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Dell has no good options left

The bonus comes out the end of the month. Enjoy it, and then start to look for a job. Dell has no options left other than selling off pieces of the business and doing massive layoffs. I worked for Dell for 17 years, before leaving in 2015. During... read more

Re-hiring employees

I was wondering if Dell ever rehires employees who have been laid off in one of the previous rounds? In any capacity?

Any layoff news?

It has been really quiet here on layoffs - which I'm taking as a good thing. Do we know if anything is coming or is this a time to relax at least for a while?

New buzz word - agile

Anybody else annoyed at Dell managers who get stuck on a buzz word of the day/week/month and then use it non-stop without (most likely) even knowing what it really means? I'm so tired of being told we need to be more agile. It's always agile this... read more

Do not bother meeting target

If you are not sales, do not bother busting your a-- meeting targets. All of the pie from your sleepless nights and missing your child's dance rehearsal will go to your f---ing boss who just sit and sh-- on you and missing in action. If you pay in... read more

Is it ethical?

Our organization/data-domain is hiring a handful of replacements. The resumes / candidates / hires are referrals from our bosses (our VP and senior director). They are new and appear to be staffing mostly their friends.

AI academy

What is this AI academy all about ? Is there any credibility to it ?

Do not over perform or over deliver in Dell

Do not over perform or over deliver in Dell. you will be seemingly rewarded at first, then they strip you down, load you with everyone else's workload that the others pretend to not be able to do or put any effort in. Dell always kill their best... read more

Targets rejected

All of my account teams rejected targets. We will lose a lot of staff this week that is how they do the layoff.


When is the bonus going to be paid out?

Who just got targets rolled? Wow

Huge targets completely impossible just rolled for everyone, this is how they will save money. No layoffs needed just starve them out. Whole floors of demoralized staff on job sites needing to pay mortgages. Bet at the end of the Q we still get up... read more

KA from NDC

I was expecting package but I still have a job. I destroyed many lives in NDC. Here is my story. From getting rejected in interview, from manipulation of resume, fake resume to fooling manager during interview for job, from saying he knows Paul K... read more

Here come the Pips as logic fails again

Team members are being taken into rooms to explain why customers arent buying exactly the same storage and servers they did last year again. But the managers dont want to listen to the actual answer. Reduced territories and increased numbers whilst... read more

Overworked to the maximum

I don’t know if that’s the case at other parts of the company but we are practically buried in work. On the other hand, the expectations keep on rising, so the past couple of months have been a nightmare. On top of all that, we get dragged to... read more

Expected more gloom and doom

From the earlier posts on this site about the bloodbath that was supposed to happen by February 1st, I'm quite surprised that things weren't as bad as projected. I understand it may be ongoing throughout the years(s), but I guess I had expected more... read more

Advancing only “on paper”

I think Dell is the only company in the world where you can advance through the company structure, but at the same time earn less and less. The managers keep on giving me new job titles, new assignments, they assign people for me to lead, but at the... read more

Opinions matter more than data

Has anybody else noticed how much opinions of certain people matter more at Dell than actual, fully measurable data that proves them wrong? Especially when it comes to assessments. People use their clout with the management to get rid of people they... read more

EMC Bangalore 215 Employees Impacted

EMC Bangalore storage group (ViPr, SRM, vplex) has been sold off to HCL by Dell. All the 215 employees from senior director onwards are asked to resign and accept offer from HCL. Their salaries are matched. This is in effect from Feb 1st. Dell wants... read more

Do not approach HR against your manager

I have been around a long time in the industry to realize never to approach HR against your manager, never seen it work for anyone, on the contrary, it creates bigger problems. As a matter of fact, I have left Dell, the reason was my manager. He... read more

The sleepy management

I’m not even sure whether I have the right to complain, keeping in mind what other people are going through here and at other companies. I can say that I am satisgied with my pay and benefits and have a good flexible work schedule, given that I work... read more

What's the point of our HR?

I'm just wondering if there is any actual use from it? We have a manager who was reported at least three separate times by different employees for behavioral issues and somehow he is still here. There was no follow up (at least none that I know of)... read more

Lots of "Reassignments"

There arent many layoffs so far but a lot of reassignments. Many competitive roles have been removed which in my personal opinion is good as there was a lot of overlap and people tripping over others and competing. Those staff havent been layed off... read more

Market Verdict

IMO, Elliot Management & Joe Tucci will be laughing their a-- off.

volunteering for layoff

Assuming I'm not already on some list, does anyone have insight into how long it takes for Dell to go through whatever processes that happen for a layoff if I were to go today and ask to be placed on the list?

Layoffs this week?

I know several people have been laid off in the past few days, do we know if that was it or if that was just a prelude for something bigger that'll happen today and tomorrow or sometime next week? Also, does anybody know which departments were hit... read more

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