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Your best option is to leave

Day to day changes in the stock price mean nothing. Whether or not some stores are doing better year over year mean nothing. The only important thing is if BN has enough credit to keep their doors open, and, more importantly, if working there is... read more

This is BN, 2019

All we talk about is how much we HATE coming to this place. Every day there’s call outs. Nobody wants to be here. There’s no incentive, no future, no plan. We just work our shifts like it’s our last. Just get through the shift and get out. Our... read more

How is BN still open?!

Seriously, how does a company that fires its experienced, knowledgeable booksellers, doesn’t have bags to give out, has so few employees on the floor , customers are not being properly served, old issues of magazines still on the shelf, poor customer... read more

And even more bad news for the company

Retail giant Barnes & Noble has been ordered to front 50% of the legal fees that are expected to arise out of the lawsuit the company’s former CEO filed after he was ousted in July 2018. The company’s ex-CEO, Demos Parneros, sued Barnes & Noble after... read more

Major redistricting changes in the South

They're redistricting the South big time. Some of them won't have new DMs for months. I'm not sure if this is affecting any other areas, but I know it extends into Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi at least... read more

Dividend Day

Today is the day when B&N pays out their Quarterly 15 cent dividend. Len Riggio will net just under 1.3 million dollars for this quarter. Yes, no bags, no paper towels, no staff, but we must pay our dividend. That's is why B&N is in business. Yes we... read more

Focus on younger readers

What does everybody think about these new initiatives that focus on younger readers (like Young Adult Book Club?) For once, I think this was a good idea, if nothing else a better one than so many so far that fell flat. I guess time will tell, but I'm... read more


Barnes & Noble would love to read reviews from former and current employees. Tell us how you feel about the company, management and what we need to to better!

A more stealthy method

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the company, rather than mass-murdering thousands of bookseller's careers, tries a more stealthy method. MMs are pretty important to the running of the stores, particularly since a lot of the murdered were receiving... read more


Word for NY is they will try to be a little more discreet this time around. Look for any long-term co-workers and AMs and MMs to disappear without any notice.

How the lease triggers a store closing

In the past, BN would only close stores when the lease is due to expire. So, when any given store is underperforming and due for a renewal of the lease, then it will probably close. As leases are signed all throughout the year, it's impossible to say... read more

The End is Near ?!

Former bookseller,here. A good friend was a Asst. Mgr. , in another store. She was let go today. ( she was told they were keeping just one Asst.) said the Store Manager told her “ believe me , it’s for the best. You’ll have no problem getting another... read more

When is the NEW FISCAL YEAR?

And with sales so bad, should we expect more and more layoffs? Anyone from corporate on here to tell us the truth for a change?

Days to Zero!

A Miramax film coming to you this summer. It's about a company and its stock price is $4.78. It's down 15 cents and management has figured out in 32 trading days at that rate it will be zero! This causes a flood of even worse ideas, yeah its... read more

That’s what BN is now, to customers. Clueless !

When you fire your full time career, book knowledgeable employees & replace them with disposable ones, what do you expect?! Most of our part timers ( since last February) don’t read much & have no idea who most of the authors are, when customers ask... read more

If you're a real leader, you protect your people

It comes down to this--if you're still a manager at BN, what is the honorable thing to do? Do you try to hang on by your fingernails, and hope you don't have to bring people--your people, your booksellers, into your office and lay them off? Do you go... read more

What are small bookstore doing that we're not?

Has anybody noticed a return of smaller, independent bookstores lately? One opened in a mall I frequent and whenever I pass by it, it's full of people. I asked around, and this seems to be a trend - not a one-off. So what happened? I understand... read more

BIG NEWS: DMs and SMs forced to leave.

Our DM was passed over yet again for a big promotion. Seems corporate is doing what they do best, forcing people to leave, one way or another. I suspect they "strongly suggested" early retirement. Look for more of your long term managers to be... read more

Don't wait around for the next round of lay-offs

"Riggio and his top cronies won’t care though, they’ll will be fine. They’ll get out with millions." Well, yeah. That's what the rich do. They usually end up OK--that's why they're millionaires. Get out now. Don't wait around for the next round of... read more
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What's the point?

When I got laid off I was p-ss-d but honestly I’m so glad I was. Barnes and Noble was such a horrible place to work, I’m sad to have seen it go the way it has. What’s the point in making sure magazine racks are stocked and faced properly according to... read more

Everyone knows what kind of fraud this company i

Everyone knows what kind of fraud this company is. Outsiders have a pretty good picture. Better than those working there maybe. Listen to the last conference call after earnings were released. Those analysts were pretty clear in their tone that... read more

What Business Analysts Are Saying

Motley Fool: April 8,2019 Barnes & Noble: 10.7% yield Not to pick on the retail industry, but the third and final ultra-high-yield stock that income investors would be wise to avoid is the nation's largest bookstore chain Barnes & Noble (NYSE:BKS)... read more

Business is business

Believe me, I get it. BN had to fire ( let’s be real, that’s what they did) all those people last year. 4-5 positions in each store. They have over 600 stores. That’s over 2500 people fired , NOT 1800 they reported ( to make themselves look better !)... read more

Different stores like different companies?

This company has always been so inconsistent. Some stores run fine, others are constant anarchy. It's hard to communicate problems because it varies so much from district to district and region to region. Regionally, especially, it's almost like... read more

Do your co-workers know about this site?

Everyone I know does and we also follow the Facebook Booksellers page, though that is constantly being edited. This is the best place to find out what is going on and what the managers aren't telling us.

Am i still safe?

Been a magazine/periodical lead for 17 years now, but have noticed my asm requested i train a few other newbies to do what i do, also a merch manager. No one has blatantly said i'd be replaced, yet this is something kinda random & new, and i have a... read more


It's official we have no more bags for customers. It's raining today, too and a customer just bought some books and was angry. She wanted to speak to a manager. Manager offered to gift wrap them. Customer was so angry she returned the books. AS far... read more

Thank you, Mr. Riggio!

For those of us still with the company, or those of us who were employed by Barnes & noble for many years, i'd like to thank Len for giving us bookworms a retail haven of our own. During the glory days, you'd be hard pressed to find a better group of... read more

Fact or Fiction

There’s a lot of information in these threads. Some total fact and probably some fiction. Everyone seems to have one thing in common. Working or previously worked for BN. Those fired are bitter over being thrown out the way they were. Those still... read more

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