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On 3.24.20 I was laid off. I received a call from my manager a couple hours before my scheduled shift, when I answered I was told nevermind, they would talk to me when I got there. When I arrived I was immediately called into the office. I was given a letter stating that I would be temporarily laid off due to COVID-19, effective 3.27.20. I was told I could reapply after the crisis. The letter was then taken from me, I was not given a copy, and I left to clock in for my shift. (I still had 2 more shifts before 3.27.20). When I clocked in, I was told to clock back out because the lay-off was effective immediately. I pointed out that the letter said 3.27.20, my manager said that she knows what the letter said, but that it was effective immediately. I left the store broken hearted as I was a loyal employee who loved my job, but I also left feeling as though I was nothing to the manager and company. I was very distraught and was not until a couple hours later that I realized how sketchy it seemed that I wasn’t allowed a copy of my letter and that I was fired immediately instead of being able to work my last shifts as stated in the letter.

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Your local manager handled this very poorly.
Hobby Lobby has always been a wonderful company whom is now struggling just like almost every other company. Being a national store makes the confusion even more confusing because different states are asking for or requiring different things from businesses and CEOs and legal teams are scrambling to figure out what they are required to do and how to handle COVID19. I'm sorry this happened and especially in this way. Unfortunately it makes the company look bad, as many companys will by the end of this. Please just try to remember everyone is doing the best they can. I'm sure it isn't Hobby Lobbys dream to lay people off or close stores.

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Hobby Lobby is owned by christian hypocrites so this doesn't surprise me.

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