Topics regarding layoffs at Kohl's

Topics regarding layoffs at Kohl's

he changes

ok some may not include all stores but most stores are getting a signage revamp with fewer signs on the walls product being lowed to have ease of selling elimination of men's side registers or women's depends if your store has a flipped layout plus a... — read more 

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the truth

cold hard facts the recent improvements are a flop big time everything from the amazon partnership to the Sephora were a big mistake amazon does not pay us to play their customer service agents like telling people that we can only take returns on... — read more 

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Finally some good news!

With the sale off the table, I can now breathe a sigh of relief. There was no way in which we could have gotten out of that without huge layoffs. That's just the way things work in these situations. Selling off some of the real estate seems like a... — read more 

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Less than a skeleton crew

The people that I work with are always happy to help and work together as a team. We have the bare minimum which when we are busy can become quite hectic. Sometimes it can be satisfying but most of the time it’s not - especially when we have call... — read more 

This will be interesting

Department store giant Kohl's has been offered an acquisition deal by competitor JCPenney for a whopping $8.6 billion, according to a New York Post report. Simon Property and Brookfield Asset Management, both of which aided JCPenney out of... — read more 

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Competition with online retailers

I just read some article that specifically highlights how Kohl’s has struggled to fend off competition from online retailers// Wasn't such a strategy doomed from the beginning? I’ve been working here for a long time and I’m very sorry that this... — read more 

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I'm tired of this

My New Year's resolution is to find a workplace where I won't have to get yelled at by rude customers all day long. It wasn't like this before but things have changed so much, especially the customers, and now I have to take verbal - bordering on... — read more 

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Just in case

I haven't heard any rumors about more layoffs or closing, but I was curious how Kohl's handles severance? Who is eligible and how much is the payout? Are there any other benefits included or is it just the severance itself? I'm just trying to stay... — read more 

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Get out if you can!

This place is he-l! Work/life balance simply doesn't exist. The management keeps taking and taking from you until you're ready to break and then they decide to get rid of you for whatever reason they can think of (usually pure bu-----t!) Anything is... — read more 

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Fortune 500 company

Is our economy really that screwed that not only is this mess of a company STILL one of the Fortune 500, but it's among the top 200? How is that even possible? The only way I can explain it is volume, certainly not the strategy, vision, or management... — read more 

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How are your sales doing?

I'm getting more and more worried. If our sales continue to be this low, I'd be surprised if we remain open for more than a month, two at the max. Is this specific to my location or is this happening throughout the entire company? I knew things were... — read more 

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The arrival of Sephora at Kohl’s, what do you think about it? What good can this bring to this company? I was honestly really surprised when I found out about it, at first I thought it was just a rumor that will never be realized.

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2021 Q1 Layoffs (Loss Prevention)

Former Kohl’s LP executive who is still in the know has mentioned to expect more LP cuts. The last around impacted regional LP and and some district level. This round will be more significant impacting district LP along PNW, CA, Southwest.

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The reality of it all

These are sad days for me personally and for the company. I've been laid off together with hundreds of coworkers. Most are left without a steady financial means to support their families, pay their bills, put food on the table... I’m sure some of us... — read more 

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Top-heavy mess

Kohl’s has way too many high level people commanding large salaries making cost cutting decisions to save their own bonuses. I’ve seen the president and her marketing minions completely redecorate their corporate offices to the tune of hundreds of... — read more 

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Lay offs - Sept 2020

I am not shocked by Kohl's layoffs. This has been coming at them like a train. When the pandemic hit, they closed their stores temporarily and lost tons of much that they took out a gigantic line of credit to try to stay afloat. Their... — read more 

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