Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

Why am I even bothering?

If I am not on a chopping block now, I will be soon. I’ll just stick strictly to completing what I am supposed to do per my job description, and put all my energy into looking for a new job. I wouldn’t even mind being paid less, for as long as I am... —  read more 

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Quiet quitting leads to quiet firing

I know many are advocating for quiet quitting, but few also warn you that it can lead to quiet firing instead of layoffs. And there's a huge difference between being fired with nothing to show for it and being laid off and receiving a severance... —  read more 

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Remote won't get a bonus

I was in a meeting I wasn't meant to be with SVPs and it was disclosed that those who go remote will get dramatically reduced bonuses from this year forward. Don't go remote.

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Unionize Massachusetts?

Has anyone reached out to an organizer about unionizing Franklin? It's getting unbearable. More with less, pennies for raises. No promos, no internal job postings.

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One post per day

Looks like Dell got to the admins of this site. You can only post once every few days now. Must be trying to cut down on the influx of negative comments

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RTO Training

We had training this week and got the messaging. Didnt need it. I like the office as I have 5 kids at home and dont need to be told I will feel energized. Just employee people with young kids they will be up that escalator lickety split.

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You know what would reduced layoffs?

If we stopped hiring all the time. Every year we overhire, then layoffs happen. There have been very few hiring freezes lately, and even those were short and didn't apply to everybody. If the goal is to reduce the overall number of employees, that it... —  read more 

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Got notified yesterday gone Friday

Honestly, I prefer when they just walked you out the door. At least you were done right then and there I’m trying to wrap up all my HR stuff and my manager keeps asking me for additional items and transition. Plus, the HR rep sent me a welcome to... —  read more 

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VMware team dead globally

Heard today VMware synergy is no longer. Whole team and management are gone. Third party software team are not immune to redundancies either… which other teams are impacted I wonder.

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Watching the LinkedIn posts…

I am seeing people post on LinkedIn they were laid off and their last day is Friday. Here’s to another week of anxiety not knowing who will be gone and who will pick up even more workload.

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A better way to handle layoffs

But just because cuts are sometimes unavoidable doesn't mean we have to handle them with all the sensitivity of a Mafia hit job. The current process of frog-marching employees out the door and disappearing them on Slack is not only degrading to... —  read more 

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How many employees are left?

You are all saying that the goal is to cut the total number from 130 000 to 100 000. Anyone knows what's the current number? How many employees are being laid off per week?

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Have you RTO

Are you back on the office or waiting for march to apply for the remote option ? If in the office, is it busy ?

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