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Challenge for Ynon & Isaac

Put your money wear your mouth is, guys. Lead by example.

What a load of bunk! Seriously they have the nerve to put this garbage propaganda out?

The end

Mattel is coming to an end for sure. There is no money no new products no movies no plan just constent cutting to look like we are okay. More layoffs and budget cuts are coming and the here is no hope in site. I don’t know what I am going to do or... —  read more 

Hasbro stock up, Mattel down

Hasbro won, period. Watch & learn how a real toy company, run by long-time toy people, with a lot of real toy EXPERIENCE shines... —  read more 

What happened to all the movies?

A little bird in el Segundo told me that nothing is really being produced. Didn’t Ynot build a whole department in LA for this? That’s what everyone here in EMEA thought. Is it fake news? I don’t know what to believe any more.

Ynons Job

What was Ynons job? What has he to do with noon?

How Low Can It Go?

The stock has dipped to under ten dollars. How low can it go before its worthless? Anyone have ideas or predictions? What happens now?

VTech vs Fisher-Price

This week Netflix debut a new, beautiful looking animated preschool series based on the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels toy line. Meanwhile, Fisher-Price continues to release product based content on their YouTube channel that looks like it was made in... —  read more 

Girls Scouts to Buy Mattel

You see 'em out there selling cookies in their snappy uniforms, but the Girl Scouts have something even more delicious up their merit-badged sleeves: a Mattel buyout. They are knocking on doors and canvassing store entrances across the country to... —  read more 


Experts on thought reform and cults suggest that using acronyms that are unintelligible to outsiders is a tool used to get individuals caught up in the thought patterns of an abusive system. I've noticed Mattel uses dozens of such acronyms and... —  read more 


How long will he work here?

Wow. Just Wow.

Mattel’s presence at toyfair yields trophies instead of toys. Mattel movies produces press releases instead of movies. Mattel stock makes dives instead of spikes. So sad to see this tragedy play out. And no one takes any responsibility. It’s not tru... —  read more 


For what will universal brands development buy us?

Corona virus redundancies

With all the corona virus stock issues/ sales impact, just wondering if anyone has heard of any redundancies coming up? I would be surprised if there wasn’t due to the financial impact of the virus.

Half Day Fridays?

I'm no longer at the company, but heard that Mattel had stopped half day Fridays some time last year. Is it now an 8 to 5 business day on Fridays, or did they end up going back to the half day?

Lawandus Comcast

Lawandus/Comcast will takeover Mattel. Down under joes l. Comment

Fortune's Best 100 Companies... NOT MATTEL!

FACT: It's been TEN years since Mattel made anybody's BEST 100 list. Believe it or not, we used to regularly make the cut for both "Best Company to Work For" and "Most Ethical Companies". Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Please get rid of our current... —  read more 

Need a mattel licensing update

Left the company years ago (retired) and a friend turned me on to this site, went to a few stores the other day (usually online shopping) and I decided to walk down the toy aisles to see what the old company was up to. Does mattel no longer handle... —  read more 

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Will they ever sale the company?

Mattel Stuffs the Channels Again

They are already talking about Q1 being down this year because there is retail inventory overhang that needs to sell before customers buy anything new. Mattel missed their sales estimates for 2019 even after stuffing the channels. This is the... —  read more 

Who is j-net Sue?

I heard she is number three at Mattel? Is this true? Y then R then J? Is she head of All brand now like the Chuggernaut was?

Another plant closing.

We just heard about another plant closing, this time in Canada. Does anyone have any info concerning this?

All Aboard the Lawsuit Express!

Forget Thomas the Tank Engine, all aboard the shiny new class action lawsuit! Investors and EMPLOYEES who have lost money on Mattel stock recently need to hop aboard before Feb 24. Mattel so loves grabbing headlines during February's New York Toy... —  read more 

Toys are in trouble

Toys are in trouble and have been for years. As a parent and former Mattel employee, my kids are into video games, online videos, and Legos. CNBC is spot on:... —  read more 

The Quiet Before the Storm

I keep checking here for some juicy, cringeworthy news from Mattel but nothing is forthcoming lately. What's up? NYTF is a month away, Jojo the dancing CFO is leaving in a few months and "visionary" CEO Ynot's contract is up in April. Things are... —  read more 

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