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What do we need to do?

We all have our theories on why Mattel is doing as badly as it is. What can we do to turnaround the company? Is it even possible to do at this time? I like working here. Well, I used to like working here before layoffs started hanging over our heads... read more

Mattel Layoffs 2018

I never thought that we'll see this, I was wrong. Rumors are flying. Rumors are rampant. Yes, we might have layoffs here in El Segundo.

Deleted posts

There were few threads and replies here earlier, but I don't see them anymore. Who and why is deleting posts?

Advice for the folks at FP

Your new marketing campaign with the talking babies is creepy AF. I think everyone can acknowledge that fact. No need to scrap the ads, keep the same voice over and just remove the dreadful lip sync special effect. That would be adorable. Your choice... read more


the latest blue sky project that’ll never see the light of day.

Bringing in outsiders is not the answer

Mattel’s problem or fatal flaw is it’s inability to recognize that the problem is the system itself. The misplaced belief that outsiders will bring a different point of view that is enough to change direction is misguided. The outsiders will be... read more

About time

Finally GZ is out. Took long enough. His legacy? Nothing ... Don't let the door hit you on the way out GZ

Manager Package Design NY

Either someone left or someone will be leaving. Not like we need another packaging segmentbsince the licensing has been weak as sh¡t!

What's the Real Problem Here?

What is our root problem? Seriously. There is no shortage of warm bodies here, just like Hasbro and other successful companies. Our VPs and decision makers are supposedly smart and experienced. God knows they're compensated well enough. They sure... read more


Chief Technology Officer?TECH? HA! Mattel still thinks lights & sound are high tech, and we can't even afford THOSE! WTF were you thinking, Margaret? Agree, major desperation fail. Failarama. Uberfail. Fail Mary (Margaret). This is what happens when... read more

Got to be Kidding

The new hires are comical. One street analyst said why would anyone want to join Mattel at this time. Well they are desperate and the only available are from the bottom of the barrel. That's why. BTW-What business does MGo think we are in.

Mattel IP

I hope the rumors are true. Amazon is looking to buy Mattel IP.

Thomas & Friends Super Station Playset

Seriously? This is exactly why FP/Mathell is out of touch. Don't you boobs realize that space in the home is a hard-to-find commodity? Who in their right minds is going to pay that much, assemble, keep that hunk of plastic crap up? The ultimate in... read more

$8 Stock Price

Based on an expected poor last two quarters of the year and a more reasonable P/E the shares should be around $8 at the beginning of the year. It is surprising that Hasbro nor any of the activists are no longer are interested. A sign of the times... read more

Watch Your 401K

New changes to Mattel's PIP plan. Less for you. Mattel is siphoning off the top to pay ridiculous exec salary & bonuses. Watch it like a hawk before Mattel steals your retirement savings outright. Yes, the Board is that desperate.

This is why you don't attach to one retailer

You want to know why the stock dropped so suddenly yesterday after the TRU bankruptcy announcement? It's the typical "I'll put all my eggs in one basket" Mattel rule of business: Hasbro - $5B company - stock dropped $1 to $93 per share - TRU owes... read more
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New Stock Low $14.91!

And there she goes! Dropped 95 cents in just a few minutes today already! What's going on in ES? Steady drop, will probably hang around 15 for a while while all the automatic sales fumble around, then we'll drop again to another record low. Hasbro... read more

Products that f

Early last year, Mattel revealed, to much fanfare, that they had created the first truly family friendly 3D printer called the Thingmaker to be released that holiday. Later they released a statement saying the launch date had been pushed back a year... read more

Do what i say and not what i do

It's funny how we have to take a new Compliance Training course 3-4 times a year. Everything from insider trading, conflict of intrest, harassment, best practices...the list goes on. Everytime i take this courses, I can refer to at least one example... read more

Production shakedown

MG and/or Julianna got it right by showing JPistor the door. A big ego who treats her team badly and nothing to show for it - boring content, everything late, and no solid distribution. Maybe now production can get something done!

We need a better discussion space...

Need your help... Since we have a thriving Mattel board here that often discusses things beyond layoffs (often funny and witty, sometimes informative) I would like to see if I can put together a list with features that we may want to request from... read more

Tough Decisions Ahead

Big Mac or a share of Mattel stock? Both the same price. Both are junk. Both are ultimately headed for the toilet. At least the Big Mac leaves a good taste in your mouth.

$15.20? Bring Back Jill !

Stock's in freefall, please bring back the old guard! Barad, Amerman, Kalinske, anyone with any toy experience is better than the overpaid noobs we have now! This monkeys & typewriter experiment has failed!

Reasons why Mattel is not showing results

While a lot of people have differing opinions on why Mattel is failing, this analysis sums it up nicely when it comes to our products, in my opinion. It's from last month, but still relevant. read more

Is Mattel's Stock Going to Recover?

It's not fear mongering - it's the truth. Just look at the stock. Did it go up when M-Go announced her re-hashed plan of the future? No. Did it go up when SL, DA, GZ all got fired? No. Care to even contemplate why? It's because where once there was a... read more

On Culture

As I've been evaluating by experience the difference between Mattel and other companies there are stark differences between the top 2 vs the second level companies. Mattel and Hasbro put culture as a corporate goal. In general this is not a priority... read more

A suggestion for the CEO

Knock it off with these incessant Town Hall meeting. Do you realise how demoralizing it is to listen to you talk about the business? Or at least next time, maybe try and pretend to give a sht about the things coming out of your mouth. Go back and... read more

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