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The lies that leadership tells

I keep reading that the landscape of traditional play has changed but i’m calling b---s--- on that. my kids wants a barbie dreamhouse, something called sunny day playset, was even enticed by the new polly pocket set. typical girl plat has not gone... read more

Mattel Chapter 11

We have a $500 million bond that’s due in may 2019. And we are paying 7% interests on the $1 billion bond raised last year. Based on 2017 financials, we paid over $100 million in interests. This year will be higher due to the $1B. There’s a $250... read more

Marketing and Finance

Dear Marketing and business people, you have failed in your meetings with the finance people and failed you to create new revenue streams. Do whatever you do best and stay out of other disciplines. If you don’t hit your numbers , take a hike... read more
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That's the stock price for Mattel today. It's the holiday season and every other toy company's stock is up. Layoffs will be happening now because when reporting of the 4th quarter comes, the company will need to report drastic cost reductions to... read more


I was laid off. Do I still have to sign up for open enrolment? How many of you are going with COBRA. If not COBRA then what? FYI I'm in California

Thoughts on YK?

It's been 7+ months as CEO. What do we think of YK? Can he turn the ship around?

RD finally jumping ship?

So, was in a meeting in the tower today, and someone let it slip that RD is p-ss-d are Ynot as he's keeping him like a lapdog, and have stripped RD of antly meaning responsibility and he's out the door before Thanksgiving. Good riddance to bad... read more

Over-shipment to China

The problem with China isn't Trump or the trade war. That has nothing to do with it. Toys aren't impacted by the tariffs, and in any case the tariffs wouldn't impact sales in China. The issue is simple: Mattel massively over-shipped in China for... read more
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In case you think we are safe

Just a reminder, December 5, 2017 was the date of 1st wave of layoffs since the announcement of 650 millions cost saving initiative, 50 people got let go on that day at ES tower and HTC. Have a great Thanksgiving! Yup, chances of no more layoffs this... read more

The strategy was always the problem

This article is originally about the competition on the learning and educational equipment market in which Mattel is apparently becoming a significant player, but the reason why I posted this article is that, in one part, the author points out how it... read more
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Seating Arrangement in Building

When will empty floors be condensed and more people be moved so that there are not so many empty rows? The floor that I work on barely has any people on it on one side. It's depressing and lowers morale to walk by so many empty desks.

We are all in the same basket

Most people who do it are young and its just another adventure/experience, especially if you don't have kids or real estate holding you in NYC. For some, it's a great move as LA job market for CPG companies is much better than NYC so outside of... read more

$650M cost saving...... $388M to go in Q4.?

YK and his crew did a good job of spinning the numbers, but let's be clear: there was no topline growth. The "growth" CNBC refers to is operating income, and the growth there is driven by aggressive cost cutting. Improved OI is definitely a good... read more

NY to LA

Sincere question for anyone that worked at the NYC office and relocated to LA...why? Did they guarantee you wouldn’t be laid off? I can’t imagine people uprooting their life and in some cases their families life for a company that is so clearly... read more

When was the last time?

Employees that have been working at Mattel for a while now, when was the last time the environment and culture in the Tower was fun and exciting to work in? People seem to quietly suffle between countless meetings, doing xyz reports etc. all with the... read more

AG Layoffs?

Does anyone know if there will be November layoffs at American Girl?


Question for anyone who has been laid off. Can you collect unemployment and your severance at the same time???

I guess Hasbro is more interesting?

Did you notice how much coverage potential layoffs at Hasbro are getting and they haven't even happen yet from what I understand? And yet when we have layoffs, we are lucky if we find one, maybe two obscure mentions in online media. I wonder if this... read more

$13 Stock

MAT stock fell below $14 Tuesday and just stayed there. Today marks the beginning of the end. Turn out the lights when you leave tonight, Ynon. Cancel Christmas: Enchantimals, Polly Pocket and even the Barbie movie can't save us now.

A Heartfelt Thumbs-Up from Moose

Moose Toys Australia would like to give a huge shoutout to Mattel for giving us so many great people recently. Through layoff and attrition, Mattel has made top talent available to work in both our El Segundo and Melbourne offices. We would truly be... read more

Hong Kong Mattel office

I'm an Engineering working at development team at Hong Kong Mattel office, everybody at work seems doing busy work but actually there's no new product development and there is very limited new tooling... We can't quit and giving up our sizable... read more

Will layoffs continue this week?

From what I understand, in addition to layoffs in Mexico, last week we had some layoffs here as well. Nothing major, but enough to have me worried about possibility of more coming this week. Do we have any more info on it? Or am I just being... read more

More layoffs today

Heard more people got let go today, at MOA, especially from Packaging. Anyone heard similar?

Servicing debt

When is our 1.5 to 2B (what a spread!) at 6% coming due? Can Mattel make the next payments?

The Barbie movie

Very sorry to disappoint one of the previous posters, but instead of ditching Barbie, we are making the Barbie movie. Mattel is partnering with Warner Bros, according to media A-list actors like Margot Robbie will be engaged. Needless to say, the... read more

Burnin’ down the House

Mattel stock is in the toilet at $14.82. For the exec who have joined or have hung on, the stock needs to climb to $30 for you to make any money. If you’re waiting for a buyout, remember your options and grants refer only to a material change in... read more

Ditch Barbie

How many more quarters do we have to listen to the inane rhetoric of how Barbie “is in fire”, when it’s only burning to the ground? Do you know that all other brands give up their marketing and development resources to Barbie in a never-ending futile... read more

I was laid off

Laid Off on the last round and I was actually happy. After the voluntary retirement was complete the Mattel environment took a turn for the worst. Even though it was a relief to get away from all that, it really did a number on my confidence. So, I'm... read more

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