Topics regarding layoffs at Zynga

Topics regarding layoffs at Zynga

Just a few questions

I am a recent college grad and am looking into a few job positions. I’ve researched a few companies and was wondering if anyone can tell me about the work environment. Is employee engagement encouraged and most of all are layoffs rare or considered... —  read more 

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Massive Savings and OUCH

The layoffs, which will include more than 300 jobs (15% of the company’s workforce), comes just seven months after Zynga unexpectedly laid off more than 500 employees back in June. The company shut down three offices alongside June’s layoffs, and... —  read more 

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Downsizing at Zynga

We announced yesterday that we'll cut additional 15% of our workforce, 314 in total - Seattle office shutdown is in process. If we continue at this pace, we'll soon be able to completely close the shop. What a pity, we had good future and flawed... —  read more 

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June 2013

20% of the staff was cut - this was massive, roughly 500 people. Zynga's 2014 layoffs will be even more brutal.

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