Topics regarding layoffs at Mattel Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mattel Inc.

Ynon´s Play

Ynot plays with quarter numbers and his silly comments to take the stock price down. Reason: Private Equity can buy cheap shares of the stock. Ynon has his longest days counted...

When will cuts start?

We know we won't be among the rare ones to come out of this messy economy without major cuts. The question is, when will they start? I'm almost hoping that it happens sooner rather than later while there are still a decent amount of available jobs... —  read more 

Bravo! New Prez & COO Did Ynon finally send sl------l Richard D packing? This is the best news since they hired no-talent RD in 2014. I know nothing about Totzke but he's already 10X better than... —  read more 

Trust: Hasbro v. Mattel Twenty-five consumer goods companies made the list; three were toy companies. Hasbro #1, Funko #5, and Mattel #8. As the list only included publicly... —  read more 

Double standards

Mattel is just another company that supervises its employees all day long to make sure they don't work a minute less than 40 hours. However, when an employee has to work longer, Mattel pretends not to see it. These double standards frustrate me the... —  read more 

Is Hasbro better?

I intend to start over at another company. Mattel's totally lost vision. Everyone should always think of themselves first and always look for something better. It would mean a lot to me if someone who has worked here and at Hasbro can make some... —  read more 


This bi+ch site about Mattel isn't even interesting anymore. Before Covid, I used to come here for fresh daily yucks but it played out. Today is first visit in 6 months and there is no new dirt. YawNON, just part out/sell out the company and put... —  read more 

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