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What to say

Every day we have several customers come up to us and ask if we are closing. No one has addressed this issue and how to handle the answer that is the correct answer to the customers. We just say no and we are going through a huge renovation and... —  read more 

SM no longer Ordering....

SM will not be doing there own store ordering ! It will be done by a computer program. That way the SM's will spend more time on the sales floor coaching and ensuring that employees are getting TBS orders. Which I believe will be a good thing, ... —  read more 

The End Is Near for ASM’s

Be aware the ball is rolling down hill for the asm position. The word is by March 1, no severance, I wish all of you that are left good luck.

Next Gen renovations

So what stores are being told they will have a renovation this upcoming fiscal year? Trying to make a running list to see how many will get it Vs not. Ie the have and the have nots!


So where's this big announcement?

This is our problem

The stores are very quiet. not too many customers (except returns). Not too many associates lurking about the floors. What's up with the columns, They are bare, I would never let them look like that, it shows no product... At least split the column... —  read more 

Going, Going...

Oh Boy! It seems I that my predictions are starting to come to true. selling off property, more stores closing, layoffs. When to start worrying is when the company falls under 1000 stores. Then the next adjustments start. Moving managers around... —  read more 

CIO is gone

Just heard that CIO was let go as well. It was not part of the news release.

25% off good move or not

The 25% off this weekend so far has brought a lot of foot traffic into the stores. Is this just another way to reduce inventory to sell out?

Don't expect me to feel sorry for any of them!

They've ruined so many lives and nearly destroyed this company and now I'm supposed to feel sorry for them? Not happening! This was the best move that could have been done to start affecting some actual change here. I think we might be on the... —  read more 

Upper Management Changes

Finally doing something right, or at least the right direction. They let go (but did not eliminate the position) of 6 key people for corporate, whom are either very overpaid, or too old fashioned for the “new” bed bath and beyond. It’s very... —  read more 

Is it smart to bet on BBBY?

I got a job offer starting in January, but I'm reluctant to just leave the company I've spent more than a decade with, especially when things seem to be looking up at least a little bit. Still, I'm scared that if I decide to stay, I might regret that... —  read more 

My 2 cents

My store had an awesome Thanksgiving day and best Black Friday in years. There are alot of positives coming, sure lots of change as well but to remain relevant we need to. Lots of unhappy people on here........time to find new employment. Wishing... —  read more 

See the CEO’s Thanksgiving note?

Thanksgiving is this great time when we spend time with our families and enjoy the holiday. You however won’t be enjoying any of that because you’ll be working, sorry ‘bout it. The cynicism was dripping out of that note in MySource, because you know... —  read more 

Settlement check

Did anybody get their overtime settlement check yet? If not is there a Phone number to call? I know the forms were responded to back in August of september. Thanks to all.


Open for Thanksgiving s GREED!

Nobody can save this Titanic

I for one think that this new CEO in not going to be able to save the titanic. if you read about Target, he may have fixed the look, merchandise and traffic in the stores but he was part of the payroll cuts on freight put away and back room... —  read more 

A daring question for the CEO

So if the beloved new leader should hold a town hall or come to your store for a visit, here’s the question that needs to be asked: will there be any more layoffs? If the answer is: I don’t know; that’s your big clue to get out of BBBY.

Open letter to our new CEO- from the home front.

First of all- Thank you for joining the bbb family. I know that you are very aware that we need help and you will be learning more in the weeks to come. I also know that you have high hopes on helping us and I want to be optometrist and helpful as... —  read more 


The new ceo on his first day put out a video message that was so positive and uplifting. It made everyone at my store feel good. I think he is the answer for us to move forward and survive this ever changing retail market. Fingers crossed for our... —  read more 

Just wondering...

Any other stores experience change in management? A lot of moves in my district are happening just wondering if this is prep for some ASMS to be let go???? (As previously rumored) Monday/Tuesday new CEO will be touring store 303. I’m in the west... —  read more 

Culture Survey

Anyone else been told to give only positive responses at their morning huddle?

Long Weeks Ahead...

The morale is so shattered In our stores. The speculation of ASMs being let go only adds to the 4th quarter stress. Freight flow, I’d say is crazy In most stores due to the reduction of hours. The front End is very scattered and we constantly call... —  read more 

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Suggestion box?

Wouldn’t it be neat to have a legitimate suggestion box on Mysource that allowed us to submit requests on what could help our store. We work it daily, why not listen to us, DMs dont!!

Quote: We Need Change

Set up an employee suggestion portal Get more hours to the floors Invest in ALL stores- Review SM and DM performance and reduce layers. Focus on training again- and have the SM more accountable- have the training performance be apart of their... —  read more 


Now we were told not to use this site, corporate is watching and will catch you, really!! This is ridiculous to put a blanket threat out to associates. All we can say is bring it on!! Before you corporate trolls say this didn’t happen just know... —  read more 

Not many are left who can teach old BBB standards

I am a bbb alumni. Gave them 9 years in the hay day watching them grow from 300 store to close to 1000. Last position was asm in a A volume store. Use to be 100% debt free company then Christmas tree & later harmons when I was still there. I told my... —  read more 

What can be done?

Let's hear it from the people on the front lines - what can the new CEO do to make us a success once again? What are the most immediate issues he needs to deal with?

The customers have already left

The customers have already left our store. Where is the advertising? Where are the offers, the reasons to bring them back in to the stores? Where are the strategies? Is a membership and a credit card really all the ideas we have? Then we’re dead. A... —  read more 

Closing ?

How many times a day do you get "Is this store closing?" "Are you losing your job?" So annoying! I wish someone would just publish to the media which stores are actually closing !

Why is it so hard to be positive?

Just for a little bit? Maybe a week? Is that really too much? People, what's happening here is a good thing. For once there is light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, it's possible nothing will change, but you know what? At this moment, and looking... —  read more 

The truth is a hard pill to swollow

The fact that their are so many miserable managers and associates is what has determined Bed baths fate. You can put a new ceo in but unless you replace everyone bed bath is still going to fail. Im sorry but once you lose your customers its really... —  read more 

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