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Anybody here has any experience with startups? I got an offer which I have been seriously considering, but I still can't get rid of that startup related fear - what do I do if it fails? There is very little job security at Dell, but I think the risk... read more

Micromanage everyone to death.

The constant spreadsheets on every metric is supping the life of out of the support folks. I spend 1/3 or my day filling in spreadsheets about every aspect of a service request.And now we have to report to coaches and SMEs who no longer take cases... read more


Great how siloed things are and when everyone has their own well paid well funded support structure for their silo and would still come to other department's support person for bird feed. Either you fire the VP for silos or fund the one person who do... read more
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How non performing managers abusing Dell .....

Many non-performing managers/directors abusing the system at Dell or Dell-EMC. Nobody is taking notice of this wrongdoing. There are managers who do not know 1GB equal to how many MB and yet manager at Dell-EMC - that's a shame. People with close... read more

smart destination cyclone managers and super techies

All have started looking out. Many have been spotted while coming for interview. They knew they have fcuked DC up enough, so looking for other. Any one who is not happy with your company, please take anyone of them. Rest they will take care.

Weeding out the older higher paid workers

What I find ironic is that being in my sixtes and suddenly on a PIP though my performance is at worst better than 80% of my peers that Dell is indeed trying to weed out the older higher paid workers. If this wasn't sad it would be funny. Dell is no... read more

Millennials are going to be Dell's downfall

Dell can't survive if it gets rid of all the older employees (as it has been working hard on doing) and only employs millennials to fill the vacant positions. Most of them either don't know how to do their jobs or simply don't care and are just... read more


And they are going back public, let's hope it will fail just like last time. Crash and burn m------f----.


It may be useful for readers if writers were to embed a date and time in comments, instead of "this week", "next month", "later this afternoon", etc. Include time zone as well (CST, PDT); but, if you're handy with arithmetic, or if you don't want any... read more

DELL-EMC: workforce reduction facts...

According to Forbes: In 2016 (pre-acquisition data): EMC had 72,000 employees: Dell had 140,000 (source does not say if this includes ex-EMC employees, I would guess not): read more

MRES is in deep trouble

Latest round of layoffs proved that MRES is in deep sh$t. Cyclone is once again delayed and Jeff B. is trying very hard to pump optimizm to all lost souls who think they are safe for a while. I lost all respect for Jeff B. because he should have done... read more

Mergers Rarely Work

I have been through a disastrous merger before, merger between two large companies (legacy/outdated) is rarely successful and in this case it is accompanied by massive debt. The acquiring company likes to believe they are smarter, they know how to... read more

Dell,still losing money

Discussion time!

Why outsourcing to India will hurt your business And why Indian managers s---. Execs love them but we do not!... read more

Does Emc needs NDC for cyclone

NDC ended with EqualLogic in 2013, then started working on compellent till 2016, we all know the results as how many compellent MDC engineers got laid off and then moved to cyclone. May be it makes sense for development but not for QA. Every insider... read more
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Any update on DD, RTP, etc.?


Sounds like the latest layoffs where because of a new storage / product roadmap. Can someone explain what the future roadmap looks like?

Done with layoffs?

Several people were mentioning layoffs would be happening today as well, but after yesterday turned out to be a either no layoffs day or very few (as in single digits few) layoffs day, I'm assuming today is going to turn out similarly? If it's done... read more

Learn from Japanese

Everyone knows corporates are built and exist on people and Mr.Dell's billions are his people., when people are loyal to their organizations productivity increases multi fold, think about a system which has no security and a constant fear of threat... read more

Buddy game in MRES

MRES had some cuts, less than expected. Employees with deep rooted friends survived, many skilled employees got there fate sealed. more to come after few more months...
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MRES layoffs

Dell got it right to some extent in NDC, still lot of evil employees have jobs. It’s not how good you are, it’s how you play and who you knew. Lot more cleanup is needed.

Age of those laid off

What's the situation this time regarding the age of those laid off? Does it look like the layoff is based on merit or once again on getting rid of older employees who make more money than Dell is willing to pay for those jobs anymore? I hope we can... read more

Nothing as such ....

letting go 200 to 300 out of 140k is not even consider for a layoff, but take it as a change in strategy, it wont be easy for all the deadwoods to wait for a paycheck without disruption.

Who's nervous about tomorrow?

Having trouble sleeping with reports that there'll be more layoffs at Dell tomorrow (technically, that's today.) I didn't think we'd have any layoffs this week, but I was proven wrong unfortunately. Now I can't stop stressing and thinking about how... read more

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