Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond


To the people that come here to bad mouth anyone that is unhappy, anyone that posts a concern or anyone that just need to vent, get over yourselves. If you don’t like any if this why don’t you go start your own your own website titled “Ultimate... —  read more 

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How do you do it?

One of the hardest things I find is remaining motivated when I know my commitment to BBBY is a one way street. I am definitely finding it hard to justify keeping my work pace up when I know that my hard work may one day be rewarded with getting laid... —  read more 

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Who else here works in a sweatshop? They only seem to run the A/C for customers so it’s sweltering before the store opens. There don’t seem to be many air ducts in receiving so it’s always hot back there. And at least here in Florida, they don’t do... —  read more 

Online sales

Do you think the company is well positioned to boost online sales? Can BBBY do better in that regard? I am an ordinary employee in one of the stores and I am interested in how BBBY online sales seem compared with some of the competitors?

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Beaten down

I need to know if this is unique to my location. Our management team love to tear people down just for the fun of it - because they feel they can. When politeness would do more for productivity we seem to come up short in that department. People in... —  read more 

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Wow! Just got back from vacation and we have so much clearance! The entire furniture room…all the shower tub mats…tons of sheets…navea…most of soft kitchen. What’s going on!?

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Store Meeting

What did you think of the lame meeting for our new CS program? Even my SM couldn’t be enthusiastic trying to present it to us. They act like we never had a customer service focus and expect us to change when there are no hours or coverage to... —  read more 

Last minute?

How much time passes from the moment BBB announces the closure of the store to the moment it happens? I don’t need their announcement, I certainly know the store will close sooner or later (probably sooner than later), but I still wonder if employees... —  read more 


I’m in the Midwest. Associates in my store whom I know are not vaccinated are not wearing a mask. Why is my manager not implementing this rule that those who are not vaccinated MUST wear a mask!

Renovations and Harmon

Are store is being renovated and is adding Harmon. Basically after ditching CTS early last year the goal here at BBB is to add more health and beauty to make us more “essential”. So with that in mind: Is there a list of stores NOT getting... —  read more 

Good vibes

My store sales are up, we are hiring. Back to college set and looks awesome with all of the new product lines. Customers are complimenting the service. My manager keeps us informed about everything. Life is good at BBB.

Nothing’s changing

BBBY has gone downhill in the last few years. The results and morale are just not there anymore. I’ve seen bad decisions after bad decision year after year and I am always surprised at how blind management is to their mistakes. It’s sad for employees... —  read more 


Is anyone else tired of hearing this? Don’t think it’s fair that a small store struggles and gets threatened. When a big store with more variety gets praised. How long are we going to ride this road as I am about to take a detour.

I just hate this company

I’m happy because I’m finally at a new job starting next week. I never even intended to stay here long, but in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve realized that all the BBBY stories about how little the company values its employees, are even worse in... —  read more 

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