Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble

Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble

Worst in retail

Of all the corporate businesses in retail that are absolutely filled to the brim of tired, beat down, unmotivated and ambivalent employees, none can match the BN crowd. I’m not saying I blame the front line employees. Rather it lies solely upon the... —  read more 

Union membership

"As of May 1, 2021, we had 4,095 domestic employees, of which approximately 2,761 were full-time and the remaining were regularly scheduled part-time employees. In addition, we employed approximately 6,500 temporary and seasonal employees during peak... —  read more 

Stringing management fools along

Doesn't anyone find it hilarious that they're giving all these fake promotions and titles? Just to keep people from making waves or worse, quit? I especially liked when they make two store managers co-district managers- like they really need two... —  read more 

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I might have a way out

Wish me luck, there's an opening at a local independent bookstore and I'm planning to apply today. I'm one of those id--ts who are at BN because I love books and I love working with books. As silly as it might seem, working at a bookstore is a dream... —  read more 

All thanks to my manager

Thank god for my horrible manager. Thanks to her I left BN late last year. Her being unprofessional, rude, and unable to take ownership for all the terrible decisions made it clear that she was way in over her head. She made life a living he-l and I... —  read more 

Store closings

As far as closing stores B&N will review options at lease end. Find out when your stores lease expires. Ask your landlord not your cluster manager or area manager. Private equity companies will always close a store if not profitable or one with... —  read more 

Done with this site.

Nuked another post about a certain store in the company, post did not violate terms of service but any post about that specific store gets taken down. I’m sure the gets bombarded by HR anytime theirs a post about said location, hey... —  read more 

New Positions

Can someone explain what the difference is between an “expert” and a “senior” bookseller? And why a number of actual senior booksellers at my store weren’t chosen for either of these roles? Is this yet another play by BN to force out the actual... —  read more 

the REAL reality

This poster said it best ! “ Exactly what these other threads have been saying for months/ years now ! The self entitlement these Mgrs , ASM, Merch , etc. have had all this time ! It’s a NON ESSENTIAL retail job. You’re NO BETTER than the fast... —  read more 

This is reality

Efforts you put into the company go unnoticed and are always unappreciated. Nobody at this place cares about employees. There is NO job security no matter what you’re told or who you’re friends with. When it comes down to it, it’s every (wo)man for... —  read more 

Move on already

What kind of person finds happiness when wanting others to lose their jobs? I would NEVER wish that on my worst enemy. Some of you seem like petty individuals and you need to do some soul searching. I just don’t understand some of you. I hope to God... —  read more 

Denied Raises

A few people where I work have been denied annual 25 cent raises over the years due to poor performance most of them I know and they are solid booksellers. Essentially they were buried by someone Higher up than them and were allowed to keep their job... —  read more 

Crazy Store Manager

Our store manager has OCD and a short temper, very insecure as well. He constantly messes with our tables and displays, changing them over and over again and if we initiate any of the changes or set a table up he will mess with it non stop, it’s like... —  read more 

How would managers fare?

I moved to another company two months ago. I succeeded after a few months of looking for a new job and I already feel great relief. Only now do I see how much I was undervalued at BN. Here I am paid much more for a similar job, and the environment is... —  read more 

Is there anyone from corporate who can explain exactly what the "restructuring plan" is?

It's got to be a huge joke because I see my store in chaos, nothing getting done, they can't keep the new hires because it's an awful place to work now, the place is a mess, and the only full-timers left are getting yelled at all the time and told... —  read more 

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Setting some boundaries

In my store, whatever extra work needs to be done - they come looking for me. Aside from being too tired, that kind of exploitation offends me. I care about this job because I don't have any other option for now, so I accept everything because I... —  read more 

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