Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Topics regarding layoffs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Living in fantasy land

Several of my coworkers are not worried over losing their jobs because a) they've been here forever and b) BBB is too big to fail so we'll be around for a long time to come. I'm honestly not sure how people can lul themselves into a false sense of... —  read more 

I hate my job

I hate this company, I hate my manager who is a backstabbing, credit-stealing a–, I hate having to deal with customers who couldn't care less about our safety in the middle of a pandemic...but most of all I hate that I'm stuck here because nobody... —  read more 


Im embarressed at how empty the store is right now. We are doing our best to make the most of the product we have but I can see why customers think we are going out if business.....rugs, towels, sheets wiped out.......

Going into the New Year

What do we have to look forward to everyone? 1) Irate customers 2) overworked/underpaid 3) horrible work environment 4) more store closures 5) bare shelves I could go on but I’m sure you get the point. Will things change? Probably not! But as some... —  read more 


Wow 401k was no deducted from the last paychecks. Coincidentally last of 2020. Tell me that wasnt planned. Anything to save a $


I walked a couple stores for sh–s and giggles leading into the holiday season and a couple days after Christmas and I must say I’m not surprised by these numbers! No product for curbside or in store sale is an instant lost customer to Amazon in... —  read more 

Flagship store

Recently found out that the store manager and the ops manager quit. Something must be going on for both to leave at the same time. Went into the store, just bare shelves, thinned products stretched out. Waiting for the next round of full timers to be... —  read more 

Keep getting asked

Wow! Our store is EMPTY!! I keep getting asked from customers if we are closing! One customer I had said she was a manager at Linens n things and the way we look was how they looked before they were informed they were going out of business. Any... —  read more 

50 Hour ASM'S

Whats the plan on being dropped to 45,..... and Tital change to Department Supervisor for most . Is it starting on January 10, as we were informed . Nothing more was said if that's happening. Schedule up, and no change, still at 50. There are... —  read more 

Fired after COVID?

I don’t know if I’m more afraid of catching the virus or losing my job after I recover from it and come back to work. Were there any cases in your stores where someone was fired without any rational reason after catching an illness? I have to admit... —  read more 

Covid-19 employees

What are the laws on COVID-19 employees?? Employees testing and continued to work till their test results come in then call in sick stating they tested positive. Are we supposed to take protocols and clean and how?? Getting the feeling that... —  read more 

District Positions

I've been told that BBB is hiring some district positions, and what I mean. They are not bringing back the terminated people. They hired new DM'S??? Why not bring back the ones who lost their jobs ?? They must have been getting paid $$$$ Any one... —  read more 

Did I read this right?

Did the company use some of the monies from the sale to increase the buyback purchases by $300M? If I read that correctly, then I'm p-ss-d. The cash used could have been put to much better use. Although I'm not sure why am I surprised, as always it’s... —  read more 

Merry Christmas:)

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.” – Mark Twain —  read more 

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BOPIS and Curbside

Good idea....but its driving us crazy! Not fast enough, quick get it out to the parking spot..... BEEP....BEEP.....BEEP Makes us feel like "servents", dealing with it. Customers mad no employees in store. Just needed to vent.


I left this train wreck a while ago. It not hard to see where this company is headed. There are better retailers that appreciate their associates and managers. Have faith in yourself. Best decision I ever made. I didnt realize how bad bbby was until... —  read more 


ASMs have to be next for the next round of layoffs! Mine is incredibly rude and degrading to employees...he needs to go!!

World Market Sold.

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. Today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its remaining non-core banner Cost Plus World Market (CPWM) to Kingswood Capital Management, a Los Angeles-based private equity


I hear BBB will not be moving forward with the hours we work. By that I mean the 50 hour ASM will not be reduced to 45 next month.

This is crazy

My manager pulled me into the office and gave me a lecture about having to go “above and beyond” in my duties. It appears he’s not satisfied with me multitasking while on a register, assisting customers on the floor, filling out BOPIS and whatever... —  read more 

More stressful days

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (Nasdaq: BBBY) today announced a limited-time free Same Day Delivery promotion available to Bed Bath & Beyond® and buybuy BABY® customers. The three-day promotion launches in partnership with Shipt on Monday, December 14, 2020... —  read more 

3 more store closures Three more stores are closing. Employees have at least 2 months to find something to fall back on. We all knew it was coming. Good luck to all those that this refers... —  read more 

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This is the sad reality

The reality is that this company does not appreciate it's associates at all. They are taken for granted and not treated well. There is no support or help left and everyone is stressed and exhausted. The reward for being loyal and hard working is... —  read more 


If you go on the BBB website, they removed the review option . Reading the horrible reviews made them remove it. So now you can’t write or read any reviews.

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