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It's not done yet

There are still a lot of bad bosses to remove. We know how hard it is to weed out these s---ers, and they take on a huge collateral damages in the process.
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XIO and Vplex are no longer

Engineers from both groups either got laid off or moved to a different department. Support engineers will be around for a bit due to contracts etc... Atleast they will have some time to find a new position if they want to stick around

Useless Storage Leadership

The sales numbers are plummeting down four quarters. Netapp, HP, pure ..are gonna eat into Dell EMC market share. The current storage leadership can't hold a candle compared to their counterparts in other companies. They have risen up the ranks... read more

EMC brings big, lucrative government contracts

People seem to be completely forgetting about government contracts, infrastructure, etc. They're big, lumbering dinosaurs that are a continuous source of income -- not at all on the leading edge. Do they care about the latest innovations in storage... read more

Job opening for managerial post

minimum senior manager but depending on your gender and how many people you already know, you can be a senior director. Main responsibilities: 80% doing approvals, 10% exercising power to get back at folks that annoys you. 10% decision making based... read more

DELLize means you'd better deliver

My bet is JB and CB gone by EOY, question is whether it's before/after Cyclone either fails completely or pauses to totally restarts with some realistic expectations that can be delivered before the end of the decade. Meanwhile, CML is eating their... read more

the leftovers of EMC getting DELLized

Now that David Goulden is gone I have heard that the EMC remains will get DELLized whatever that means. Could somebody enlighten me on the meaning of that verb (DELLized) ? I am thinking that since DELL is the survivor and EMC is the devoured then... read more

Layoff numbers so far Sept 2017

I just went through the list for zzz09 (September) and counted 1,136 names as of 09/16. This does not include everyone affected by the big layoff on the 13th, since apparently all of them will be zzz'd on 0922. That's a lot of people...

HR Offsite All Week

FYI - HR manager returned my call today. Apologized for not returning call. Said all HR was offsite in strategy meeting. Not sure what that means.

BDC Storage MRES Reorg and layoff

We received an invite for an all hands meeting with the head of MRES on Monday. He is traveling to Bangalore for two days just to announce the new structure. Our incompetent abusive director is laid off unceremoniously. Although no official... read more

Any Layoffs in Singapore?

Any Layoffs planned in Singapore? The tax deal with EDB is set to expire in 2019. This means the cost of doing business for Dell SG will go up dramatically...

Layoffs today at DSSD division in Menlo Park, CA

Almost all remaining senior engineers and managers let go today. This is after the first round abotut 6 months ago where 50% of people got axed. Only a handful of people retained and they will move to Santa Clara location. Wow considering EMC bought... read more

Retraining the same management is a mistake

senior management aka the L2s decision to train their DRs and the mid management over and over white cutting off workers is stupid. They are creating a bunch of dependent, idiotic, indecisive and entitled to hand holding from above and below set of... read more

DPD layoffs today.

The CTO got the bullet two weeks ago and they've spent the day after the birthday celebration getting rid of anyone who was left over. Who needs R&D at Dell when Inside Sales will push any crap they can get their hands on? And crap will be provided... read more

Big mistake buying EMC

Eventually the only companies that will be buying storage arrays are those that own cloud data centers and then it will mostly be for archive and nearline storage of cold but still possibly relevant data that their customers would rather not have on... read more

Lack of innovation is killing Dell

Lack of innovation and inability to see the emerging trends and technologies that customers are interested in, that's what will be the ultimate downfall of the Dell empire. Dell's solution, buy another storage company that has nothing of real value... read more

Termed a manager role

this big fat wolf has eaten too much of the share for 8 years, move her away please, i demand a reelection 😁

NDC in survival mode

I can see what Dell NDC storage is doing. They are in truce with MDC, Hopkinton and with some connections in Round Rock at the same time throwing BDC under bus. Of course BDC is incompetent and NDC is equally worst for lot higher wages.NDC claims to... read more

Reorg in MRES - BDC Storage

There was Reorg in MRES. The useless lead director in BDC storage was given the pink slip this week. The official announcement will be out soon. The equallogic, compellent and cyclone teams will be aligned with their respective business verticals. So... read more

True in NDC QA

Dell Management are criminal I will never go back to work with such a BUNCH of incompetent managers. They lie to employees and bosses and will stab you in the back in a heartbeat! Technical engineers were shown the door and managers insiders were... read more

Received Certified Letter

I had major back surgery in June. I was told after FMLA expired Dell will continue to allow me to receive STD. I received certified letter today stating since I am not available for employment I will be terminated next week (FMLA expires next week)... read more

What About customer Service Engineer

I Am curious about Customer Service, as EMC had big field service org, and Dell mostly use partners in the past, what will the model be going forward ? any one head news

Dell Management are criminal

I will never go back to work with such a BUNCH of incompetent managers. They lie to employees and bosses and will stab you in the back in a heartbeat!

Dell HR

Dell HR is mostly rubbish. The whole goddamn org is operated by a group of less than 10. The rest are dumbest people ever met.

500 to 600 monthly layoffs?

In the last year or so Dell EMC is laying off roughly 500-600 people in diverse geographical locations every month. This makes for about 7,000 people per year. If the pace of the layoffs continues unabated for 4-5 years this will result in 35K people... read more


reading so many of the paranoid inducing comments in here is like reading a bad book. Let's clear some things up! Sometime they tell you there is going to be a layoff - sometimes not - but don't count on them telling u - and sometimes mgrs don't know... read more

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