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Pension letter

Did anyone out there get a email regarding our pensions and what May happens when the new buyer takes over ? What did you think will happen

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Severance Pay in Installments

This can't be! Installment payments..,what in the world is going on? It's as if they told us this in advance but I never heard this from the company until now. My take is that they should just pay us all of our severance and let move on.

Closing Date Changes

Sept 27, 2020 original closing date with exit date of Sept 30,2020. Now they are changing the game when some of us have jobs lined up to report to and holding our severance pay over our heads. What a disgrace on their part! We have agreed to hold... —  read more 

ooh boy

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Amazon fulfillment centers

I liked my job at JCP. It was not ideal but my pay was decent and the people I worked with were great folks. And there was at least some sense of independence. And now it looks my store will be replaced by an Amazon fulfillment center. Which will... —  read more 

Update from Bloomberg Remember how Sussberg (JCP's attorney in bankruptcy) insisted that liquidation wasn't even being considered? This little nugget... —  read more 

Employee back to work

It's been some time since the stores opened for bussiness again but a couple of us are still waiting to get a call back. Not sure how they decided on who got called back and if there's a process they have to follow. Anyone in the same situation, and... —  read more 


No staff, want flawless merchandising, board folded, no fitting room hours. No support from so called company, unrealistic expectations. I am stressed above and beyond. Anyone else? Or am I just crazy?

JCP 4eva !!!! Sad. JCP won’t necessarily liquidate bc there’s no value in liquidation . So the building might remain standing bc falling over isn’t much of a relief.

Furloughed associates

Wondering what is going on at Jcpenney as it seems only a couple of us got called back while most of the store is furloughed. They have us doing multiple jobs because they don’t seem to want to call anyone else back. Nice to work so many hours but... —  read more 

Rich get richer

In March and April, retail sales in the U.S. saw the worst two-month decline in history (8.3 percent in March and 16.4 percent in April) due to the coronavirus pandemic. The retail apocalypse has pushed a slew of iconic American retailers to the... —  read more 

This is just the beginning

I feel for the people who were just notified that their store is closing but we will all be in their shoes soon enough. It should be obvious to everybody by now that JCP is beyond saving. They'll try to slow down the bleed by closing more and more... —  read more 

Got laid off

Thankfully I'm not the only breadwinner in my household so my situation isn't too dire but I still can't help but feel like garbage. I didn't know I would get the boot so soon. What a horrible year this has been.

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