Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Fairy Doors

Must be nice to have enough time in the day to sit around and color Fairy Doors!!! The preschoolers must not have anything better to do. Like maybe WORK and be productive. Great leaders lead by example. So much for that. Great job!! NOT

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marketwatch recently posted an article about how BBB is shortening store hours and turning air conditioning down (or would it be up?) in stores to save money. i also just saw a notice on zipline reminding us of the confidentiality agreement and not... —  read more 

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New working concept

Has anyone heard of the new working concept?? Supposed to be departments handling their own freight-soft side working freight that’s been processed do the , put away, merchandise items, pricing and back-stock all in one concept. Same goes for hard... —  read more 

Family vs. business

I find it funny that when I'm needed to do extra work, to stay longer, to come in on my day off, then we're all one big happy family and that's why I should help out. When I need something, when I need to leave early, when I want to be paid for my... —  read more 

Out of stock

We are out of stock on the most basic merchandise the customers are looking for twin mattress pads, ironing boards, kitchen timers, TOILET SEATS ! They need to get these basic items into the stores or game over. Every day I get yelled at because we... —  read more 

Management is crazy

Especially in InfoTech. I feel no regrets having left this dump. In infotech, there is a top guy who literally hired their buddy from a previous job ( Jos A Bank ) that they were both canned from, and made their friend a "director", with NO... —  read more 


Any other stores LOADED with UGG? It is unbelievable the amount my A volume stores gets in, in a week. I have 58 charcoal Devon but I have no king size mattress pads in any brand to sell my customers! Insane!

New store managers

Has anyone else realized they are hiring these new store managers off the street, that don't know anything. What happened to promoting from within. Guess they can pay them less is the real reason. Good managers are getting passed over and leaving... —  read more 

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what a bust!

This big sale this weekend has done nothing to boost sales in my store. Very sad we cant sell our own brands at cheap prices, customers still dont want it. Not looking good for our future here.

How cr---y is this

So after working for this company for 8 years and having the same morning schedule I look at my schedule they go and change it. I try to explain to my manager that the schedule is against my availability since I have another job and that she approved... —  read more 

Plan and execute?

We have corporate making quick decisions that are not rolled out well and the stores have to try and make sense of it all. Don’t tell me that it’s just reactions to market conditions. Stores are told to plan, have great routines and execute to a... —  read more 

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