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Christmas Tree Shop Chaos!

The christmas tree shop I work at, sounds like ike they are closing it down with or without it being sold off. Workers here are not shy, talking about stealing things from the store and then selling the stolen items online. They're excuse is they... —  read more 

NGS store closing

Anyone else find it really weird that NGS Lexington KY is closing? They have two stores there and the other is an old format BBB. Why would they want to close a brand new Reno store? I’m really questioning how they are deciding if a store is... —  read more 

Beyond plus

Has anyone received their $29 emailed coupon for purchasing beyond plus? I know a lot of employees in my store purchased it, and it said within a week we would receive it but nobody has that purchased last Sunday or monday


Does anyone know what Is going on with CTS ? Have they been sold or is it in the process of being sold ? It would be nice to know for all of us working here what are future holds. Thanks

A post out of curiosity.

Online sales are up , but at our store sales are way down. The last ad hit and it usually means extra foot traffic, but not this time. We added extra help to cover, but wasn't needed. Yes, extra fulfilment orders. We keep hearing that 4th... —  read more 

Closing Stores

If your store is closing this year, have you had any in store visits from anyone in HR? It would be a nice courtesy if HR stopped in to answer the many questions the associates have about their future. What about transfers, health benefits, cobra and... —  read more 

Leftover seniors

Safe until at least the end of the year. Way to use us through 4th quarter then say bye bye. I always have faith in KARMA. They are turning things around but at the expense of their employees. MT I hope you can sleep at night 🪓

lucky Me

I got the lay off call August 3, 2017. Glad i did! Now people will be lucky to get a good severance package or even find a job with the economy now.

Mystery Friday?

What is the new and exciting thing that MT plans to discuss on his next call? He said he’ll announce the SEC info this coming week as well. Guess we’ll see how much money the firings saved. Plus he’s hired a bunch of SVPs so he’s spending lots... —  read more 


Its looking awful odd at the CTS i used to work at, inside is a shi% show and outside looks like a damn dump with shelving and stuff outside and a whole bunch of busted carts etc all over outside, anyone have any word on CTS

Reap what you sow

When the company decided to implement ‘cost cutting’ (aka layoffs) it started a domino effect. Less employees meant more added workload with the same hours in the day to complete. Add to that the fact that current employees are pulling extra days... —  read more 

What is going on???

I was in a store the other day and I could not believe my eyes!!! It is looking like the end of bbby. The workers are all so overwhelmed .. how are they suppose to keep up. It’s so sad to see what has become of this company . I hope this new CEO... —  read more 

Stay on bonus?

Does anyone know anything about it? How much its going to be? I don't feel good but I'm worried if I call in I'll lose the bouns. I don't have any sick time

30+ CDS in 5 hours

First Sunday after finding out store was closing : hit 30 CDS orders by 4pm. No receiver to process, OPS had to processes all CDS, do payroll, do cash order, run front end and never got an uninterrupted lunch break. Management staff will be burnt out... —  read more 

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