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Target $2 Hour Raise Across The Board

Also giving store leaders bonuses. Workers 65+, pregnant or with pre existing conditions getting 30 days sick leave. Child care For employees. It’s time for BBB to step up to the plate.


The future is so bright we’re gonna need window shades! (LOL). BBB with emerge from this so strong that everyone will be astonished! With all our hard work to stock, clean and merchandise our stores during the shutdown, customers will be blown away... —  read more 

Does MT know?

While I respect the fact that our CEO is taking care of our BBB family as best as he can, I wonder if he knows what message is being delivered to the store teams by their SM's as well as their DM's. Basically they are still requiring managers... —  read more 

Too little too late?

The damage with customers AND employees has already been done. I wonder if it's going to be possible for us to recover from this, ever...


I JUST RECIEVED THIS EMAIL... To Our Customers Temporarily Closing All Stores Tomorrow Bed Bath & Beyond is 100% committed to doing the right thing for our customers and associates, and that commitment has been at the forefront of every step... —  read more 

You've got to kidding me?

Wish I could say I'm surprised, but it's BBB. They've never given a sh– about us. In less than 3 hours, N.Y. is going on lockdown. All nonessential employees are required to stay home and yet BBB is still going to make people go in. And apparently... —  read more 


I am truly disgusted at how this company handles ANYTHING! They are very disorganized and set their leaders up for failure. As for how they are handling the coronavirus: They couldn’t care less about their employees. If an employee were to contract... —  read more 


It's completely shameful to make it look to the public that we have closed assuming all workers are safe. NO! Despite being closed all the full time workers and managers are being called in and scheduled to receive trucks (why????) when we all know... —  read more 


Everyone is being very negative. I am happy that I work for a company that is continuing to give me a paycheck.Many are getting laced off, but. BBB is thinking of its employees at this time to try and keep a roof over their head and clothes on their... —  read more 

mo--ns in Charge

mo–ns in charge at just about every level in this company. Leaving the HBC stores open to the public while closing the others is just leading to more dissent among the managers and associates in the stores staying open. What full timer in their... —  read more 

BBBY Stock

Everyone should by lots of stock now with the low price. There is so much upside potential with the turnaround coming. Watch out Amazon.

BBB does not care about its store employees

MT is making it very clear that his only concern are those above the store level. Half the stores close, while the other half stay open with empty shelves? What are we staying open for? Hand sanitizer? Not a single store has any. Aloe gel and rubbing... —  read more 

So glad I left

Wow this is the worse company ever! Making your employees come in while the doors are closed! Is that really gonna save this titanic!

Company to close 800 stores for virus.

Plans to close stores until April 3rd.... Excludes Harmon Stores as they carry essentials.. Excludes buy buy baby stores.. No word on other branded stores. They took a big hit on Twitter thanks to employees reaching out to news... —  read more 

Hey, Corporate Leaders

If the situation isn’t bad enough for the stores to close down and minimize the spread, why are you not in the office or in the stores working? Seriously, if you really think it’s not that bad, you wouldn’t be working from home. All you’re doing is... —  read more 


Since the food industry is refusing the majority of returns due to hoarding and the bacteria that can survive on surfaces, why are we accepting returns right now?

COVID-19 is at our store

And we still haven’t closed. Only store in town that has no plans to close, and hasn’t modified its hours. We were informed by the health department that someone who has tested positive was shopping at our store THIS WEEK. Entire staff was exposed... —  read more 

Do the right thing

Shut down like the other big box retailers are doing. Think of your employees and their families and your customers. Two weeks at least until everything settles a bit. You posted your “I care about my employees” video message now back it up with the... —  read more 

Amid COVID-19, Here's what I've learned.

TLDR; Corporate is not providing sick time to associates that SELF-QUARANTINE during this time. Stores that have closed, are not being paid for the lost time. Corporate does not care if you are sick or believe you are coming down with anything... —  read more 

Get Your Head out of your Ass

There is not a plan to save any of you guys, you all know that, now they have another reason to do shorter hours, less pay and it just keeps rolling

2 weeks notice

As A Contractor i worked here for 2 years got laid off at BBY

Customer Service? Who cares....

Evidently no one running Bed Bath & Beyond. With the entire Customer Service and Loss Prevention Field Group let go as part of the recent layoffs, there is no left to make sure customers remain the priority, they find what they are looking for, and... —  read more 


Is bbb going to pay sick leave to there part time associates should they get the coronavirus? I would be the right thing to do!


Now here comes the lawsuits. Word on the street, there is a movement to file several lawsuits naming the Company founders and key recently terminated executives for the mishandling of Corporate financials. My understanding is that the Institutional... —  read more 

More stores to close?

Do we think they are going to accelerate store closings after all the layoffs and consolidation of regions?


Never fear they have been talking and guess what folks they will be to help us!! Stay tuned BBB worst nightmare.

Store layoffs

Has anyone heard anything about layoffs at store level?

How about the Merchandisers?

SMs can order, predict ahead with advice from still-in-place DMs...soooooo why in the hell do we need Dist and Reg merchandise mgrs who really just sit in the office, snack all day, do personal business on the clock, and maybe hit the floor if they... —  read more 


Get ready folks it’s not over, the game of screwing you over has only begun!! Got this from a VERY reliable source that is in the circle even thou he wants out and will as soon as he can get out.

Layoffs Done Backwards

February 2020- 500 jobs cut, savings $85 Million annual August 2017- 880 jobs cut, savings reported at $17 Million annual In 2017, the corporate cut should have happened leaving more resources in the field. Corporates been bloated for years ... —  read more 

Great lay-off LP so stores have no defense

Great idea to lay off the people that protect our stores from theft. People that through hard work worked their way to that position and then lay them off. Leaving the stores without a valuable resource to deter theft. Just so you can make your... —  read more 

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