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Things have to change

There are WAY too many storage specialists tripping over themselves in the sales org. Very highly paid and only working their own tiny silo, too many lines of storage. Competing for the same bids and same shrinking pie, but always unavailable to get... read more
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Lay off one layer of management

I have a suggestion. It really will not hurt to cut one whole layer of management globally which is the layer after the first layer of manager because: they have no technical expertise they are not smarter or better informed than the layrr above them... read more

The new VMAX hashtag: #GetModern

Did you see that hashtag - #GetModern , get the latest VMAX storage array.. To me it sounds like Get Obsolete , get the latest dinosaur .. Geez, they should've thought better before placing such ridiculous hashtag.. For instance, something like... read more

Layoffs each month starting November

I got laid off last week and heard that November 2017, december 2017 and january 2017 are going to be a big purge. It is the BEST (India, Malaysia, China) vs the REST(US, Ireland). So the layoffs are going to be happening in the REST sites. EMC IT is... read more

It is actually very simple

The problem is actually very simple. The company is too big that many real talents are lost in the waves. The layers is the basic cause, we have Mr Dell himself, the execs, then VP followed by another VP then director that acts like a VP then manager... read more

CPSD was hit with layoffs

Dell is the damaging the startup culture at CPSD as well by using their axe of layoffs. It is really frustrating. Do you think innovation can happen when sword of layoffs is hanging? Innovation requires ability to take lot of risk. Who will take risk... read more

QA suffers, large customers walk

A lot of people in QA across the board are being "relieved of their duties". Few large federal customers [2 in US, 1 in Canada] are not renewing data center storage, software and implementation / operation services. Don't look good, IMO.

Tough decisions in storage

Jeff Clarke is going to take tough decisions. In this climate of declining storage revenues and disruptive technologies there is but no other option. The SC all flash was released last week with very little capital investment. This is no new candy... read more

Stop the madness

Please stop posting false rumors on this site and post real information about layoffs. If you are mad at Dell/EMC that is fine but we are real people who need jobs to survive. If the roles were reverse you would feel the same way. I want to find out... read more

I hate QBRs, really hate them!

It is amazing to see how low the numbers are coming out of the QBRs. Everyone's numbers are way down compared to last year. The pressure from management is almost unbearable. Someone is definitely going to get cut very soon. This really s---s!

Total tallies for Sept/Oct 2017

The zzz list tally for September was: 1,753 For October it was: 2,029 (I was too late to look at the numbers for August before some of the names were removed from the system)

Don’t fret over layoffs

You will be fine and you will be protected if you kiss your manager/director a--. Simple as that, based on sample from NDC and Hop. Please understand that this is Dell EMC storage and as long as you are insider your Job is fine, irrespective of your... read more

Big layoffs coming

As if the layoffs over the last two years was not enough there are confirmed discussions of another 10% layoff something for early 2018. The company is not measuring up to expectations so the working staff will pay the price.

Same mistakes being repeated

Dell pure and simple is a commodities company and the sales force and much of the field engineering staff reflect that. Any technology that takes more than a quarter to sell they run from as much as possible. Currently the big thing is storage... read more

Loser is Dell Emc

Dell Emc managers are the most incompetent people you can find in the industry. As a manager they relies on certain snakes and coc@ s---@@@ and this scenario is a win win as managers and inside people keep their jobs and good employees were either... read more

Dell Layoffs 2018

Let's use this thread to consolidate our knowledge or rumors about possible job cuts at Dell in 2018. Please post Dell groups, locations, geographies, size of the cuts or any other info you may have. I am pretty sure most of the info is well guarded... read more

BDC Storage Honeymoon is Over

Working in BDC Storage for last two years has been quite a ride for me. The arrogant and corrupt management of BDC storage have been put in their rightful place. They enjoyed all benefits no work. First they fired the useless director. Next they have... read more

ireland dell layoffs october 2017

any news as of yet,is the 6+2 package still available ? october looks to be a quiet time here in ireland, if the package is worked out by averaging last 2 p60s then shift has to be included as it is part of your earnings,is this correct, why dosent... read more

Severance package details?

anyone here know what is the current severance package for Dell EMC employees? Last I heard it was 8 weeks + 1 week per year of service. Has this changed?

Dell / EMC Ireland will soon be history

Lay offs is ongoing most jobs are moving to cheaper locations. India Romania Slovakia Morocco Singapore China I confirm I saw the package few just got and they still got 2+6 weeks per year service. They got to keep their medical insurance until next... read more

BDC storage shredded into pieces

BDC storage has seen a huge 180 degree turnover since last one month. They were the pampered boyz all play and no work group getting all the benefits and corrupt to the core. The were known for abusive management and rampant favouritism and nepotism... read more

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