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Bleak Future

Stock continues to hit record lows even after shuttering a handful of stores and laying off 900 valuable employees. I’d be concerned about more aggressive closures and possibly more layoffs after the holiday season.
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What a c-ap company!!!!

Look at the stock represents greed from the top big time! The founders hording all their pennies earned not giving back!!! It gives me such pleasure to see such a cheap company squirm in a changing retail environment. Too little to... read more
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Stores cloing

No more layoffs? I’m at a store who is, quite literally, closing its doors on Sunday. Do you mind sharing what store that is? And if anybody else know if other stores have been affected? I haven't heard anything about closing stores in quite a while... read more

Being on this site is so entertaining

Most of the Dept Managers I know got way better jobs with bonus and stock options. Makes me laugh at all of you still at BBB having to listen to all your District staff b--ching and you and belittling you like you are less than human. Bitter? I don’t... read more

Bitter & disgruntled?

To those of you that are positive that the company is doing fine, and call people who speculate about closures/layoffs bitter and disgruntled: what is it, exactly, that brought you to The Lay-off in the first place, and why do you stick around?

Failing our customers and failing ourselves

As you look inside out, you start to realize that this is the beginning of the end. Not only we are failing our customers, we are failing ourselves. We continue to dig into the same thinking, following the same people, keep doing the same things, and... read more

Facts speak louder than fiction and rumors...

Just posted at Forbes... "But maybe it’s a new way to look at things, and maybe it allows the company to stake out a different territory in the marketplace, one not so focused on price and selection. It should be said that all of the dire predictions... read more

Layoffs after Thanksgiving?

Layoffs will happen after Thanksgiving!! Is this just a wild guess or has somebody in the know actually said something on this?

Can we benefit from Sears' bankruptcy?

I'm not trying to make light of Sears bankruptcy because I can imagine how people working there feel right now, but does anybody else think that this can work in our favor? That's one major (semi)competitor off the market, at least partially. Could... read more

BBB is going bankrupt...

BBB is going bankrupt... More Large Layoffs coming this week. (Oc 19). They hire this guy to revamp the company and cut costs.. All they did was pay him 16 million to slash jobs and now the customers and staff suffer. Do you think this CEO cares??... read more

What’s next

Stock closed at 13.90. It just keeps getting worse. Sales in my region are terrible. Analyzing the lod sheets aren’t going to boost sales. ST needs to own up to his failure and get out.

Less than a year to last....

With the trend the company is going, they will be following the footsteps just like sears. This is going to be a tuff ending of the 2018 for bbby. I’m pretty sure a lot of store leases are coming up at the end of the year or some at the beginning of... read more
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Stocks Are Rising!

All you negative people need to take watch - BBBY stock is way up today!! I have a feeling investors are seeing the great things going on and are looking to BBBY as the place to go for life events! I’m excited in our future even more today. I love... read more

Back from the dead

With the news today of Toys R Us and Babies R Us in the process of making a comeback, this is not news BBBY was expecting.
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Call Adam Sandler and make Click 2 happen.

Another reason why bed bath beyond market went up back then was that they were advertise in pop culture like Click. After that movie was release stock market value increase since it draws traffic into the stores. I don't remember the last time they... read more
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Spending more money for what

Corporate is quoted on 9/27, they are bringing in two management companies to help cut costs and bring in new merchandise. So what are they doing with the people in corporate who’s jobs it is to cut cost and bring in new merchandise. Nothing. So... read more

We are going the way of TRU and Sears

Looks like we are headed to become the next name on the list of failed retailers. The way this company is being run right now will only lead us into bankruptcy and liquidation. I'm not even sure there is anything left to do with this CEO at top that... read more

BBB is rapidly losing value

I know there are a million factors that impact the stock prices, but in this case it's hard not so se the direct link between BBB’s poor performing and the decline of it’s stock. So we are in free fall, without a question. However, I can’t say that... read more
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SM Weekends Off

Must be SO nice to be a SM in charge of your own schedule. You can hardly come to work anyway and now set up a new supervisor to take your weekend shift so you can now have weekends off AND not close at all??? Who the hell do u think u are?? PNW... read more

Part timers running the stores soon

I can’t wait to see when part timers are going to be keyholders and running the stores. If you can get them to show up, that will be a miracle. At least you won’t have to give them lunch breaks so the won’t be smoking joints in their cars like they... read more

Why doesn’t everyone see what’s going on?

If you are an employee with benefits you can bet you will be let go for some reason or another. There will be only a handful of full time employees left when the smoke clears. I just amazed how employees are hanging on saying my SM had my back, your... read more
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To the CEO...

Dear Mr CEO....thank you for the email you sent myself and my fellow managers. After this past rocky qtr, this email put my mind at ease. Its great knowing we are headed in the right direction, with you leading the way. I to, believe we will come out... read more

Prepare yourselves accordingly

The company is in a tough spot right now, of which a lot has been brought on by themselves. Yes Amazon, wayfair, walmart etc are eating our lunch, but bbby has not done anything to stop the bleeding besides destroying morale and motivation. Take care... read more

Ghost town

I'm part of one of the biggest, busiest stores yet the last two months have been dead. Just wanting to check and see if this is going on elsewhere? Oh yeah, what happened to the beyond plus push? That's been dead. We barely get beyonds as well.
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Remodel Insanity

Bbb fired the man in charge of fixtures at the remodels. He was with the company 25 years. One by one they are being let go...who’s next?

Stock is down again, get out while you still can.

2nd quarter report is released and this stock dropped 15 percent in the after market. There's no gain in sight you're better off leaving unless this company is bought out by Amazon's and make it there new dropped of and pick up location.

Where are the Store Managers?

Now Area Managers get 4 stores but those stores don’t have Store Managers? That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Very sad. This company was destroyed by their own people, not Amazon.
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Closings continue

I know this is coming as no surprise to anybody, but more locations are closing. The latest one is in Niskayuna . The Bed Bath and Beyond in Mohawk Commons in Niskayuna is closing. No final date is public, but the entire store in on sale... read more

Done done and done

It’s getting worse out there. The customers can’t find anyone to help them. They are pushing the new return policy to the edge. They approach customer service with guns out gloves on just to return their 10 year old toaster. The poor 8.50 an hour... read more

Do Secret Shoppers still visit the stores??

I'm a former refugee of #1003, left after the great thinning of the managerial heard of August 2017. Went to my old stomping grounds a few nights ago, walked the track and passed multiple employees who were new to me, but didn't get greeted until I... read more

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