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That survey from last November

Remember that survey from last November that we filled out. We got a chance to talk about our leaders in the building and the moral in the store? Clearly that meant nothing to the CEO and the upper management. Can’t imagine they have figured... —  read more 

Closed Thanksgiving Day.

It's, so typical for BBB to inform there employees first. Had to read it on social media, that we're joining the big boy stores on closing Thanksgiving.

Shanghai Office Closure Announced Today

Bed Bath and Beyond closed the Shanghai Sourcing Office today leaving its plans for direct sourcing and cost savings largely unknown. Bed Bath & Beyond continues to leave money in the pockets of the domestic vendor community instead of posting... —  read more 


Anyone an ASM that has been let go or know of any that have been let go. Is there severance for them?

Are more corporate layoffs looming?

I heard rumors about August??? It is hard to work and concentrate on business if you are afraid each week might be your last! After seeing how they have handled it in the past am dreading the future. I loved my job here until about a year ago :(

Clearing out the wearhouses???

Does anyone else feel like they are clearing out the wearhouses? We keep getting shipments of stuff the N or stuff we don’t need yet have lots of holes through out the store

Stepping down

Anyone familiar with long term managers stepping down. They grandfathed back to 47.5 hours as a sup and their pay before? Or they forced to go to 40 at the cap pay now?

Mask mandate

We have a mask mandate by state and company but we have no backing from managers. We are to let it go. I'm not helping anyone without a mask.

Thanksgiving off?

Mark Triton needs to get out of his house and get to the office If Bed Bath is closed on Thanksgiving it’ll be because 1) We can’t get enough staff hired to handle the business. 2) We can’t get our people and customers to socially distance now... —  read more 

Another day I wish it would get better.

Yep, hours are cut because of not being open as usual. But still the hours given to stores to deal with is a disaster. We are a CDS fulfilment order store, product in and to sales floor. Then we pull it to send out. The amount of freight coming thru... —  read more 

Customer complaints on the rise

This company is really dropping the ball with its online business. I work at a high volume store and helped many customers place orders online. Some orders were placed a month ago and still hasn't shipped. So many customers have complained to me... —  read more 


CPWM just laid off all Department Heads and select Supervisors based on their store volume 7/27/20. Title changes for General Managers changed to Store Manager and Supervisors to Assistant Managers. Stores will only be hiring part-time associates... —  read more 

Ngs stores?

Anyone know the poo on what’s up with NGS stores? Word on the street is we are shopping Christmas tree shop which is where that merchandise comes from. Also there is the small detail that we are no longer staffed to build all the furniture that comes... —  read more 

Covid sick time?? Or take leave

If someone in your home has to quarantine untill a negative result is given and the family is also asked to you get paid as a full timer? Or do I have to take a leave Do I get extra paid sick days or take a leave?


Target starts at $15 a hour nationwide for the lowest position. Publix and Kroger are giving out bonuses to ALL employees. Sam’s and Costco start at a minimum of $14 to gather carts. The list goes on and on. Loyalty is beginning to run thin when... —  read more 

Is this what BBB policy is ??

Quarantine and paid leave for 14 days for any associate who tests positive for COVID-19 to recover from the illness. Notification, quarantine and paid leave for up to 14 days for associates who have been in close contact with the associate who... —  read more 

Layoffs despite better sales?

So, stores record positive sales, the stock goes up, and what are employees rewarded with? More layoffs. Are you kidding with this? What does it take for BBB to get off our backs? What kind of sales improvement are they looking for to stop laying off... —  read more 

California stores

to immediately close again due to a spike in COVID-19 cases. Just when we just got rolling ! And other states, Arizona, Florida and more !!! Will we see more store closing ?? Stay safe folks, and wear a MASK !

What BBB stores will closed ?

Other questions in today's presentation include potential asset sales, inventory reduction, and plans for growth. But Bed Bath & Beyond is deferring some of the details for now. It plans to hold an investor day in October to provide more detailed... —  read more 

Major corporate layoffs coming

The list is ready and in the hands of HR and Lawyers to sort out all the details now. Total reductions are close to $30M for corporate with IT taking the big portion of that. It’s said, but the executives are incentivized to make the SG&A goals... —  read more 

Florida Coronavirus is out of control !

The fried chicken chain KFC has closed dining rooms in corporate-owned stores in Florida because of the escalation in coronavirus cases in the state, according to a letter seen by Reuters. Just read this, and does this indicate what is to come again... —  read more 

It’s going to be all C and D volume stores

The company has not announced it, but it will be all C & D volume stores that are closing. There are about 200 or so of them In the company and they are now considered dead weight given the costs to run them are too high, and are unprofitable from... —  read more 


Does anyone know or think that decisions have been made about store closures? All of a sudden stores are getting surprise visits that usually means something is going down! Who comes in and tells the store I always heard is was the RM and DM or is... —  read more 


Does anyone know when they are supposed to be announcing the stores?

Store closing- what to expect

I wanted to supply a list of warning signs I wish I saw when the last company I worked for went under, so that you all don’t become blindsided as I was. Slow down of freight Exodus of Talent- those truly good at their jobs, and truly in sync... —  read more 

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