Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

Announcement next week

I have heard from a senior manager that an announcement is coming next week, that ties in with early Feb predictions etc So most likely an email with announcement on Monday, invites sent Tuesday and people told Wednesday

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Recent article

Dell is also reportedly in talks of announcing staff reductions as early as this week, but we are not yet hearing a consistent number. One source tells us that managers in various departments have been told to put together names of who should get a... —  read more 

Skills becoming irrelevant

This is one of the biggest problems - in case of big layoffs, many of us would have a very hard time getting new jobs. I know that I tried my best to keep my skills relevant here, but it's not so easy when you work at Dell, right?

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Better laid off than PIPed

Honestly, I'd rather be laid off, at least that doesn't come with any stigma in this day and age and I get a severance as a nice safety net. When they start handing out PIPs indiscriminately it doesn't matter what you do and how hard you work, you're... —  read more 

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Product group team cuts?

Confirmed someone I knew from client product group team was let go on Friday. No details on their severance. I work in ISG networking support and am quite nervous for my future. Anyone have any guesses as to how severely specialist ISG teams will be... —  read more 

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Get your resumes ready

People constantly complain about things that will never change in this company. They spend their time thinking about whether they will end up on the layoff list or not, instead of taking control and focusing all their energy on looking for a better... —  read more 

I hate this uncertainty

All in all, it is no longer possible to work here and not be constantly worried about whether you will be laid off or not. Of course, this makes the already toxic atmosphere in the company even more toxic. I am quite prepared in case they tell me... —  read more 

Solid proof.

Has anyone actually heard or have any solid evidence of anyone getting laid off? Some experts in this group but not one person has atcually stated what departments or dates,regions or numbers as yet. Seems to be a lot of childish cpmmenta on both... —  read more 

Too many faults here

let me lay out facts: a. layoffs can be any date. Does not need to fall under any company and/or Myan calendar. b. preferably not on Mondays or Fridays and before noon is the golden rule. c. big layoffs usually are preceded with an announcement... —  read more 

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