Thread regarding Kmart layoffs

OFFICIAL Kmart Master List as of 2-7-21: Down to 24 Kmarts!

Freshly updated from the Master List... we're now down to two dozen Kmarts from an all-time high of 2,323!

Here's the updated Master List:

Costa Mesa California 4047 2200 O
Freedom California 3725 1702 O
Grass Valley California 9746 111 O
South Lake Tahoe California 9153 1056 O
Key Largo Florida 9614 101499 O
Key West Florida 4725 2928 O
Miami Florida 3074 14091 O
Tamuning Guam 7705 404 LC
Marshall Michigan 3841 15861 LC
Hamilton Montana 9808 1235 O
Avenel New Jersey 3438 1550 O
Kearny New Jersey 3499 200 O
Westwood New Jersey 3202 700 O
New York New York 7777 770 O
Bridgehampton New York 9423 2044 O
Brooklyn New York 4731 2307 O
Bronx New York 9420 1998 O
Bronx New York 7654 300 LC
White Plains New York 9416 399 LC
Hato Rey Puerto Rico 7783 525 O
St. Croix Virgin Islands 3972 Sunny Isles O
St. Croix Virgin Islands 7413 Fredericksted O
St. Thomas Virgin Islands 7793 10th St O
St. Thomas Virgin Islands 3829 Tutu Park Mall O

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That doesn't tell the world sh–. Its a banner on a fence that nobody can see. They didn't even bother to use the official KMart logo, lol.

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LOL, its a banner on a fence (they were embarrassed to put it on the building). Real stores have signs (you know the one with the Giant red K).

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Verified by corporate, don't make me laugh. Show me actual proof instead of a dumb photo. The store is not even on their website, so much for being verified. Calling a tiny 10,000 sqft store a Kmart is like calling a 7-Eleven a supermarket. Real stores also have separate entrances. Separate checkouts have nothing to do with it. When I go to a supermarket and buy liquor they always make you pay at a separate checkout, that doesn't elevate the liquor department to its own store.

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No Timmy, having two stores on top of each other in a mall isn't the same thing. Stores in a mall have separate entrances. The Brooklyn "store" is only 10,000 sqft, about a tenth of the size of a real Kmart.

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I keep seeing lists like this with the Marathon, Florida, Kmart removed, but do you have evidence that this store is closing?

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That's a sign directing people buy KMart products in Sears basement. No real store would be located in the basement of another store. Just like you can become a real man someday Timmy when you move out of your parent's basement.

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The person below me is garbage. No Brooklyn Kmart, huh? Then what the heck is THIS?:

Don'e be jealous just because you're WRONG and everyone else is RIGHT!

Brooklyn Kmart: 100% VERIFIED. Prove us otherwise..... if you CAN, LMFAO!!!

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This list is garbage! No Kmart in Brooklyn! I hope they close the Brooklyn SEARS next so this clown goes away.

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I saw that list (that person posts here now that they were banned from Reddit for spreading false info/incorrect lists). I like the correct, accurate list better...

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I like the other list that says south lake taco better

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