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Dell reward and recognition in a nutshell

Rising favourites of a VP/Director or VP/Director itself reads a line in powerpoint > cheers, bravo, best performance cum a laud! Here have a silver award! Have some best of the best award! You earn it! A nobody prepared the whole powerpoint, does... read more
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Authoritarian rule

Authoritarian rule is prevalent as a result of incompetence and fear of losing power. My manager will do anything to maintain his pathetic inflated titled. He drives conflict to feel relevant and create diversions from his subpar performance. If... read more

BDC layoffs

I heard one of the BDC super techie got fired. Are there more layoffs coming in BDC group ?

Talk more do less

Yes, very Dell like guys. Talk talk talk till the sun goes down and no facts or any output. As usual, from top to bottom all just breath e with their mouths. useless. Here is a real news for you. Dell is cutting budgets and reaping us off despite... read more

Is legacy Dell who bought EMC so dumb

Why are they letting NDC qa work on cyclone, why no action is taken on people with fake resumes and experience in VMAX qa. So the bottom line is, any one can get a job from reference or fake degree...experience....resume and be nice to directors and... read more

Something positive for the EMC guys at Cork

Dell EMC is taking production into its own hands after the termination of contract with their supplier Celestica. The author of the article claims to have insider information that there will be an increase of workforce at the Cork facility. Think... read more

Who cares about layoffs

We all know the system, best engineers were shown door and insiders always survived. How ? NDC qa is master of deception. Politics can destroy company or products like Cyclone/Compellent and evil employees are untouchables. It’s a place for bag man... read more

Culture code

Customers is first unless employee is crony, then crony first, manager second, employee last Winning together. If you are good with what you do and bad at a-- kissing or just not blood related, then you should work your a-- off so the other 9 people... read more

Durham and NC

No layoffs for now, is this just a reprieve due to Florence? What are your thoughts?

Hiring freeze in SDS

Heard there is a hiring freeze in SDS. I'm wondering if this a precursor to layoffs or a mechanism to avoid them. How can the company continue to stay afloat if they continue to incur debt as a result of operating costs?

What To Expect Upon Leaving

Anyone got a clue as what Dell does when you give your two weeks and are in Sales? Is it the door immediately and if so do they pay the last two weeks or is it just the boot and goodbye? I have two weeks vacation left and plan on using that and... read more

This is not Layoff Rumors

Many of the subs have nothing to do with layoffs. It is a lot of disgruntled folks complaining when they should consider moving on. This needs to be cleaned up.

Layoff hitting Virtustream starting 9.17

A large round of layoffs will hit Virtustream starting on 9-17-2018. USA and EU will be hit. India was hit last week. If you notice your manager is out most of the week this week, that is because he or she is in required HR training on how to layoff... read more

Discussion time

This is a job and we all want job satisfaction. We have enough directors dragging us into their political games as their main job description. Leaving is always a choice and with that aside how do you handle incompetent local boss who restrict every... read more

It is sad

It is sad that Dell is so busy firing people when the useless directors and global teams continues to terrorize even the new employees. If you love them so much, move them to a department called Dell's Favourite Things and keep paying them while they... read more

Money money cost cost

It is better to layoff expensive people who sits around than 10 cheap people who sits around. Basically everyone is sitting around nowadays except the stupid few who thinks what they do is going to make a difference. Whole year do nothing but one... read more

It is a shame to work at Dell or Dell EMC ....

I guess only folks who are unable to compete in the market are left over here. Rotten work culture, r----ded managers who do not understand a bit of technology, bootlickers, people charmers are the backbone of the workforce. They work with an... read more


Hello, If you left DELLEMC with a package, can you get hired again with DELLEMC?

Rumblings about SDDC and VxRail

Been hearing some rumblings that SDDC and VxRail will be transferred from Dell Emc teams to Legacy Dell, putting many Dell Emc employees out of jobs ( myself included). Been hearing this for months and from several other co-workers from higher ups... read more


Anybody here has any experience with startups? I got an offer which I have been seriously considering, but I still can't get rid of that startup related fear - what do I do if it fails? There is very little job security at Dell, but I think the risk... read more

Micromanage everyone to death.

The constant spreadsheets on every metric is supping the life of out of the support folks. I spend 1/3 or my day filling in spreadsheets about every aspect of a service request.And now we have to report to coaches and SMEs who no longer take cases... read more


Great how siloed things are and when everyone has their own well paid well funded support structure for their silo and would still come to other department's support person for bird feed. Either you fire the VP for silos or fund the one person who do... read more

How non performing managers abusing Dell .....

Many non-performing managers/directors abusing the system at Dell or Dell-EMC. Nobody is taking notice of this wrongdoing. There are managers who do not know 1GB equal to how many MB and yet manager at Dell-EMC - that's a shame. People with close... read more

smart destination cyclone managers and super techies

All have started looking out. Many have been spotted while coming for interview. They knew they have fcuked DC up enough, so looking for other. Any one who is not happy with your company, please take anyone of them. Rest they will take care.

Weeding out the older higher paid workers

What I find ironic is that being in my sixtes and suddenly on a PIP though my performance is at worst better than 80% of my peers that Dell is indeed trying to weed out the older higher paid workers. If this wasn't sad it would be funny. Dell is no... read more

Millennials are going to be Dell's downfall

Dell can't survive if it gets rid of all the older employees (as it has been working hard on doing) and only employs millennials to fill the vacant positions. Most of them either don't know how to do their jobs or simply don't care and are just... read more

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