Topics regarding layoffs at Cost Plus World Market

Topics regarding layoffs at Cost Plus World Market

No reason to go back

I actually gave some thought to reapplying but luckily I knocked some sense in my head. I did nothing but work my butt off for this company for 7+ years. Worked every overnight asked of me. Took a leadership role in my department head position and... —  read more 

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More Layoffs

Cost Plus has to decided to let go of all of its furniture heads and any gourmet/beverage head whose last lay off got delayed from Covid. The Logistics Supervisor position will only be part time, but apparently some people that have been Logistics... —  read more 

World Market to be sold.

Talks about BBB selling off WM have been going around. I saw an article today confirming that they are indeed looking to sell WM. I saw another post from a corporate associate confirming that the deal could be closed very soon, even on or before the... —  read more 

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