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Has your store closed? What will y'all do?

Did your store finally close? Mine did and I'm still surprised that it happened. I genuinely thought that we would be open through the entire outbreak. When all of this is over.... what will y'all do? I don't think I could work here anymore. The way... —  read more 

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Shady people at Hobby Lobby

back in 2013 I worked at hobby lobby, they asked us to be at work at 7am to run out stock, when I walked in the store I caught the store manager loading boxes of stock in her car, she told me it was for another store, but I had a strange feeling, so... —  read more 

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Hobby Lobby, Christian company? I think NOT!

I hope this really opens peoples eyes to the real Hobby Lobby. As an employee, for now, we are definitely expendable. Our health and the health of millions of people do not matter when it comes to the almighty dollar. It is a pandemic for goodness... —  read more 

Police shutdown

Police had to go to the Kenosha HL yesterday to shut it down. Sign in window: "Operating as an Essential Business. Offering PPE masks supplies, Educational Supplies, Office Supplies, and various components for at home small businesses."

We need to close!

We have so many people still coming in, some of them not even covering their mouths when coughing! I really don't understand why we even get permission to stay open - how in the world are we essential??? I really wish our health was a higher... —  read more 


I work for hobby lobby full-time and I have seen that our store still being open has benefited many customers..I seen mom's come in to grab their kids craft projects or grab themselves projects to do..With still being open..we are certainly being a... —  read more 

New Jersey

I work PT for Hobby Lobby in NJ. Yes are laid off right now by governor restrictions. I enjoy my job very much. We were told not to use our PPTO when we were first cut back in hours. When there is a situation similar to this there are always... —  read more 

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Store 125

I work for store 125. And we are open as of today. I go back tomorrow but what I don’t understand is how are we considered Essential? I’d rather stay home and not be exposed to people who are bored and want to shop.

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Low hours

At the warehouse we only get 75% of average pay over the last 6 weeks and could only use up to 2 days of ppto to cover Thursday and Friday. No extra ppto or vacation time can be used to make up for lost wages. We worked less than 15 hours this... —  read more 

I was laid off last week.

I was given a letter (3.24.20) stating I would be laid off due to COVID-19 effective the 27th of March. My manager then took the letter back and was told it would be effective immediately, despite what the letter said. I was told I was... —  read more 

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Kendall Brown Tweets

Kendall Brown's Tweet: https://twitter.com/kendallybrown/status/1241519413486129156 Hobby Lobby owner David Green is telling store managers to stay open despite the pandemic because his wife had a vision from god. He also warns they'll all... —  read more 

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The layoffs have not just affected stores that have been forced to close. We are currently operating under normal business hours but we are only allowed 10 customers in the store at a time. It is true that full time employees have had hours cut to 32... —  read more 

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Laid off

On 3.24.20 I was laid off. I received a call from my manager a couple hours before my scheduled shift, when I answered I was told nevermind, they would talk to me when I got there. When I arrived I was immediately called into the office. I was given... —  read more 

Who else is not surprised?

I didn't expect anything better from this company. We all know that money is the only thing that matters to the owners, no matter what they might be saying. If they can find a way to save money, they will. Even if it comes at a cost of some of the... —  read more 

Leaked Letter

In leaked letter, Hobby Lobby prepares to lay off employees and slash salaries to cut costs in states with mandated store closures due to the coronavirus BETHANY BIRON MARCH 26, 2020 Hobby Lobby is cutting jobs and salaries. Joe Raedle/Getty... —  read more 

I was told: Go ahead, file for unemployment

I was laid off. I am part time and called in office and given a letter, which I was not aloud to copy or keep, that said I was being laid off/covid-19. Told to file unemployment.

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Careful now

I'm an employee of hobby lobby on F.M. 1960 in Houston. We are closed. And yes, we get paid, and yes, full time does have sick pay, and yes, you SHOULDN'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

Warehouse Workers Layoffs

Hobby Lobby laid off hundreds of part time employees rather than pay them any amount of emergency pay. 1000s of warehouse workers still have no idea if they still have a job, and say they were told they may find out from a 'note posted on the door'

Pay cuts for HQ and WHS workers

Hobby Lobby is cutting pay by 10% for more than 3K warehouse and HQ employees, saying cuts are to compensate for lost profits at stores forced to temp close in areas hit by COVID19. Staff has been instructed that we should, under no circuimcase talk... —  read more 

100s of layoffs

In the last 48 hours, Hobby Lobby laid off hundreds (possibly thousands) of part-time workers & told 3,000+ warehouse workers they were cutting their pay by 10% immediately. They're expecting their workers to shoulder the full financial burden... —  read more 

Hemispheres furniture chain is closing

Hobby Lobby is done with Hemispheres - all eight stores are closings. I feel for the people working there, this must be a shock. I wish all of them good luck... —  read more 

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Depew store closed

So much for no stores will be closing talk from the CEO. Has it even been a year since that comment? Well, Hobby Lobby store in Depew is no more, and I'm not even sure this is the first one. It just seems like it's being kept very much under wraps... —  read more 

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Any stores to close?

Do we know if there will be stores closing in 2016?

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Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby continues to do well, but we do have layoffs - so, sit tight, we'll see what 2014 brings.

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great great great company to work for - the pay is not that good but our folks are smart and hard working - i wish hobby lobby had a chance...

great great great company to work for - the pay is not that good but our folks are smart and hard working - i wish hobby lobby had a chance to pay a living wage to our folks, sometimes it feels that most of our employees would need some kind of... —  read more 

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