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Politically Correct Left Wing Toys

As a mother I would never buy another Mattel toy after seeing the Muslim/Fat/Transgender Barbies 'gender neutral' toy lineup, etc. I don't share Mattel's commitment to feminism, g--s, transgender freak, Muslims, fatsos, and general America-hating... read more

One or two trolls entertaining us all.

Reading the negative posts, what becomes obvious rather quickly, is that there is only 1 MAYBE 2 trolls here. The complaints are the same, the foul language is the same, etc. So, bravo! You are very entertaining and humorous and seem to have gathered... read more

The Irony of Pantone 219C

How ironic that Barbie pink (Pantone 219C) is also the official color of "pink slip" firing notices? In better days, that color created so many careers here. Now it is ending careers. Way to myopically manage the brand, "upper management"! Bet you'd... read more

Hasbro Employees, Arise!

Even if Hasbro the corporation can't acquire Mattel due to antitrust reasons, there's nothing to stop Hasbro employees from raising enough cash to buy Mattel. With the stock at laughable lows, we can raise more than enough cash with a few car washes... read more
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So What happens if I'm laid off while I'm out on disability? Will they call or wait till I'm back. Is there anyway to know?

Choose your fuel and feed your actions.

Some observations from one point of view: We work for a public, for-profit company going through hard times. Period. It’s simply the truth. Financial declines are not one-person’s fault. How would that even be possible? We’re a multi billion-dollar... read more

The elephant in the room is a troll.

There's an elephant in the room and it's that there is a troll on these forums. Remember to take everything you read anywhere with a grain of salt. Consider the reason why someone is posting, so you can evaluate if what they are saying is truly... read more

BoD: In-Action Heroes

Yes, I'm pitching a new male action (oops, person inaction) line, M-Go, RD, CS and the whole BoD wearing capes & tights. No superpower, superspeed or supersmarts required. And like He Man and WWF figures, they only have one tired action, endlessly... read more

One request to the Dump Defender with a high IQ

Before you go on a rant or even post anything at all could you please remind us all of the current Stock price? 14.60 now, no? By the time you post the numbers should be... Come on genius, keep track of the numbers and remind us all.

To the one and only troll still standing up for this du

You’re still there. Doesn’t matter what you to say to anyone outside of that festering boil you call the Design Center. You should rename it the garage for the terminally delusional and install wheelchair ramps because how you even get dressed for... read more
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What's next?

With junk rate status of bonds, Mattel can only borrow at higher interest rates now. It's in a death spiral. F Mattel. Start applying for jobs, work on your resumes, and forget you ever worked for this poorly run company. I've worked at many... read more
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Can't survive on old glory

Mattel is reminding me of Mike Brady in Brady Bunch Movie. Taking the same house design from the 1970’s and constantly adding one tweak to it to pretend is something new. This is the perfect description of Mattel if I ever saw one. How long did the... read more

This was low, even for Mattel

Laying people off this close to Christmas is especially low, even for the soulless train-wrack Mattel has become. Did they wait for the worst possible moment to do this? Not to mention, layoffs are the last thing Mattel needs right now. Without... read more

It gets better

I was part of the 2015 layoffs, and while I truly sympathize with everyone being impacted (including those whose job becomes that much more difficult by having to do more with less), I wanted to let you know that there is indeed life at Mattel, and... read more

Did Mattel Make Santa's "Best" List?

RD and the BoD have been VERY naughty. Maybe next year, M-Go!,19.htm
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Who's idea was it to nake TV's Toybox?

All the crap endorsed by the show is insulting, and seems like an open call for trolls who live in their mom's garage to submit ideas. Do the designers there have no pride or dignity? Them d@mned place needs outside help to design toys? Let it sink... read more
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Layoff Lesson #1: this is how it is executed

you get called to a designated area (conference room, etc) and your direct supervisor has a script. “as you know, blah blah blah” then they shut up and the HR rep explains your exit package which at this point is next to nothing. your supervisor sits... read more

Major Layoffs Here

Layoffs are happening now, worldwide. Around 1,500 people. Some you probably know. Need to save money so we can buy more technology companies and outsource more of our own innovation and products. The 11th floor MBAs need more money to spend on more... read more

Rain Fall

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out...
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Mattel Subsidiaries, Status Report Time

This site sees plenty of posts from our brothers and sisters here in El Segundo, but we often are left in the dark as to how things are going at the satellite offices and subsidiary brands. Let's get some status reports: Madison, how's it going?... read more

Nothing today?

Anybody knows what's going on today at Mattel? If there were to be layoffs yesterday and today we should have known by now... Unless I am missiing something, and I am just lucky that my location is not being hit... It looks like the next week... read more

let the culling begin!

Today’s the day folks! we have to wait for the west coast clowns to start their day before the bloodletting begins. Remember, pack your stuff in preparation and that they have NO RIGHT to search your bags. Take what you can and be sure to flip off... read more

Are we the next D-TV?

the new CTO seems to be only hiring his cronnies from DTV. They just sold out to ma-bell, so are we in the same boat? Are they just joining here to gut us and sell us off?

Mattel put shareholders before people

One of the sad things that I learned in this debacle is that Mattel like all other big companies has put the shareholders before the people. It’s one more thing that has contributed to the company’s demise. You can’t do both effectively and let’s... read more

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