Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

Marching orders :Cutting Costs

If you are not female or in a minority you have no chance of progression i.e Project Moonshot. The Senior VPs, VPs have already submitted names to the Directors and Human Resources. Realignments and WFR will be continuous through the year will be... —  read more 

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Future is bright

Hey Guys, Did you see the beat??? Naysayers said so and so. They still are at it with the eminent collapse. I told you guys not to worry. No layoffs thru July. MMcfly

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Economic downturn

Our leadership uses economic downturn as an excuse for all the bad things happening in the company. Do you think the situation at Dell would have been any better if the economic crisis had not happened?

Tell Dell question

If you give detractor level responses and then are laid off before the results are tabulated and published, will your results not be part of the final tabulation since you are no longer an employee. Makes you wonder. If it is truly anonymous, then... —  read more 

Expectations are too high

I've noticed that a lot of people still have too high expectations for Dell. Why is that? Hasn't this company proven countless times that we shouldn't get our hopes up? Expecting changes for the better is just a waste of time. Just my 2 cents.

Hoping for a WFR

With the increased workload people have and negativity within the buisness I find it harder and harder to get anything done. I am a really hard worker usually and can honestly say that while working from home Dell has had its pound of flesh from me... —  read more 


Stay at home and H.R. first to be let-go

So big so global so always

there's always a layoff or reduction going on somewhere in the world. that is the nature of global corps unfortunately everyone in this forum conflates every local tremor to some sort of giant super quake. also add in the lot of bitterness and wild... —  read more 

Email from an SVP

Our SVP sent an email stating “this is your opportunity to show your commitment to ensuring we are successful”. What do they think I’ve been doing these last 18 years?! How condescending and insulting. I love my job but let’s not forget I’m only... —  read more 

RTO- likely reason

I believe this is all related to tax break deals originally made with states/countries/cities long before Covid. I think those government entities are coming back to the companies and enforcing those agreements now that the pandemic is over as those... —  read more 

Looking for a new job

Honest question - how is your search for a new job going? I am becoming desperate because I haven't been able to find anything better for a while now, and the situation here has become unbearable.

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