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Wage discrimination

Blizzard Workers Share Salaries in Revolt Over Wage Disparities Jason Schreier August 3, 2020, 4:42 PM PDT Employees circulate spreadsheet to compare pay, recent raises Employees at Blizzard Entertainment, a division of Activision Blizzard... —  read more 

RIP Activision/Blizzard

They abandoned the generations that made them and bet the farm on Gen Z. Now Gen z is playing games like Fortnite and gen x and millennials have left their games for good. A generation that stays focused on a game for maybe 2 weeks before moving... —  read more 

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How can we relax after this?

If we are having layoffs with numbers as good as they are, what's going to happen when we actually see drops in profit, not just "unsatisfactory growth?" Also, how are we supposed to attract the best talent if the word gets around about such business... —  read more 

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So mad

I guess this is what happens when record results achieved by the company do not translate to record bonuses for the executives. How dare those who helped bring in these profits also take away from them by getting paid for their work??? This is just... —  read more 

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When will we know?

My husband works at Blizzard, and he's been a nervous wreck since the announcement. I think saying major layoffs are coming and not giving any details for days afterwards is unnecessarily cruel. What's the point of prolonging the anticipations and... —  read more 

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So much for my dream job

I haven't been with Blizzard for a full year yet, and the way things are looking right now I won't be here long enough to see my first anniversary. I was so happy to land this job - I left a really good position in another company for it. And now it... —  read more 

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Good luck to everybody at Blizzard!

You guys make some of my favorite games, I really hate to hear what's going on. We all know it's all on Activision. Not sure if anybody is going to read this, but I wish every one of you good luck this week. I'm sure all of you will have no problems... —  read more 

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customer service

activision pays really low for customer services and they lay off all the time and it’s bad to be customer service here - tools are not reliable… as a side note, remember, taking calls all day is draining in every sense, you get tired quickly – and... —  read more 

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