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Manager reviews

Interesting that when I got a manager review I got a sheet of "one'liner" comebacks to counter all the negative news from wall street. How BBB has so much money... How BBB is going after furniture business... How BBB is strong because of our... read more

Potential BBB Buyout

I have a personal friendship with my HR. A few months ago he made a comment about the company putting an end to stock buybacks in order to drop shares low enough to attract a private equity firm. A year ago I would’ve thought he was crazy, but now it... read more

We are going the way of Toys R Us

We might not be there just yet, but with current management, Bed Bath & Beyond is certain to follow Toys R Us into oblivion. It's really sad what happened to once great company that I actually felt proud to work for. God, has that changed in the past... read more

Tanking Stocks

How low are stocks going to get before action is taken with the CEO. This company is in desperate need of leadership and I have no faith in the leadership we currently have in place. Morales are at an all time low and people are fearful for losing... read more
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OMG, does a house half to fall on corporate before the realize they are in trouble? Get rid of the top heavy lazy mgrs., and see if any of the hard working department mgrs. are willing to come back and help dig this company out.

The company on a whole is too top heavy

Too many positions and levels of positions at a district and regional level. Need to trim it up. But district staff is getting more and more stores, making their effectiveness less potent. Hopefully the CEO gets ousted soon, along with most of the... read more

Strangely quiet.

Any existing personnel notice that there is ZERO information on "My Source"? Usually when something happens we see the calendar task pertaining to TV crews, reporter phone calls, etc.... There seems to be complete silence & it's unsettling. More... read more

Bed Bath & Beyond Hope
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District and Regionals

Why is everyone so hardened towards their district and regional staff? Are other districts and regions THAT bad or is there just a lot of bitterness and resentment on here? What has this DP guy personally done to anyone? All the talk and complaints... read more

What a coincidence

Treat others as you would like others to treat you, Well I guess I get to Lay Off the District Staff ! They are always passing the buck, on to some unsuspecting associate to take the blame for their inept management techniques. Surely they cant be... read more


Stocks closed today at $17.21, this should be an eye opener for corporate, explain that to the board of directors and why we still have certain individuals in charge, heads need to roll!!!! Nothing is going to change Until this unqualified senior... read more

CEO Needs to Step Down

Stock prices will go extremely lower once the market opens due to the bad earnings report yesterday. Steven Temares needs to step down as CEO due to his lack of vision and leadership. He’s been stagnant in his position for way too long.

BBB is an awful work environment

When Regional or District staff visit they talk down to everyone and constantly tell everyone in other words how to do things better. The kicker is all of them haven't worked in a store actually managing the buildings, but somehow seem to know it... read more

What do you think Q4 results will be?

I'm not looking forward to quarterly earnings report. I think it's going to finally become clear that laying off all those people did not help Bed Bath & Beyond become more profitable. But I guess my bigger fear is that their conclusion will not be... read more

April 11 layoffs

If layoffs are going to happen, I would point to Wednesday 4/11. For some reason all district and regional staff are scheduled. Usually they all take off Wednesday’s in my region. Also earnings are coming out that day and we know the numbers will... read more

sold my stock

sold my BBBY stock today - enough of the slow decent into the gutter. good riddance
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Skokie SM walked out

Our Store Manager was walked out the other day. He put in his 2 weeks then proceeded to be treated like a criminal. Unreal!

New Round of Layoffs

This morning we were estranged by seeing two top dogs for HR show up way early. While entering the building and walking they openly discussed "filing paperwork for two terms" now while this might seem normal protocol, there happens to be a meeting as... read more

Dept. Supervisor Getting Keys

Several stores in my district are reporting expedited training in order to have department supervisors ready to carry keys within the next month or two. They’re also wanting them signed off on the operations modules. Is this just an isolated instance... read more

Recruited Today

I’m a current GM for Babies R Us and a DM came in today and wanted to setup an interview for next week. Is BBB a good Company to work for? He wanted to start me out in a Bed Bath and Beyond and possibly move over to Buy Buy Baby if things go well... read more

Awful news for TRU employees, but good for BB&B

The news that Toys R Us will be closing all of its stores nationwide is horrible, with so many people losing their jobs. But as far as Bed Bath & Beyond is concerned this is good news. This can literally mean fewer or even no layoffs in the following... read more

Medical coverage after layoff?

What happens to medical coverage for those who have been laid off by Bed Bath & Beyond? Is it discontinued immediately, or is there some kind of a transition period given as an option? Medical is my biggest fear when it comes to layoffs. Other than... read more

No layoffs until April

My source claims April, to coincide with earnings. I can tell you that THE FORCE has schedules intact looking out two weeks in our store on the West Coast. Whatever, if anything, happens, I'm not feeling March for any theatrics. Just bumping it up... read more

Any new on March layoffs?

There was so much talk about March layoffs at BB&B, but apart from somebody saying there would be some this week (if I'm not mistaken, there were none,) all talk of it died down. Do we know what's actually going on? Will there be a round of layoffs... read more

Employee Appreciation Day

So the RVP DP has sent out an email saying tomorrow will be employee appreciation day. We get donuts and bagels in the morning and snacks in the afternoon. Is this some way for him to feel better about himself after this next layoff?

Layoffs this week?

I don’t have any info other than managers here in the Midwest think second round of layoffs are coming this week so they went in short term disability to at least get 60 percent of their check and can’t be laid off if they are on FMLA. I don’t know... read more

ASM Fired Today

Our ASM was let go this morning. I’m not sure if it was a layoff or termination, but this leaves us with SM, one OPS, one DS and one FT with keys. RHR and DHR were both in the store last week as well as the DM. This is crazy - we are stretched thin... read more
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Moved on

It took me 4 months to land another job! Very happy there and hope others find work soon. I have another manager friend that it took her 6 months to land. BBB does not care!

Am I next??

Something is definitely going to happen this week. I can feel it. HR, DM and DP have all been in our stores within the past 2 weeks. No motivation to do anything working for a company who doesn’t value its employees. This s---s!!

Regional Visit

We were just visited by our RM a few weeks ago and during the visit he was talking about hiring and keeping good talent and the question was asked if BBB would be giving any incentive bonuses to key full-time positions as many other companies are... read more

Info from Union

Something is about to happen because all the higher ups at corporate met with all the regional HRs. I’m hoping this isn’t going to affect the Union campus in any way.

Store Closings

Does anyone know what stores are closing in March? I’ve heard about Albuquerque, Laredo, Meridian, a store in Arizona (unknown city), but I was wondering if anyone had a better list or knew of any other stores.

Sinister Scheduling

Are you a long time BBB employee? Is your schedule changing out of the blue? I want to hear from you. Long time associates at my buddy's store are having their schedules completely changed. Changed to the point where it's no where close to their... read more

Weekends off must be nice

Our SM hardly ever works weekends...finds a reason either family sick or some other b---s---...makes rest of us cover. Must be nice to never work weekends get paid full sick time for like 2, yes TWO, lol weeks of flu...omg really??? Just let rest of... read more

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