Topics regarding layoffs at Microsoft Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Microsoft Corp.

LinkedIn axes 716 jobs

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn fires 716 employees in fresh round of layoffs Microsoft-owned professional networking platform LinkedIn is set to lay off 716 employees, or about 3.5% of its staff, and close down its China-focused job application... —  read more 

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More layoffs here as well

Portugal is not the only area with layoffs. There were more cuts yesterday here as well (CXP) and there are more cuts expected company-wide both in May and June. Just in case somebody erroneously thought or hoped we were done with layoffs for the... —  read more 

Glassdoor's list

Despite months of wide-sweeping job cuts across Silicon Valley, tech companies are still some of the best places to work in the world, according to recent research from Glassdoor. Glassdoor's annual "Best Places to Work" list, which was... —  read more 

A blessing in disguise…

If your name is on the list, and your manager confirmed it, s/he just gave you the gift of time. Assume it's happening, don't waste any more time thinking about who should have gone first before you do, and start making your plans. Several... —  read more 

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The end of start-ups

I remember someone say something very stupid, regarding we can found Jon easily in some startup after lay off, well won't be more money for the start-ups: BTW: Most... —  read more 

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