Topics regarding layoffs at JCPenney

Topics regarding layoffs at JCPenney

JCPenney closing

I am interested in knowing if the locations at woodfield mall owned by Simon is staying open. It is not on the document but no Chicago area malls were really on that lost and I do not think they would leave a big market.

Freehold JCP

Correct me if I’m wrong; however I don’t see JCP at the Freehold Raceway Mall listed on the asset document (it’s a macerich mall) . If true this would leave the Freehold Mall with the only acher being a Macy’s. As Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor & Sears all... —  read more 


So this is a question for those who choose to remain from a former employee. I am actually curious on why you chose to stay with a company that doesn’t value you? Is it because of the pandemic and you fear not being able to find another job? Is it... —  read more 

Sephora leaving JCP

Now that Sephora is getting a new contract with Kohl's it sounds like bad news for JCPenney. Sephora was a big part of the stores and that used to draw customers into our stores especially when there's no Sephora close by. Hopefully this doesn't... —  read more 

Plano HQ

An article posted that the Plano office looked like JCP was moved out. Is there any thought of where HQ will relocate if and when remote work shifts to a flex onsite set of options?

Any news?

Disclaimer - I left JCP a few years ago, but I've been there long enough to make some lasting friendships and to actually feel a pang of loss when I heard it might be gone for good at some point. But there is little to no info on what's going on... —  read more 

It's official

If your store is in one of their malls, I'm guessing you're safe. If it's not...I'd start looking just in case. JCPenney has inked an asset purchase agreement (APA) with Brookfield Asset Management, Simon Property Group and a majority of its... —  read more 

Pension letter

Did anyone out there get a email regarding our pensions and what May happens when the new buyer takes over ? What did you think will happen

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Severance Pay in Installments

This can't be! Installment payments..,what in the world is going on? It's as if they told us this in advance but I never heard this from the company until now. My take is that they should just pay us all of our severance and let move on.

Closing Date Changes

Sept 27, 2020 original closing date with exit date of Sept 30,2020. Now they are changing the game when some of us have jobs lined up to report to and holding our severance pay over our heads. What a disgrace on their part! We have agreed to hold... —  read more 

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