Topics regarding layoffs at Stage Stores Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Stage Stores Inc.

Bad Business Decision

Our Beall's went to Stage which was O.K. because the same name brands were continued. Now, Gordman's, not for me, cheap knock off brands. They will soon be filing bankruptcy. The reason stocks are up is because they have a good sale going on to... —  read more 

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Stage closing?

Does anyone have any information about stage stores closing? I work at a stage in Texas but the don’t want to tell us if we’re going to close down or just change the name to gordmans

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List of Stage Stores closing

Do you maybe have a list of Stage Stores that will be closing in 2018. I am interested in stores closed per region, number of stores. If you have the list with addresses it'd be even better. I'd be interested to see if there are stores closing in all... —  read more 

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