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Lost three people last week

Our Fry's lost three people last week - one of them a manager. This has never happened before - we always have people coming and going, but never at the same time like this. Do you think they might know something is coming and are getting out in... read more

List of closed stores?

Does anybody know if there is a place online where we can see the list of all Fry's locations that have closed so far this year? I keep hearing from people that this or that place has closed, but I can't find any of it online. Frankly, I just want to... read more

Fry's has to close in 2019.

With the constant 20% off coupons, and bare shelves, Fry's has to be circling the drain. The number of computer and monitors has been decreased so much, that one can only wonder why. Their creditors must not be extending them credit. Maybe all of... read more

It’s not what you know….

I was on a break and chumming it up with one of my managers at Fry’s. We were discussing ways that I could move up the ladder. I asked him how he was able to do it and his reply was that he knew all the ‘right’ people. I thought he was pulling my leg... read more

Horrible work environment

I don’t know about other stores at Fry’s but the one I worked at had an environment that was so stressful it left me completely drained by the end of my shift. Retail can be a fun experience, meeting customers, the challenge of the sale, etc, yet it... read more

R. I. P Frys

So many people are sad about the whispers saying Frys closed down all of it's stores. My sister is one of them. From the articles I have read I have reason to believe that Frys has only down sized. Sadly that's means many people have lost their job... read more

A vast wasteland

havent been to frys for a year or so - most of my buing is online now becasue as of a yea ago - what I wanted was "out of stock" Well I happend to be in the neighborhood of the Campbell California sr and decided to stop in - wow it looks like a post... read more

Fry's Going Out of Business

That's the word on the street, I know it's a rumor but I hard this from so many folks
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Failing internal structure..

Customers come in for deals, help and service. Let's see if you help customers with deals your job is at risk. If you take your time with customers, your job is on the line. If you sell them what they came for (ad item), your job is on the line... read more

It's a matter of time.

Anytime soon . Fry's electronics is writing a step by step book on how to go bankrupt. They're also following the steps.
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Restructuring for Northern California Stores

Word from around the HQ is an almost done deal to be restructuring the few stores left up in Northern California. Layoffs and freeze hiring, forced leaves and Employees on medical leave will not have their positions back. Not only would the line... read more
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fry's electronics bankruptcy

i heard that we might be very close to bankruptcy, any truth in this? i hear our numbers do not look good
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