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Do Secret Shoppers still visit the stores??

I'm a former refugee of #1003, left after the great thinning of the managerial heard of August 2017. Went to my old stomping grounds a few nights ago, walked the track and passed multiple employees who were new to me, but didn't get greeted until I... read more

Want out of closings?

Just have a baby!!! We are LOL ahem blessed with a store manager who approves her own off time (is that even ok?) make sure she is 100% there for her kid. Ok I get it. But now because of said kid's school u take free license to not close cuz omg... read more

Going after tenured full timers now

First they laid off managers, put some on PIPS than fired. Now the focus is on getting rid of tenured full timers. I have a very good source. It’s already started in the Midwest. Even if you got away with things in the past, it’s a whole new... read more

Arizona getting really hot!

Having posted news on the Arizona market in the past, I have more troubling news, the store manager in Flagstaff is now leaving, a very good manager. A certain District individual is now on the hot seat, so to speak, for this continuing exodus... read more

Bad Bath & Beyond is toxic

I worked in the corporate office from 2012-2016 and it was just as horrible! It literally felt like highschool where some of the other caddy girls would gossip and tell HR “things I said” or “things they heard me say” (Just like highschool.) The... read more
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One more store closing, I'm getting worried

Just read that Bed Bath & Beyond in Machesney Park is also closing. This is second such announcement in how many days? Two? How do we know more stores are not on the closing list - including ours - and will be announced in the following several days?... read more

Stores closing

Anybody thinks we can recover?

Current management has run this company into the ground. What if we got new management? Do you think there is a way we could turn Bed Bath and Beyond around? Or is it already too late? I am still hopeful, but I know the idea of a complete overhaul on... read more

They Brutalized Managers for years

Regional and District staff specifically in the Midwest brutalized Managers for years. One Store Manager was told “it’s either your family or Bed Bath”. He quit. We can write a book on the horror show.

2018 Bed Bath ASM layoffs

Does anyone have the feeling bedbath is getting ready for more layoffs. The current situation: Sales down. Morale all time low. Managers giving up. Store managers super stressed. Customer service a joke. Milleniels lazy. Turnover off the charts... read more

Fellow employees leaving before 4th quarter

My B+ store in the Southwest is losing yet another manager. I believe when the dust settles soon, we will have at least 3 or 4 less valuable employees as we approach the 4th quarter. With part-timers a dying breed due to reduced hours, and... read more

New return policy

I wish SOMEBODY could tell the stores if they are to enforce our new return policy. Are we enforcing? Are we re-educating? Are we making exceptions? Nobody knows. Probably safer to just go with “business as usual” because we all know Corp won’t back... read more


Is anyone paying attention to BBBY stock over the past few weeks? Stock prices have been flipping back and forth each day due to the Company trying to stabilize the stock price by buying back shares after every day of a loss. Today stock took quite a... read more

Back to Basics

This sums everything up deserves its own thread: Yes and the stores are looking a mess, but all the DM is looking at in our store is TBS and Beyond +. This is becoming a joke of a Company when we’d rather push Beyonds than sell items within our own... read more

Getting nasty on the front lines

Reporting from a store in the Southwest, massive cut in store hours, down to the very low 600s, lowest I've ever seen, compare this to the halcyon days of around 1100, part-timers left holding the bag with little more than crumbs. All this at a B+... read more

Mindless SM

Apparently it’s easy to move up for BBB if you can’t think for yourself. I’ve only been here for a few months, but this is the most backwards company I’ve ever worked for. The good ol’ Boys club is alive and well in our region and if you don’t comply... read more


I have to say that you saying the people laid off were lazy, complacent and overpaid is not only insulting to most us that were laid off but not true.. I gave bbb 17 yrs of hard work not only that I went above and beyond what my daily job entailed. I... read more

What Layoffs?

All the rumors and crying about layoffs, FOR WHAT? Everyone that hates BBB and wants us to fail needs to quit and stay off of here. I LOVE BBB and my district/regional staff! Things change and if you can’t roll with the punches you shouldn’t be in... read more

Awkward AF

Oh goody! Some genius buyer thought it would be a great idea to carry a Back to College throw pillow that says TIRED AF. I understand that many people know what this means,but to the no less than five customers who asked me “what’s Tired AF mean?”... read more

Lots of stuff happening

Letters have gone out about letters received by lots of folks regarding a wage lawsuit. You can talk to their lawyers if you want and there will be no retaliation by bbb. Sure. Another sm and regional quit . What do they know that would make them... read more

OMG,,,Stores are falling apart at the seams!

25+year bbb retired,,got myself out before the big downfall and layoffs. I have been traveling around the country the last few months visiting bb b stores when I can..I have never seen the stores looking this bad..Warren & Len would be appalled if... read more

Unemployment Benefits

Question for you guys that were laid off in August 2017. Are you able to refile for unemployment benefits if you haven’t found a job that is within 75% of your old salary, that’s what we are hearing from some HR. We are all very worried and trying to... read more

Payroll cuts

As we squeeze hours in the stores and hire new associates in at minimum wage ever think of Steve Tamares wage? What's reasonable for his performance. How about 3.96 million plus another 12 million in stock. Total 16million dollars for 2016. The stock... read more

Why am i on a performance improvement plan?

My first question is why any store manager or asm is put on a pip? It wasn't us who put the company in 1.5billion dollars of debt. Nobody talks about that. We don't decide where stores are located. Maybe we should be asking what the presidents pip... read more

Manager reviews

Interesting that when I got a manager review I got a sheet of "one'liner" comebacks to counter all the negative news from wall street. How BBB has so much money... How BBB is going after furniture business... How BBB is strong because of our... read more

Potential BBB Buyout

I have a personal friendship with my HR. A few months ago he made a comment about the company putting an end to stock buybacks in order to drop shares low enough to attract a private equity firm. A year ago I would’ve thought he was crazy, but now it... read more

We are going the way of Toys R Us

We might not be there just yet, but with current management, Bed Bath & Beyond is certain to follow Toys R Us into oblivion. It's really sad what happened to once great company that I actually felt proud to work for. God, has that changed in the past... read more

Tanking Stocks

How low are stocks going to get before action is taken with the CEO. This company is in desperate need of leadership and I have no faith in the leadership we currently have in place. Morales are at an all time low and people are fearful for losing... read more
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OMG, does a house half to fall on corporate before the realize they are in trouble? Get rid of the top heavy lazy mgrs., and see if any of the hard working department mgrs. are willing to come back and help dig this company out.

The company on a whole is too top heavy

Too many positions and levels of positions at a district and regional level. Need to trim it up. But district staff is getting more and more stores, making their effectiveness less potent. Hopefully the CEO gets ousted soon, along with most of the... read more

Strangely quiet.

Any existing personnel notice that there is ZERO information on "My Source"? Usually when something happens we see the calendar task pertaining to TV crews, reporter phone calls, etc.... There seems to be complete silence & it's unsettling. More... read more

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