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Hasbro Rules!

ZERO activity on Hasbro's page for FIVE YEARS except for one bonehead question 4 months ago about Hasbro buying Mattel. That's a well-run company. Why? Because everyone from the CEO down has years of toy experience. They are everything we... read more

Only a matter of time...

Only a matter of time until Mattel calculates the financial fallout they will suffer from Toys R Us demise. Wouldn't be surprised if it results in a layoff of 10% or more of the staff in the coming month.


A previous poster predicted a big "Rebound" This is the editing department, need to make a correction to that post. It's not a "rebound" coming, it's a "re-possession" of Mattel employees' cars when they get canned. I've also made a recommendation to... read more
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Huge rebound ahead

Most of the trolls here are probably sour grapes who have been let go. Seriously, we feel for you, wish you well, and know it could be us next. But what is being misrepresented and lost in this weird bickering is the truly magical feeling of change... read more


Working at Mattel has been rough sometimes. Layoffs s---, we all can agree on that. I feel for those let go. I've been lucky so far, but that could change, and I know that. People come and go come and go again. There are some really negative people... read more

Bain Capital

Both the Toys 'R' Us and KB Toys LBOs were orchestrated by Bain Capital. In 2005, Bain teamed up with KKR & Co. and Vornado Realty Trust to take over Toys 'R' Us in a $7.5-billion acquisition. The acquisition saddled Toys 'R' Us with so much debt, it... read more

Breaking my News! new strategy to reconnects

El Segundo, CA- Mattel has announced plans to set up kiosks in malls and street corners to make up for retail loss. Office workers will be expected to run stands on staggered shifts to be able to interact with a lost consumer base to gain greater... read more


Seriously, there's nothing good about this company. The stock is garbage, the product is garbage, and the people who work there are garbage. Your values are all twisted at Tha giant meatball. Because of these three facts your demise is immenent and... read more

Polly's Hot Pocket

Whose stupid idea was to try to revive that dead unsuccessful franchise? The previews look like garbage and not sure how many little girls want to carry around a clam. I can already imagine little girls playing with their clam and the little people... read more
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This is really bad for us

For those who were cheering the downfall of Toys "R" Us: The liquidation of Toys “R” Us Inc. has sent the toy industry reeling, leaving Mattel Inc., MAT -2.54% Hasbro Inc. HAS -1.23% and other manufacturers without a large chain devoted to selling... read more

Hiring Back?

Let's see. Mattel has been in the crapper for nearly four years. About when RD came on board. Coincidence? Nah. Stock was over $40. Since then, it's been wave after wave of layoffs. Good people were let go in desperation. Lots of experience just... read more

TRU update

They are filing the motion for Chapter 7 tomorrow. All US stores will be up for liquidation UNLESS the Canadian buyers are interested in saving a select number of stores. There will be letters sent out that will discuss the closure. Also sounds like... read more

Toys R Us

What happens now? Is anyone surprised by this? Can we avoid bankruptcy ourselves?
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You guys are the Baltic Ave. of the toy industry. A dusty old garage full of old broken toys. I'm sure your episode on the Antiques Roadshow will do well. You are basically the number one provider to garage sales and swap meets. That's something to... read more


Mattel is Barbie and Hot Wheels. Get rid of all the dead weight licences and worthless money burning teams like monster high and girls toy box. Worthless products and useless talentless staff milking the Co. Pay. Start there.

A Radical Proposal

How about this: a new CEO with LOTS of TOY INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE instead of one with ZERO TOY INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE? Fire everyone else from the BoD down to VP level. Combine all those salaries into one fund. Spend HALF that total to hire Hasbro's CEO to... read more

Now this gal gets it......

.....for all you gloom & doomers out there. Still, not everyone is pessimistic about Mattel. Morningstar Inc.'s Jaime Katz wrote in a note last week that Mattel is well on its way to cost reduction, as it's cleaned up inventory and initiated... read more

Let’s start firing Finance SVPs?

JoeE, we have an SVP of FP&A that for the last 2/3 years has had huge misses in forecasts done two months prior to the close, an SVP of GDPS Finance that has allowed Capex to double in 6 years of flat sales, an SVP of Treasury that has allowed debt... read more

You know how we got here

MGO doesn't understand that COST CUTTING is one of the biggest drivers for getting us into the state we are in. We cost reduced our best and brightest designers out of the company and replaced them with less expensive millennials with no expertise... read more


This company still has electricity and running water? No child plays with any of the plastic garbage you put on the shelves. So desperate you're scraping the bottom of a septic tank, literally. A p--p game? An obese Barbie who can't wear any of the... read more

Free reign @ Mattel......

If you’re s-xually harassed at Mattel don’t post it here. They now keep taking down any mention of it. Bash M-Go, RD, and the rest of their cronies all you want. EVERYONE knows who you’re talking about when you’re posting about them here, so it can’t... read more

Just as Toy Fair ends

Our stock once again is taking the plummet to failure. RD and is empowering press jaunt did as much as he does: nothing. M-Go needs to go and hopefully in the next week we'll get the usual re-org and layoffs.

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