Topics regarding layoffs at Best Buy

Topics regarding layoffs at Best Buy

Who will sell Premium anything?

60%+ of the most knowledgeable staff have been terminated. Who will now handle complicated things? Where will the motivation come from? Many folks that are left working have no clue how things work. Who will bring the up to speed? The ASM?

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Layoffs are continuing

Best Buy has been laying off people from stores for a while now. I'm guessing the goal is to reduce the number of locations and move to online sales as much as possible. I believe we're looking at store closings like none before down the line... —  read more 

Best Buy. Joke of a layoff

I used to work at best buy until the company had decided to liquidate a few positions in the store I was at. Laughable at best they did it just before we had recieved our bonuses/staff party and to top it off the managers of the winning district... —  read more 

Laid off today.

They let me go today in ontario (part-time, permanent), and I received pay in lieu of notice but no statutory severance, because I had worked less than a year.

March 2023 Layoffs

Project Team will be restructured to eliminate redundant positions. Geeksquad deep labor cuts to core positions. Outsourcing help to third party staffing. Corporate headcount reductions in store support and Geeksquad support. Outsourcing to third... —  read more 

Off shoreing geek squad

We just got word that best buy is shutting down all us based support contracts . Come January all over the phone support will be handles by call centers located outside the united states , even the much touted total tech line. So mid holiday season... —  read more 

Things might be looking up

Best Buy stock has fallen 30% in 2022, some analysts believe the stock is undervalued. The company is working hard to reenergize itself after the pandemic and widespread supply chain issues. Along with its dividend, Best Buy is positioning... —  read more 

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Poor rich people

I guess they weren’t getting filet minion anymore but only sirloin steaks at this time. Poor rich people…. Oh I know let’s axe these poor people so we can go back to filet minion. Yeah that will do it… why didn’t we think of this sooner? Oh sorry, ... —  read more 

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More layoffs to come

It looks like we're nowhere near done with layoffs. I'm not sure how they expect to do this and still have stores working considering that (at least in my case) we're working on a skeleton crew as it is. You remove a couple more people and we can... —  read more 

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mass layoff?

i got laid off many other supervisors got laid off definitely nationwide, and maybe 1000+ employees? it's not a great look, but not surprising and certainly not limited to best buy as a retailer. people should remember that if you're lucky, your... —  read more 

Customer service is suffering

its definitely cheaper for them to have 2 pt. the real question is how long will customers continue to deal with 2 people that dont know what they are doing instead of one that does. what position does this put best buy in when things return to... —  read more 

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Get out while you can

It doesn't take a genius to realize there's no future here. Best Buy will keep closing stores until only a skeleton of what it once was is left. They don't see a future in brick-and-mortar and that's patently obvious. Your best bet is to start... —  read more 

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Online shopping

Was anybody who was laid off offered to transition to an online shopping-related job? If that's the main reason for the layoffs, as the leadership keeps saying, why weren't the jobs that were created in the new sector offered to people before they... —  read more 

Is there a way to know?

Is there a way to know if my store will be among those closing? If anybody is reading this whose store previously closed, were there any signs ahead? What should I look for? First I was stressing over being laid off and now I'm stressing over that... —  read more 

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