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There’s still a way to go

Dell should keep “Tell Dell” open in a truly anonymous forum (no cookies or other tracking) all of the time so stressed employees don’t resort to asking desperate questions on boards like this one. MD, BS,JB are great leaders. I don’t believe... —  read more 

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Severance question

Is severance based on base pay or total OTE for sales. Can’t blame Dell. No one wants to downsize really.... if this was your company then you’d be forced with making tough decisions. 6% cut means 94% kept jobs. In this tough world, I’d say that’s... —  read more 

More invitations to 1:1s this week and targets

A fair few team members all Storage and Server got the message. No Account execs yet . Targets will be rolled out as if Corona hasnt happened so there will be a large miss for all sales makers this half. Staff leave, morale falls, service... —  read more 

Anyone non-sales related hit yet?

Anyone hit this week with a mystery calendar invite yet? Rumor said this would happen all month if it truly is a 6% reduction. Just curious if there is any early week activity to report.

ElReg's Coverage of the cuts @ Dell

Link Below... Dell trims workforce, says it's taking 'proactive steps to prepare for uncertainties' mid-pandemic Some argument over exact numbers affected Thu 30 Jul 2020 // 20:48 UTC1 Reg comments GOT TIPS? Iain Thomson in San Francisco BIO... —  read more 

COVID Company Wide Work Force Reduction Has Started

Got an impromptu meeting, leadership hopped on and delivered the news that we had lost several team members due to a company wide work force reduction. Anyone else seeing the same? Was told it is will be company wide.

Dell hiring started

Dell has started hiring in certain business units. It’s a good sign of recovery. Not sure why managers say hiring freeze.

Numbers are so high.

Would rather leadership say that we need to load the targets so high to reduce payroll and keep jobs in Corona than pretending they are remotely possible. We are all adults and we can take the news.

Voluntary separations in the horizon?

have you heard anything about voluntary separations? It would be a great thing as I know so many people who would take the money and leave the next day. Why would they lay off employees who would stay then?

The next few months?

Dell so far has done one of the best jobs we can see in COVID. We've kept staff, kept work going and adapted to the WFH VC grind. How long that can last is anyone's guess, but the world has changed and the need for vast numbers of direct face to... —  read more 

I'm so tired of this place

I don't think it's possible for this place to become less employee-friendly. The work environment is becoming more toxic each day and the morale is getting worse and worse. If the economy was in a better state, I'd already be on my way out. It's... —  read more 

Dell is all about under the radar layoffs

No mass layoffs , its always been this way . They tried the mass layoff route before and it did not work out well . Instead its been a slow trickle of layoffs since the EMC merger and we have had WFR hanging over us ever since. The layoffs continue... —  read more 


Dell did an amazing job Q1, but the market and all indicators are for a tanking for all ICT vendors in Q2 as customer spending is smashed and government holds back on projects. It will take years to recover. Issue is going to be if the terrible... —  read more 


Maybe i am being paranoid, but I've heard a lot more references at the Sr. Director and Director level of 'belt tightening' and other cost savings efforts being ratcheted up in the coming months, and those references always include a mention of... —  read more 

Q2 May be stronger than you think

I heard we are tracking around 90% currently, and while no one knows where we will actually land this doesn't seem as dire as I'd have expected given all that's going on. I don't know what would trigger mass layoffs vs what we are hearing is... —  read more 

My ignorance

Admitting that I really have no idea.... can someone explain why managers have to sign NDA’s before restructuring details are shared? Does this absolutely mean layoff’s or what might other reasons could a NDA bee needed. Thanks.

Nothing in ISG yet

No layoffs in ISG yet. Sort of surprised since that group had a loss of revenue this quarter.

One on one?

Please post or + here if you get invited to an unusual or rescheduled one on one with your management. Questions for anyone who got news of lay-off in this manner (during one on one). Any suggestions on how to respond or prepare?

voluntary separations

I've seen some talk of companies offering voluntary buy outs or voluntary separations. In some circumstances this could be a win win. In my opinion this is something Dell should institute immediately. We just saw KQ announce her retirement based... —  read more 

Who goes, who stays?

How do we know who will be laid off? Anyone been through this before want to chime in on what divisions / departments may be safe vs who is more likely to go when this stuff starts to go down? I've never been through this before...but I know Dell... —  read more 

What's the next to go?

With 401k match gone, what's the next thing they might cut? Or will they focus strictly on layoffs from now on?

How will it happen?

When Dell is forced to reduce the workforce, how do you think it'll happen? Will they give notice and do it in stages? I'm nervous that they are going to announce it during the quarterly on Thursday. Can those of you who have worked for the company... —  read more 

PIPs galore

Quotas don’t seem to consider the economic situation, and continue to rise at a pace that can only be accomplished through new customer acquisition. It would appear the strategy is to over quota your more tenured reps while giving something more... —  read more 

401k - How ungrateful

So many ungrateful whiners talking about throwing in the towel over your 401k match being cut...which at most equaled $7k per year. S— it up and keep on going or quit. Ive some Dell to Sell and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

401k bites the dust.

How about that 401K for AMER?!! Hold on tight everyone, here we go....

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No 401(k) match through end of fiscal year

We are suspending the U.S. 401(k) match for all eligible team members effective June 1, 2020, with the last match set for May 29, 2020. You will notice the change in your first June paycheck. You can continue to contribute on an individual basis, but... —  read more 

401K Cut

Just heard the news. Effective June 1st. Unbelievable.

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