Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble

Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble

B&N not loyal

Yuck. These ho-s ain’t loyal. This company is the epitome of corporate he-l. Should you acquire the contract of my school, I will not apply for the job.

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B&N Eastchester

Maybe the store still has a chance to survive now that it’s horrible manager “retired”. She was nasty to customers and got rid of the good staff after COVID. The rest of the management team left too. Now the store is filled with young workers... —  read more 

Store before closing

Some knew in advance that their store would be closed, while some believed that their store would not be closed for some time, so they were surprised when it happened. The atmosphere in my store is terrible and I thought that it would be closed a... —  read more 

How things have changed

I remember people used to say all the time that Barnes & Noble is too big to fail. I wonder if they still feel the same. I think Sears and Enron are the best examples that there is no such thing as a company that is too big to fail. And Barnes &... —  read more 

Unfriendly staff

Just relocated from Florida to work here at an NYC Barnes and Noble and I’m finding the staff to be very unpleasant, now I’m from the south so maybe my sensibilities are a bit different but is that the norm here? I mean everyone at the store is just... —  read more 

Can BN be saved?

I have less and less hope that this is possible. I've been working for another company for a while now, but I'm still sorry that the company I used to love working for has reached the rock bottom.

Everyone is leaving…

We are loosing staff at a record pace. Most staff would jump ship for an extra bucks and a better schedule and who can blame them. We are overworked and their is a huge imbalance in effort. Some work others don’t it ki--s morale and people leave. —  read more 

More closings?

It’s just a rumor, but where there’s smoke there’s fire. Does anyone have more information? I am constantly waiting for closing announcements, because it's no longer possible to expect any changes for the better, unfortunately. When I read the... —  read more 

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