Topics regarding layoffs at Toys "R" Us

Topics regarding layoffs at Toys "R" Us

New TRU stores-within-stores

I'm wondering if TRU is giving people who used to work at TRU stores any advantages when applying for a job? I was thinking of applying (I'm one of those suckers who enjoyed working at TRU) since a nearby Macy's is adding a TRU store and I'm hoping... —  read more 

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Another attempt

Another flagship store is opening after the other two unceremoniously closed. I don't understand, why can't people move on? This ship has sunk. Think of something new instead of trying to get it back to the surface when we all know that's impossible... —  read more 

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We're back, baby!

If there is anybody left who cares, of course... *Toys "R" Us is getting another lease on life thanks to Macy's. The two companies are partnering to sell toys on Macy's (M) website. The brands are also opening Toys "R" Us shop-in-shops at 400... —  read more 


I worked for Babies R Us (California) in one of the first 180 stores to close. We officially closed our doors and my last day of employment was April 3, 2018. I HAVE YET TO BE PAID MY WAGES. I was informed on my last day that we will not be paid... —  read more 

Are you kidding me???

A gofundme page???? Seriously? Somebody out there thought it was a good idea to put a gofundme page together and ask for one billion dollars to save Toys R Us? Now it feels like the world is simply making fun of us and what we are going through... —  read more 

Still some hope

Toy company executive Isaac Larian says he and other unnamed investors have pledged a total of $200 million in financing and hope to raise four more times that amount in crowdfunding in order to bid for up to 400 of the Toys R Us stores being... —  read more 

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Vultures Out In Full Force

What a s**t show today. Just rude angry people all day. I got yelled at by some crazy lady that they were "inconvenienced" yesterday and now "disappointed" today because things weren't "really" on sale. I told her imagine how disappointed and... —  read more 

“R”US rewards

I worked for Sears/Kmart and went through the same liquidation process/hell you guys are about to go through. I am wondering. Are they still having you “force” the R-US rewards program down the customer throat so they can sell the info to another... —  read more 

Toys had its chance to diversify outside of its core but senior management mostly just crapped on the ideas.

There's no knight in shining armor coming to rescue this company, so all the rumors are just what they are BS. At most what you might see is someone buying out the trademarks, TRU owns KBToys, and lots of others. It could be feasible to... —  read more 

Is there still a chance?

I have seen in several reports that at least some of the stores might escape closings if somebody decides to buy them. The rumor mill has been working overtime, and so many names were thrown around as possible buyers, including Amazon. Could this... —  read more 

Still numb

In all honesty, I didn't expect something like this could happen. I kept believing that this was all blown out of proportion by the media, and we'd get an announcement from Toys "R" Us saying that reports were not true. How wrong I was... This is... —  read more 

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ADP Payroll

Take a picture of the hours that they've worked for this pay period (and any future) in the ADP payroll program. Just in case, this may be (if necessary) a way of proving what is owed to you (pay wise). Also ALL employees should either be printing... —  read more 

District, Regional, and Home Office personnel will bet let go the day liquidation is announced and the liquidators will take full control of the

Toys'R'Us has over $500 million in debt that caused it to file bankruptcy in the first place. When they did that, they borrowed $3.1 billion from various banks to continue to fund day to day operations (keep stores open, payroll, benefits, etc.)... —  read more 


That Canadian buyer thing sounds like a load of BS. Why would someone saddle themselves with 8 billlion in debt. The liquidation would still run its course. There’s no reprieve.

Game Over-It's official

Some have asked how this could happen. That's a question you ask when you're utterly clueless about the financial position of the company. As in 5 billion in debt. Maybe next time you'll keep yourself a bit better informed, instead of watching... —  read more 

Two-day reprive

According to the docket any items that were to be discussed on the 12th (Today) in court have now been pushed back until the 15th (Thursday). Anybody else feels like we are on a death-row and we were just granted a two-day reprieve? I'm honestly not... —  read more 

Any news?

I keep refreshing news pages, but no new info has surfaced yet. My wife works at Toys "R" Us and we are both stressing out. Anybody here has any new info on what's going on? Has the liquidation been officially confirmed? I can't believe that I'm even... —  read more 

Get out of Toys'R'Us now.

Toys'R'Us has over $500 million in debt that caused it to file bankruptcy in the first place. When they did that, they borrowed $3.1 billion from various banks to continue to fund day to day operations (keep stores open, payroll, benefits, etc.)... —  read more 

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Who else is dreading Monday?

It is not enough that we had to stress after chapter 11 over which stores would be closed, now we get to stress over if ALL off the stores will be closed. Before, we at least could hope we would not be among those affected. I've read in a Wall Street... —  read more 


I hope that the upper excuitives become homeless after they run out of money,only then will they will see the errors they have made! Shame on all of them!!!

More layoffs today

From what I understand there is going to be another round of layoffs starting today. I truly feel for these people. I was one of the people that was let go caught up in the layoff of Feb 2017. I have to say I am better for it. However all the... —  read more 

U.K. Bankruptcy

US first and now UK bankruptcy. Not looking good at all for the company.

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