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Dell emc Seattle lay off

There was a small layoff in Isilon Seattle. Exact number of impacted employees in unknown at this moment.
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volunteering for layoff

Assuming I'm not already on some list, does anyone have insight into how long it takes for Dell to go through whatever processes that happen for a layoff if I were to go today and ask to be placed on the list?

Layoffs this week?

I know several people have been laid off in the past few days, do we know if that was it or if that was just a prelude for something bigger that'll happen today and tomorrow or sometime next week? Also, does anybody know which departments were hit... read more

Headcount reduction

Not sure in what basis head count reduction list is prepared Even who r so workaholic is also in the list they don't even have rights to know the reason Only reply is higher management don't want offshore anymore... Really pathetic

Headcount reduction

Not sure in what base is preparing headcount reduction list
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damage done

Reverse merger

Good read, for anybody who is interested. A company once valued at $18bn on the US stock market will come full circle on Tuesday when shareholders in a little-known listed entity called DVMT vote on whether to accept a reverse merger offer from Dell... read more

Why work at Dell?

For me, following: Learning. Inventing new markets. Work from Home. Competition. Discounted corporate shopping. What are your reasons?

This is all public knowledge. Your cheese is moving.

Shareholder Vote 11th Dec All hands has been called 12th Dec Dell will be going Public 28th (Ticker - Dell) if the vote goes ahead. This is all public info. Layoffs. There has to be, so what. It's a big company. We have too many overlapping and... read more
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We used all our vacation

It’s fun for the rest of the year at NDC QA, we are now all over the place, dev, qa, support, sustaining and in every projects EqualLogic, Compellent, Cyclone, Trident. Thanks to matrix management and dumb Hop. Lol :-)

Important Dates

Shareholder Vote 11th All hands 12th Going Public 28th (Ticker - Dell) Layoffs. There has to be, we have too many staff need something to do and reporting up/filling in forms. Strategy has to change and shareholders should demand it.

On Prem's days of ruling are over

"No one is buying Data Centres anymore - I wouldn't go that far. Oracle is still selling SuperClusters. and from what I have heard the numbers are good. Not everyone wants to jump into the cloud. But On Prem's days of ruling are over." The quantity... read more

The reality of working at Dell

I worked twice (yeah was dumb enough to come back a second time) for Dell first as a Storage overlay then in Networking and BOTH times it was in the end terrible. Constantly seeing my goal raised by a million or more the last month of each quarter... read more

No Rumors?

Seems the rumor mill is quiet regarding layoffs? I thought a big one was planned for November. Anyone hearing anything concrete?

Dont be in sales at Dell

If you are in sales dont go here. Sales targets have beeb increased massively to reduce payroll and no matter how hard you work you will never be successful or make money. Targetting for sales reps is way too high and so complex on purpose so that no... read more

IBM+RedHat NOT good for Dell-EMC and VMware

I've been out of Dell for a while now, but I would recommend to others that are still there to be prepared for some fallout from the recent IBM and RedHat announcement. This gives Carl Icahn all of the ammunition he needs to shut down the public... read more

Dell reward and recognition in a nutshell

Rising favourites of a VP/Director or VP/Director itself reads a line in powerpoint > cheers, bravo, best performance cum a laud! Here have a silver award! Have some best of the best award! You earn it! A nobody prepared the whole powerpoint, does... read more

Authoritarian rule

Authoritarian rule is prevalent as a result of incompetence and fear of losing power. My manager will do anything to maintain his pathetic inflated titled. He drives conflict to feel relevant and create diversions from his subpar performance. If... read more

BDC layoffs

I heard one of the BDC super techie got fired. Are there more layoffs coming in BDC group ?

Talk more do less

Yes, very Dell like guys. Talk talk talk till the sun goes down and no facts or any output. As usual, from top to bottom all just breath e with their mouths. useless. Here is a real news for you. Dell is cutting budgets and reaping us off despite... read more

80% on ZZZ lists

It seems to be mainly EMC people on the ZZZ every day. Very few dell, rsa, vce, virtustream etc. Thoughts on this?

Is legacy Dell who bought EMC so dumb

Why are they letting NDC qa work on cyclone, why no action is taken on people with fake resumes and experience in VMAX qa. So the bottom line is, any one can get a job from reference or fake degree...experience....resume and be nice to directors and... read more

Something positive for the EMC guys at Cork

Dell EMC is taking production into its own hands after the termination of contract with their supplier Celestica. The author of the article claims to have insider information that there will be an increase of workforce at the Cork facility. Think... read more

Who cares about layoffs

We all know the system, best engineers were shown door and insiders always survived. How ? NDC qa is master of deception. Politics can destroy company or products like Cyclone/Compellent and evil employees are untouchables. It’s a place for bag man... read more

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