Topics regarding layoffs at Electronic Arts Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Electronic Arts Inc.

Severance package?

I know it might be much to ask of people who were just laid off, but is there any chance somebody could tell us what kind of severance package Electronics Arts offered them? There was some talk a while ago that severances might get slashed, and I am... —  read more 

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Echoes of 2012

Not sure what's going on with EA right now but I was cut in 2012. If you are in doubt about your skills do not worry - your work at EA prepared you well - you also know how to deal with all that corporate BS as well. There is life after EA and you'll... —  read more 

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To many chiefs...

There is a whole alphabet of VP positions, each one of them with their own mindset and agenda. It slows down the work process, almost impossible for teams to do the actual work without stepping to someone's toe. EA should get rid of at least half of... —  read more 

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HR needs to change ASAP

This is such a good company in every other aspect, except for a HR team. They are so disconnected from the upper management, do not serve well to no one and need reorganization ASAP. For a company that is developing in a right direction, it is a... —  read more 

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