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Is it easy? Nope. Can it be done? Sure

"Everyone says, Get out, now! Where are we supposed to go, if we're middle aged and have done this job for ten years?" I did it, brother (or sister.) Is it easy? Nope. Can it be done? Sure. An amusing anecdote: I'm not what one would call a spring... read more

Stopped trying to make a difference

I care about my store—or at least I try to. I won’t say too much about which position I work, don’t want anyone to narrow it down, but let’s just say I’ve been here at least a few years and know how to do the job right. I’m constantly trying to... read more

One year ago 2/12/18. “Black Monday

BN lies in reports saying approx 1800 were “laid off”. If there’s 4-5 positions in each store deleted times the number of BN stores, then their reporting to Fortune, etc.are not true. Firing good, hard,productive , knowledgeable, long time workers... read more

I cannot do it anymore

The magazine stand in my store is embarrassing. No one wants to help customers because old issues are there, it’s disorganized and frankly most of us know nothing about the section. Steady, loyal customers are disappearing from our store, fed up with... read more

The management lies

Your managers, district managers, will all LIE to keep you there until the end.They KNOW what’s going on but will NOT TELL YOU. They did it last year and they are doing it NOW. If you want to believe they are your friends. THEY ARE NOT. You have only... read more


Anniversary of Black Monday next week. Any predictions on another go around before end of February?

Nobody is safe

Nobody is safe, you goofs. Even in a well-managed, profitable company these days, nobody is safe. And, with BN, which is certainly not a well-managed, profitable company, everybody is doubly unsafe. We can talk for hours how many CEOs can dance on... read more

Ageism is alive and well at B&N.

Let's not be stupid about this, the older employees actually USE their insurance. They get rid of those people however they can. I know two older women at our store were let go at the exact same time. Ageism is alive and well at B&N. The Feb. Layoffs... read more

Are any EX-AMs or SMs on here?

You must have insight on the future. And if B&N didn't pay you off to disappear like most of you! I know a lot of the older people were paid off to disappear.

B&N Stocks keep going DOWN DOWN DOWN
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rumor is severe hourly / shift cuts in stores in feb. everyone affected. you can't survive in a weakened retail world and just depend on holidays to prop you up. get ready to see the weekly checks go on a diet. maybe no layoffs, but you might lose a... read more
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DM’s being let go

Has any current employee heard anything about DM’s on the east coast being let go? Apparently the business development program/sales people are now reporting to the regional BDM and DMs were let go. Hearsay though - and I’m on the west coast. That’s... read more

Store stock levels ?

For those of you who are still at barnes and nobles I would like to know if the cartons being delivered have slowed. Are you still getting the same amount of freight ? Are your receiving rooms looking like a bomb went off in them. Are they still... read more

Minimum Wage Increase

Now that NJ is going to increase their minimum wage by a $1 each year (it's going to $10 in July from $8.85) then $11 next year and so on until it reaches $15 in 2024, how will this affect the company and their never increasing a wage during the year... read more

ASMs are next on the chopping block

Regarding the ASM getting the chop: Demos, in his thankfully short tenure as CEO, announced that certain hourly leads were safe, but their positions would be lost through attrition. The same was said of ASMs; through attrition, most stores would drop... read more


Does your store manager tell you about your store's sales, they should be! We seem to be doing slightly better than plan, though it's the second week of January, we'll see how next week goes. I've heard the big suburb stores are dead. Not a good sign... read more


And more good workers used by Corporate and then discarded... Well it has been a long ride, 30 years to be exact. I began my career with Barnes and Noble back in 1989. Tonight my beloved 2635 closed its' doors for the last time. It was a bitter sweet... read more

Will this be our final year?

Do you think Barnes & Noble will last past 2019? I personally believe we'll go the way of Toys R Us very soon. Times are changing. We didn't adapt quickly enough - or even tried to - and now we are seeing the results of it. That's too bad, though, I... read more

Amazon buying B&N -not a likely outcome

People keep suggesting Amazon will buy the company. I don't see that happening. Their stores are smaller 2.They like to be in high-traffic areas like malls/outlet shopping So why would they want a huge store that stands alone? Better to lease a new... read more

More small-format stores

Looks like the small-store format must be working, since Barnes & Noble just decided to add another one. This is really not good news for those of us working in big stores, though... read more

Barely anybody comes into our store naymore

Honestly, I'm shocked we're still open. Usually around this time of year we'd be seeing major increase in foot traffic. It's been going down over years, but I've never seen as big of a drop as it is right now. I think Barnes & Noble's days are... read more


On the street: Company up for bid and announcement after holidays. So, full timers with health benefits, goodbye.

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