Topics regarding layoffs at Mattel Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mattel Inc.

What Happens In June?

I've heard that Mattel is "reopening" in June along with most of LA businesses. Will there still be remote working options? Will people be forced to return? What if someone isn't vaccinated? Won't that put them at significant risk? Will they require... —  read more 

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This place hasn't improved

Yes, there are fewer layoffs but everything else is pretty much the same. We have the same toxic work atmosphere, the same nepotism and cronyism dictating promotions, the same incompetent managers... Also, we have the same lack of innovation and... —  read more 

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Pay Cuts?

So HR have been in a bad mood recently and there have been all these communications about adjusting pay to ‘market rates’ and how they have been working with a consultant to review pay. And now the comms about discussing with your manager or HR if... —  read more 

Thinking forward

My question is to what extent do you think Mattel is forward thinking? I’m an ordinary worker and I don’t understand business strategy, but when I read the news about the big companies stumbling, the reasons are often that they aren’t innovative... —  read more 

When luck runs out...

Mattel was basically lucky. It is one of the few companies to which the pandemic has brought good things. I am grateful for being relatively carefree while there are mass exoduses happening in other companies. However, I wonder what will happen when... —  read more 

Isn't it ironic?

This company was going downhill at breakneck speed with no indication that things would improve. And then the pandemic happened and parents needed new ways to keep kids entertained at home and who benefited? We recovered through no fault of our own... —  read more 

What happened to this site?

What happened to this once vibrant and informative community? Now days I hardly ever see any new posts and the few post that are made hardly ever get any replies. It's so sad to see what's become of the once great The Layoff Mattel board.

We deserve to go bankrupt

When's the last time we came up with something original, something engaging, something worth everybody's attention? Can anybody remember? All we do now is copy of a copy of a copy. Oh, and a new version that's just like the copy but not really. Is... —  read more 

401K Match

I came here looking for information about Mattel. It looks like a lot of you don't have very many good things to say. Covid has hit my family hard economically, and I need a job....even if it is just for a while. My question is what is positive... —  read more 

Before you leave

Before you leave, if you have Kaiser insurance they have a month-long program, I think it's called Prepare to go back to work. It's a great program, you get the whole month off with pay and you go to Kaiser 2x a week for training on how to... —  read more 

A serious question

I know it’s time for me to go. I’ve lived enough cycles of insanity to know I can’t change it. The problems i see are systemic and gigantic and not based solely on individuals. However, there are people and styles that, without purging, will always... —  read more 

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