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Just got back from Fry's Electronics in Phoenix.

Just got back from Fry's Electronics in Phoenix.

It was devastating.

I always used to get excited to go, not just for the hardware, but for those other little gamer-specific things like Bawls Energy Drinks.

It feels like a haunted house now, as someone mentioned below.

The employees I saw were all under duress.

They had five (5) hard drives in the total store, which is what I came to purchase.

I was also looking for a Windows installer, but couldn't find one.

It might have been there, but after coming in with a budget and being so immediately winded by everything, I decided to not purchase even the things I could find, and just to move on.

On the way out, I bought the very last Bawls energy drink in the store, even though it was cherry flavored.

The cashier said they were empty due to "coronavirus" and "restructuring".

This is so sad, it might sound ironic but I do not like making purchases online.

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Fry's should change their name from Fry's Electronics to Fry's PPE. They stocked up on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), cheaply made masks from China, hand lotions, face shields, gloves, tissues, doggy blankets, pots and pans, and p–n movies. Good luck finding anything related to electronics. Even if you found one, it's broken. They will give you 10% discount for your trouble. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Thank you for shopping at Fry's.

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I understand your plight. I'm looking at doing a PC rebuild and the local Fry's is 20 minutes away, Microcenter is 45 minutes away. Looks like I'll have to pinch my nose and either NewEgg or Amazon will be getting my business.

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