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This is not a big surprise to me. After seeing how Lenovo had treated their employees while working there, they are quick to lay off half of DCG and soon will be tackling the contractors next. A lot of this maybe from their tariffs they got hit that... read more
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There will be more layoffs

The press release says it all "Lenovo will continue to make adjustments as needed as part of our ongoing management of the business.” Loosely translated- MORE ARE COMING! As somebody posted in another thread, don't think for one moment this is over... read more

The Main May 2019 Layoffs Thread

Here it is @VQu8mdK or thelayoff.com/t/VQu8mdK - in short, the OP posted it in October 2018 and titled the thread "Layoffs already scheduled for April-May 2019" - it has 6K views and 66 replies as of 5/29
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For new folks here, there is a large "ACTIVE" button right above the first thread - you can use it to see what posts had recent replies. That's all from me. Anyhow, I hope this helps someone. Good luck all....

Lenovo Layoffs Today (May 29 2019)

500 layoffs are being reported by WRAL. No breakdowns provided as it relates to location, business unit or function. DCG (Data Center Group) is estimated to have lost about 200 people (out of 1000, approximately 20%). The head of PR in RTP confirmed... read more

Wow, someone nailed the layoff months ago

Whoever posted nine months ago about this round was right on the money. Thanks. Please let us know when the next round is scheduled. Probably already is
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18 yrs and done

DCG, contractor, finally the stress/overwork will be done. Two week notice at least.

Got the axe

DCG. Have been with company 14 months. Last day 30 days from now. Severance 6 weeks pay, 3 months medical.

I hate the wait

Nothing here so far, but I think I'd prefer it if it was already done with - whatever my fate might be. Waiting and stressing is completely useless, and in many ways worse than knowing the truth, even if the news are not good. At least then those of... read more

May layoffs

The rumor now is that layoff announcements are coming at the end of the month (May2019).

More info on Lenovo layoffs

Layoffs happening this month are across the board, well in excess of 20%. Lenovo does have some technology advantages but the company is ham stringed by Finance. They are incapable of competing on price with any other competitors in the market. This... read more

Layoffs Aug 2018

Lenovo DCG experiencing huge layoffs worldwide. Some development teams cut in half or worse. Some delivery teams experienced a 20% reduction in staff. Some of the highest skilled support staff were let go. Sales mostly not effected. Contractors were... read more

March layoffs

Motorola Mobility (Lenovo) started their layoffs yesterday March 5, 2018. My old boss who I use to work for at Motorola was tapped on the shoulder yesterday. His last day at work will be April 6. I was told by other Motorolans that we are looking at... read more

Layoffs already happening

They are here. Redundancies happened in Asia Pacific this week. Is this true? I haven't heard anything but it would be good to know and prepare. Usually once layoffs start in other parts of the world, they are quick to follow here. It has happened... read more

Continuation of last week's layoffs

From what I gathered, both China and US were hit last week but only in small numbers, unless I am missing something. I'm worried that since the numbers were so small, we might be looking at continuation of layoffs sometime this week. Do we know if... read more

February layoffs at Lenovo

What I'm hearing now is a layoff is coming in late February Found this is an old post, wanted to push it to the top because I heard a similar thing at the office last week. If anybody has any more info on who is being targeted and how many, it'd be... read more

Does anyone know what the severance pay is like?

I decided to leave Lenovo back in July 2017 when they gave the package of up to 26 weeks and 12 months of medical. I was afraid that If I stayed, Lenovo would cut the severance to match IBM to 1 month. Even my manager was concerned about the... read more

Time for Lenovo

To be on the auction block. Can’t be successful when it’s run by a government behind the scenes. Any takers?
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Lenovo management should be ashamed

Never buy the BS that management serves up. It's all lies. Until every executive is fired, including the emperor wearing no clothes at the top, nothing will ever change. Huge and bad business decisions impacting thousands of people reverberate... read more

November layoffs

I heard that more layoffs are coming in November. Anyone else hear anything like this?

Sept 2017 layoffs

Heard from someone laid off that there were 1,000 laid off worldwide. Apparently small numbers in most places do not to attract news media. Seems to have been a lot of senior I.e. Gray hairs to lower costs.

Slow burn

Lenovo continues to slowly circle the drain. It's been in trouble for years, with no end in sight. Executive team has no idea what's really happening and is trying to sell a vision that is fiction. Inept management from VP levels down. The writing is... read more

Voluntary retirement

I think the writing was on the wall for all folks at Lenovo. After the server group was offered buyout packages a few months back, it was fairly obvious that some action would be taken with the PC and phone businesses too. I talked to my manager... read more
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Lenovo Contractors Laid Off

We are always the first to go - it happened again - if you are a contractor with Lenovo you are likely out sometimes in October. My personal departure date was set for Friday October 13. I am negotiating an extra week (as the transition will be very... read more
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