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Management sucks, favoritism is rampant and hr is a joke

At tru being buddies with or related to someone in managment is all that matters. Hard work, ethics and eefficiency are considered optional or worse, unwanted. If you poi t out unethical behavior you observe, if you report favoritism, time card... read more
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Why is this company bad? I'll explain some of it here:

Do you really want to know how bad this company is? I'm still, to this day, not getting paid for my overtime because my salaried managers edited my time card to only show 40 hours, when I have clearly worked more... and be promised for my time, even... read more
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So by 2017 will there be any DS positions at all?

With the E&E department supervisor roles being cut and the combining of other roles it begs the question if TRU will soon have no full time positions. For a retail chain that only uses 25 to 50 people per store I have to wonder how that would work... read more
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Sending Jobs to India

Here is a story on US Jobs going to India - this is a epidemic, hard to stop right now, not only Toys R Us but also other companies as well are sending jobs to India - this is from New York Times: For four weeks this spring, a young woman from India... read more

More DS Positions are going away soon.

Seems once the yearly evaluations begin more DS positions are going to be eliminated as a cost cutting move. Should be limited to personal not essential to daily operations, such as most sales floor DS roles or the Price/Signage position.
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2014 Toys R Us Layoffs - Wayne, NJ around 100, 500 globally

I am not sure about posts below but much of info is public anyway, CNN and Bloomberg already reported on the layoffs. On Wed we had an announcement that Toys 'R' Us will be cutting up to 500 jobs as part of a strategic plan to pump some monetary... read more
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2014, the year of job cuts at Toys R Us

We do not know much right now, I heard multiple rumors but it looks like that 200 resources will be cut in the corporate office - it's a yet another restructuring and we'll see where this takes us. I am sick and tired of all organizational changes... read more

toysrus layoffs

forgot to say that we do have a good training program, so come work for toysrus, learn things, get laid off and find even better job - it's a simple but efficient career progression plan
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Frequent Layoffs

At Toys'r'Us gossip is rampant, nepotism and favoritism is wide spread, promotions are not merit based, no discount perks, crazy workload, layoffs are frequent. Expect issues in 2014, we had layoffs in 2013 as well.

I hate my job

And I never heard about layoffs at TRU...
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