Topics regarding layoffs at JCPenney

Topics regarding layoffs at JCPenney

It’s happening again

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More stores to close Wonder how long they will keep us in suspense?

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It continues

Oswego JC Penney store to close After dodging the ax repeatedly over the years, even as department stores struggled and the COVID-19 pandemic caused its owner to seek bankruptcy protection, the JC Penney store in Oswego is... — read more 

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Job security

How is job security at JCP these days? I work at Macy's and I'm desperately looking for a way out. JCP in my area is hiring but I don't want to end up in a situation where I'd leave one position just to be let go within a few months or a year from my... — read more 

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Quakerbridge Mall JCPenney

Why is the JCPenney at QuakerBridge Mall so dark? Nearly all the lights at that store are turned off. Are the trying to lower the electric bill? I doubt they are closing because its QuakerBridge is a Simon Mall and JCPenney is very much needed at... — read more 

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Things have improved

From the looks of it, this is not the case for all locations but it is for mine. Since the change in ownership we've also had a change in management at our store and for once we've got people who care about what's going on and who want to help... — read more 

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Procedures for Covid

I work at this store in south Houston and co workers feel some type of way about wearing masks, seems like that upset caused they had covid and made thru it and now has the idgaf attitude bout everybody else, mgmt wants bodies here no matter so they... — read more 

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Report retail covid issues

If your store mgmt is pestering yall to go to work if your sick and possibly have covid report them to your health dept, crazy retail dont have a plan in place for this, and now the status is sever in our county.

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10 Years

Can you believe it? Next month will mark the 10th anniversary of the beginning of JCP’s Decade of Ruin. It all began in earnest in February 2012…with the elimination of coupons and significant cuts to staffing in most stores. Be sure to send your... — read more 

Store Management

Please JCPENNY stop making these store managers make us come to work with covid 19, example league city, people working with covid asked to come to work makes no sense to us working 😕 here.

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Another store gone

JCPenney’s at San Jacinto Mall in Baytown has closed its doors for good. This was not unexpected. Just another in a long line of closings and it's certainly not going to be the last. I hate seeing how low JCPenny has fallen. We were once a respected... — read more 

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I saw somewhere that JCP will pay associates an $2 an hour for working weekends during the holidays. Do they really think that this is the same as a permanent pay increase? JCP is hopelessly screwed up.

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