Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

I'm enjoying my job once again

I know this will be downvoted but I'm still going to say it. I finally enjoy my work again. Part of it is the fact I have a new manager who is ten times better than her predecessor (she actually knows what she's doing and she is not managing through... —  read more 

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No layoffs, why so sure?

I love it when others respond to some rumor about cuts with the belief that there is no chance of there being layoffs anytime soon. Is Dell such a stable company that it gives such a sense of security to someone to confirm that there are no layoffs... —  read more 

25% Corporation tax.

K. corporation tax will increase to 25% in April 2023 as the government looks to restore public finances in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic....more layoffs coming after Level 5 is finished.


Wish we had the VBO again. Just heard a major Boston based financial institution is implementing another VBO program...think green pyramid.

Going forward

With the uptick in pc sales this year due to covid and the work for home culture, with covid restrictions starting to ease up, do we anticipate Dell to slip back to marginal again. Server and storage is down and pc sales is up, but if pc sales... —  read more 

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Don’t be me

I was laid off at the end of last month. The one thing I regret is not being better prepared. I didn’t bother to grow my network, or keep my skills fresh because I thought I was safe. I was complacent in every essence of the word. What small... —  read more 

The Golden years of EMC

Which were for you the Golden Years of EMC? I say 2003-2008. there was a lot of money, I did not need anything, my job was stable, my salary was sufficient to feed the whole family. Joe Tucci was the King of The Hill for me.. and now, look what has... —  read more 

Hiring yet?

VMWARE WFR is in the news again. Timing of WFR at VMWARE and Dell seem to happen at close to the same time. My buddy says Dell’s WFR started yesterday? Dammit! I was optimistic the decline in Covid would open up near term hiring. Anyone here... —  read more 

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Countdown to February WFR

Me thinks this blog is about to light up with news of pending FY22 WFR. It hit me by surprise back in September, looking back there was nothing I could’ve done differently to avoid being let go. Things have gotten worse post- September ‘20. Not... —  read more 

Salary info question

Does Dell HR give out salary info to prospective employers? I’ve interviewed for a new position and I’m wondering if they give that info out. I fudged mine just a little (seriously just a little) but now I’m wondering if they give that stuff out. I... —  read more 

VirginPulse Cancellation

Did anyone else get a notification that their Virgin Pulse part of the Wellness Hub was being cancelled effective Feb 4th? Could this be a sign of pending layoffs? Or was this an expected thing after completing the wellness incentives for the health... —  read more 

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