Topics regarding layoffs at Automation Anywhere

Topics regarding layoffs at Automation Anywhere

Hiring back sales position

I visit this site sometimes just to check how it is going and what is happening. I left this job after accepting a lower position in another company, just because I couldn’t stand the atmosphere here anymore. Is it possible that AA is hiring back a... — read more 

Layoff Process Steps

You get a form letter at 9am EDT. You attend a webinar where HR reads a script. That's it. Some people had a manage reach out, some didn't. Some managers didn't know their team was losing members. You were just thrown out with the trash like you... — read more 

Layoffs in Progress

Here is the official company line on the 10% total headcount layoffs at Automation Anywhere: "Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the changes it has brought to the global economy, Automation Anywhere is adjusting operations and restructuring parts of... — read more 

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