Topics regarding layoffs at MetricStream, Inc

Topics regarding layoffs at MetricStream, Inc

It's all fake

Sales demos-show GRC features to customers that are not exist and close the deals Products-agree with sales, show fake documentation to GS. GS starts implementation then identify no features exist in product. Ask help from product... —  read more 

ABs are great

Show one good wow factor in any implementation ABs developed all these years. Any single customer name appriated ABs innovations? I have seen customers shouting looking after the great innovations but not seen anyone appreciated.

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Preventing layoffs

Hi Friends, Some of my our colleagues highlighted in earlier posts how we are excess staffed in overhead roles in US. This is 100% true. Typically finance dept takes the lead in finding opportunities to cut down costs. But our finance team cannot... —  read more 

Engineers build our GRC platform

Salesforce has cut 1000 jobs today. Did you all see the news? What makes you think we are immune. But lets request management to focus on US based overhead roles and support departments before they ask Engineers and Sales people to go, if they are... —  read more 

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Question is not about department

Question is not about department or enjoyment in US. Question is what is the work people do that can't be done from India. No one from engineering are talking to customers or supporting customers. They are simply sitting in US with the name of R&D... —  read more 

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HR please respond

These threads creating stress and anxiety. Lots of your employees going through with emotional stress. Metricstream HR, being metricstream employee requesting to speak out if you are not foresee layoffs or cutdowns.

Shift the company ASAP

Just because your chairman said how to rebuild world economy it does mean that it apply to MetricStream. Rebuilding metricstream economy is completely different than rebuilding world economy. Your products doesn't work for metricstream to rebuild... —  read more 

Wanted to join us?

Are you impacted with MetricStream politics and got fired? Are you passionate in working on advanced technologies? Are you waiting for opportunity to build platform and form designer as MetricStream competitor? Lets work together - we should... —  read more 

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Layoff in MetricStream

Hi Guys, Would you have some insights on Metricstream management is planning any layoffs or paycuts at this moment? Have we been particularly impacted by Covid? I understand that we are not as affected by the travel, restaurant and entertainment... —  read more 

Layoffs soon?

Metricstream waiting for a opportunity since 2017 to reduce head count. Now they got reason COVID-19. May and June months had good record at metricstream in firing employees. All the best metricstream management.

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