Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

Countdown to February WFR

Me thinks this blog is about to light up with news of pending FY22 WFR. It hit me by surprise back in September, looking back there was nothing I could’ve done differently to avoid being let go. Things have gotten worse post- September ‘20. Not... —  read more 

Salary info question

Does Dell HR give out salary info to prospective employers? I’ve interviewed for a new position and I’m wondering if they give that info out. I fudged mine just a little (seriously just a little) but now I’m wondering if they give that stuff out. I... —  read more 

VirginPulse Cancellation

Did anyone else get a notification that their Virgin Pulse part of the Wellness Hub was being cancelled effective Feb 4th? Could this be a sign of pending layoffs? Or was this an expected thing after completing the wellness incentives for the health... —  read more 


Were there or are there December layoffs? My colleague said Dell laid off right before the holiday one year? Someone.... please say they didn’t- wouldn’t!

2020 Year In Review

The IT industry wasn't spared either, as event cancellations, layoffs and falling earnings affected legacy vendors and startups alike. And on top of all that,...

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No Sarcasm please

Question. I think my number is coming up for next layoffs. For anyone recently laid off- Were there any signs or symptoms that your lay-off was on the works? Is there anything that you wished you would have said or when lay-off notice was being... —  read more 

How stupid can you get

So it continues, the EMC management dismantling a successful Dell business unit brick by brick. Could it have anything to do with the fact the Dell GCCS VP was growing business ($1.4b) whilst the EMC manager's number ($400m) was stagnating, even with... —  read more 

Dell Stock Price

Dell's stock price has dropped $10 in the last week. Challenging sales environment? Some of the exec's sold up just prior:

Silo's and Epmires

Wasn't it Jeff Clark that stated they would bring down the silos in Dell. I guess he forgot to mention they would build bigger ones along with Empires too! Everything is based on the biggest graphs and charts nothing else..... They keep... —  read more 

WFR me, already!

I'm ready to move on - after 20+ years at Dell/EMC I have enough savings to retire. But if you quit you get 2 weeks pay and they kiss you goodbye. Dell k–led the VSP program (Voluntary Separation Package), so there I am, working a little less every... —  read more 

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