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PCG Layoffs, Aug 2020

After 5 years of service Lenovo decided to randomly cut me loose and layoff about 12% of it's Salesforce in NA. Both Field and ISR's were affected and I believe it's across every segment. totally blindsided after the company had an all-time year in... —  read more 


I left because of the toxic work culture. In my experience, the environment is abusive and emotionally traumatizing. Even after leaving I still have trauma from dealing with the abuse. Some people are able to get away from any accountability while... —  read more 

What a garbage hole!!!

I was laid off last year. They just finished layoffs a week or so ago. I got a call from a manager there asking me if I wanted to come back and help try to right everything that has gone wrong since I was gone. I told him under 1 condition: I would... —  read more 

Leave Lenovo

Leave Lenovo the first chance you get. The pain will only continue to get worse. I have a wonderful, stable job now. I am respected and rewarded and I wish the best for you. You have to understand the work environment Is terrible and... —  read more 

The Famous Month of May

Come on ladies and gentlemen¡! You should know by now that MAY is the month when IBM and LENOVO make their cuts, ALWAYS. That's always been the case. Stop crying. You knew a long time ago thay you will be on the chopping board at some point. Now... —  read more 

DCG leadership

At what point does DCG leadership become accountable for the sluggish performance and missed targets? We have a bloated executive suite full of highly compensated former Intel, etc leaders—- with a field and operations operating at bare minimum to... —  read more 


RIF Streamlining Simplification Actions to simplify the organization Reorg Reduction in force Synergy-related headcount adjustment goal Restructuring Off boarding Role elimination Impacted Headcount reductions ... —  read more 

Productivity & Layoffs

I hear that the mgmt is tracking team member productivity and that we are more productive since we are working from home. Does anyone know how they are tracking productivity? Also, if they are truly tracking productivity - are they taking... —  read more 

Layoff Logic

When contractors are exited, FTE follow shortly after!!! FYE is June 30th and they don't want to drag the burden in to FY2021. You can see the writing on every wall and continue to ignore it. Ask yourself this: Have contractors been terminated?... —  read more 

Blind Lemmings

Well, you saw it. IBM announced layoffs and they will hit on Tuesday. Lenovo will be following suit. With no tech companies in the area hiring and most businesses not hiring in 2020 and 2021, I feel sorry for all that are affected. Unfortunately, you... —  read more 


Seriously you all are a bunch of fearmongering either ex-employees or employees of competitors. Sure, they may cut fat like every year. But you all are acting like they're going to close down every GD job in NA. Go jump off a bridge.

Grass is greener

Thankfully, I was laid off last year. DCG is the worst place to work. Completely demeaning. Getting laid off was the best thing to happen to me. Got my finances in order. Got a much more stable job. Absolutely loved and appreciated. Has a retirement... —  read more 

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