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Furlough Extened

My furlough got extended to the 27th. My store was to reopen on the 13th. Makes me wonder if they reopening at all?

Calls back to work.

Have there any full timers been called back to work? How about department managers are you getting phone calls from your stores? In the store I work for, somehow there is only room for part timers. Is this right?


Just got the call extended until June 27, Next update June 19.

How is this even ok

So I am not complaining about going back to work. I love my job. My problem is I was told we were furloughed through the 13th of June by email and a phone call. My daughter is active military and I only get to see her when she can come home. She made... —  read more 

Quit the whining

All I see on here are people complaining they have to go back to work and cant get unemployment anymore. But yet I guarantee most of you are out of the house everyday shopping or what not. The $600 will be over soon and then you'll have to have a... —  read more 

Furloughed or not

So your an employee that gets the 6am email on Friday May 22nd stating that your furloughed until June 13th, but then you get a call On Saturday May 23rd to come back to work on Monday May 25th. But you’ve already made childcare accommodations... —  read more 

Who do I contact?

My store opens to the public tomorrow.Our front end lead is not brought back...he was called back but he has limited availability so will be one of the last called back, but when I was called back I had no choice even though my hours changed...or I... —  read more 


I returned to work last week, got around 40 hours because we were opening up to the public on Friday. This week I got 15 hours ??? WTF asked MGRS about it and was told that the store payroll was cut. Why bother to bring me off of furlough ? Yes... —  read more 

Stopping Hazard Pay

They are stopping our hazard pay at our store once we open to the public next week. It is mandatory to wear gloves and masks.... but for some reason, working isn't hazardous? HMM.

Fridays update

anyone have any ideas about fridays call? i know we r furloughed AT LEAST til the 13th but Im wondering if we r going to start opening or not for the CTS stores that have been closed since March

I Can’t Believe Some Of You

I started coming here to get info on what was going on with our company because half the time we are kept in the dark. For good or bad like many of you I choose to stay with them. And I thought this was a place to get support and information. But the... —  read more 

Canada BBB getting hazard pay...

Got emailed and called to come back to work and said I would be back. Was told associates were going to be getting hazard pay but not sure for how long which is fine. Turns out its only for a week after opening (seriously?) Not sure if its the same... —  read more 

new executive order

Governor Cuomo announced he is signing an executive order allowing private businesses to deny people if they are not wearing masks. "I have been working to communicate this message about masks and how effective they are. They are deceptively... —  read more 


so who has the inside info about CTS opening in NY

Hazard pay?

We’ve been told we will be receiving it. Does anyone when or how much?

Stores that have opened, how did it go?

We've been BOPIS for a while and now have an opening date. The number 1 call has been about returns. For those that have opened, how did the first day go? Were you slammed with returns? How were the customers? Did you hit capacity and have to limit... —  read more 

Going back sooner then we were told

When this furlough happened it was extended until June 5th. My question is can they make us come back before then? I got a call today saying I have to go back Monday. I don’t have child care for my kids until June1. I know I can’t and won’t get... —  read more 

Furlough Extended

CEO just sent a message out . Furlough extended to at least June 13 with only 500 stores set to open then

Emails are out

Got an email saying we are closed till June 13 and will have another update email on June 5.

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Not everyone is a fit to work with the public

I have worked in retail and with the public many years. People are often rude. Some are also nice. Not everyone is a fit to work with the public. Just seeing some of the posts on this board I can tell it. I am not trying to sound mean but if you are... —  read more 


If the store is not in adequate safe conditions to house employees, you are in every right to decline to go back to work. In fact you could report them through the state. So this whole “if you decline to work you lose your unemployment” is a whole... —  read more 

NY/NJersey area

The state is starting to reopen slowly but still under strict regulations. Non-essential business allowed to operate curbside. As far as office work, I don’t think corporate workers are in the union headquarters. Few weeks ago some people received... —  read more 

Nearly had a heart attack this morning...

Never read the news before you have your coffee - the first thing I saw this morning was that Bed Bath & Beyond is closing 50 stores permanently. Then I spent half an hour stressing and trying to figure out which stores are closing, just to finally... —  read more 

Fridays call

Cant wait to get this call friday and see whats in store for the rest of us that havent opened at all yet, should be interesting


Back to work tomorrow in AZ. Bopis and curbside pickup starting Tuesday. Skeleton crew only.

Curbside stores rant

Someone please tell me it's just the store I'm at that customers are being beyond rude. I'll admit it now, I've cried every shift. People keep calling to yell over returns, tell us how awful we are for not opening and just being plain out disgusting... —  read more 

Curbside starts Friday...

So my store has the store manager, ops manager, receiving full timer And then 3 part timers called back to work starting this what most stores are doing??

Does anyone know????

Why are only some stores being opened for curbside pick up in the same state and not others? All stores in my district have opened for curbside except for 3.

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