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Hey NYC Peeps!

If there was one person who’s desk you could leave a hot steaming dump on before you made that final walk out the door, who’s desk would get your “care package”? Asking for a friend.

Could we please get back to selling real toys?

We need to get back to selling Barbies that girls actually want to play with, not dolls we think will appeal to their feminist mothers. My own girls want a Barbie who is tall, thin and pretty. Does anyone seriously believe girls aspire to be fat... read more

The old grey queen she wasn’t what

she used to be, Spent money recklessly. pushed the envelope daintily. The old grey queen she ain’t what she used to be, and now she’s being pushed out the door.

It’s a New York panic state of mind!

Watching people scramble looking for toy jobs in an industry that’s abandoned the east coast is quite entertaining. like roaches scurrying when the lights go on, yet they don’t learn. The worried faces, thebreaching out to ex co-workers looking for a... read more

Successor to MZ?

Nothings been announced officially yet, but everyone's assuming that they'll eventually name JA as MA's successor. It only makes sense, no single person has had a bigger impact on FP design than JA, not even MZ. My guess would be his current Creative... read more

You gotta love Ynot

Ynot is great because he's not even pretending (like Margtard did) that he's 'reinventing' the company or 'turning us around'. He's just here to sell us.

Business Management Success

To new leadership of Ynot,, you will be given a chance, just do not pay homeage to your predicessors, they have dug a hole that looks to be a grave. Acknowlegge the situation truthfully, no buzz phrases, just hard work in new areas that will... read more

Stock Recovery

Our stock has meandered back up to 17. Not certain if the credit goes to Ynon or simply that we've been out of the headlines and haven't made any embarrassing, cringeworthy blunders or claims lately. Either way, sit down, shut up, and do your job... read more

Toy Store

I hear the Toy Stores are closing. What are your thoughts on this?

Warner Bros

Now that Mgo put lipstick on the pig by cutting jobs and expenses, Ynot has to get us sold. Warner Bros? Who would (or could) pay over $16/share?

Waiting for it . . . .

What's worse then getting slapped in the face? . . . . Waiting to get slapped in the face. There's VERY strong signs that a reorganization with possible layoffs are on the horizon. Mumbles about July are in the air & everyone is working at 40%... read more

Mattel, I still believe in you.

No disrespect intended, and I do not mean to dismiss people’s hurt feelings or negative experiences. But, I still believe in the magic. I know it is there and can grow full force. I believe.

Just a reminder :)

Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, the largest of the big four American banks, and highest paid executive in the financial sector made $28.3 million in 2017. Mattel paid M-Go $31.3 million.

A must read on pay gap between employees and CEO

For example, Mattel, the toy company, owns its factories overseas and employs thousands of low-paid workers in Asia. As a result, Mattel reported the second-highest ratio on the Equilar list: The chief executive’s pay was 4,987 times that of the... read more

What became of Sproutling, Nabi, Fuhu?

A few years ago Mattel made a big deal about acquiring several up and coming tech companies, but since then it's unclear whatever became of them. Anyone got the inside scoop on current status or what? I'm just curious what role they are playing in... read more

Hasbro is not our salvation

For those hoping that Hasbro will buy us and in turn save us, don't hold your breath. Not because it's unlikely they'll buy us, but because id they do, most of us will be shown the door. If you need proof, just Google their latest acquisition and see... read more

Sale to Disney

Ynot doesn't seem at all qualified to run a toy company, but he sure has contacts at Disney. Does anyone think he's here to set up a sale to Disney?

Best way to fix Mattel

SL is truly representative of what is wrong with Mattel Management. Ever failing upward, a hot potato no one wanted to have around. Incompetent, yet egotistical. Would talk down to experts. Want to fix Mattel? NO ONE sits in a Manager's seat unless... read more

M-Gone left Ynot a solid playbook!

Hey, M-Gone may have flown the coop with a golden parachute, but her turnaround plan made a lot of sense. I particularly liked her ideas about beefing up Mattel's scripted content offerings and presence in digital gaming, a potentially profitable... read more

Redecorating Budget?

Anyone know how much Ynot is spending to redecorate his new office? Does his contract say he gets to keep all that stuff when he parachutes out in 1.5 to 2 years?

Mattel Deserves to Die

Mattel is evil. Always has been. Evil management. Toxic culture. There is no saving it, reckoning time has come. You can bring in a new CEO every year but it can't change the fact that Mattel has long outlived it's usefulness. There is nothing worth... read more

Can we do it?

Mattel Tries to Recast Its Misfit Image

How Much?

How much does Ynot's contract pay him today? Think about it.

Might be time to quit

I think a lot of people here should read this article and see how many points apply to them. Judging by some posts, plenty might discover it's time to move on... read more

Little Miss Tea & Crumpets

The latest chapter in this sad saga is that Little Miss Tea & Crumpets is going around the NYC office stating that she, alone, gets to write her own job description and has been offered to move to ES. The truth is this is all a lie - fabricated by... read more

Why is this BoD still here?

These are the people who Selected CS as CEO, then MGo. Now they have been allowed to select Y-not. How many times will this company allow these idiots to make the same mistake before realizing they are incompetent? Wasn't twice enough? They should be... read more

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