Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble

Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble

BN is Hiring

I went to a local BN, and they had a professional sign printed stating that they are hiring. I was astounded to say the least. It was right at the front door. I wonder if they asked all the furloughed and laid off employees back first? This is a... —  read more 

Price Matching

BN is now price matching their own website. Of course they have been doing this for over a year and never announced it. They should be sued for not disclosing this information to the public. Down with Daunt, Riggio, BN.

Be honest

If you didn't work here and wanted to buy a book or three, where would you shop? Would you go online (most likely Amazon) where everything is one place and you get major discounts in addition to free shipping? Would you visit an independent bookstore... —  read more 

Enough already!

Stop with all the doom and gloom! Yes, the situations is bad but for f—'s sake, it's not as bad as so many of you are painting it to be. No, we're not going out of business any time soon. Some locations may close, but that happens nearly every... —  read more 

Where are people applying?

Considering that most of us are aware that this place is on its last legs, I'm assuming everybody is already looking for new jobs. My question is, where? I like what I do right now. Working in a bookstore was always my dream job. But I don't see any... —  read more 

Messy, disorganized store.

I work at a large New York Barnes and Noble and our store is perpetually messy. Our booksellers are worked to the brim and are completely backed up on shelving on all floors and are unable to recover most morning and nights. Management is checked out... —  read more 

Is B&N too big to fail?

Once I thought so. We were truly a behemoth in our industry, but things have changed too much for that to still be true. Amazon started our demise, but it was lousy management decisions that have actually brought us to the brink of collapse. And now... —  read more 

Give management a break

I’ve been reading these posts and responses. Some of them are downright cruel and baseless. You want to complain about managers you work or have worked with, that’s fine. But I’m seeing very few genuine complaints and a lot of baseless accusations... —  read more 


If you don't know this by now, take note. Human Resources is a department created to protect the company, NOT YOU! When you report an incident it goes directly through the corporate executives to the Reginonal Managers. They are there to squash the... —  read more 

I guess this is karma

Our sales are dropping rapidly every month, while a (relatively) neighboring independent bookstore is doing better than ever, from what I can see. It's kind of appropriate, when you think about it. We basically put thousands of small stores out of... —  read more 

BN Loyalty

I find it funny that there are still employees at BN and in general that are loyal to companies. No corporation will ever help you as an employee, they are there to make money. I have worked for BN twice and had to do unsafe jobs that OSHA would... —  read more 

BN Store Sales Goals

Has your store ever come close to meeting the daily/weekly sales goal provided by corporate? What percentage to goal did you make? I am guessing stores are making sales in the low teens to percent of plan, or lower.

Warned, again.

I haven't been here in a while but today, our store manager warned us again not to read or write on this website (or any other social media) because it is against company policy. Or we will risk termination. Of course, I immediately came on here to... —  read more 

Fewer hours

I spoke to my SM about trying to get more hours and that was a definite “NO”. Each store is allotted a certain amount of “employee” hours based on sales and of course, we just aren’t cutting it. And this is not just us. Let’s face it, the whole... —  read more 

C&D Letter

Who else that is posting here is waiting for a cease and desist letter from BN legal? I would not put it past them to track down IP addresses to stop all the hate against them. Not that I am afraid of that, I kind of want to get one, to see if they... —  read more 

BN Is Aware

On my recent trip to BN, I noticed that a lot of the employees that I know, were very cold to me. I hope they have been made aware of this site. And if they figured out I am the one posting about them, good. They all deserve to be fired. An... —  read more 

CBDM-Severance Letter

I have still not received my letter. I have been in contact & having tracking now. Did anyone not sign the letter, or have other circumstances where they would not want to sign away their legal rights? 3

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