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Hey! Did everyone get their 25 cent raise? After they laid off all those people, Im sure they can afford that coveted quarter incentive to work harder. Some years they just skip it and plead poor mouth.

What id--t would buy this company?

We all know they've been trying to sell it since they've been making us harass customers to buy the stupid member card and get that ridiculous credit card. They'll make good dollar stores! Because those are the only retail stores that are doing well.

As leases expire, so will the store

Barnes and noble is soon to be history. As each store's lease expires the store will be gone. And has anybody noticed that post for jobs at barnes and nobles say "TEMPORARY PART TIME BOOKSELLERS " Sorry but the end is near ......there's no saving... read more

Another store set to close by New Years

Apparently, Barnes & Noble didn’t renew the lease for the Dartmouth Bookstore in Hanover, and it is set for closing by December 31,2018. Another sad reminder of the state that our company is in. What’s even more humiliating is that Dartmouth is now... read more
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Fired CEO lawsuit

Here is a PDF of DEMOS' law suit against B&N. Look at the last few pages of his accusations against RIGGIO.

No saving Barnes & Noble

It's a long read, but it's well worth it in my opinion. A revolving door of CEOs and failed attempts to boost stores with restaurants have plagued the retailer's turnaround efforts. Some say that's because there's no place left for big-box book... read more

EVEN MORE BAD NEWS for B&N, plus comments Didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that it was a hair-brained idea. $26 for short ribs at B&N? You gotta be kidding me. Ribs in a bookstore? Nope, nothing wrong... read more

One of the laid off in February

Yeah, still angry, still hurt, compounded by several things happening at my old store. I hope this stupid company goes down fast and hard. Say what you will about my anger, my un compassionate state of mind I really don't care. I feel for the people... read more

Anybody even get to do anything anymore?

I was hired a few years back in the music section. We have since been micromanaged to hell. Rarely do anything in it. Then most days I feel like I am only bookselling with little else breaking up the monotony.
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What a horrible demise

I’ve been a B&N customer for many years. I’ve loved, stood by and supported the company for many decades. My children were raised in the stores, on storytimes and events. A treat for good grades was a book. Much to their happiness. ❤️. In the past... read more

Even the customers are over the company!

William T Martin- I have decided not to physically shop at Barnes and Noble but order online as the employees at checkout insist on giving each customer a 5 minute sales pitch for discount cards and coupons. This slows transactions down to a crawl... read more


The DM in our west coast region is a terror. She leads by fear. SM’s are afraid to ask her for help. The store is short on payroll and rather than actually asking her for more hours, the SM’s in the district will work 60+ hours a week. She sends... read more


Any ideas on who will be Barnes & Noble's new CEO? I know I'm probably dreaming, but I'm hoping that whoever it is, they might be able to turn around the company. We were really going nowhere but down with DP at the helm. This might be the... read more

What a joke

I was pretty much forced out of my job. I was with the company for 19 years. I was a lead of all departments, in the good old days. I was a receiving manager, a merchandise manager, an assistant store manager at the end. I always got the best yearly... read more

Smaller stores are the future

I really think they are going to take the markets that are traffic friendly and downsize the stores to the 15000 sq ft size and become more profitable. Currently working in a 30,000 + sq ft store and it is becoming operationally impossible to keep... read more

How long do we have?

We are now at a point where it is becoming more and more obvious that this is a sinking ship with nobody on it with any idea on how to save it. The only question that remains is how long do we have before it's completely underwater. I'm thinking... read more

Any managers working off the clock?

Are any B and N managers working off the clock? My guess is that many of them would be because the stores are so short staffed. Nothing is getting done, and since the managers can't work overtime, they're probably staying behind after hours and... read more

Market CBDMs

Anyone have insight on how the company is determining which areas will have market CBDMs vs. just CBDMs vs. just leaving the position open from when they’ve forced out the ones who didn’t meet the ridiculous annual goal? Seems like a great way to... read more

Key sentence from the earnings call

Parneros said on a conference call that profit improvements for Barnes & Noble will come largely from cost reductions. This means that we are looking at more layoffs and more closings, most likely as soon as the next month. That is the best and... read more


Does anyone know what happened in this special conference call? A conference call with Barnes & Noble, Inc.’s senior management will be webcast beginning at 10:00 A.M. ET on Thursday, June 21, 2018, and is accessible at... read more


why is barnes and noble not using dayforce anymore?

More and more people think our days are numbered

On a positive side, while it's becoming clear that Barnes & Noble will not survive as it is, if at all, more and more people are rallying to save us. And more and more people are realizing what Amazon truly is and how dangerous it can become (or at... read more

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