Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

When will we know?

Cryptic, sarcastic, paranoid, speculative, does anyone honestly know if whatever "it's" (WFR, RIF, REORG,GTM3.0) called is either happening now or really soon? Most of us checking here seriously wanna know- for realz! ..and hopefully will a whole... —  read more 

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Why so many reorgs?

Dell could soon become better known for its constant reorgs and layoffs happening in silence, than for new products. Job stability is a utopia, but here I am really tired of being in constant fear of what the new reorganization will bring. Do... —  read more 

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Retirement anniversary

When I retired I had 25+ years in and was in my late 50s. During my whole career I kept my skills updated so I left at the top of my game. Once in a awhile when I am bored I’ll take a consulting gig part-time just to keep busy. I also come here to... —  read more 

I am done

I have never quit in my life. I was laid off twice, but never in my life did I think I would be walking out on a decent job of my own volition. But when you are having serious problems with a belligerent and borderline abusive manager and HR is doing... —  read more 

First time for me

I’m pretty pi---d right now. A coworker just claimed credit for my contributions on a project we were working on. This is a first for me and I’m not sure how to handle it. Do I call him on it and get accused of not being a “team player” or do I let... —  read more 

Dell in 2000

Did you know that Dell in 2000 was the third richest US tech company in terms of revenue? It was more powerful than Microsoft and look at it now - it is less than 1/20th of the value of Microsoft. sic transit gloria mundi.. How about time travel... —  read more 

I am wondering...

Why DELL does not have an AI agent on every Dell PC similar to Siri of Apple, Cortana of MSFT, and Google? What a pleasure would be to start your working day by turning on you Dell Inspiron and shout out "Hey DELL what is the temperature today?" or... —  read more 

Why TS gets 7.3 mil ? I am curious how much are compensated the Google or Microsoft CFOs.. I wonder how DELL is really making its money? Is it only me who feels a... —  read more 

Life after Dell Layoff

To those worried about being laid off, just wanted to post an update about my experience. I was laid off late September of 2020, and it was hurtful, I’m not going to lie. BUT I’m so glad it happened. Fast forward to present day (less than a year... —  read more 

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