now. Over here in NY stores have been shutting down left & right. The company's finances has been trickling down over the years ever since the digital era came into play. It was a matter of time... read more
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Shocked this didn't work (not)

So, instead of solving one of the real issues, such as reducing corporate pay, spending less on secret shoppers and signage, bringing back full section specialists, Barnes & Noble laid off people who are in charge of getting books on the shelves. And... read more

Third party labor

So it looks like if you got fired BN is now outsourcing your position to something called Premium Retail Services. Guessing this will expand to other parts of the store in the coming months.

Severance payment

Does anyone else feel that they were screwed over with the severance payment? I was taxed at an outrages rate due to it being a lump sum. More than 1/3 of the severance went to taxes. Instead of giving the option for smaller sums over time, B&N only... read more

The Future of B&N

Still No Severance Pack - Or W2 Even

I was told what, two weeks ago now, that I would get my severance package and W2 "any day now" in the mail. After finally getting a hold of a live person in HR on the phone today, I was told "oh you should have received it by now." So they're going... read more

No Severance Due To Emergency Leave?

I was a HC with 15 years experience. Was informed by HR today that I am not qualified for the severance because I was on leave (taking care of an ill family member) at the time of the layoffs. Has this happened to anyone else? Tired of so much... read more
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any managers looking for new jobs?

So, I'm curious if any current ASMs and MMs are looking for other jobs? Pretty sure at least one ASM and one MM are at my store. Does this bode well for the company let along the individual store?

late severance pack?

how many have not received the packed yet that helps you plan your near future. was told we'd have it BY today. Or is it just us in the far corner of Wa. state that are invisible. Would also like to know why some got it overnighted to them too. how... read more

I believe that it was a job description massacre,

... more than actually looking at facts of how you help the store. If you had any kind of "lead" title (beyond kid's or cafe, right now), you are gone regardless of pay, hours etc. I I was an RM, who worked in every area of the store and I was "let... read more
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Good read

I am not management, but I am now the only receiver so I communicate with them a lot. They (SM, both ASMs) have told me that soon the job postings will go up for part timers to replace the hours lost from the four leads and RM lost on Monday. The RM... read more

This will not work long term

I think different stores are handling the situation differently when it comes to the receiving end at least. I am the store shelver and so far this week, we've had 1 MM, 1 ASM, myself and 1 other part timer basically taking on the role of receiving... read more
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Math Question

Our payroll has been cut back so much in recent weeks that as a ( former ) full timer, I was 1 person doing the work of 2 people. Does that mean they will have to hire 2 part timers to do the work of 4 people?

No WARN Violation

This seems to keep cropping up- there was no WARN violation committed. It only pertains too more than 50 employees laid off- per location. Which did not happen. To think that BN didn’t have a legal team reviewing their moves for months to ensure they... read more
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Laid off part timers?

Was anyone else working part time and laid off? I wasn't costing the company anything in insurance, and I was barely above normal pay. Management had talked about the lead position going away and I wish I requested to be bumped down at the time... read more


Anyone know how many CBDMs have been laid off?

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