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What you say

We don't want a manager that says the right thing as vaguely as posibble to offend as little as possible. If you are worried about not saying what we want to hear I assure you that what we want to hear is doubling our salary and benefits and cutting... read more

Announced: Change in Cyclone Organization

Cyclone the flagship product of mid range storage is true to its name a troubled and chaotic project. EMC leadership had envisioned this project as a means of survival during the time of the Dell merger. The best of engineering talent had quit from... read more

Last week's layoffs

Layoffs in some east coast offices this week. Not huge numbers but some senior tech people. The quarter just ended so it is kind of late to help last quarter numbers. Does anybody know more about this? Which offices? I've tried to get some info from... read more

MSD networth

He is ranked as the 38th richest person in the world by Forbes, with a net worth of US$ 23.5 billion as of February 9, 2018. In 2011, his 243.35 million shares of Dell Inc. stock were worth $3.5 billion, giving him 12% ownership of the company.
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EMC code gone ???

Does anyone know what happened to the EMC Code organization ? I hear rumors that the entire pillar was let go, true ?

Possibility of retirement from Dell

I am a 45 year old senior principal engineer in EMC Dell. I have been in EMC for last 5 years. I have all through been a top performer and recognized as such. I plan to continue in a similar way and based on my current financial commitments want to... read more

Dell EMC Storage Strange Org Changes

I dunno what the hell it means. The managers went to through a survey exercise where they gave data about each of their engineers and what they do and in which product. EMC storage has so many products and if you look at people working on it it's a... read more

Dell EMC Layoff 2018

Dell Management had decided to layoff EMC legacy team members. All lead and Sr people are in great danger. They going to kick you out very quietly.

Need for QA organization... ??

In the era of declining revenues and advent of automation technologies like never before.. does one need army of test engineers and worst QA managers ? Time for Dell to introspect?

If you're over 50 you aren't safe at Dell

This applies to L4 and below and not the top rungs. HR has been surreptitiously informed to go after the 50+ and high paying folks. Clean job in the offing in the next huge layoff in April.

Last day was not last day

My manager told me the 31st was my last day. I assumed I was getting laid off. The 31st came and went, so I asked my manager what was going on. He said well, I can’t kick you off the team. So I’m still here I guess. Is this common?

Bad time to accept a job?

Hi, I am supposed to start sometime next month with the pro support team in OKC. However, all of these talks about massive layoffs have me spooked. I know nobody can be 100% sure, but should I reconsider my employment with Dell?

Virtustream Spin Off

The management teams are preparing for the spinoff and sale before VMware purchase to pay down debt. I saw some people from Rackspace the other day and OVH has meetings with management since they purchase VMware Cloud.

Dell/EMC consulting spin-off

I heard some rumors the consulting division of dell/emc would be spin-off in a separate company. Allowing for ipo and/or sell-off if the numbers aren't good. Anyone heard the same?

Feb 2018 ??

Any news for feb..layoffs here about areas and locations

Dell’s Logo - Irony

You can’t find this on the Internet. The design of the Dell logo with the backwards E was the “E” was tilted at 32 degrees to represent 32% growth each year. I guess that E should be colored red and flipped upside down to represent negative growth... read more

VMware to buy Dell? Lol!

VMware buying Dell is another low IQ move out of Round Rock. The laptop sellers have no idea how to drag themselves out of the debt hole, thanks for nothing Bain, so wrecking VMware is going to be the next thing they try. And they will wreck VMware... read more

The VPs are so busy protecting their own ass

Rather than hiring and training their own the VPs are at all time panic. Using their VPhood to make any and every average employee that is not paid by their cost center put all their effort to drive their livelihood. At this point each of us... read more

Be careful of "anonymous" surveys at Dell

I was laid off over a year ago. Yes, over 50 and had just trained my replacement. I had just completed a not so complimentary Tell Dell survey which are supposed to be annonamous. My manager was a narcissist and his entire team would say so... read more

Time to clean house

My manager is in new meetings this week which were unplanned. As he is a friend he said that things are going to accelerate quickly to clean house to get leaner for possible IPO offering. Anyone not pulling the weight will be gone to lower the costs... read more

Poof, CPSD and Chad Sakac gone!

So our old VCE sales rep and SE have been reassigned into the server group. Another has been moved into Storage. From what I heard only a few people have been let go. Trying to get confirmation and then verify on ZZZ List. If you don't think things... read more

Ireland more layoffs

Is there more layoffs due in feburary ..or is it done..i knkw of quite a few trying to get packages but are turned down all the time..i did hear new batches monthly

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