Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Here’s my dilemma

When I hired on with BBB it was PT. I already had a part time job somewhere else and was required to bring in my schedule so the manager could work around it. Well now my manager is telling me that I have to prioritize BBB over my other job (which... —  read more 

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FG has passed away. So sad that he won’t be able to see the big changes at BBB.

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More Hours?

I’ve been reading the articles about our new branding campaign, the home happier campaign. There is good news as they say it focuses on the store as well as online. We should be getting more hours in the store to implement this and ensure customers... —  read more 

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Employees Happier

The Home Happier campaign is great for customers, maybe. On the other hand, Employee Happier. No not at all. At our store we can't hire anyone, their not even applying. Or when an interview is done (if they actually come in) there told $10... —  read more 

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I have worked for BBB for over 10 years now and I feel that there is a positive change to how this business is run. Every week MT puts out some type of communication of what’s happening. Never before have the greedy good old boys have done that. ST... —  read more 

Just out of curiosity

How many have quit BBB without giving notice or just stopped coming into work? How many have been able to find a job shortly afterwards? And how many regret quitting because you’re still unemployed? And what were your reasons for walking away? Was... —  read more 


Are accidents on a rise at your store? We are getting in too much freight, too little associates and rushing around to get things done. Our store has had 3 accidents in the past month! Now we can’t use top stock space and can not pog behind the... —  read more 

End Of Year Conversation

What a joke! What work am I proud of? Nothing. What's there to be proud of? I managed to not actually lose my s*** even though I was straddling the edge. Most impactful learning experience? Being furloughed taught me that the majority of my stress... —  read more 

Working slow? Really?

Has anyone gotten a remark lately that they work too slowly? I can’t be completely objective, but it seems to me just the opposite, I’m working faster than ever. And more than ever. They are full of remarks that do not motivate at all, but destroy... —  read more 

Another uninspiring Tuesday

I don’t know if Monday, Tuesday or the end of the week is harder for me? Every day is so dull here. It’s hard to find any inspiration to work here anymore. My only inspiration for now is paycheck to be able to pay the bills and the free time I use to... —  read more 

Merchandise Transfers

Our store is being told to start transfers to other stores next week and last week we started getting some clearance merchandise transferred in. The SM said we are just heavy with merch compared to other stores, but we don’t have that much merch. ... —  read more 

District help!

Does anyone else have issues getting that district staff to help!?!?! I will text my dm and not hear anything back period. Then get asked by her why I didn’t I reach out. Then if you miss one thing you get your tail kicked. But if they miss something... —  read more 

Customer loyalty?

It is funny to me when I hear from some colleagues that the loyalty of former customers still helps this company a lot. I don’t know how they draw those conclusions, but what I do notice is that BBBY is increasingly losing the loyalty of its... —  read more 

Tax hikes

Do you think we will survive the biggest federal tax increase in 30 years plus corporate taxes going back up? Or will that billion dollar renovation be in vain? Inflation from this last bill is also supposed to hit us this year. It will be a battle... —  read more 

What comforts you?

Since I haven’t found a new job yet, I’m still here. I try to somehow find something positive every day that keeps me together to make it easier for me to get through my work day. I take comfort in telling myself that all this stress is bearable... —  read more 

Needing help

I keep putting applications in either online or in person but so far I have had no luck and this has been an ongoing search for almost a year. I am not sure if it’s my resume, or lack of descriptions in it. I am not good at this sort of thing so any... —  read more 


Received word today that more stores are closing (obviously!) was informed location in Dover, NH will be part of this new list. Please list new closures here as they become more known. Hopefully a list will be made from this.

Change of location

I’m new to BBBY and need to move to a new city soon, so I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with changing locations? Is it even possible for me to switch from the store where I am now to the store in the city where I am moving? .. —  read more 

New Madix fixtures

Did anyone actually get the correct parts to build the new fixtures we were all sent? If we put the parts from all our district we can build a complete set of 6. 🤡 Show

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Employee Morale

Not trying to bust people here....but employee morale is LOW right now! Many Full time employees are basically shaking wondering if their job is on the line. And as for the Part time teenagers....we are getting constant call outs and kids on their... —  read more 


Getting a lot of comments the last few days from customers asking if we are closing. I know our shelves are bare but they honestly look BETTER than they did in January. That and we got a lot of new inventory in this week (Newell, Essentially Basic... —  read more 

Great to See

That everyone of the former Regional Vice Presidents are still looking for work according to LinkedIn profiles. Does my heat well to see they are suffering like they made many of us suffer throughout their leadership run. They are getting exactly... —  read more 

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