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Don’t you find it ironic......?

Don’t you find it ironic and a bit sickening that we’re celebrating 60 years of Barbie - the most sinister and degrading symbol of s-xualization of women by women? It’s true - the majority of leadership, marketing, design and engineering over the... read more

Opinions on YK leadership

Would love to hear some thoughts on the direction YK is taking the company, changes he has made, strategy execution, etc.


Mattel needs leadership before anything else - it’s too far gone to think about how is used to be. But as look as people like the good man are allowed to stay it’s clear there’s no intent to make the leadership changes needed. All those that came in... read more

Leaving sounds easy, right?

Leaving sounds easy, right? Don't like it, then leave. Wish it were that easy, but it's not. Certainly, many, many people are trying, but until you get hired somewhere else, you're stuck. Many factors are involved. This was part of the post that i... read more

F--- it

Plenty other jobs have the same benefits now. Nothing special about Mattel. Done thinking about this. Ride it out or leave, your choice. Been f---ed enough times by this company.

So much for ‘work-life balance’

Y is cutting the throat of Mattel. Retaining and obtaining good employees means offering legitimate perks. 30+ years we have the 1/2 day Friday benefit and just like that, Y can’t get an answer from east coast on one random Friday and he’s mad and... read more

Frankly, I’m done with the toy industry.

I work overtime all the freaking time and sometimes weekends when needed. I answer emails at night. I do this because I know my Friday’s are half day. But I’m done. I commute 3 hours a day round trip in c-ap traffic. This unlimited vacation is just... read more

Sc-apped the last good thing!

Half Day Fridays now sc-apped and for Summer Hours only. There goes the last retention/recruitment tool that made Mattel different. Morale in office is shocking!

Depressing news, but.... least summer will be just a couple months away once they end half day Fridays. Then we’ll be back to half day Fridays again! That’s not so bad. Right? Come on guys, cheer up. Say what? It’s the nine straight months after summer you dread. Oh... read more

List of American Girl Stores Closing

Does someone have a list of American Girl stores that will be closing in 2019. Also, if you have a list with stores that have been closed in 2017 and 2018 that'd be great. I am trying to estimate the impact on the worker - disclaimer: I do not work... read more

Well, well, well...

Just take a peak at the list of most overpaid CEOs for 2019. See any familiar names?

More Movie Announcements? Twenty tv shows?

Barbie, Hot Wheels, He-man, American Girl and now View-Master? Are any of these really being made? And 20 tv shows? What’s with the parade of announcements? Is anything really in production? At least in EA we’re actually making toys. LA seems to be... read more

Don't count on online to save us

Mattel had done the online thing and failed: It was with a 3rd party, then went to AG, and last I heard went back to a 3rd party. But, it was always an extremely small part of the business... only a few million in revenue per year... read more

SL is still eating into the profits!

"Executives with stuffed animal maker Gund noticed that some of their display items had been outright pilfered, including four boxes of a tiny stuffed surprise." SL probably thought it was her lunch since it was 4 boxes.
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Enjoy it while it lasts

Let's face it - we are still milking our old fame and some good acquisition moves. Everything else is just meh. Enjoy it while it lasts. Think that @XGsldKF-1lci is right. I don’t see any way, much less a good strategy to get out of this state.
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AG Layoffs?

What's the word on the next layoffs? Do we think it's coming before the AG Update on March 6?

Mattel Television? More movies?

I just saw that there is a new department at Mattel called Mattel Television. Does anyone know what this is? Is it real? I also just heard that american girl will have a movie even if the company is falling apart. I have heard about a bunch of movies... read more


Based on the earnings, are we finally getting the bonuses we deserve?

What would you do?

Please UPVOTE this post if you'd leave Mattel if you'd be able to find a comparable job. Please DOWNVOTE this post if you'd stick with Mattel even if you'd be able to find a comparable job.


What is the corporate layoff guestimate?

Hotwheels Movie?

Another Mattel movie? I keep reading these announcements about movies but are any of them really being made? I remember alot of announcements in the years I was there and no movies ever actually happening. Is this just hype to raise stock price? Does... read more

What’s the story

Is the good man still around? What happened to the rumors of him being investigated? How does he survive?

Quiet before the storm....

So quiet here. You'd think that everyone was ALREADY laid off. Not to fear, dear reader, all is not lost. Barbie will save the day..... until we're sued by Momster Jam for tooling their brand off and Netflix does a barbie spoof movie, drafting on the... read more

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