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13,000 Layoffs

Office Depot is planning to cut 13,100 employees and close an unspecified number of retail stores and distribution centers as it restructures its operations and doubles down on IT services, a business line the company has in recent years made inroads... —  read more 

COVID-19 is just an excuse

Somebody mentioned this in another thread and I couldn't agree with them more: there was no need for these layoffs. The company simply wanted to get rid of as many people as they could (which they've been trying to do for a long time now) and they... —  read more 

Gerry wants retail gone

At the most recent town hall, Gerry was ending with a message and during that, he was talking about B2B and Retail. He said a retailer is valued at 2-6 times the EBITDA of their business and a B2B company is valued at 8-15 times.... He then said... —  read more 

Copy center manager

I have been with the company a long time over 25 years.. Im very disappointed in this company. at the end I worked 7 to 8 hours a day with no break or lunch break and then time to leave not even a card or a farewell good bye!!! I just say I hope im... —  read more 

Now is the time to leave

This used to be a good company to work for, they stopped paying for any holidays, They are fixing to sink and I can see why, you can not run a store sitting in a office, They would rather you waste your time in getting a rewards card instead of... —  read more 

Writing was on the wall

I joined OD about 2yrs ago and left after 6months on the job. It was nerve wrecking on-boarding while at the same time watching people walk out to the parking lot with white/brown boxes. I recall CEO during mothly townhalls would call "AMZN" the... —  read more 

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At the request of Office Depot, Palm Beach County could terminate the $100,000-a-year incentive program it has with the office supply retailer.

At the request of Office Depot, Palm Beach County could terminate the $100,000-a-year incentive program it has with the office supply retailer. The deal was put in place to incentivize Office Depot Inc. (NASDAQ: ODP) to build and keep its... —  read more 

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Icing on the cake

Severances were supposed to be paid today and they can’t even get that right! As if being laid off was not enough, some people got their severance direct deposited and some didn’t, I am one that did not. What a joke. You’re welcome for the 26 years... —  read more 

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Left behind

I am won of the associates that were left behind. In the past when the company was looking to do a restructure/RIF they would reach out to senior associates to see if they were interested in early retirement with a severance package. I would have... —  read more 

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