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Can they get away with this?

Can Barnes & Noble really use this as an opportunity to get rid of so many long-term employees with no severance and no chance of returning (we all know that reapplying is a joke?) Is there anything that can be done after all of this is over to... —  read more 

THIS is what’s happening.

Most everyone fired ( can say “laid off” all they want) this cafe MANAGER , told she’ll hear from them if want to REHIRE her ! I was laid off on Saturday by an unknown area manager from New York headquarters. Not even the courtesy of a call from... —  read more 

Many stores will NOT reopen .

I work in CORP. Believe me it’s been discussed. A lot of stores ( the non productive ones) will not reopen. Plan your future now.

Store Closings ??

Daunt closed all the Waterstones last week and today, he closed his own Daunt Books. Several locations across the country have temporarily closed for Barnes and Noble, but when are they all going to close to protect the staff and encourage the... —  read more 


Now they are implementing ON-LINE Orders that can be picked up from your car at some locations. You order, drive up and call the store and tell them your car license plate etc etc and a bookseller will deliver your purchase to your car outside.

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Save Employees, Close it Down

They should close! I mean is it really that important to be open? The one closest to me in NJ is attached to a mall (can't access the mall from within the store though). The governor ordered all malls closed as of 3/17 at 8:00 PM. It seems this... —  read more 

It's Happening

From James Daunt Dear all Events are moving very fast and becoming ever more challenging. These are emotional and stressful times for us all, nowhere more so than for those of you serving customers on our shop floors and in our cafes. Once again... —  read more 


2 year layoff anniversary 2/12/18

It’s been two years, today that the best employees BN had, were laid off ( FIRED). If any of you are on here, how are you doing ?! ( whether anyone admits it, or not, YOU ARE MISSED. Nothings been the same & BN is worse off for you being gone !)


So last week I created a post called Diversity about BN promo on switching out covers of old classic with ones featuring POC. Now that post has been removed. Not sure why, unless "[email protected]@ce" not an allowable word.

Corporate Denial

I just called corporate in NY asking about store closures and liquidation sales. The very rude lady said they are never closing! Amazing how a phone operator knows such detailed information about a major corporation. After she hung up on me, I... —  read more 

BN 2019 W2s

A friend ( laid off .: ie: FIRED from BN, Feb.2018) received email to update if they wanted to receive their W2for 2019, electronically. those mo–nS in the office should’ve been the ones “laid off”.

BN Jobs

BN still has 679 retail jobs available on their website. I find this very hilarious, as they are obviously in peril. Why not just stop hiring now? To hire a new employee and fire them later is horribly cruel. Yet again, those who apply are fools... —  read more 

2020 R.I.P. BN

Hopefully after treating employees like c-ap,treating Customers like c-ap and rewarded with a miserable Christmas season ( that they brought on themselves!) , they’ll close this coming year !

No wonder sales are down

Why are they hiring people who have read two books total in their lives??? This has been going on for several years now... How do they expect people like that to be able to give recommendations, answer any of the customers' questions, and ultimately... —  read more 

January store closings?

I feel like we were given a reprieve by the new owner until after the holiday season not out of the goodness of their hearts, but because they wanted to see how we do and then decide which stores to close and which to keep. Which means we might... —  read more 

Lousy Black Friday sale

This is a Black Friday sale. Mgrs didn’t even schedule heavier than normal today. Sad that this what BN has become.

Calif Age Discrimination lawsuit

This was a comment on another discussion, but it looks important so I'm bumping it up. Class Action suit for age discrimination filed against Barnes & Noble on 11/20/2019... —  read more 

Blog freelancers fired

Where I am, we never hear of anything at the home office, but a friend sent me this news about them firing all their blog writers If they're... —  read more 

World Kindness Day

After the way BN treated their employees in 2018 and continue to be a less than stellar place to work. They have a lot of nerve posting about “world kindness day “

I'm starting to lose hope

I was one of those naive enough to believe that new owners will mean change for the better for us. But now I see that nothing has really changed. On the contrary, things seem to be getting worse, at least in my store. I think I'm starting to... —  read more 

Lipstick on a pig indeed

Been with the company in various capacities for over a decade. This is by far the worst year I've experienced at bn. Stockrooms are overflowing with product, no rhyme or reason to shipments, model numbers, staff are forced to focus entirely on... —  read more 

Larger store, losing money, am i safe?

We are a pretty large store located in the northeast. Our sales have been tanking all year, and we are starting the holiday push deep in the hole. Even our Holiday meeting was cancelled, to save on payroll. If this store is shut down, do you... —  read more 

It's Better

YES! A resounding thumbs up. Barnes & Noble is great. You'll be amongst books (if you love to read) and make great friends. PLUS ...... there isa new owner who is making things even better, Definitely apply and you'll have a good experience. WE get... —  read more 

Same attitude

Saw this on BN Facebook page. Still see that BN thinks they’re above competing and that they have competitors. They’ll lose a $50 sale quibbling over $1.40?!?! Same old attitude. “ I wanted to buy two copies of a $30 hardcover at our local mall. ... —  read more 

The large stores are in danger

The larger stores are the ones most in danger. Properties may be sold that are outright owned by B&N. Too much large space unused. Not enough business to pay the costs. Too little employees on staff to manage a big place. Reposted from... —  read more 


One of my managers said they overheard in a walk-through with the DM that Daunt is down-sizing all B&N superstores.

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