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M-Gone left Ynot a solid playbook!

Hey, M-Gone may have flown the coop with a golden parachute, but her turnaround plan made a lot of sense. I particularly liked her ideas about beefing up Mattel's scripted content offerings and presence in digital gaming, a potentially profitable... read more

Redecorating Budget?

Anyone know how much Ynot is spending to redecorate his new office? Does his contract say he gets to keep all that stuff when he parachutes out in 1.5 to 2 years?

Mattel Deserves to Die

Mattel is evil. Always has been. Evil management. Toxic culture. There is no saving it, reckoning time has come. You can bring in a new CEO every year but it can't change the fact that Mattel has long outlived it's usefulness. There is nothing worth... read more

Can we do it?

Mattel Tries to Recast Its Misfit Image

How Much?

How much does Ynot's contract pay him today? Think about it.

Might be time to quit

I think a lot of people here should read this article and see how many points apply to them. Judging by some posts, plenty might discover it's time to move on... read more

Little Miss Tea & Crumpets

The latest chapter in this sad saga is that Little Miss Tea & Crumpets is going around the NYC office stating that she, alone, gets to write her own job description and has been offered to move to ES. The truth is this is all a lie - fabricated by... read more

Why is this BoD still here?

These are the people who Selected CS as CEO, then MGo. Now they have been allowed to select Y-not. How many times will this company allow these idiots to make the same mistake before realizing they are incompetent? Wasn't twice enough? They should be... read more

Megacard? WTF Mattel??!!!

Who green lighted this garbage? Does anyone really think that kids are going to buy into this plastic outdated concept? What's next? Thomas the megacard? There have NOT been nearly enough layoffs at Mattel. Just sayin'.
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NYC Office deserves its fate.

Years back the nyc office was filled with enthusiasts who loved toys, had shelves of their personal collection lining their office walls (DP being a prime example with his star wars collection) and would push for innovation. They were disruptive... read more

We Wanted ELON but Got Ynon

For a new CEO, we asked the BoD for the smartest guy Elon but old man Sinclair got "some artist guy Ynon". Is Sinclair deaf AND dumb, or did he purposely hire underqualified Ynon and split the savings with M-Go in his final stick-it-to-Mattel move?... read more

Ynon to save NYC Office!

already mentioned wanting to maintain an office on the east coast & in talks with the building owner. Staff to remain still questionable. Stay tuned!

What If? Why Not?

What if Mattel were robbed by its own CEO? Why not do it all again with someone new who's never worked in the toy business? What if Mattel systematically shut down offices, manufacturing plants and call centers? Why not just call this process... read more

Not Again? No Hardline Experience

Great, another CEO with no experience in doing what Mattel does. Obviously will come in with delusions of making Mattel an "entertainment" company. Look for giant expenditures in all sorts of "productions". Prepare to walk the hallways and hear... read more

Time for Ynon to get it on!

I am beyond stoked that M-Go finally threw in the towel, it was pretty obvious from the start that she was in way over her head. Let's face it M-Go was a lightweight, but now we have Ynon. I mean just look at this guy! Apparently he's a black belt in... read more

CEO change Mattel's Incoming Chairman Is Named to Replace Outgoing CEO By Matt Townsend and Lucas Shaw (Bloomberg) -- Mattel Inc. Chief Executive... read more

AG Location Closing

American Girl's call and distribution center located in Wilmot, WI is closing, along with their Mattel toy store. 135 people will lose their jobs. Sad day in WI.

Heads up people

Job postings for NYC office?

If the NYC office is closing why are there recent postings on indeed and monster for positions there?
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Layoffs next week

Are we certain we'll see no layoffs next week? I am usually very good at leaving Mattel at work over the weekends, but for some reason, this weekend all I can do is worry about what's coming on Monday or Tuesday. I guess the NYC announcement really... read more

Is Electronic Arts buying Mattel?

Do you have any info on this? Does Electronic Arts have plans to buy Mattel? If yes, what's the plan. I am not fishing for insider info, I am just curious about what the rumors are. I do not work for either company but I am interested in the... read more

So, what's next?

Anybody wants to venture a guess on what's next to close? It's obvious that Mattel is going to go the way of Toy R Us, it will only take a bit longer to get there. We've been a one trick pony for far too long, and with the general state of retail... read more

String 'Em Up!

Netflix exec bonus scam has shareholders filing lawsuits. Our execs deserve the same! What's holding up that class action suit against Mattel last year? Make it rain... read more
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RD's audacity to blame NYC real estate market

Did RD honestly stand there from one of the only places in America with a higher cost of living and real estate market than NYC place some of the blame for closing the NYC office on the real estate cost?

Thanks, M-Go and HR!

Thank you for laying off some really talented toy people. We're any number of other toy company nearby and we're hiring these people! Your lack of insight and experience has dismantled a world class team and scattered man-years (make that... read more

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