Topics regarding layoffs at Qualtrics

Topics regarding layoffs at Qualtrics

Would not recommend

Lower level positions are wildly underpaid. Quni is borderline abusive. Company culture is white male centric and diversity is atrocious. Managers have power trips and think they should decide where you live, whether you should come to the office... —  read more 

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Misogynistic, racist culture

Qualtrics boots the SAP executives that understand enterprise sales motion and how to grow/scale a business. Shameful. The homegrown males you've promoted for years out of loyalty, rather than talent and intelligence, are not serving your customers... —  read more 

Digestion of Qualtrics

This is going pretty slowly. Sales people are being forced to add Qualtrics to all customers, even though its not a natural component of the "digital core". Its a solution looking for a problem. If you can't gauge how satisfied your customers are... —  read more 

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