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So mad

I guess this is what happens when record results achieved by the company do not translate to record bonuses for the executives. How dare those who helped bring in these profits also take away from them by getting paid for their work???

This is just so, so incredibly wrong...

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when things are going good and when there is growth everyone is happy and nobody is b--ching. when things turn south, people start to complain - i'd probably look into why there is no significant growth and what's causing that. honestly, the guy in the trenches toiling over a piece or code or testing is not the one responsible for issues that are much more strategic and have to do with growth. yet, we'll never see people responsible for strategic blunders fired or laid off. that's what bothers me, at the same time i am well aware the world is not perfect and that all companies deal with same issues. just look this darn site and how peppered it is with employee complaints - and everyone b--ches about the same thing, execs are getting away with mistakes and are not held responsible for them. oh, well...

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