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My regional managers have been either removed or taken down to a regular assistant level. West region
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DM and HR meeting

Any thoughts on the DM and HR meeting happening in a couple weeks in SS’s district? Could this be the beginning of “aug 2017” again?

401K Match

Does anyone know when we should expect to see the Company's 401K match show up in our account?
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Q3 Earnings Tomorrow

Watch for another drop in shared tomorrow in conjunction with Q3 earnings being released. March is a month we should all be watching to see how the Company reacts. I won’t say what type of position I’m in, but I do know that the Company is looking to... read more

Freaking hilarious

It is SO hilarious to watch the District and esp Regional normal desk jockeys come out this time of year and pretend they can still merchandise etc. Did ya hop on a register when lines were long? Nope. Just called it out and ran up to ur desk. When... read more

Bed Bath and Beyond shame on you!!!

Cutting hours so tight is pure abuse to ALL associates and managers!! Its bad enough trying to get any quality help, but to continue with a lack of care toward your staff is pure abuse!!! This company needs a total rehaul.

Store closures in Florida

Two stores closed down in Tampa area, one in Hollywood , Florida. More are to come.
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Get your head out of the sand

We can still survive if they change the ceo. He has done nothing to make the company better. Fifteen years and 20 million dollars later don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Our loyal customers still love shopping with us. Stop cutting the hours... read more

Good bye district support

The next major RIF for the soo to be defunct company will be the majority of support employees. I give the company 5 years or less to go the way of sears.

Lease Expirations

Is there a way to find out what stores are up for lease renewals? Our property manager has been around and being in a d volume, I have my reasons to be concerned.

Selinsgrove Closing

The Selinsgrove, PA store is closing after the store is finished with its liquidation in early 2019.
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Store hours being cut

B volume baby store here, SM announced today that our store hours are being shortened at the start of the new year. Says it is company wide, at least for baby. Any BBB stores having store hours cut too?

Q3 Earnings

Shares plunged after the Q2 earnings call. Shares are even lower now, so what should be expected after the Q3 earnings call? My stock is worth absolutely nothing at this point.

North Logan Closing

One of the 75 stores is North Logan, Utah. We just got word this week that we’re closing after Christmas.

Another D-Volume Bites the Dust

Oneonta, another D-volume up for lease renewal is set to close it’s doors after Christmas. Wake up people, this is happening! If you are in a lower volume store, nothing is guaranteed, the Company is looking to remove more dead weight and this is... read more

Robots are taking your job Please share the site with your friends and coworkers on Facebook and social media.
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Facts vs. Rumors

Bullhead City, Spring Hill, Vineland, Columbus - these are all store locations closing in January or February. I’m starting to think that the 75 stores closing is on point. Has anyone heard anything else? I hope it’s not as bad as I’m thinking, but... read more

We are in the last inning

This is not to create fear nor do I have any evidence to support my thoughts. That being said, look around and open your eyes. Retail is dead! I need a new career but where do I go from here?
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Dear Sir/Madam, Are you searching your remote controllers anywhere of your house electric device usually? Broken your remote controller? Batteries going out? A lot of different remotes at home? Smart House Remedy: A simple adapter to alter your... read more
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Spring Hill Bed Bath & Beyond closing

Spring Hill Bed Bath & Beyond is the latest store closing. Now I'm starting to worry that that post that mentioned 75 stores closing might not have been trolling after all. Worrying about this is the last thing I needed right now... read more

Some situations that BBB workers face on a daily basis

Found this article accidentally, and I was glad to see that someone wrote about what BBB workers are faced while doing their jobs. Even though, this just scratches the surface of what we really encounter on a daily basis, while dealing with the... read more
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Black Friday Results

How’s everyone else looking? Our B+ is down considerably at 3 o’clock. Fingers are crossed we’ll pick it up in the next few hours

I’m Thankful For

I’m thankful to work for a Company that is on the rebound and financially healthy. I’m also thankful that I’m not one of the slackers that got laid off last year. Who wants to go next?

Black Friday incentives?

In years past, our local BBB handed out coupons for 20% off the total purchase. They could be redeemed until noon. Has anyone heard what, if any, coupon or incentive will be offered this year? I’ve got to think it’ll be a better deal than Beyond Plus... read more

75 Stores Slated to Shutter

78 stores are set to close before the end of Q4 according to a source in Union. Since the fiscal year starts in March, most likely the 78 stores will close in January and February.

Bleak Future

Stock continues to hit record lows even after shuttering a handful of stores and laying off 900 valuable employees. I’d be concerned about more aggressive closures and possibly more layoffs after the holiday season.
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What a c-ap company!!!!

Look at the stock represents greed from the top big time! The founders hording all their pennies earned not giving back!!! It gives me such pleasure to see such a cheap company squirm in a changing retail environment. Too little to... read more

Stores cloing

No more layoffs? I’m at a store who is, quite literally, closing its doors on Sunday. Do you mind sharing what store that is? And if anybody else know if other stores have been affected? I haven't heard anything about closing stores in quite a while... read more

Being on this site is so entertaining

Most of the Dept Managers I know got way better jobs with bonus and stock options. Makes me laugh at all of you still at BBB having to listen to all your District staff b--ching and you and belittling you like you are less than human. Bitter? I don’t... read more

Bitter & disgruntled?

To those of you that are positive that the company is doing fine, and call people who speculate about closures/layoffs bitter and disgruntled: what is it, exactly, that brought you to The Lay-off in the first place, and why do you stick around?

Failing our customers and failing ourselves

As you look inside out, you start to realize that this is the beginning of the end. Not only we are failing our customers, we are failing ourselves. We continue to dig into the same thinking, following the same people, keep doing the same things, and... read more

Facts speak louder than fiction and rumors...

Just posted at Forbes... "But maybe it’s a new way to look at things, and maybe it allows the company to stake out a different territory in the marketplace, one not so focused on price and selection. It should be said that all of the dire predictions... read more

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