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Shift the company ASAP

Just because your chairman said how to rebuild world economy it does mean that it apply to MetricStream. Rebuilding metricstream economy is completely different than rebuilding world economy. Your products doesn't work for metricstream to rebuild... —  read more 

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Sincere request to new CEO

Talk to your customers and get feedback of your products on, how functionally satisfied by your customers, how easy to customize, how good is underlying technology, how easy the application deployable, UI, security and performance. Specially on... —  read more 

AB come and face customers

AB At least once and introduce yourself to customers. Don't miss to tell customers that you are the head of platform and appstudio. Then customers explain how they are struggling to because of your great innovations. Facing customers with the kind... —  read more 

Wanted to join us?

Are you impacted with MetricStream politics and got fired? Are you passionate in working on advanced technologies? Are you waiting for opportunity to build platform and form designer as MetricStream competitor? Lets work together - we should... —  read more 

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Layoff in MetricStream

Hi Guys, Would you have some insights on Metricstream management is planning any layoffs or paycuts at this moment? Have we been particularly impacted by Covid? I understand that we are not as affected by the travel, restaurant and entertainment... —  read more 

Layoffs soon?

Metricstream waiting for a opportunity since 2017 to reduce head count. Now they got reason COVID-19. May and June months had good record at metricstream in firing employees. All the best metricstream management.

Fun starts in two months

MetricStream loosing all enterprise customers. Now high salaried employees will be impacted badly. No scope of getting new customers. Hopefully MetricStream find the employees who doesn't do anything and take high salaries and send them. If you still... —  read more 

Too much wastage

This company was running great when they had 200 employees. 2-3 HRs used to manage total recruiting and other HR services. Now it became one recruiter per manager (not per department). Like this they recruited wastage too much, higher management... —  read more 

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Move on? It’s not easy

Few people suggested in previous posts to forget what happened in MetricStream and move on. Everyone can suggest lot because they are not the one who faced the situation. Move on is not easy when you get fired because of politics not because of... —  read more 

You change or go away

leadership has never run a company to growth nor profitability. - company although started in 1999 still claims it's a start-up. - make up, lip stick and nail polish on surface to hide a dirty pig which is the truth – the management lies about... —  read more 

The directionless ship

Your ship is going to sink, eventually. Senior leadership has very little understanding of how a facility is supposed to function. They are all snakes in the grass and will strike at any moment to save themselves. They do not care who they hurt in... —  read more 

Please don’t join here

Looks like metricstream paid to Glassdoor, I see many negative rating reviews are removed. There are 20-30 open positions in MetricStream, please don’t fall into the trap and join MetricStream. MetricStream managing to delete bad reviews in many of... —  read more 

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High turnover at MetricStream

Is it just my location or does the entire company have a huge issue with high turnover? People with most experience and knowledge keep leaving and they are replaced with people who are barely out of school - which makes the jobs of the rest of us ten... —  read more 

Why to fire and struggle to hire

Company policy, got new investors then hire. Investors asking for profit then fire employees. Only employees not even single director/VP will be touched in firing. Director and VP s meant for promotions only but do nothing in the company.

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Cleanup the garbage and trash it

MetricStream has too much garbage knowledge and requires to renew with new talent. The person who doesn’t know how to write proper sql is a database technical manager. The person who don’t know basics of Java leads whole java team. Cloud team... —  read more 

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