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Bed Bath and Beyond Layoffs 2018

Whenever you think there will be no layoffs/job-cuts/RIFs they change the approach. Now all people are talking about job cuts in Union.
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Bad Bath & Beyond forgot its core values

The downfall for Bed Bath has not been Amazon but forgetting their core values. In chasing Omni Channel they forgot the 85% of total sales in the stores. Replaced managers that cared and drove business with cheaper hours and replaced what is in the... read more

Still no new job

So half way with the severance and no job as of yet! Interviews yes but the money that has been offered is $12,000. to $20,000. difference, Gonna stick it out. There has to be something for me! Hope others are employed again. I'm sorry to hear that... read more

They weren't going to rehire anyone

They weren't going to rehire anyone they laid off in 6 months, and the only reason they gave 6 months, was to see if anyone was going to file a EEOC charge against them, that is the allotted time to file. Because of the foolishness that they pulled... read more


Your new CTO was the CIO at my old company. See how he did.

More layoffs and closures incoming

Confirmed: spoke with a regional manager, this person said the district staff knew, and that they needed to let go anyone who wasn't going to be promoted right away, and anyone making too much money, and to promote others to asm before layoffs... read more

Bad quarterly results = more layoffs

So, anybody thinking what I am thinking? Huge sales drop that is followed by a huge drop in share prices is not good news for the company, but it's even worse news for us. We've seen the thinking of Bed Bath and Beyond leadership in the past months:... read more

Not surprised at ALL

So besides messing up the early paycheck debacle now it's taken them 3 weeks to figure out how much COBRA subsidy they are willing to co pay. Right Management is also a poor attempt at saving face ... nice try but very poor execution.
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Bed Bath & Beyond Layoffs

Worked for the company for many years and they are struggling partly because the company bought back billions of shares, at the expensive of many being layed off, just to enrich themselves. They can't make up the shortfall on wall street, even by... read more

Things will get better

I worked for BBBY for more than 8 years and got out more than a year ago. New management team was hired to implement new initiatives more than 5 years ago. 5 years after, they have done nothing but screw the company by hiring more than 50 highly paid... read more

More layoffs incoming

My manager told us at our morning meeting that this round is likely not the last round of layoffs. This was said with district and regional staff in attendance. If you survived the initial layoffs, and you're management, be prepared for what could be... read more

Unethical Firing at BBB

[See more here: ] - Neil Harrison has dedicated his career to exposing corruption and unethical business practices, and standing up for those who have been mistreated. From his fight against the unethical firings at... read more
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BB&B to close up to 100 stores

It seems that this round of layoffs was just the beginning for Bed Bath and Beyond... The company is renegotiating its soon to expire leases, and depending on deals it can or can't make, planning to close up to 100 stores... read more

are more cuts ahead

All the battleworn left behind are wondering who or what level is next. Very hard to get back to whatever normal is now esp as there has been no communication from anyone Dist or Reg. Zero. We are all traumatized at what just happened and now come... read more

Expanding amid layoffs

To say that BBB isn't growing or "expanding" is to ignore the recent corporate acquisitions of three companies, Personalization Mall - an online retailer for $190million, Decorist - an online interior design service, and Chef Central - specialty... read more
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Current Lawsuit

Does signing the severance agreement mean that we are not entitled to any monies paid from current class action lawsuits? I believe Bed Bath and Beyond is currently being sued for not claiming assistants exempt from overtime and by not paying time... read more

Important FSA info

Important information, if anyone was enrolled in the FSA with benefits, submit your receipts ASAP ( like this weekend). If you submit receipts that are dated before your termination date, they will pay out up to your maximum for the total year. Extra... read more

Attorney info on possible legal action

I spoke to an employment attorney yesterday regarding signing the agreement not to sue in exchange for getting the severance package. She said she has represented former BBB employees before, their employment attorneys are very savvy, and it's very... read more


First, I want to say to those who were blindsided by the massive layoffs, I'm so sorry! I pray that better opportunities come your way. Now, the return policy. We have customers return old coffee makers, toasters, blenders etc.. to the point where... read more

Returns are out of control

Coupon policy needs to be reworked and returns are out of control. We are known as Bed Bath and Borrow. While other factors were involved, this is one of the biggest reasons we have been failing lately. I don't think that anybody has such lax return... read more

Age discrimination lawsuit

Of course we are all pissed off about what happened, but let's recognize it for what it is, that the company saw a way to save money. This had nothing to do with executive salaries and field office staffing levels. Each of us need to get over this... read more

Laid off 8/3/2017...

The why? Once again the greed of a company becomes the most important thing. 2 months to 5 years of service with bed bath, 17 years of total experience let go because the millionaire need more millions. This is only the beginning for this company... read more
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Deja Vu

0509 was one of the few stores that wasn't hit by the layoffs. Seriously in shock and a little worried actually. I'm not a manager but JCPenney went down the same way. Hoping i still have a job in a year.
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Phone Call

Has anyone gotten the phone call that was promised from company to help us yet? I was told that we would receive the call today!
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119, 358, 1104 all got hit

119, 358, 1104 all got hit - I am not well informed but based on the comments below it looks like layoffs are company-wide - BBB will certainly save a ton of money by not paying those managers that have been there for years. While they may save money... read more
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Great Opportunities

Blick Art Materials has management opportunities available in multiple cities.

Work Experience Lost

My BBB store located in small college town. Our turnover rate with the college kids close to 90%. A lot of them didn't think they would actually have to work. Axed 2 floor Mgrs. out of 3 - watching all that knowledge with close to 20 yrs. between... read more

Sad loss in expierience

This is a business .. it is about money. I've been watching managers drop out and be replaced by non expierienced hourlys for pennies on the dollar for a few years now. I've watched as payroll for stores has been bare boned. Is it savy to eliminate... read more

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