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Pessimistic Customers said that it was “Scary “ to see empty shelves at frys . What’s scarier? Frys empty shelves or Corona Virus? Because now I’m witnessing everyone panic over this “Deadly Destructive Pestilence. “You will see it with your own eyes... —  read more 

Fry’s in Indianapolis

Was just there today. 75% empty shelves. I am just a customer, but I can tell by what I see that Frys is in trouble.

Consignment Model?

Consignment model? No, they are closing stores...Palo Alto, Diluty, Anaheim, Woodland Hills.

What will go down first?

Sears or Fry's? I was certain Sears will be long gone by now but somehow it's still standing and shows no signs of giving up any time soon - even if there is only one store left in the end. Meanwhile, Fry's has started dropping stores one by... —  read more 

Woodland Hills store a goner?

Looks like local business paper jumped the gun:

Employees : Keep Your Head Up

Hello Fry's employees, I wanted to make a quick post to explain what may be going on with your stores. It's actually good news for you, so keep your head up: Years ago, I used to work at a shopping mall. The mall closed. Sears continued to pay... —  read more 

Roseville, CA

If Fry's will continue on as is the thought shared by some here then explain how a retail chain stays healthy financially by keeping expensive shelves bare of goods? I was just in the Roseville, CA store last weekend to use a gift card I got for... —  read more 

Looks like it will be Micro Center going forward.

I went into the Fry's in Illinois last night and was shocked to see the store so barren. I wanted to pick up a new pair of speakers for my computer at home and they literally had no speakers. After I looked around it became evident that something was... —  read more 

Fry's Las Vegas Closing Store

Fry's in Las Vegas is looking horrible as well.I don't see how much longer they can last. For everyone in Vegas, there's another place called PC Warehouse located in Henderson. They have a website and you can buy a ton of things. While it doesn't... —  read more 

Fry's Manhattan Beach CA Store to Close Soon 2020

Just visited Fry's Manhattan Beach CA during lunch. One checkout clerk only working and spew the company line that only Palo Alto closing. Place was barren compared to the old days with lots of rude/ignorant sales folk trying to look busy and long... —  read more 

Closure Tracker

On this thread we've seen a LOT of first hand reports of Fry's stores with empty shelves and demoralized employees. But we've also seen some posts that claim "It's coming back!" Request: Can we have some solid reports of specific Fry's stores that... —  read more 

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Renton v2

I just left the Renton store parking lot was empty shelves were bare didn’t look good for a company doing business The company said they were waiting on inventory to arrive that sure didn’t seem very truthful and forthcoming. I saw a couple... —  read more 

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Frys Visit Sunnyvale

Do other FRYs have a machine at the front to get help sign into machine to que for next avaiable help like at a bakery never seen that one same in electronis. Actually has somebody in resturn area and person checking your purchase at door. Actually... —  read more 

Consignment model?

Fry's business model is over 30 years old and isn't working anymore. They ran their business like a grocery store; high volume, low margins, MFRs specials on endcaps. Of course they offered a slew of snacks. Best Buy and the rest eventually... —  read more 

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Burbank and Woodland Hills

I looked at Fry's Burbank and Woodland Hills and they didn't have enough inventory to build a PC. No motherboards and they only have ONE cpu. They have ZERO gpus in stock. I then looked at Best Buy and they had tons of components to put a computer... —  read more 

Very interesting read

Meanwhile, in Campbell

I went in the Campbell, CA store the first week of Nov. There were no other customers visible. The first quadrant of the store was filled with random junk, probably junk they picked up from a liquidator. There was an entire aisle (both... —  read more 


Fry's Electronics Facts Connected to Fry’s Food and D–g commerce empire Had Four Co-Founders John Fry Came Up with the Basic Concept Fry Brothers Control Fry’s Electronics in an... —  read more 

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I just came back from the Oxnard store. The parking lot was empty. I saw plenty of empty shelves. There was only one cashier. All other registers closed. The whole store was quiet. No music playing. I found an associate and he asked me if he could... —  read more 

Fry's in Renton, WA

I went to the Renton, WA store last Monday (Dec, 9) and was SHOCKED at how empty the shelves were. Not 1 single hard drive, Literally 4 monitors on display, the entire Bose display is gone a sign that said they were 100% out of motherboards. I... —  read more 

Real Reasons for Good Shortage at Fry's

There's been a rumor for awhile that the personal bankruptcy of one of the Fry brothers has dragged the company into a situation that affected their credit line. That is supposedly one of the real reasons they haven't been able to acquire new... —  read more 

Tariffs and Retail Apocalypse

Fry's going under has nothing to do with tariffs! Don't believe this liberal fake news garbage. If tariffs were in fact hurting everyone, then Amazon, Microcenter, Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, Costco... all places that sell electronics made in... —  read more 


just went to Fry's Tempe night before last...the only thing emptier than the shelves was the parking lot...talked to a dept manager he told me they have had a delivery in over 4 months. If they're "re-tooling" their business plan or waiting for "new... —  read more 

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Tonight I went to Fry's in Burbank, CA to buy a Western Digital External Hard Drive. I got to the store and rack upon rack were empty. I'm going throughout the whole store and noticing that entire aisles are totally empty. I'm having trouble finding... —  read more 

San Diego!

San Diego visit over the weekend: Network Cards? Yea, we got one from "HiRo" RAM: Nothing current, just old returns. CPUS: Nope. Motherboards? One model, none on display. Power Supplies? Nope. Hard Drives? Nope. SSDs? Nope. 2' Ethernet Cables? Yea... —  read more 

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