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See a racist former Mattel exec’s post.....

Check out the racist post a former Mattel exec has just posted on the Facebook group Mattel Alumni and Current Employees “Funny Farm Fables” if you’re a member. So sad. ☹️ Thought it was a site to post fond memories of our time at Mattel. Not to... read more

Design Lead ..... Gimmee a Break

If I hear design led one more time I'm going to toss. Design led companies have frame changing break through talent not a bunch of arrogant wannabees who have grown up at Mattel. If you've worked for a true creative boss or company you know what it... read more

Morale is really bad

You can’t get anything done. No one has a sense of urgency for anything. People don’t want to help you. Everyone is in their little space and really don’t care one way or the other if you need something from them. No reason to work hard? What for?... read more

Why are you not looking for a new job?

So many people complaining here, yet I bet majority is not looking for a new job. Why? Does anybody actually think Mattel will still be here in four-five years? This company is going downhill so fast that I wouldn't be surprised if we went the way of... read more

Movie Rights Available?

There's little to no factual information here, but the drama, venting, b--ching, emotion and tirades here are epic. The potential entertainment value is off the charts, and I hope the IP of the content here is up for grabs since it's anonymous. I'll... read more

MAT stock $11.80

Great way to end the week. A long painful Friday and our stock plunges. The new normal. Enjoy your weekend. Thanks Ynon, Mattel is swell!

What about American girl?

In the last town hall, it struck that there was basically nothing good to say about American Girl, and it's been like that forever it seems. FP will survive their latest issues. Mega is even on an upswing. But, I'm just wondering how a high end... read more

So tired of this

We have a new manager, and he keeps asking us to be more agile all the time. He's like a baby who's discovered a new word and can't get enough of it. So there you go folks, we all need to be more agile and all of Mattel's problems will be solved... read more

PE time

Time for a PE firm to buy Mattel and throw out RD and ST and SG and fix this business once and for all.

A Message from Dickie....

We could not find a simple minded enough VP that we can manipulate, so we will Bring back one just let go of a few months ago, lets make him and SVP to help him out a bit. Onward.

Q1 Results Today

Time to reveal the fruits of your labors at 2pm today, Ynon. Come to Jesus! :)

WM Sales Team?

Why do we keep losing some great sales people? They may have tough goals but we all have tough areas of our jobs, but we work through it.

Is this the end of FP?

My money is on ES using this to scapegoat EA FP, downsizing the workforce if not shutting down our campus completely and selling off the property. It’s a pure cash grab for them and we get left dangling.

Everything is Swell at Mattel

"Rock 'N Play Sleeper Recalled After Reported 32 Infant Deaths" "At least 32 babies have died while in the sleeper." "Sleeper inclined sleeper, which has been tied to 32 sleep-related infant deaths, " "Push to recall popular parenting tool after 32... read more

FP Kick and Play

How much longer is FP going to hold out on recall of the Kick and Play? All sorts of groups including doctors are now calling for a recall. Obviously losing this item will be a big hit to the topline but are they really going to continue to take the... read more

Is it just me or...

Do the new fashion dolls look like oriental women with various Zoolander wigs featuring Lil' Pump?

It's only faster downhill from here...

So sad it has come to this. The design center is no longer what it was. There is no more life in the halls. How can a place so cold even try to design something a kid would touch. The company has lost it's perspective on what play is. Those left to... read more

First Full Day Friday

Don't you love how all the "reserved" Parking Spots were cleared out before our new full day Friday Hours? was a total ghost town, SVPS and Directors leaving early left and right. The day started out with a half empty parking lot to begin with. The... read more

Don’t you find it ironic......?

Don’t you find it ironic and a bit sickening that we’re celebrating 60 years of Barbie - the most sinister and degrading symbol of s-xualization of women by women? It’s true - the majority of leadership, marketing, design and engineering over the... read more

Opinions on YK leadership

Would love to hear some thoughts on the direction YK is taking the company, changes he has made, strategy execution, etc.


Mattel needs leadership before anything else - it’s too far gone to think about how is used to be. But as look as people like the good man are allowed to stay it’s clear there’s no intent to make the leadership changes needed. All those that came in... read more

Leaving sounds easy, right?

Leaving sounds easy, right? Don't like it, then leave. Wish it were that easy, but it's not. Certainly, many, many people are trying, but until you get hired somewhere else, you're stuck. Many factors are involved. This was part of the post that i... read more

F--- it

Plenty other jobs have the same benefits now. Nothing special about Mattel. Done thinking about this. Ride it out or leave, your choice. Been f---ed enough times by this company.

So much for ‘work-life balance’

Y is cutting the throat of Mattel. Retaining and obtaining good employees means offering legitimate perks. 30+ years we have the 1/2 day Friday benefit and just like that, Y can’t get an answer from east coast on one random Friday and he’s mad and... read more

Frankly, I’m done with the toy industry.

I work overtime all the freaking time and sometimes weekends when needed. I answer emails at night. I do this because I know my Friday’s are half day. But I’m done. I commute 3 hours a day round trip in c-ap traffic. This unlimited vacation is just... read more

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