Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble

Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble


More sad news. After a horrible holiday season of miserably weak sales, James Daunt has made a new list of stores to close. This comes after a pre-holiday announcement of store closures which are now in the process of packing it up for good. Other... —  read more 

This is all on corporate

Everything that's wrong on the store level is on them. They have no idea what happens in stores and what could improve things, yet they're still the ones who make all the decisions. Any feedback we provide is completely ignored, they just continue... —  read more 

A waste of time

This has become a company where you can only waste your time. I understand, some are there because they need to pay the bills, however, that time is much better used by looking for a new, better job. Time passes quickly and later it is too... —  read more 

Ridiculous company

I absolutely respect that everyone should work as well as they can, however, isn’t it a little ridiculous when a manager asks us, part-time employees to work as if a job at BN is an opportunity of the century that is never to be turned down?... —  read more 

Where did people go?

The company is awful, but right now it suits me to be a part timer here. I lost contact with some former colleagues who were great and willing to help when I first came here. I would love to know where most people went after BN and how are they doing... —  read more 

This is one big mess

I don't want to think about whether my store is next to be closed anymore so I gave notice. This no longer looks like a serious company, but more like a total mess. Working here is miserable! I would say that in this company there is... —  read more 

Miserable company

A new hire came and left after five days. Another hire that came in is completely lost and doesn't know what to do because there is no person to train him. I do most of the work in the store. I wear multiple hats and am exhausted to the max. Even... —  read more 

Corporate Culture

A lot of has been made about the retail staff at Barnes and Noble but anyone have any experience with the corporate staff? We briefly had an individual from corporate acting as our cluster leader but he left the position for personal reasons seemed... —  read more 

More Problems

BN cannot fulfill orders from their warehouse as of today. Many people have been unable to receive orders on orders placed over three months ago. This is yet another sign BN is ready to fold. Hint: if I preorder a book three months ago, I expect it... —  read more 

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