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March 29th

Stop with all the rumors regarding layoffs. District and Regional positions are being eliminated, leaving only the DM and some DHR. Current District and Regional staff that are in good standing with the Company will be placed in stores and they will... read more

Its all speculation

Im thinking no one know anything but lots are putting up their opinions. We will find out starting next friday.

D-DAY is next Friday.

Word got out of the 3/3/19 layoff date so the id--ts at corp changed the date. Next Friday is the date where all district support are getting laid off. I feel for the employees at Bed Bath, because the executives are id--ts and only care for... read more

The countdown has started

District and regional staff teams prepare to be shocked and amazed at how vey little the Company cares about you, your families and ability to provide for them. Layoffs are coming within 3 weeks. Just in time for our ceo to tell us all how successful... read more

Loss prevention

We can blame Amazon and the change in how people shop now. But BBB sells so much on the website at good prices and eligible for coupon discounts. The real problem is the amount of pilferage in the stores. Loss prevention is a joke. Half of the... read more

ASM all hourly

As of today we have been notified that all ASM’s are hourly employees. We were told this is company wide.

They are looking at high paid associates

Here in my area the word us get your resume ready and out there if you are full time with benefits. They are supposedly looking at high paid associates, pip are going to be plentiful, they are preparing to just out right fire people. If your not in... read more

Bed Bath is just a paycheck at this point!

I have 0 loyalty to this company. The only reason to stay is because of the pay. When im forced out then I will have to leave, but not without a fight!! The way things are going it shouldnt be much longer. A layoff doesnt look so bad on a resume. Oh... read more

They got rid of everyone and won’t stop

In the Midwest, most of the veterans are gone. Whether it be lay offs, transfer denials, pushed out, transferred to far stores to inconvenience you, Bbb is the best at getting rid of you. They will find a way. If you have benefits, look out!

I would hesitate to count on a severance package

I would hesitate to count on a severance package because bbb will put some hourly ASM’s on pip so they can let go without paying them. This is the position of bbb since they have had so many lawsuits filed against them, this is their way out, screw... read more

There are no big layoffs planned

There are no big layoffs planned. Just because there was one, doesn’t mean there will be more. Not all the sales come from within the stores. The warehouses need staff too! Same with the call centers! Come on people. You all act as if the place is so... read more

Ops going

Rumor has it that the ops managers will be the first to be let go then soon after the side assistants . The company will save a ton of money by having just an sm and sups run the stores.

HBC Associates Next

Budget hours for payroll dropping to 40-44 depending volume. Associates will be relocated into other depts or let go. Anyone else with any additional info please comment on thread.


Does anyone really know what is going on? Everyone is walking on eggshells. Some of the district staff is going to corporate. Morale all over is super low

Period 2 hours

Was just told this morning that there will be a huge reduction in hours for SWS HBC departments. Most tasks like freight, recovery etc will be now the responsibility of the store. So instead of 150 hours I’ll have to run on 44. I have no idea how... read more

Cut the top

Do you need a rvp who tells the regional who tells the dm who tells am who tells the sm . I see a lot of positions that are not necessary. Cut the dead weight from the top. Get those hours back to the stores.

Make a change

The stores still have loyal customers. The return policy is changing and will be like every other retailer and really not bad. The beyond membership is good. There is not a lot of push back on the 2.99 shipping fee for an order under $40. Change the... read more
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Harmon Leadership

I don’t work for BBB, but I worked for Harmon’s before you bought them. I can tell you this. The c-ap culture you all experience stems from the leadership you inherited from Harmon’s. Years ago. I started with them when they had 26 stores and when I... read more
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Just a matter of time now!

The company is bleeding. At this point they are gonna do what it takes to survive. No one is safe!! Prepare, prepare, prepare!!!

What a Riot

I was one of the lay offees in the Chicago market and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Better job, pay, PTO and people. God was looking out for me. Get out while you can people. There’s a world of jobs out there.
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Really starting to hate bbb

I am an asm and the asms I work with and know throughout the company are truly loyal employees who really care and do their darndest for the good of the company. The powers that be don’t have a clue about day to day operations in a store. If the day... read more

ASMs have all the warning they need

Poor ASM’s really worried, you should be since all of you are on the chopping block. BBB has a plan for you and soon. Get you resume ready and start looking now, companies know you are going to be looking, your hourly wage is very much in jeopardy... read more

Ineffective DM and HR

Sooooo our SM always works a 6 to 4 shift even on weekends...never closes because she has a the rest of us without babies pick up the closing and mid shift detail. Does not seem fair at all. Why not addressed??? PV and HT and BB????????... read more


This Bed Bath ship is sinking fast!!! Just read this board and you can see that managers and associates HATE working at Bed Bath and Beyond! Once you lose the crew, then you lose your vessel! I dont think Bed Bath really thought through the cuts... read more

Shame on US? Shame on you!!

First off, whoever posts that any managers upset need to move on should look where their loyalty lies. Bbby has misclassified managers for years, made salaried managers feel they would be fired or put on a PIP if they did not work very very long... read more

Calling ALL ASMs!!!!

Are you happy working more hours for same money? Do you feel your job will be here next year? Do you feel bed bath has your best interest at heart? Are you going to continue to be abused by bed bath? Are you affraid that you will be put on a PIP or... read more

Time to sue!!!

Be careful signing anything from this company as they are changing ASMs from salary to hourly. They made the managers laid off in 2017 sign saying they could not sue. The company has been in the wrong and will do anything to avoid paying you what you... read more

Still trying and smiling

I would love to know what the district and regional staff does all day. As an asm I can tell you what I do. Replenishment, ring register, sell beyond plus, beyond stores, motivate my staff, do projects, rotations, freight, bfo, cds, ropus, help... read more


Now ASMS get to work longer with subpar help!!! As if working at Bed bath wasnt already hell!!
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This should raise a few eyebrows. Bbby treats their managers very poorly! Now that the majority will be hourly, we can all come together and organize union. How can things get worse? Cut hours? Already a joke! Cut raises? Ummm done! Cut benefits!!... read more

Why are you complaining

The sad thing is it took 3 very inept managers in nj to start their lawsuit and now it is effecting so many good people.As managers we are ok working whatever is needed. If anyone has a problem with this you shouldn’t have the title of manager. So... read more

You have choices

For all the people that are so miserable and think that it is such a terrible place to be and have to put in and extra 2 hours (which many do anyway) why do you stay!? You also can work 45 hours if you prefer And for the department managers that... read more

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