Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond


Does anyone know who will be sending out W2’s for old BBB employees? ADP no longer works for me and others who worked there and hoping there is a plan for these to be sent out as usual.


Those who said Bed Bath & Beyond would be gone by 2024, you won. I was one of the naive ones who honestly thought we'd pull through. When my store closed, it was not exactly a shock but it was still something I believed we'd avoid. Here's to moving... — read more 

Job search

It’s been three months since my last day at BBB. Is anyone else having trouble finding a new job. I’ve done so many interviews and I’ve been getting the feedback that they don’t want to hire someone who worked at BBB because of the bankruptcy. It... — read more 


Do any corporate employees whom last day was July 26 know when the severance will be paid out? I thought there was an email that said end of August but I don't have a record of that anymore.

Medical Insurance

Has anyone received any paperwork stating benefits ended on 7/31. I can't get on another insurance without the paper. I called the benefits number and they say we are all still active.


Is everyone locked out of their 401k account. I was told that BBB told Empower not to let employees move their money into another account.

The chaos is fun

Losing my job is not ideal, but I'd lie if I said I was not enjoying the chaos at our store in these last days. Nothing is going the way it's supposed to and nobody seems to care all that much. I know I sure don't. All I'm doing is milking as much as... — read more 

Complete chaos

Store 53 receiving department is in complete chaos. 303 Fed ex was received on Tuesday. 855 was received on Wednesday which had to be uploaded piece by piece by the operations manager and receiving manager. 695 was received on Thursday. Not to... — read more 

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