Topics regarding layoffs at Michaels Stores

Topics regarding layoffs at Michaels Stores

A Fraud to LMT?!?

How in the Heck management push a CM fraud into becoming a LMT at EGV?? Factory Service isn’t about fixing, it’s more like letting frauds that scam people into signing contracts and fake CMs promotions within the company.

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Bad bad bad M27

I thought it was getting better or maybe the pain was leveling off. I was wrong. I worked this weekend and all in all it was a typical weekend it wasnt too busy but not slow. Today it looks like we went through a weeks worth of one day events... — read more 

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Michaels small town store closings

Michaels is quietly closing stores in small towns. Research it. Wonder why We were told numerous reasons that we found were not fact based. This is very confusing. Maybe it's a sign of the times. Or maybe it's too much competition from the others... — read more 

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Ticked off at people

I am really ticked off at shoppers. They don't realize how much we value Michaels Stores. Since people are purchasing so much on the internet I fear that Michaels will lose business and close some stores. It would break my heart because I am a huge... — read more 

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