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Layoffs coming next week

They are restructuring their management. Manager positions are being eliminated, Sales & Merchandise managers will be eliminated, restructuring and giving responsibilities to lower positions and renaming them. District managers will be gone.

Any stores closing for good?

I have a feeling my store might be. I heard from a manager at Burlington that their corp was told a store in our plaza wont be renewing their lease this year so Burlington would be moving to it. We are the only store large enough for Burlington.


Looks like a lot of still 'furloughed' longtime employees who are not back at the opened stores are receiving letters about health insurance going away this month nd they should take COBRA at over $700 a month. No word by company or store manager if... —  read more 

BN Intentional Actions

BN just ejected myself and others (at once) for not wearing a mask. I normally do not wear one unless at work. They would not even provide me with a mask. They have them for their employees. I guess they really do not care about staying in business... —  read more 

We are not "back"

Half of us are back and we are forced to do several jobs each to make sure the store is running. Somebody else mentioned this in one of the threads and I couldn't agree more - this is intentional. They want to see if they can milk us like this... —  read more 

What up

Look I know times are rough right now and all of us are sitting home watching baseball reruns and panicking about the future of our jobs and this company and bookselling/publishing/writing as careers. But there is hope for all of us even if we have... —  read more 

This will be our end

I'm not trying to be pessimistic or all doom and gloom, but let's be realistic. We were not doing well as it is for years and we needed a miracle to turn us around. Instead of a miracle, we got a global pandemic. When you desperately need a miracle... —  read more 

BNED furloughs

"Due to the impact of the pandemic on its business, Barnes & Noble Education (NYSE:BNED) says it told employees today that it will be instituting a furlough program impacting the majority of the BNC workforce and a select number of employees from the... —  read more 

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400 Stores Closed

Per "The Digital Reader", as of 3/27, Barnes and Noble has closed 400 stores due to the health concerns with Coronavirus. Some are still doing curbside service, but closed to the public. The store I worked at is still open, but the staff has been cut... —  read more 

THIS is what’s happening.

Most everyone fired ( can say “laid off” all they want) this cafe MANAGER , told she’ll hear from them if want to REHIRE her ! I was laid off on Saturday by an unknown area manager from New York headquarters. Not even the courtesy of a call from... —  read more 

Store Closings ??

Daunt closed all the Waterstones last week and today, he closed his own Daunt Books. Several locations across the country have temporarily closed for Barnes and Noble, but when are they all going to close to protect the staff and encourage the... —  read more 

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