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Another Town hall circlejerk

WTF is going on? Ynot looks like a dead man walking, zero personality or charisma. Even he looks bored and I was less that 10 metres from him. Then RD comes on and says the same thing? Whilst declaring his loyalty, then the newbies??? Who drank the... read more

Town hall RN

How is everyone feeling about this? Still thinking another round of layoffs in November?

Mattel Movies? Is this a joke?

Starting a movie division in a toy company that can’t even make toys makes about as much sense as the last dozen chiefs that have come and gone at Mattel. It’s the last desperate attempt to save a dying dinosaur. And who gets hired to run this new... read more

A bad sign.

This Chistmas Amazon is looking to fill the TRU void by mailing out a physical catalog of their top 100 toys. It will feature only 8 Mattel products, 3 from FP, 1 HWs set and 4 girls items. That's half as many as Hasbros 16, but double Melissa and... read more

What's wrong with me???

I started looking at this site before I was laid off, it was great, I was prepared for what happened before it actually happened. I was laid off last month, but I still look at this everyday. I'm addicted...

Where is the income for Mattel?

The company has been running with very limited new product development for over an year now, there is nothing to sell, wonder how long can the company keep paying the bills...

Mattel: Firing on All Cylinders

Also firing on all campuses and continents. HR finally ran out of admins, seamstresses and facilities people to fire, so they had to lay themselves off. Well done! Now we're down to nothing but Veeps,directors and managers: not a soul left who knows... read more

November layoffs

Get ready folks, they're coming. And it's not going to be pretty by the looks of it. Honestly, anybody who is still at Mattel and is not actively looking for other employment is a mystery to me. This company is going down. It's long stopped being a... read more

Mattel Film Division-another Hail Mary.

How long does it take to produce films and have them generate revenue? Years, is the answer. Will the corporate cash last that long while Mattel still loses hundreds of millions each quarter. Probably not. Just seems the actions are way too late... read more

Any layoffs expected this week?

Will anything spill over from last week, or was that it? I wouldn't be surprised if we found out more were planned for Labor Day week... That would be very Mattel like...

Layoffs in ES HR yesterday

Layoffs in ES HR yesterday. Does anyone know how many were let go? Was it only ES HR or were other campuses hit as well? Any info on next round of company wide layoffs?

ST promoted - really

So ST gets elevated again after missing his numbers and bullying his way around the tower. What a bunch of good old boys: ST, RD, SG and GW all doing well in this crisis.
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Another Bad RD Hire

Couldn’t have been a worse chief franchise management(what?) hire. She was pushed out at Sanrio and if you check the Glassdoor reviews at Saban it couldn’t be any worse. Company never does the homework of checking real references. You think they... read more

Seeing Mr. JS schmoozing in the tower once again.

Who hired this do nothing back? This guy was a social butterfly that did absolutely NOTHING in his first tenure in ES other than try to take the credit from the twin tards. Now he’s back like he’s the conquering hero!?? Guess what JS??? You’re back... read more

Polly's Hot Pocket

Lil secrets is killing it and doing it right. The revamp of polly is herendous. Polly looks like a 52 yr old housewife. Whoever is responsible for that atrocity should be fired.

Polly Pocket Versus Moose Toys Lil Secrets

Case study on execution. Who did it better? It could be me but Polly product looks terrible. The packaging is awful. Any other opinions or explanations as to what is going on at Mattel? Does anyone on the inside know how it is performing?

Mattel needs to learn from Little Tikes

Watching TV with my kids I see commercial after commercial for little tikes products that range from innovative boy toy truck play to STEM play tables. on top of trends, showing play value, things that we used to be able to produce. not the watch my... read more

How worried should we be?

A friend told me Mattel started Q3 with around $200 million cash on hand and around $3 billion in debt. Would another down quarter or two potentially wipe us out? Also, when do we need to pay back the money that was lent? I'm starting to feel like... read more

Good morning former NYC FP employees!!

Take that nice long breath and decompress and relax knowing that the BS and dread of working in that toxic environment is over. have that extra cup of coffee and sit out on your fire escape, porch or whatever and enjoy the open air. Now take a moment... read more

Thanks, NYC Office

I understand that this is a forum for upset employees/former employees, trolls, and good folk genuinely looking for solid news about potential layoffs, so my apologies if this post isn’t what you are currently looking for on this site. I want to... read more


Do these layoffs have anything to do with jobs moving overseas? Should we file for TAA?

Me. smith heads west!

Granted this is a generic name (or is it?) but "Mr. smith" is the typical managing up employee who tends to stay under the radar when cuts happen, moves around and does nothing but take credit for others work. There's a similar employee with almost... read more

Bon Voyage and good luck NYC peeps!

It’s been a great run despite the last few years of inept leadership that sunk a once profitable ship. I will miss our daily interactions and chuckle at the thought of those moving on to ES thinking they’ve found greener pastures. The 2 hour gym... read more

Mattel is not recovering from this

There is no way Mattel can come back from where it is right now. There is no way but down for this ship. Don't kid yourselves into believing otherwise. Just pack your bags and move somewhere better before that decision is made for you and it catches... read more

Why Pay Jacka$$ Management Anything?

Toy industry soars up 7% in first half of 2018. Meanwhile, our team of nitwit C-Suiters managed to lose over HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in two quarters. WTF? Why are they still collecting a paycheck? How the fijck can they even look us in the... read more

Ynot's e-commerce strategy

Ynot's e-commerce strategy is beginning to come into focus, website is now presenting visitors with the following message. We will continue to help you find the perfect toys and baby gear at your preferred retailer, but will no longer... read more

We need innovation more than anything else

Mattel forgot how to make really cool toys. Where is the creativity and brilliance in toy making? Where is the next Big toy? Where are the toys the kids can’t live without? Where is the magic and excitement? Mattel needs to start making toys kids... read more

The good and the bad

I always held "Mattel" as the # 1 toy company, with many wonderful brands for all ages. Somewhere along the line things changed. Great talented and dedicated employees were not recognized for their continuous dedication to the company they enjoyed... read more


Mattel will try to stabilize it’s overhead then prep to sell off brands while they still have some equity. That will likely be the start of the company filing for bankruptcy protection. They will protect Barbie and hot wheels. FP and Mega aren’t... read more


Any updates about when do layoffs start in Europe? maybe after summer vacations in September?

This is important

Do not negotiate your severance unless you have a potential claim against the company that you have vetted with a law firm. Reach out to a lawyer and ask them to review your case. Be prepared with a detailed timeline that shows a pattern of... read more

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