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What’s the story

Is the good man still around? What happened to the rumors of him being investigated? How does he survive?

Quiet before the storm....

So quiet here. You'd think that everyone was ALREADY laid off. Not to fear, dear reader, all is not lost. Barbie will save the day..... until we're sued by Momster Jam for tooling their brand off and Netflix does a barbie spoof movie, drafting on the... read more

Any layoffs?

What's going on so far in 2019? Do we know of any incoming layoffs?

The end of AG??

A little odd that RD is running AG? Wondering if this is the end of this brand...

Goodbye and Farewell

After a little more than a year, my last day was Thursday last week. I started just as the TRU bankruptcy was announced and personally saw the working of the creditor community. In July half my department was laid off and steadily everyone read more

The party is over for Mattel much sooner than you think

Mattel barely squeezed out a profit at the peak of the economic cycle, Q3 2018. How are they going to survive a global slowdown when they're already a joke of a company. Have you looked at the financials? How about the stock price? The party is over... read more
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Bankruptcy? Then what?

What would trigger a bankruptcy and in that case what would happen to the employees in corporate(e.g. ES, HK, EA, etc) what about the plant ops?
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Kidkraft appoints former Mattel exec as CEO

This article reports that Kidkraft announced that the new company president and CEO will be a Mattel veteran and the former company Chief Strategic Technology Officer at Mattel. Given the state that the company is in who can blame him for seeking... read more

Poll: what makes you stay at Mattel

Mattel has been a tough place to work for years now. What the main reason you stay? A. Believe Mattel will have a turnaround in the next 6-12 months and willing to stick it out until then B. Hoping a buyout happens soon and new owners make things... read more

$9.99 the perfect price to close the year

Mattel's stock closed the year at $9.99. I'm sure no one is surprised Mattel couldn't get back above $10 for it's yearly closing price. Mattel fails at everything so this was the perfect way to end the year. The last time Mattel closed the year with... read more
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Mattel's New Year's Resolutions

Get rid of RD and CK - they ensure that Mattel's money serves only them instead of the company and manage a team of a-holes and two-faced liars. Learn from the hiring mistakes of the past and never revisit them. Encourage and develop those that are... read more

a TRACS blast from the past!

TARGETED RESULT 5: Personal/Functional Development Objectives: • Strengthen leadership skills by being open and positive when given feedback on performance, development needs, and progress. • Continue to build credibility and the respect of your... read more

Jakks Pacific Poised to Acquire Mattel

Stock prices will soon be identical and. Jakks, teeming with ex-Mattel people, is liquidating assets to free up the necessary cash for a buyout. To date, their bid is up to $4390 and a "72 Ford Pinto full of groceries. A bake sale fundraiiser next... read more

Mattel is getting sued over the Monster Jam truck toys

It seems that Mattel can’t catch a break. I read in the media today that Feld Motor Sports, a company that runs monster truck events and has sued Mattel for breaching of the licensing contract and infringing its trademark. According to insider info... read more
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Horrible treatment of loyal employees

After many years with Mattel I am appalled at the treatment of employees who have been loyal and worked beyond what was required. Employees used to matter but now are only replaceable numbers. Look for another job because they will toss you to the... read more

The Saddest Christmas

Twas the night of Christmas and in everyone's house Not a toy could be found, just a computer and mouse. It's the era of iPads, smart phones and Mac book Air, What about dolls and cars and toys? No one cares. Working for a corporation that has no... read more

2019 here we come

The stock market is rolling over. Mattel's stock is in free fall crash mode. DC license has been lost. More layoffs coming. Who's excited to start the new year!?!

FP is a joke at this point

FP is a joke at this point. They can't even fill their orders. Their sales are sinking double digits by the quarter. They've been replaced by the competition and if they went away no one would care at this point. The directors and VPs running that... read more

The reputation of failure

Mattel has come to a point where it has “gained’ a reputation of a company that is always failing. We didn’t wait long to see another failure by Mattel, as DC has licensed Spin Master to produce the new line of boy’s action category toys, remote... read more

Who will buy Mattel?

So who's going to buy the company? It's a bargain at the moment. Will it go to bankruptcy? Will there be an acquisition in whole prior to bankruptcy?

Will 2019 be the year Hasbro finally takes over Mattel?

They last tried in 2017. With Mattel bleeding cash like nobody's business, and losing licensees left and right, it might not have a choice anymore. All Hasbro has to do is wait, and Mattel will be a penny stock waiting for bankruptcy.
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Merry Christmas Mattel

The world is full of naysayers and Scrooges, but when I look around this company I am inspired every day by the creativity, innovation, and passion of so many people. Together we've created a culture with play at its center and we inspire the wonder... read more

DC license?

How bad is it that we lost the DC license to a Spinmaster? Is this a surprise or were we expecting this? How do we fill the revenue hole?

Soulja Owned

Soulja Boy is having more success at this game than you are. Sad. So soulja sad.

Going to $6-7 share by end of January

Hasbro will then get the company for $10-11. Mattel could have originally received $22. The hubris of the management team and Board is unbelievable. It is unbelievable this incompetent group have been allowed to kill the company.

Asia plants closing

Heard that Asia sourcing and plants will be hit hard in Q1, more consolidation, pruning of leadership and accelerated move to contact mfg.

Mattel’s revival plan

Found this article that pinpoints the pros and the cons of the revival plan presented by the CEO that puts a lot of hopes into the movie division and sets the transition to Mattel's media content. This plan is, no doubt a necessity, taking into... read more

new years layoffs

i've been told that there were supposed to be more layoffs in december but that mattel thought it would be better to wait until after the holidays, not because they are thoughtful or sensitive but because there was some benefit of taking the write... read more

Time to make the Board liable

The board of directors are criminal. No accountability like RD and others at the top. They have stolen Mattel money, don’t know the business and frankly don’t care as long the get paid $300k a year. Litigation is needed. Shareholders should be... read more

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