Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

New VP of Stores

I don’t understand why they would hire someone at 750K when they have someone who has been doing this job for a while as well as his job and is good at it. Yet they can’t afford to pay severance to the employees they terminated. As bad as the... —  read more 

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Newest closing list This is the most up to date list available straight from BBBY.

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There goes our severance

We are the last on the list in case of bankruptcy. Meaning whoever is laid off will get a big fat zero from now on. Perfect. Just perfect. As if things weren't bad enough at Bed Bath & Beyond as it is, now we're hit with this as well. I can't believe... —  read more 

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Reuters reporting BK this week.

Yahoo article. Don't go shooting the messenger- shoot the "sources who don't want to be named" Came out evening of 1/30 but also gives wiggle room for takeover, but more likely after the BK. Severance checks may have to go to Sixth St. partners... —  read more 

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Does anybody in the latest round of closing/liquidation stores know anything about severance payments or if a retention bonus is being offered?

Vancouver Plaza

Can anyone tell me if the BBBY store in Vancouver, Washington at Vancouver Plaza is closing. Trying to order store pickup and it says zero items are available for store pickup, but other locations in my area have several items showing available. I’m... —  read more 

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They “goofed “

They interviewed the founders yesterday and they said that they goofed about not getting into online sales and curbside pick up like other retailers were starting. Yes they goofed but they are laughing all the way to the bank. They got greedy and... —  read more 

Time For A Fire Sale

It looks like it may all be over. They can't get anybody to fund CH11 for them. This is why the announcement is taking so long. Nobody comes in to fund CH11, it's fire sale time. Company is preparing for bankruptcy without bidder in place Retailer... —  read more 

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Oh come on….

How can a company that can’t pay its bills higher someone for $30,000 a month?! Sure let’s pay them, while knowing we won’t be able to pay our actual employees. This company is done for.

If they owe 2.2 billion

How do they justify hiring a new VP for $750k. The c suite crew are just a bunch of hacks. They can blame Covid and the customers but the real blame falls on the poor mismanagement of the leaders at 650 Liberty oh wait they have been working from... —  read more 


Are any stores doing inventory next month? We keep getting sketchy info in our store like it's maybe going to be moved etc. Not the usual sense of urgency at all. 😳

Website down

The website is barely loading today no matter which device I go to it on. Guess there’s nobody left to fix it? Or why bother since liquidation sales aren’t held online.

Judas Goats

Look up the definition and see if you think it applies to corporate in this case. Who wants to be slaughtered for these goats?

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Hr calls

Anyone know what these HR calls are about? SM are being tight lipped and saying they are just a "touch base" calls. I call BS... but, what do I know. I do know we haven't received any freight since the second week of Jan. Our inventory hasn't been... —  read more 

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