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2020 Jan lay offs

Cork, North Carolina and Mass seeing huge lay offs . Out with the old and in with the new! Lot of supply chain work moving away . Rumours of 5% RIF

Birds of a feather

In Dell, if your VP is stupid, you are f—ed. Because not only will that person never thinks, that person will promote and listen to the most scammerish sales twisty twist middle managers and the middle manager will hire your current severely... —  read more 

DellEMC Isilon

Looks like people in Isilon engineering are getting the same treatment that the support org got hit with months back. Not sure on total numbers yet.

Dell was never committed to networking

Michael Dell bought Force 10 a company that was a never ran. because it was cheap and gave him an instant platform. When SDN didn't take off and Dell couldn't sell "Box'es" at 5–6K a pop which is all Dell really knows how to do despite the fud they... —  read more 

Virtustream Layoffs

I have been hearing about layoffs in Virtustream. Yesterday, I heard people talking about Layoff in India offices. Can someone please confirm? Anything planned in other geographies?

Info on layoffs

ISG channel Presales teams were "re-organized" nationally about a week ago. Meaning some were let go and some were "moved to a specialty" - pip to follow I am sure. The server technologist team centered out of Austin has been eliminated (as of... —  read more 

What are the chances Dell will try to keep me?

I've gotten a job offer, but I like working at Dell. The pay is higher than here, though, so it's good incentive to move on. I was wondering, what are the chances Dell will try to keep me if I tell them I'm leaving but I'd be willing to stay if... —  read more 

Any updates on layoffs?

People have been saying we can expect more layoffs at Dell after Fourth of July holidays, and yet nothing has happened yet... Is it going to be this week? Or sometime later this month? It would be nice to know more - if it's really happening, of... —  read more 

Dell Tech Pulling itself apart

The problem with acquisitions is that the the acquired more often than not fail to embrace the concept of "better together" and continue to think that they are the still masters of their own destiny. This results in conflict with the other "SABs" and... —  read more 

Things get better after Dell - much better

I left Dell a year ago. I now have company-paid health insurance, a free transit pass, and a kitchen full of food that I don’t have to pay for. My paydays are now the 15th and end of every month instead of every other Friday. My rate went up a bit... —  read more 

Virtustream layoffs

Anyone else here caught in the net of mid-June layoffs within Virtustream? It's sad to see such great technical talent get tossed to the curb, but it's not the first time. "Train wreck" implies once-functional tracks and a strategic direction... —  read more 

Layoffs coming in ISG

Segment wise, Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) (37.4% of total net revenues) revenues were down 5.4% year over year to $8.2 billion. This was due to a 9% decline in servers and networking revenues and 1% decline in storage revenues year over... —  read more 

All quiet?

Seems very quiet around here lately. Any rumors?!

Dell isn't paying you enough

I was laid off a few months ago. I applied for numerous position, and nearly every one that resulted in an offer came with a higher pay than I was receiving at Dell. While this might be unique to me, something tells me that's not the case. Don't take... —  read more 

It is all show business!

It is all show business! No one in management (mid to senior level) is serious about real business. But in paper, emails, meetings, spreadsheet, PPTs thing should show up glittering and their pay hike, bonuses, promotions keeping pouring into their... —  read more 

Micro management

Employees are getting crippled by micromgmt from the top down. It seems that statistics are the only way mgmt know how to determine performance. Morale is at an all time low with mgmt asking for case updates every second hour. Has become a miserable... —  read more 

Voluntary Separation

What are the odds that Dell will offer a Voluntary Separation program in the near future?

There is nothing inspiring about the leaders

Just because he is a VP does not mean he gives good advice. Just because she is a VP does not mean she is a role model. The directors are not supposed to be your idol on what you should do for yourself and your own growth. It is lame how a century... —  read more 

Playground for your children

Dell is playground for your children. They create roles such as consultants to reinvent but not really a process. Biggest example is Tell dell. Hiring a bunch of expensive project team to add flowers to the survey so it looks nice and with the same... —  read more 

I should have never joined Dell

I joined DellEMC and within 5 months , they handed over our team to another company and gave us option either to stay or leave. I never seen any company treat people so poorly. They never spend anything on research . Now they are hoping the new guys... —  read more 

Am I the only one who still likes working at Dell?

So many negative posts here, I'm starting to wonder if I might be the only person left who actually enjoys working here. Yes, I'm worried about layoffs like everybody else is, but other than that I am paid well, have decent benefits, and I do what I... —  read more 

Dell has no good options left

The bonus comes out the end of the month. Enjoy it, and then start to look for a job. Dell has no options left other than selling off pieces of the business and doing massive layoffs. I worked for Dell for 17 years, before leaving in 2015. During... —  read more 

Re-hiring employees

I was wondering if Dell ever rehires employees who have been laid off in one of the previous rounds? In any capacity?

Any layoff news?

It has been really quiet here on layoffs - which I'm taking as a good thing. Do we know if anything is coming or is this a time to relax at least for a while?

New buzz word - agile

Anybody else annoyed at Dell managers who get stuck on a buzz word of the day/week/month and then use it non-stop without (most likely) even knowing what it really means? I'm so tired of being told we need to be more agile. It's always agile this... —  read more 

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