Topics regarding layoffs at Workday Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Workday Inc.

Considering a job at WD

Hey all. Currently considering a job in presales at WD, supporting HCM. Curious to hear if some of you all think that it's a good time to move to WD given the fact that layoffs just happened. Do you all foresee any more layoffs happening? Seems like... —  read more 

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Layoffs info

Just got the news that more than 25 people have already been fired in the US with more to follow. Some will be fired in Europe too. Things are not looking good. They have called everyone that was WFH back to the office. People that are complaining... —  read more 

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Why cut the best?

I heard a person was affected who I would never have thought could be a target of cuts considering that he is a very good employee. What's happening here? Is it possible that they cut the best while leaving those who aren't competent but... —  read more 

Workday Layoffs June 2020

Have read comments from my linkedin network that people are being laid off this week. Specifically the person laid off was a recruiter. Not sure what departments are impacted - I've heard nothing from the professional services side. However there... —  read more 

More coverage

Workday is in the midst of adjusting. There are multiple reports of hiring freezes. All European internship offers have been rescinded and all other internships globally are being reconsidered, new reqs are not being opened, and there is a reported... —  read more 

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Silent layoffs at Workday

If you read Workday reviews on Glassdoor it’s all milk and honey, but in reality things are not as rosy as some of the reviewers would like you to believe. If you work here you’ll notice that HR is not here to protect the worker and there is a lot of... —  read more 

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