Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble

Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble

The company is not going under

stores have been closing. that isn't news. stores are also opening. when leases are up stores close. welcome to retail. covid expedited that process. the restructuring refers to management positions, specifically the SIM, and then the new "expert... —  read more 

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A drastic turn?

I wonder how many people made a drastic turn and went into a completely different industry? After BN I didn’t have much choice, nor could I accept jobs like grocery stores or small restaurants. Eventually I turned my creative hobby into a small... —  read more 

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BN Membership

The BN Membership drive is on and in full force at stores. I am so sick of hearing about how "now would be a great time to sign up for the membership". How about BN just start offering books at Amazon prices if they really want to be competitive. ... —  read more 

Is your manager lost?

Sometimes I just don't get whether we, the remaining employees, are more lost or our manager who obviously is. It is clear to everyone that he no longer knows what he is doing, but pretends that he still things under control. He pretends very badly... —  read more 

Unreasonable backstabbing

Some people I just don’t understand. The situation is desperate and sooner or later we will all have to leave here because the future of the company is not looking good. Still, some people act like BN is a place where they can build their careers... —  read more 

Lost hope

I feel awful because I know my store could be closed because the atmosphere is awful and there are fewer and fewer customers. Unfortunately, ordinary workers cannot do anything to save any store. I used to have hope, but I’m losing it rapidly. I... —  read more 

New Management Structure

Curious how the new Area Manager , Cluster Manger Structure is working out? As a former SM I’m not sure how working for some of my peers would have worked. The structure is Daunts plan used in the UK stores. Are the SM’s embracing the Cluster... —  read more 

Sad reality

Since I was a kid I loved books and I wanted to work surrounded by books. I thought getting a job at B&N would be a dream come true. Sadly, this place turned what I thought would be a great experience into a nightmare. Three years later and I can't... —  read more 

Forced to sell

Sell, sell, sell, sell... It's become unbearable to listen to it every day. My superior seems to be completely detached from reality. She literally makes us sell titles that are impossible to sell because people just don’t want them. At first I... —  read more 

Head above water

People hating the fact B&N is still surviving and employees are hanging on: hate on the company and the ones in the ivory tower. Give those who work the stores a break. We’re not a– kissers, we’re not brownnosers. We’re just hard working... —  read more 

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