Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

I am hearing..

That Dell EMC at Hopkinton is paying off more than 15% yearly bonuses and have raised the salaries by more than 8% for the Engineers there. Is that true?

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Dell keeps on taking away!

Laid off (WFR) and paying thousands for COBRA out of pocket. Once again Dell claws back! Beat the he-l out of us to use Virgin Pulse to get rewards. Went through weeks of recording stats only to get a mail yesterday saying it was a mistake and Dell... —  read more 

I left after 23 years

I didn't have much trouble landing a new position that pays slightly better than Dell. This company is still a great reference that opens many doors. Rightfully or not, you decide. I admit it was scary leaving a place where I've spent more than two... —  read more 


I’ve finally quit after getting really bored. Over the past 2 years and since they started with the One ISG transformation, my workload dropped by 70% while I received 2 promotions for doing much less work. My colleagues and I were sitting idle most... —  read more 

Unreasonable deadlines

Is it just happening to me or are the deadlines at Dell becoming increasingly unreasonable? I have a lot of experience thanks to which I still somehow manage to meet the deadlines, but I have a colleague who did not come here so long ago and who is... —  read more 

Had Enough!!!

Seriously.I have just had enough of this company. I have worked at this company for over 20 years and have had my fair share of ups and downs, as well as Dell being very supportive over the years and also working with some great team members and... —  read more 


It’s a mess, just watch Deepak, the ring leader of the mess, he will be out. How many jobs will have to pay the price for his snake oil.

How many were cut?

Two weeks since Dell announced some cuts I’ve spent hoping that I might find myself on the layoff list but nothing happened. I’m glad at least that some other people, who were afraid of it, that they are still there. Do you know how many people were... —  read more 

I miss my old colleagues

Every company has to change, but the problem is that I don't see Dell changing for the better. Today I am quite depressed because another colleague has left. Now this feels like a completely different company for me. All the colleagues I really... —  read more 

No downside

If implemented fully at Dell, the vaccine mandate will force some people to quit. Not too many, but enough to slow down any possible layoffs that were coming our way (or maybe even cancel them altogether.) As somebody who's been fully vaccinated for... —  read more 

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