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Wake Up

Nobody is saying anything because they hired a new big wig at the home office and they all think he's going to make the "Big Difference " . well people, he will not. You can expect half of the entire barnes and noble workforce to be unemployed, big... read more

So, how long before BN can't make payroll?

"What $$ would Barnes and Noble pay Costco rent with? I am surprised when a paycheck clears every week. They will be paying employees win Barnsie Dollars before long." Indeed. Way back, when I was in college, I worked in a sub-franchised fast-food... read more


Did you work unpaid overtime hours as a Barnes and Noble Café Manager? If so, you may be owed overtime wages. Shavitz Law Group along with co-counsel Hepworth Gershbaum and/or Spending most of your time performing the same job duties as Café Servers... read more

Everyone is laughing at us!

What corporate mo--n decided booksellers should be walking cash registers? It was bad enough when they wanted us to carry those POS Nooks. Maybe the robots will be ready by the time the company is bankrupt.


What happened Shares of Barnes & Noble (NYSE:BKS) were falling today after the bookstore chain turned in another disappointing earnings report. The retailer lowered its full-year forecast after underwhelming postholiday results in the key holiday... read more


What is the hope for the Music and DVD departments to survive in the larger store in the future? Heard they let go of Head of Music Division in Corporate.

Customer complaints disappeared

On their Facebook page, in the visitors posts, there were lots of postings of horrible customer service & Lack of help in stores since the seasoned employees were fired last year. 99% of them are no longer on the site. Good move BN. Suppress the... read more

CBDMs and MBDMs are NOT paid too much

Whomever thinks this clearly is mis-informed. I am a CBDM. They tried to hire me in at $36,000. I live in CA. At the time, there was no commission. I didn’t accept that, however can tell you, I do not make more than $50,000 annually and furthermore... read more

When are store closures announced?

Is it start of the year, end of the year, or randomly? I haven't been here that long (well, long enough to start worrying about my store closing) so it'd be nice if somebody could tell me how it usually works.

So, Who Is Left...

...At BN? This question is directed mainly at full-timers (what's left of them) and SIMs and ASMs. If you're still there, are you actively looking? Have personal essays posted here and other sites influenced you in your decisions? I'm honestly... read more

Surprising news

Why would anyone buy this dump?

Everyone who works here knows that it's on its deathbed. I seriously doubt Canada's Indigo will be buying BN now. They're having their own share of problems. So when will bankruptcy happen? Any guesses?... read more

Business is horrible

Business is horrible. Sending as many people home early, as possible. Last night , 1 cashier, 1 Merch & me. On a Friday night.closed cafe an hour early, they cleaned up & was out of there half an hour before we closed. Pretty much the same image at... read more

Of course sales are worse

Of course sales are worse. You can’t fire over 3000 ( a more accurate number than what was reported to the public. Fiscal year 2018, BN had approx 629 stores in the US.. Approx 5 positions in the stores were eliminated.Digital, Receiving, Newsstand... read more

DMs and SMs keep driving people out!

And I don't just mean their customers! Sales are much worse than last year at this time and everyone is freaking out. The DMs are showing up all of the time now, driving everyone crazy and the Store Managers are screaming and stressing everyone out!... read more

Upcoming BOOK HAUL

I’m told the upcoming Book Haul promotion is an attempt to sell as much inventory before the ,ever closing in ,bankruptcy. I won’t be buying anything.


I heard something about some long-term Store and District Managers are "being replaced."

I Would Urge...

...those who come here to think about posts before sending them off. By all accounts, BN is in something of a crisis mode (something they are well versed in) over this site. If you are still working at BN, please consider what you post, and make sure... read more

No layoffs for a year?

Someone said today that there would be no layoffs this year and we're safe for one more year. Is this true? Can anybody confirm?

How close are we to bankruptcy?

I was just wondering, how close are we really to bankruptcy? A few years ago I would have laughed at a question like that myself, but lately, all signs point to Barnes & Noble not being able to right its course. And if we continue the way we have... read more

I found out why everyone hates it here.

The DM is a piece of work. It seems not being promoted for decades made them very bitter. They constantly drive our store manager nuts, which in turn, causes the store manager to take it out on us. I also found out how difficult it is to get... read more

4 Retailers on the 2019 Death Watch

Sears, KMart, JC Penney, and you guessed it, Barnes & Noble "Barnes & Noble sales have steadily declined. The company hasn't done anything to reverse that trend other than undertaking some minor tests of selling alcohol in its cafes and adding... read more

Why are OLDER people are targeted?

I know it's not just our store but it seems like age discrimination. Managers would make their lives miserable so they would quit or they would find ways to fire them. My friend is now working at one store which got rid of all of the older women... read more

One more reason to GET OUT

The Census just released its report on Retail Sales during the holiday season (Nov-Dec). It dropped 1.2%, the biggest drop in 9 YEARS! With no one wanting to buy this company, look for more hours cut, layoffs and bankruptcy.

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