Topics regarding layoffs at Microsoft Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Microsoft Corp.

Vaccine mandate?

A lot of tech companies have adopted the December 8th U.S. gov mandate for federal contractors with more than 100 employees to have all employees vaccinated. Has Microsoft announced its requirement?

US Education

Anyone work in Education, in a sales/customer-facing role? I'm curious about the leadership team, recent changes I've seen to that larger US org (Kate Johnson, Toni Townes-Whitney), etc. I have an offer and I'm deciding if it's a good move.

How worried should I be?

I'm a CloudKnox employee and we were just acquired by Microsoft. I have no idea what this will mean for me and my coworkers. How does Microsoft usually handle acquisitions? I'm assuming there'll be some cuts sooner or later, but how bad is it going... —  read more 

Another 1000 out the door ?

The problem with msft is the longer you work, the more dependent you become and the greater the fear of when you will get hit by peer review or internal politics, or just screw up some deliverable and fall down the stack. What started out as a... —  read more 


Microsoft isn’t being vocal about the company’s overall reorg and thus far CEO Satya Nadella has yet to issue his usually dreaded company-wide summer email discussing substantial layoffs. Microsoft isn’t planning any significant layoffs this... —  read more 


I'm a PM in windows COSINE D&I, my job got eliminated yesterday. This was business driven and is not performance related. So, yes, layoffs are happening...

Why is it so bad?

We're in a perfect storm. We have the recession, end of the fiscal year, and uncertainties about the future of the pandemic and social unrest. With FY end, we'll inevitably see restructuring and some layoffs. It's already happened at MSN. But FTE... —  read more 

Arrogant Manager?

Background: I'm a consultant at Microsoft, so I'm not a FTE. But i have been singlehandedly managing 3 projects, and i often do code reviews for FTE Senior DS, and DS in the team. I'm responsible not just for DE part but also the ML part, and I'm... —  read more 

Vendors Release

Microsoft has already laid off two vendors on my spouses team saying because of covid 19. Hourly vendors taking heat for claiming 40 hours too. People still have bills. Still need to eat? Confused I thought Microsoft wasn’t going to fire people over... —  read more 

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