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Another plant closing.

We just heard about another plant closing, this time in Canada. Does anyone have any info concerning this?

All Aboard the Lawsuit Express!

Forget Thomas the Tank Engine, all aboard the shiny new class action lawsuit! Investors and EMPLOYEES who have lost money on Mattel stock recently need to hop aboard before Feb 24. Mattel so loves grabbing headlines during February's New York Toy... —  read more 

Toys are in trouble

Toys are in trouble and have been for years. As a parent and former Mattel employee, my kids are into video games, online videos, and Legos. CNBC is spot on:... —  read more 

The Quiet Before the Storm

I keep checking here for some juicy, cringeworthy news from Mattel but nothing is forthcoming lately. What's up? NYTF is a month away, Jojo the dancing CFO is leaving in a few months and "visionary" CEO Ynot's contract is up in April. Things are... —  read more 

Epic Fail: Mattel Movies

Don't be fooled, the movies Mattel plans to make will fail miserably, (if they are ever made at all). Last year we saw notable under-performers from the competition such as Ugly Dolls, The Lego Movie 2, and Playmobil the Movie. Critics threw out... —  read more 

YNOT Hollywood wanna be!

He is exploiting Mattel to fund his ego! He’s a Hollywood want to be... and his minion d cook is only there to ensure he’s photographed as often as possible. Insanity.

The Kreitz & Kramer Kids

Kramer sold out! How much did Mattel pay for this cringe-worthy spectacle? Ynon is NOT a good spokesman. Oh, and our brands sukk.

With only a few days left until Xmas

any sense of how Mattel is doing in terms of sales? We should sell plenty of Toy Story and Fisher Price seems to really be pushing those Linkimals hard. I'm concerned that Hot Wheels ID, which should have been the big break through toy this year... —  read more 

Mattel PLM

PLM was an enormous waste of time for Mattel. Who forced that stupid system on Mattel and benefited from it. All the people who pushed that bunk, are gone. They raised Mattel IP then drove it into the ground. Mattel management was... —  read more 

Schadenfreude (a bit)

I feel a bit guilty, but Mattel management has brought all this on themselves. My advice to the actual workers (managers and below) is to get out soon. Everyone else will be just fine.

Future predictions

So in 2030 Mattel will be the second largest toy company. Hasbro will be number 1 after it is bought by Disney. Not because of Star Wars 15 or Frozen 9 but because Peppa Pig is out selling Mickey. Amazon will then fight back by buying Mattel and... —  read more 


Who’s with me!!? RD OUT!! ST IN! Let’s get a real industry pro at the helm and get the interior designer OUT!!

American Girl in Free Fall

Nice article in Fast Company discussing the disaster at AG. They should have thanked RD and his horrible hires for burning this brand to the ground. His current hire is doing the same old thing to bring its value to zero.

When the surprise ends-

What will happen to M_A when the surprise toy fad ends? I think most of us thought it would end already. They have no boys toys doing well, screwdriver boy and wench man are worse then Masters. I would really hate to be on the boys team. If you get... —  read more 


Does he likes Disney or Comcast more?

Be as bold at the end as you are at the launch

After the holidays when HotWheels ID is on close out at Target and getting no expansion through the rest of retail, be as boisterous about its failure as you were about its launch. Make Chris “The Clowb” Down publicly apologize for this abomination... —  read more 

The HUGE Success of Baby Yoda - JOKE

Self-aggrandising Mattel Junior Execs were patting themselves on the back this week on Linked In. This post was the the best: "Our team works at the intersection of pop culture and great IP brands. This week we were fortunate to be in the... —  read more 

Gender fluid dolls?

I read that in a consumer survey, only 5% of respondents said they would buy a Creatible World doll for their child, and only 25% held a positive view of gender neutral toys generally. Is it possible that Mattel is that out of touch with what... —  read more 

Good Idea but ...

The Frozen 2 nightmare just became a reality ...

Mattel has been terrified of Frozen 2 for the past few years. HAHA! The nightmare just became a reality Bye Bye Barbie. enjoy your Q4 results... —  read more 

Thoughts on leaving the toy industry?

Anyone have any thoughts or experience leaving the toy industry? I've worked on the product design side of the toy biz for around 15 years, thinking about next steps career wise and have a hard time imagining a smooth transition to a different... —  read more 

Mattel Layoffs 2020

What's your prediction as it relates to the possiblity of Mattel Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Intellivision speculation?

I keep seeing rumors online that Mattel is getting ready to relaunch the Intellivision video game console for Christmas 2020 to go head to head with the PS5 and next Xbox. Supposedly it'll be running an AMD CPU chip set based on Ryzen with 8x cores... —  read more 

Ynons Move

What happens with Mattel if Ynon goes in 6 months?

Honest mistake or pure fraud?

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