Topics regarding layoffs at MetricStream, Inc

Topics regarding layoffs at MetricStream, Inc

Expecting layoffs?

Some think that there will be none, and some that there will be much sooner than we think. I don't know if this company can avoid layoffs. It is only certain that those at the top never try to avoid cuts. I don’t expect anything good and it’s always... —  read more 

Your biggest complains?

No company is ideal. It's just a matter of what your priorities are: is it pay, benefits, work / life balance, general atmosphere in the company, etc. The only reason I'm still here is because I haven't found any new opportunities yet. I'm running... —  read more 

How is RND doing?

Sorry sorry my mistake, it's ROD not RND. By the way how are ROD team and leaders of the team? Sorry again, Appstudio team feel bad for taking their title ROD 🤣🤣. NO COMPARISON, BOTH TEAMS ARE BEST RODS.

Wrong people

One of the biggest problems at Metricstream is that here you can continuously see the wrong people in positions whose experience and expertise do not fit the position at all. On the other hand, people who really deserve better positions, even after... —  read more 

CTO for each department

Wow, AB is CTO. What is saddest part. Condolences for metricstream. Until now per project one developer, one QA, one DEV manager, one QA manager, one QA associate director, one DEV associate director, one QA director, one DEV director, one associate... —  read more 

How is 2021?

No appraisals in two years, only promotions so I think by now 50% directors/VPs, 20% managers and 30% employees. Gatner will recognize metricstream as company with 100% directors and VPs soon.

HR, watch glassdoor

HR, remainder. There is one star review on glassdoor. You should publish 3 fake reviews with 5stqrband 3 fake reviews with 4star to meet your goals. Do it quickly.

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Sales jobs

I am planning on applying for a sales role, wanted to get some insights before I do so. Anybody working in sales or sales support on base + variable incentive plan? Do they pay out the commission that is promised? Is it paid out monthly or... —  read more 

My openion

For the ‘Best of the Best’ hired from top programs, this is no longer a company to plan a career with. If you are stuck with 20/30+ years under your belt, then maybe I can see why to try your luck to survive a few more years. But, for the top talent... —  read more 

Our projects

Someone mentioned that the existing number of workers is too large considering the number of projects we have. I agree that the number of projects is small and that this company should have more projects. I wonder how come we don’t have more? What’s... —  read more 

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