Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dell Inc.

DELL Radio Team

I saw a message here about layoffs. It's not true. Dell Radio Team is hiring big time and it's a very good environment to be at. Anyhow, no layoffs and big growth.

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New hires - disoriented

Perhaps I would have helped the new young employee here, if only I wasn't so overwhelmed. From his example, it's become clear to me why the company is now losing its new hires very quickly. I have been working here for many years and I would say... —  read more 

Burnout and high turnover

Is Dell doing anything to prevent employees from getting completely burnt out and in turn preventing some of the top talent from walking away? Too many people are choosing to look for greener pastures and with good reason. It'd be nice to see that... —  read more 

Everyone pretends they don't care

Working at Dell has become miserable, but there’s no need to pretend that you can’t wait to get laid off. Why is everyone acting like they don't care about their job here? I will stop caring about my job here only when I find a new job. Until then... —  read more 

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I try not to worry

There is certainly no point in worrying ahead of time. But even if there is some truth in rumors about cuts, then maybe it would be better to have cuts happen sooner than later, while the market is still in good shape? Competitors certainly offer... —  read more 

Ignoring competition?

It doesn't surprise me that competitors offer higher pay and benefits, but it always surprises me when I hear from those who went to competitors how much better pay and benefits they got. There is no doubt that Dell will become an increasingly... —  read more 

Messed up hours

I don't know if this is just a problem for my team or a Dell problem, but expectations here are objectively unrealistic. We are expected to work long hours, to work weekends, to work holidays, and all that to finish in a few weeks something that... —  read more 

Stockholm Syndrome.

Feel like a lot of people suffer from this at Dell. Staff are crazy unhappy but wont speak up or are afraid of management.Sure things are uncertain in the world but why stay if your so unhappy? Life is short so why spend it as just an unhappy number... —  read more 

Do not be left behind.

Skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been. HW, legacy SW, and services (labor intensive with very thin margins) is where the puck has been. AI, machine learning, big data, cloud is where the puck is going to be. Do not be... —  read more 

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