Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble

Topics regarding layoffs at Barnes & Noble


I’ve been thinking about some extra courses that unfortunately cost a lot and I can’t afford them right now. I would love to retrain, fast, cheap and get out of retail completely. I believe there are more of us who would like that. I'm pretty sure I... —  read more 

How long do we have?

Most of us have accepted by now that our jobs at BN come with a not so distant expiration date. What I'm wondering is just how distant it really is. Will BN still be standing three, four years from now or is the impending end even nearer? I don't... —  read more 

Past and Present

For half a decade, the University of Chicago which has the third largest library in the United States has had robots retrieve and return books from and to bookshelves and the circulation desk. Repeat after me. Booksellers are obsolete.

Site Bootlicker

Can the bootlicker who praises BN, please come down to reality? You are living out a fantasy if you think what you say is true. The person is probably from the Framingham, MA store.

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How would you fix BN?

A lot of us resent our superiors for bad business moves, but I wonder if there is any “right” business strategy that would put BN back in the game. Honestly, I don’t know what turnaround in business could help this company right now. To invest... —  read more 

I have to ask

Former employee here. Read this in another thread and I can't wrap my head around it. Did Barnes & Noble really get rid of maintenance staff in the middle of a pandemic?

Don't blame others

Amazon isn’t to blame for BNs bad management. Steve Riggio bailed and all Lenny wanted to do was be a NY big shot. Hanging with Tony Bennett & being in a parade. They kept hiring poor CEOs who made things worse. As long as they can save a buck ( who... —  read more 

Not meant to fail

I love how all these posters are claiming BN is a “sinking ship” or a “dumpster fire” waiting to happen. Seriously? It will be YEARS (if ever) for BN to hit rock bottom let alone fail. The future is digital sales and BN is taking advantage of it... —  read more 

Don’t depend on BN

Many of us are having our hours cut. It’s horrible and some have resorted to finding other part time jobs. You have to do what’s good for you. BN doesn’t care about any of us and they never will. We’re just a number to them. I recently got lucky and... —  read more 

Simply not show up?

BN was my first job which I loved very much at first, however, it is high time to move on. I am applying for a completely different environment and I hope to get that job. However, here I saw that there are those who, after getting a new job, simply... —  read more 

More info?

Well, I am a manager and I can tell you if you haven't been looking for something else, you better start fast because you will be in for a shock. Any chance we can get more info on this? I know whoever posted this probably can't share any details... —  read more 

Show of hands

Let’s all be honest here. How many who still work at BN are actively looking for another job? Let’s just do a numbers count and reasons why we are looking to leave. It will show what areas we as employees find lacking and think need improving. I’ll... —  read more 

How are stores doing?

Less than a week before Christmas and we are as dead as a doornail. If we are lucky we’ll get 2-3 customers every couple of hours. I don’t see us making sales anytime soon - or in the distant future. The hours still s—, but at least I’m using the... —  read more 


The managers including the the asm and sm use WeChat to gossip about the booksellers. You can’t say anything in confidence to these people without all the managers knowing about it


SIMs (formerly merch managers) will no longer exist going forward from january. the position becomes something else and the number in store is reduced. the only true management positions in a store will be the SM and ASM. everything else is lateral... —  read more 

Check this %'ish out!!! This could have been written a year and a half ago (it probably was) Proof that Daunt has NO IDEA on how to save BN!

ARTS James Daunt: the British bookseller saving Barnes & Noble The ex-banker who rescued Waterstones is now doing the same for the biggest book chain in the US. He tells Will Pavia his plans James Daunt: “There is no difference to book-selling on... —  read more 

Uptight management

You would think after this place has been destroyed sales wise that the management would loosen up and allow bookseller's more autonomy in how we merchandise or in general set up our floors and tables But I have found since we have been back they... —  read more 

What happens next?

I saw on another thread that employees were getting an announcement of their store closing. Were you also told what happens after closures? Will you be able to transfer to another location? Are you offered some type of retention bonus to remain to... —  read more 

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