Topics regarding layoffs at Mattel Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mattel Inc.


I work in the office in NY and make $500.00 dollars a week after taxes with an MBA. Maybe you get paid, but I sure don't for Full Time work. Company leaves people in poverty. Seriously, I'm starving working here. It keeps getting worse. Never... — read more 

Open to work?

Are you all that are still hanging on looking for other jobs? Like, have you been happy for a while there, but not anymore? Seems like its even worse now. More work less workers.

Fisher Price Lay Offs

People that were given offers in California and people that were on teams that weren't moved still got laid off yesterday. People who got offers, still technically have a job but have to go through the whole motions of being laid off until their... — read more 

It’s cuts time, obviously

“Execution on our toy strategy was strong and we made meaningful progress in entertainment across film, television, digital and publishing,” Kreiz said in the company’s earnings release. “We ended 2023 with the strongest balance sheet we have had... — read more 

All hail Barbie movie!

We’ve made it 2 weeks past stupid rumors, and no layoffs happened. The Barbie movie has officially saved everyone, right, hmm?! The mass layoffs that Cloudfare, UPS, etc experienced is going to miss us?! There must be a Barbie 2 movie in the works... — read more 

Halloween canceled

Our illustrious leader E-no has banned kids from the building during Halloween So much for being a toy company for kids So much for creating a inspiring environment So much for having reasons to stay at Mattel

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