Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

The chaos is fun

Losing my job is not ideal, but I'd lie if I said I was not enjoying the chaos at our store in these last days. Nothing is going the way it's supposed to and nobody seems to care all that much. I know I sure don't. All I'm doing is milking as much as... —  read more 

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Complete chaos

Store 53 receiving department is in complete chaos. 303 Fed ex was received on Tuesday. 855 was received on Wednesday which had to be uploaded piece by piece by the operations manager and receiving manager. 695 was received on Thursday. Not to... —  read more 


I know we are near the end but these liquidator guys are nuts. I know we have to listen to them but is anyone else having issues with what they want us to do. Mine calls me on the hour and if I don’t answer I get a bunch of texts.

Upcoming freight

Has any stores in the Socal area gotten their massive freight they were supposed to get? We were told to be ready for a trailer full of product was coming but was recently told now they canceled it. I hope we don't get sh-t, I like having nothing to... —  read more 

One Month Left

Only one month left (or just over) before BBB and Baby are gone. From what I can tell with my local stores people aren't even buying merchandise in liquidation, even more there is hardly any foot traffic in the stores. Shocked there aren't more open... —  read more 

Final Pay

Wave 4 SM here These mo--ns can’t just let me leave without an issue Closed on the 23rd 24 years with company and still haven’t received my final pay. District HR said It was in mail MyHR service center agrees with me says I wasn’t paid and they... —  read more 

California Warn Notice

Has anyone seen a Warn notice filed for California? I’ve been looking but maybe I’m not looking in the right place. If we’re slated to close June 30, wouldn’t they have needed to file by April 30?


I’ve never gone through a liquidation and I don’t know about anyone else out there but it is pure he-l. I don’t think I can make it to the end. The customers are viscous and nasty. I’ve been told off and yelled at for the past two days. Where have... —  read more 


Is anyone else being told to use all your pto before we close? I was really hoping to keep it and get a payout at the end for an extra check.


They stopped taking them on Tuesday yet thousands of customers got theirs in the mail today 2 days past the cutoff date and expected to use them. They can’t even go out of business correctly! They have done bad by their employees and now by their... —  read more 

Who do we blame

Was it Covid that caused the death of BBB or do we blame SG or MT or ST. SG was just the clean up man. MT and his clowns sucked the company dry and they are laughing all the way to the offshore bank. ST was too busy kissing the shareholders a** to... —  read more 

Employee discount

Employee discount last day is 5/3. Just another crappie thing they are doing for their employees. I’m sure no severance is next for NJ employees. They will be gone so who would get in trouble with the new law. Nobody to fine or sue.

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