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This paralysis needs to end

I was furloughed from bestbuy last week, great company too. Basically paid me 1 months salary to stay home with my kids. This paralysis needs to end...

Is IT affected?

What's the impact on IT (aside from cutting capital spend)? Good luck...

This can get you started

Coronavirus unemployment guide: What to do if you get laid off or furloughed Here’s What To Do If You’ve Been Laid Off Or... —  read more 

Best Buy is still better than many other retailers

Yes, they are furloughing employees, but so many others are outright laying people off. And they have done so in March, we at least got paid for several extra weeks. I'm not saying this is not hard, I'm just saying it could be worse. There are a lot... —  read more 

Recent News

We just got a video as I'm sure many of you have already seen that yes, it seems the 15th was the cut-off. Everyone getting fired now yall. I'm slightly salty, but I have yet to head if I'm going to be one of the people on the corporate hit list. ... —  read more 

How long can the company survive without making profit?

Much larger and richer companies are claiming that they cannot survive for long with the stores closed and without generating revenue. How long can Best Buy last? Is it too early to start being afraid for the safety of our jobs? Thoughts?

What's going to happen after April 18?

Stores will still be closed, that's now a certainty. So for how long do you think Best Buy will continue to pay us? I'm surprised we are being paid even for as long as we are, so I wouldn't be surprised April 18 is the cutoff point. Personally... —  read more 

Bullied into working no matter what.

So.. we were just informed that we had to come in no matter what policy was put in place yesterday or this morning. Pretty much told unless we were on our death bed from this, we would not have a job. We have not been supplied with anything to help... —  read more 

Major changes coming to Best Buy

PAC leadership will be offered severance and the teams will be folded into the core sales team. MASS managers and supervisors will be restructured based on headcount and revenue band. MASS teams will also be folded into the core sales team. All... —  read more 

Best Buy in Sparks, Nevada was permanently closed

Too bad that the Best Buy store at The Outlets at Legends near the Sparks Marina was closed for good: The company made the decision to not... —  read more 

More pain to come

The 10% drop in stock price today tells you the mgmt will be reacting soon - belt tightening... The question is where and what they plan to cut.

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1D Impact

Best Buy has managed to eliminate literally all of the people who gave a damn about their jobs in the last year because of 1D. I’ve watched so many people who were dead set on staying with the company back out and run because of how many jobs... —  read more 

Best Buy Layoff

Best Buy will be announcing layoffs for several thousand people beginning in July 2019. This is not announced publicly yet but people should know about it. Most job positions have been frozen from hiring and every store in the company will be... —  read more 

2019 IT Layoffs?

I keep hearing that several area in IT had layoffs and contracting firms are reworking contracts. The new CDO has caused major budgeting issues and most still don't know what the direction is for 2019. This is concerning since they only have until... —  read more 

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More jobs added

Best Buy somehow survived amazon

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Best Buy Layoffs 2019

Is this going to be an interesting year as it relates to Best Buy Layoffs in 2019?

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Another day, another closing announcement

At least it's not as bad as Sears, which closes 50 stores at a time... Best Buy shoppers will no longer have the option of going to Howell: the store is set to close in November, a spokesman confirmed Thursday... —  read more 

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WARN Notices filed

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Great Northern Mall location closing

Best Buy will be closing its location near Great Northern Mall in Clay later this year. Jeff Shelman, a spokesman for the electronics company, told CNYCentral on Monday that they decided not to re-sign the lease for the property on Route 31... —  read more 

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Anybody worried about this?

Another closing announcement today, this time it's Best Buy at the Alcoa Crossings shopping center in Benton. I'm starting to get worried about the number of announcements we've been getting lately. Looks to me like Best Buy has decided to close a... —  read more 

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Best Buy closing Mall of America store

After mobile stores, Best Buy is now closing regular stores as well. Best Buy Co. Inc. will close its store at the Mall of America this summer after a 10-year run at the Bloomington megamall... —  read more 

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Best Buy closing all 250 mobile stores!

Frankly, I can't see fault in this decision even if I do feel for all the people who will be laid off as a result of this. Most of the people who buy things here have a regular Best Buy close enough that this will not result in losing their business... —  read more 

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Talented Empoyees

Just found out that one of the merchant analysts had a career in adult films while in college. Why in the hell she used her real name is puzzling. Private Society Kansas City. Initials are MM.

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164 stores closing in early 2018

164 stores closing in 2018. It's under shared documents for those of you with a corporate laptop. Check it out before they move it.

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Best Buy Layoffs 2018

Do not worry too much, I am one of those who is always optimistic - things will pan out good and we will not have layoffs here in Richfield.

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Two more stores closing

Best Buy is closing two more stores, so the carnage continues. Inver Grove Heights store and one of Blaine stores (the location off of Highway 65.) Both stores will close at the start of October... —  read more 

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Auburn store to close

Not really surprising, but more Best Buy stores are closing. This time it's Auburn store at the end of October. I know we have been holding on better than most, but this is starting to become scary. Nearly 30 people at the store will be looking for... —  read more 

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Wentzville store closing

Corporate came in tonight and announced the Wentzville, MO store is closing (but don't tell the customers or they won't buy the extended warranty). They say the rent is increased and tired of fighting with the landlords! This location has beaten... —  read more 

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Other jobs offered are a joke!

They are not giving us other jobs, we have to reapply, as if, we were new employees. And most of the jobs are part time sales, in store. So if you were making $18 hr fixing computers, you have to apply, if accepted, go through an interview for $9 hr... —  read more 

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Best Buy eliminating 400 remote positions

So, Best Buy is eliminating 400 positions and offering those workers other jobs...I am just wondering how many will be able to move to accept those new positions, and how many will just end up out of a job after all... But at least they have the... —  read more 

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