Topics regarding layoffs at Pier 1 Imports Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Pier 1 Imports Inc.


Hawaii stores are closing because the cost to operate is too high. Rent is very high, and the cost to get the product from the main land is outrageous too. Payroll is high, it’s just a bad mix. Companies who are there probably are only there to have... —  read more 

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They Filed this morning!. What do you think is going to happen?

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Does anyone know anything about the FC?

We're being told that we are the only FC and we shouldn't worry. However, today there is a guy here that I recognize from corporate. With him is a guy with a badge that says UPS, and he's taking pictures of our conveyors and such.

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Still no official list

I find it funny and sad that there is still no official list of which Pier 1 stores are closing, yet a simple online search provides plenty of articles on closing of individual stores that it is very much possible to put together a full list from... —  read more 

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oh no don’t be silly

My heart is so sad- worked at a store that is closing and even as we pushed through Christmas we’re told “oh no don’t be silly” I feel so dirty because I knew in my heart- completely sad for my career colleagues... this was just a second job to... —  read more 

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Why lie to us?

Why swear our store is not closing just a few weeks ago and now drop a bomb on us that it is? How little do you have to think of your employees to treat them like that? I'm not sure if I'm more sad, disappointed, or angry about the way this whole... —  read more 

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What's the situation with severance? Who is eligible to get it? All full-timers? How much is it per year? Knowing that severance is a guarantee would make all of this much more bearable.

Is there a list or no?

I can't find a list anywhere on the internet and trust me, I've been looking. Every place I look has the same info: 450 stores closing amid fears of bankruptcy, yadda, yadda, yadda... Could it be the case that store managers have been notified... —  read more 

Pier 1 Lay Offs today

Deep employee cuts and more store closings to be announced. More DCs being closed and possible building update for their headquarters. Pier 1 possibly leaving down town Fort Worth?

More closings

Pier 1 Kapolei Hawaii Closing in December 2019 As far as I know, this was not on any previous lists. Which means that closings are continuing. Have there been any more announcements in the past few months? I hate they are doing this sneakily... —  read more 

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Mansfield Closed

Notice Received on: Jan 07, 2019 Company: Pier 1 Imports-Mansfield County: Tarrant WDA: Tarrant County WDA Number of employees laid off: 65 Layoff date (end): Mar 08, 2019 Layoff date (start): Jan 08, 2019 City: Mansfield Source: The State of Texas... —  read more 

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List of Pier 1 Stores Closing

Does someone have a list of Pier 1 stores that will be closed? I am reading multiple reports today and it looks like 100+ stores may be shut down. I found a brief list on the web, it has about 10 stores on it but these listed are the ones that got... —  read more 

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Layoffs on the horizon

Continued decline in sales are resulting in the need for another round of layoffs. At some time in the next 60-90 days expect to see 50-100 layoffs throughout the company.

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