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Bon-Ton returning!

Looks like we are not completely done after all. CSC Generation Holdings bought all Bon-Ton brands and is getting ready for a relaunch. I know they will focus primarily on online, but I've read that they are getting ready to reopen some of the stores... —  read more 

Vultures are already circling

This is so so infuriating. So many people are coming into the store to ask about liquidation sales. Really???!?!?! We are losing our livelihood, I know people who are the only ones working in their family...people with children...and all these... —  read more 

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24,000 people losing jobs

And probably no severance due to liquidation. Still believe "THE ECONOMY IS BOOMING!"? Layoffs happening in all industries and sectors, more stores closing than ever in history, far surpassing 2017 which was formerly the worst year ever. And stop... —  read more 

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24,000 people losing jobs

Probably no severance since companies don't have to pay severance when going out of business, but hey... We're in an "ECONOMIC BOOM WITH THE LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT EVA AND JOBS GALORE!" Yeah, that's why retailers are closing by the tens of thousands and... —  read more 

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Stick a fork in Bon-Ton

The going-concern bid never came to fruition, and the only bidders left are liquidators. RIP Bon-Ton Stores. —  read more 

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It's finally happening

It looks like our days are truly numbered. Not as if anybody is surprised by this. The Bon-Ton Stores Inc. is preparing to close its remaining stores in Wisconsin and its Milwaukee headquarters if it cannot find a buyer willing to purchase the... —  read more 

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Carson’s Ran Them Into The Ground

Bon-Ton almost to the brink of bankruptcy? Doesn’t surprise me. They let most of the CPS central executives stay, and they ran that company into the ground. Back when Saks turned over country of Herbergers and Younkers to them, they wrecked those... —  read more 

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Things not looking good for 2018

Things are really not looking good for Bon-Ton for the next year. It looks like we are among the front-runners of retail stores that will file for bankruptcy in 2018. And bankruptcy means store closing and layoffs. I'm sure nobody is really surprised... —  read more 

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More cuts at bonton

Lay off of selling supervisors. All across the board. One or more at each store. Right before 4 th quarter/ Black Friday. Tells you the state of the business

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More cuts July 2017

Stores are down more supervisory positions. Theses cuts were made at the same time they announced the closing of a Maryland store. Some other support cuts were made as well. You can be sure thete will be more. It is a sad state of affairs at The... —  read more 

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Maintenance department let go

The whole maintenance department was let as of February 24th 2017. A lot of the stores still don't even know we were let go. We were replaced by a few Project Managers to be in charge of vendors because apparently it's cheaper that way. Most of the... —  read more 

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