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GAP analysis - TCS version is revolutionary

GAP analysis - TCS version is revolutionary gap analysis means calculating the cumulative gaps using their recruitment software. Skills and capability are secondary, gaps are primary filters by which TCS selects junk staff . How did ratan tata come... read more

layoff - IT pros aremost exploted workforce in India

Layoffs and forced resignations the false label of being highly paid hurting IT Pros. IT pros salary levels have stagnated for more than decade and are far below the level in finance and manufacturing sector. Considering the high risk of knowledge... read more
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Trying to dump Seniors

TCS is also resorting to other #DISCRIMINATORY tactics for e.g make it a policy not to hit ex- TCS'ers and this is all being carried out in a hush hush way under a close watch of HR. Many groups who would live to hire oldies are at a loss . Trying to... read more

Transport system

TCS have very unmanaged transport system in Delhi/NCR. Although TCS is very good company in IT sector even then there is no transport applications.After paid services of transport system we are fighting for cab everyday. Please spread this message to... read more


I am working with TCS New Delhi. PGCIL project. People are asking for release. Holding them without their will and those asking for opportunities are not given chance. Nobody is giving their best due to grudges with manager or say management.
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