Topics regarding layoffs at Mattel Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mattel Inc.


I can’t see why anyone is worried about Mattel and its future. With its movies finally coming out, Mattel will be leading not only the toy industry but the entertainment industry, too. I regret leaving FP every time I hear about all the exciting... —  read more 

Clueless leadership

The highest leaders at Mattel have destroyed the brand and customer service. And no one seems to be aware that robots overseas are talking to the consumers now, in extreme robotic ways. Hello , wake up. Do you have a clue? No because it’s been... —  read more 

Another ugly Monday

How motivated are you? At one point, I was hoping that Mattel would get back on track, but I am increasingly realizing that in this company it is no longer worth having high hopes. I have less and less motivation to continue working here... —  read more 

Leaving on a high note

I realized months ago that no matter where you work no company is deemed safe from layoffs. It’s the nature of the beast made more prevalent during the pandemic. I’ve seen it happen to friends in other companies that end up competing against their... —  read more 

Why all the effort?

How many times have you been convinced that it is not worth being engaged and a diligent employee here? I feel much better since I started working the bare minimum. A lot of people here only work the bare minimum. Why? Because most people have been... —  read more 

Is it really that bad?

I know of at least a few people in my BU that are looking to find other opportunities. They claim there is no direction within the company, no transparency and so on. I don’t see it myself but then again I have been here for only 2 years. Then I come... —  read more 


Despicable Fisher-Price senior leadership let the Rock n Play go on for that long silently blaming parents. And still blaming parents. Babies are dead. New parents got lost. It happens. Your job is to protect children from any harm your product... —  read more 

Mattel’s recycling lie

material prices going up what better way to cost reduce than by reusing what people have already paid for so they can repurpose and sell at a higher price point which they already announced was happening at the beginning of the year! nice way to blur... —  read more 

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I'm sick of this company

How many more people are actively looking for a new job in the last months/ days? I've had enough of Mattel. I’ve been working here for over 10 years and I think it’s high time I said goodbye to this company. I no longer have any motivation to work... —  read more 

WFH productivity

How much more productive are you when you work from home? The very mention that we could return to the office by June makes me sick. I am much more productive and satisfied ever since I've started working from home, and it is not clear to me why I... —  read more 

Rock Em Sock Em - REALLY?

Dear Mattel: Stop announcing movies that aren't happening. You're an embarrassment to both the toy and the film industries. How many of these announced films are actually in production? How many actually have green lights? How many even have scripts?... —  read more 

What Happens In June?

I've heard that Mattel is "reopening" in June along with most of LA businesses. Will there still be remote working options? Will people be forced to return? What if someone isn't vaccinated? Won't that put them at significant risk? Will they require... —  read more 

This place hasn't improved

Yes, there are fewer layoffs but everything else is pretty much the same. We have the same toxic work atmosphere, the same nepotism and cronyism dictating promotions, the same incompetent managers... Also, we have the same lack of innovation and... —  read more 

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