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Two days notice???

I got laid off on September 2020 after about 10 years working for Dell in Santa Clara, Ca. They gave me only two days notice??? Because of pandemic, no face to face meeting so i can ask my questions. Just a cold phone call. I'm 60 years old with... —  read more 


Yes layoffs have started. The first round was last month around the third week. I was laid off. Have received my separation agreement docs. Sent the signed docs but have yet to receive my severance.

Wall of Shame

Anyone else shudder at the "Wall of Shame" speech re Powerstore Sales Funnel? Publishing a global shame file for anyone who's customers aren't using PS?

WFR Separation Agreement Help

I noticed that the last paragraph on the separation agreement states that the doc must be signed and returned by close of business on the 13th day. Since COB is mentioned should we only count business days? Sales reps were somewhat encouraged to... —  read more 

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Question about COBRA

I read the agreement where Dell will pay for COBRA for 2 months. After the 2 months is up, has anybody continued with COBRA or find another insurance carrier while still looking for job?

I hope DELL HR is reading!!!!!!

I’m so sorry for all Dell folks who list their job especially those 50+. These folks may have just paid for kids college, are helping aging parents, and trying rebuild savings to prepare for retirement themselves, WFR could devastate them as it’s... —  read more 

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Take advantage

Good thing in all of this is that Dell name still carries significant weight and it's still a major asset on your resume. If you are applying for jobs, chances are it'll be a major plus if you still work here. Now is the perfect time to take... —  read more 

Three Questions Please.

Three Questions Please. Can you still get unemployment if you get a severance? If so, does the severance reduce your unemployment amount? Was there any additional severance for employees over 50 years of age? Seems like it might take... —  read more 

Learning Experience

After being impacted on Wednesday, I have felt a range of emotions. But thankfully I will be ok financially. One of the reasons why is because Massachusetts requires PTO to be paid out in the last paycheck and I didn’t realize right away that my last... —  read more 

Services layoff

Anyone know if the layoffs in Services are done or still to be continue? This really s—s all energy out of me to work. Should I be working or should I be out looking for jobs?

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