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Big Bear Lake Kmart Hours Reduced

So I work at the Big Bear Lake Kmart (7653) and now we have had our hours reduced to 9am-8pm. Pretty sure this isn't do the to virus because other Kmarts already are at this hours. I take it as a sign that things are going from bad to worse. Already... —  read more 

how many Kmarts were in New England at the peak?

I know that there has been few Kmarts in new England. but, there wee a lot of Kmarts in Mass, CT and RI. at one point how many were there at the peak? please list the ones you know of in the replies. I will leave the numbers for Maine, Vermont and... —  read more 

is the kmart in lebadon nh going to close?

This is really a big Kmart. the Kmart has been around since the 70s and had a little ceazers/Kmart cafe but they have closed in the recent years. this Kmart has been missed throughout all of the closings. this will be one of the two Kmarts left in... —  read more 

List of Kmart Stores Closing in 2020!

Here is the list... California – Temple City Kmart – 5665 North Rosemead Blvd – Mid-April 2020 Colorado – Loveland Kmart – 2665 West Eisenhower Blvd – Mid-April 2020 Massachusetts – Holyoke Kmart – 2203 N Hampton St Mid-April  –... —  read more 

Big Bear Lake Kmart closing down rumor

Been hearing some rumblings today that the Big Bear Lake Kmart (7653) is going to be closing down starting February. Wondering if anyone has any inside info if there is any truth to this.


The company in Valparaiso In also had their HR person fire people before they closed—- bad practice!!! Then managers from the store hired their family members!!! All the managers sat in their break room for hours at a time—— they should have... —  read more 

Raleigh/Temple City

I see this thread isnt used much, as most Kmart news is in the Sears thread, but if anyone is curious, Raleigh NC, & Temple City CA Kmarts are closing.

Hanging on till the bitter end?

I heard a rumor, let’s just say through the grapevine, that my local Kmart, one of the few remaining kmarts left, would essentially hang on till the bitter end. Assuming there is an end, and not a last second saving of a few stores. Anyway to tell... —  read more 

Kmart is toast

Saw this in a Facebook group I'm in, and the numbers speak for themselves: Alabama X Alaska X Arizona X Arkansas X California Big Bear Lake Costa Mesa Freedom Grass Valley Long Beach Mckinleyville Ramona .. —  read more 

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Kmart 3707 told they will be closing today.

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List of Kmart Stores Closing in 2020

- CA/Camarillo - 7165 / 940 knell Rd Camarillo 93010 - CA/North Hollywood - 4421 / 13007 Sherman Way North Hollywood 91605 - CA/Oakdale - 3842 / 175 Maag Ave. Oakdale 95361 - CA/Salinas - 3412 / 1050 N. Davis Rd. Salinas 93907 - CA/Tehachapi... —  read more 

New company

i am a previous Kmart employee of 40years . Wondering what is happening under the new company. Full time ,pay ect

Let's Talk about pay

I realize that Kmart is in need of good, smart labor. Some working are knowledgeable, because they had management experience with Kmart in the past. Not everyone has the will to work hard, or the ability to do some tasks. People who assume a level of... —  read more 

Kmart Sears

The best thing to ever happen was for me to loose my job with this company. For everyone left go now.There are better jobs out there.

Finally suing shady Eddie

Sears/Kmart seems to be wising up a little bit by suing Eddie and his companies. Hopefully it works out well and people get to keep their jobs long term.


Anyone know what the meetings are about this week?

Cash mandatory to be completed by 11am

Cash has to be completed by 11am and all excess money deposited. No check cashing. And when we try to order change we can't get thru. It says they are experimenting technical difficulties. Ww never had these mandated rules. —  read more 

Don't let the "good" news fool you.

So just because Eddie has won the auction, don't hold your breath. Because don't be surprised if Eddie's "Go Forward" plan includes pretty much killing off Kmart stores in the future. You're jobs are not as safe as you like think believe they are.

Kmart W2

My KMART closed early 2018, they haven't emailed me with the W2 yet, what's the link to the website that has the W2s?

The amount of discontinued merchandise is staggering

Assuming a miracle happens, and SHC somehow survive bankruptcy, what is Kmart going to sell? I was doing gap elimination in auto/sports/DIY and pantry the other day and noticed that 95% of the merchandise was "discontinued" and missing order points... —  read more 

Employees paid with penny merchandise

Is it okay for managers to pay employees with penny merchandise? I’ve noticed that one employee who was fired is back working, but a manager said she was being paid “under the table” with the penny merchandise.

Severance pay?

Question my store Kmart close on September 2, 2018 all full timer got severance pay package. Now they telling us that due to chapter 11 we will no longer get our severance pay. Can they do this? October 15th was our last paycheck. We still got 6 or 7... —  read more 

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Emails tonight?

So I go check email while ending day tonight, we no longer sell black heart gift cards effective immediately( only Kmart and sears gift cards) and just got another email saying our trucks may be rescheduled and changed in the near future? Anyone... —  read more 

Kmart management in full damage control.

So was just to by my manager that the whole bankruptcy news is "fake news". Apparently every Kmart had an emergency meeting about this and that everything is fine. Lol. What a joke. We all know the truth.

It's finally over Sears hires advisers for bankruptcy filing ahead of debt payment: WSJ 2 MIN READ (Reuters) -... —  read more 

Lease fraud

Any other Kmart stores dealing with leasing fraudsters? For the last couple months, we have groups of people coming in and max-ing out their lease amounts. They turn around and sell the items on Facebook marketplace and default on the lease. I guess... —  read more 

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