Topics regarding layoffs at Lenovo

Topics regarding layoffs at Lenovo

When will this end?

I'm unsure how much more of the constant news of hiring freezes and layoffs in tech I can take without going bonkers. I know things like this happen occasionally but I don't remember that it was ever this bad for so many companies - including the... —  read more 

It's all about profit

I know profit is important, but when you're willing to go after profit at all costs then the company is going to suffer and ultimately fail. When they put profit above knowledge and experience by laying off some of the best and most senior employees... —  read more 

A ton of work

I love my job, but I don't love it so much that I constantly work overtime to get everything done. The manager does not care that his expectations are unrealistic, because he has probably never tried to do such a large amount of work by himself... —  read more 

Pay Raises

So did others get a higher raise percentage than usual due to inflation? I only got 3.5% so was expecting higher. Just seeing if that seems standard or if it's because my manager allocated the majority to all of his best buddies on the team.

Lenovo only care $$

So not sure if I am the only one that notice this but it seems to me Lenovo only cares to make more money and that’s all they talk about. Nothing about work life balance or providing employees with perks. I only been here for couple months but I... —  read more 

Management is terrible

The place is a toxic mess that promotes bu-t kissing and yes-maning over the sharing of new ideas or offering suggestions that could result in improvements to current processes. We could be doing so much better with competent management in charge but... —  read more 

I'm losing motivation

It's hard to stay motivated with all the things that have been happening lately. It's not just the layoffs, but that's certainly part of it. The culture shift, political plays, and the lack of career progression are among the main issues that are... —  read more 

This was the push I needed

I've been considering leaving Lenovo for over a year but I always found a reason to stay. Not anymore. I refuse to work for a company that profits from genocide one day longer than I have to. I've been looking for the past few weeks and I already... —  read more 

Long-term strategy

There are growing expectations from employees at Lenovo. Employees must always meet their goals. But what about the company? Does it seem to me or does this company have no clear long term strategy with clearly defined ways to achieve its future... —  read more 

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