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Time is up

This is an open letter to Enon: It’s time you wash your hands of RD. In the 6 years he’s been back, he’s authored lots of marketing ideas (that cost more than they’re worth) but not ONE of them has been a commercial success - which is what Mattel so... —  read more 


This is the worst workplace!!!!!!! Talk about culture and wellness its all complete b—s— & no one cares!!ynon doesn’t care at all - RD being next CEO? Zero chance. The layoffs prove management has no clue. Basically Reputation inside totally... —  read more 

Ex-employee’s perspective on Mattel’s demise

I have worked at many Fortune 500s, including Mattel when it was one. Management is terrible. They lack vision, execution and courage to adapt. I thought that getting a CEO from the entertainment industry was a smart move, but most of the other... —  read more 

Can we survive this?

With our current leadership? We were doing badly as it is, I don't see us coming back from this mess unscratched - or at all. I think we'll be joining Toys R' Us very soon...

I as laid off in the most recent blood-letting

I just walked the lay-off bridge. Thank goodness I can enjoy Christmas for the first time in forever. Now just that ‘little’ detail about dismal personal finances and lack of immediate job prospects.

Last 5 years

Has seen RD as the President and COO and a downward spiral. The c suite has changed over 2x and the CEO 4!! What is the common denominator here!?? We have a defunct BOD who clearly have no since of decency or ethics as the continent to FAIL the... —  read more 

Capital Light=Mattel Dead

Ynon's new buzzword "Capital Light" sure sounds great but it means the end of Mattel. It means short-term, short sighted, low-risk, no innovation, licensed toys. As if we weren't playing it too safe for decades: Bratz coulda been ours, it was home... —  read more 

Q1? More like Q-WTF!

NPD says overall toys sales were up 8%. Hasbro reports sales up 20%. Mattel posts a 14% DECLINE in sales! What the heck are you people doing?!

Have layoffs started?

Just wondering. Former staffer, happy to be gone. For anyone who did get laid off: life is much better outside of the archaic management structure and "we've always done it this way" mentality.

Short the stock!!!

The only way to make money with Mattel is to short the stock. Hasbro released their earnings today and we could only dream to have their numbers. It is going to be bad, very bad. We need to lay off about another 20% of the workforce just to stay... —  read more 

Mattel audit team screwed the company

How embarrassing must it be to Mattel’s audit team who screwed the company so badly that the SEC has to step in? If layoffs are happening, the over-bloated management team needs to go first - start with the VP’s of AUDIT!

Lost in Space

Mattel has been a dying star for a decade, coasting off its stellar reputation from last millennium. Now it's collapsing in on itself and being strangled by the very fabric of space time. The toy universe will continue without us in the post-corona... —  read more 


This should not be your “forever” job.

Don't get too comfortable with work from home

What do you think is going to happen after this is done and Mattel realizes there are so many jobs that can be done remotely? Do you really think you'll be the one still doing it? I have a feeling outsourcing will not be limited to mostly... —  read more 

Mattel vs KFC

Let's compare MATTEL's "core values" to those of KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN during the Corona Crisis, see... —  read more 

How's "Working from Home" Going?

Mattel was never a pillar of efficiency, but it seems like if everyone actually worked 2 hours a day at home that things might actually stabilize, or at least delay the inevitable collapse. I would encourage everyone to NOT slack off, but develop a... —  read more 

Boom Co.

Can you believe it's already been seven years since Mattel launched Boom Co.? It seems like just yesterday. Think of how much the toy industry and retail landscapes have changed in those 7 years. Really gives you some perspective.

Lay-Offs Coming?

An hr source said they’re coming this month and that it will be very bad with lots of people getting lay-offed

Challenge for Ynon & Isaac

Put your money wear your mouth is, guys. Lead by example.

What a load of bunk! Seriously they have the nerve to put this garbage propaganda out?

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The end

Mattel is coming to an end for sure. There is no money no new products no movies no plan just constent cutting to look like we are okay. More layoffs and budget cuts are coming and the here is no hope in site. I don’t know what I am going to do or... —  read more 

Hasbro stock up, Mattel down

Hasbro won, period. Watch & learn how a real toy company, run by long-time toy people, with a lot of real toy EXPERIENCE shines... —  read more 

What happened to all the movies?

A little bird in el Segundo told me that nothing is really being produced. Didn’t Ynot build a whole department in LA for this? That’s what everyone here in EMEA thought. Is it fake news? I don’t know what to believe any more.

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