Topics regarding layoffs at JCPenney

Topics regarding layoffs at JCPenney

Custom experience

We have lost all that experience, please enforce mask wearing in the stores, people in stores coughing like crazy, uh, how u expect us to ask to sign up for credit card when people not wearing mask and coughing out loud. How about these managers try... —  read more 

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The issue of trust

Judging by everything that is happening in this company, I no longer trust our management at all. I have no reason to trust them. They have proven many times that we are all just a number to them. It’s awful to work in a company in which there is... —  read more 

I feel pretty miserable

I would leave if I had some decent options. Still, lately everything seems like a better option to me than this one here. There aren’t a lot worse ones, are there? I work too much, and I’m under constant stress while waiting for the announcement... —  read more 

maybe there is hope for jcpenney

someone said somthing about jcpenney needs to bring in new merchandise and brands well it's happening

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People who don’t care

I am aware that employees cannot do much to keep their jobs here and that everyone’s motivation is zero. However, this negative condition is literally contagious. I try my best to do what I can while I’m still here and not despair, but it’s very... —  read more 


can someone from district please let your employees know what's going on, stop keeping people who keeps the doors open and customers coming back to shop, people need positive reinforcement

Relocating managers

What does swapping managers in texas means, new faces, new plans, new perspective. Maybe low pay these managers, so who's actually running the stores. Someone please share your thoughts

What is the atmosphere like?

I can only imagine it is more tense than ever. Luckily, I managed to find another job and left, but I sympathize with the people who are still in the company. What is the atmosphere like in the remaining stores before the company goes out of... —  read more 

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Now plus covid 19 we are in a historic winter event down south are we going to get compensated for not being able to go to work or dinged again for not putting some effort in going. Sign of the times companies worried about their businesses where... —  read more 

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Does anyone know what the deal is with the pension? I am still an actively working employee. We are told PBGC is taking over pension. Then we get emails about taking a survey and some of us don’t get the survey. Then another email stating that we are... —  read more 

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