Topics regarding layoffs at Hasbro Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Hasbro Inc.

Even greater expectations

The expectations of the employees who are still here have been raised once again. I really can't take it anymore, I have to find a new job as soon as possible because health is priceless. What frustrates me the most is that the manager does not... —  read more 

Scope of pending layoffs?

With the company’s new leadership and “strategy” (which includes completely divesting from many brands and trying to sell eOne), the rumor is that layoffs will happen in October around the investor meeting. Does anyone have a sense of how extensive... —  read more 

Strong revenue, earnings growth

I believe you have all seen the results, but here it is anyway: This leadership is very lucky, that is my personal opinion. They would never admit that these... —  read more 

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Now it's eOne, what's next?

Entertainment One Lays Off 10% of Film, TV Workforce Amid Streamlining According to a memo from eOne’s head of film and TV, Steve Bertram, the layoffs come amid a move to “evolve the focus and structure of our organization around the world” and... —  read more 

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More coming

From a director here at hasbro.... we were told to help organize for more "reorganization" here in the next couple of months and make our recommendations on cutting my staff. Rounds will be decided in April with cuts coming most likely after gsmm

Hasbro Troubles

Pretty sure that Hasbro’s problems run much deeper than state taxation. They lost over 10% of their business once Toys R Us went under and haven’t been able to make it up. You lose that much in sales and there’s no amount of state penalties or... —  read more 

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We have a number finally

And it's worse that we thought. Ten percent of Hasbro employees comes to between 500 and 600 people, if I'm not mistaken (from what I know, our total employees are somewhere in that range, times ten of course.) With still no additional details on the... —  read more 

Not as good as it seems

With more and more people in the field turning to us amid layoffs and closings in their own companies, I think it'd be fair to give an honest picture of Hasbro. First of all, this is not a perfect place to work. Yes, there are great advantages like... —  read more 

We need top leadership to wake up

Hasbro could be doing much better if top leadership called out managers who are obviously motivated primarily by internal politics and their own goals and ambitions, instead of the success of the company as a whole and the well-being of the... —  read more 

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Changing for the worse

Hasbro has changed in recent years, and not for the better. There used to be a chance to advance based on the merit of your work, but that is hardly the case anymore for anybody except those in high-profile positions. That is now compounded with pay... —  read more 

It never stops at Hasbro, we are so used to layoffs that no news about this or that group being eliminated is surprising anyone

It never stops at Hasbro, we are so used to layoffs that no news about this or that group being eliminated is surprising anyone. We've see different modes of cost cutting over here, from slow and silent elimination of individuals at all levels to... —  read more 

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