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Wouldn’t the sms know what was happening since it effects coverage in their store? The sms knew in Aug 2017. You can’t fire everyone?
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Must be Tuesday

All posts referencing Tuesday are coming down as fast as they go up. Must mean there is some accuracy bbb is trying to quiet. God this awful company.
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Actual facts on Operation Managers

The post about small volume stores earlier someone made.. what they though would happen is true. 3 stores in Maine have Operation Supervisor positions (filled, not posted and Mine is one of them). I guess we are a small volume store and no longer... read more

On Layoffs... Or Not...

Okay so I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong but this is my view: Example: C or D volume stores: if they have an ASM that makes much more than a Sup, they will be transferred if they are THAT good (the round of Dept manager layoffs, Store managers... read more

MIssouri Stores Closing Early

Now that the St. Louis Blues are in the Stanley Cup Finals, all Missouri Bed Baths will close early for the next two weeks so that employees can spend time with their families and watch the Blues eventually hoist Lord Stanley's cup. LET'S GO BLUES!!!


Please explain why there are still so many bloated layers at the top? RVP, RM, DM etc are they all really needed anymore especially if we are streamlining processes?

Facts Facts Facts

I don’t work for BBB anymore but I work for another Big Box Retailer and on our Manager conference call today our DM told us to start recruiting managers and associates from BBB because there will be layoffs soon. He is friends with HR at BBB. Facts.

Any layoffs today?

Have layoffs happened at any location today? With all the rumors around, I swear I’m in a state where I think everyday could be the day of mass layoffs, and to be honest, the anxiety is k--ling me

Guess we'll see....

So recently some angry tosspot on here threw out May 20 as being D guess is again nothing tomorrow and said tosspot will be sooooo silent. Lol ya need popcorn for this place

Now that they cut off the head of the snake...

Now that they cutoff the head of the snake (Steve T), the Activists need to go after all the Lieutenants such as the Pres, Executive VPs, VPs and Directors in Finance, Development and Purchasing Departments that are embedded, overpaid loyalists... read more

Expect half of full timers to be eliminated

Folks the ink is not dry but we all know here at corporate that the full timers are going to be a thing of the past. Bed Bath and Beyond can’t afford benefits anymore. There’s money of course but for the executives only. Hang on it’s going to be... read more

Big Mistake : (

I don’t get how many more people they will lay-off in the stores. What I do know is that it is a huge mistake. What separates bbb from online shopping was their customer service and expertise on products. Stores have empty shelves. Is it because... read more

Too many rumors

I don’t despise rumors, especially given the fact that a big part of them turn out to be true. On the other hand I think that way too much of them have been circulating on this board, but also around the stores. Layoffs will come, and we shouldn’t be... read more
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What's current severance?

Have there been any changes? Is it worth sticking it out to see if I'm laid off for severance or is it so low now that it's not going to make much difference if I just leave?

Update on Layoffs

The smartest post here is that FT associates outside of their payscale will be replaced by 2 part timers and that ASMs that cannot be SMs will be let go and replaced by supervisors.

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Embrace change!!

Dont be afraid you will have a better job!!!
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Any layoffs out of the ordinary?

My store laid of 10 people on Friday. Curious to know if there have been similar occurrences at other locations in the past week , where a two digit number of people have been aid of and could that be a beginning of something or could it be, as they... read more

Done with this

I used to like reading what the people are doing and saying. But this blog became a s”%& show of total bs. I wish people could be honest on this site. There are so many lies out there about what is going on. This site was a great way to vent. Not... read more

There will be no layoffs

Calm down everyone just because the company blindsided us with 2 rounds of layoffs doesnt mean there will be a third. I mean whos left at this point?


I would love to see ST in person so I can spit in his face. How can do this to so many people again and still sleep at night.

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