Topics regarding layoffs at NetSuite Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at NetSuite Inc.

Note to NetSuite

To the middling middle management at NetSuite: get a clue! Whatever your criteria for making layoff decisions besides covering your clueless as--s , it would be nice to understand or have explained. Ugh! You truly should be gone as you add no value... —  read more 

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Chin Up

hi all - my two cents - i still think netsuite is a great company to work for. we've had several years of growth, and i've seen this place go through a lot of changes. but times were good, and as the saying goes, good times never last forever. the... —  read more 

2020 Layoffs

Layoffs invade NetSuite.... The axe-man was right. Management met all this week behind closed doors. Hiring freezes are put into place. Layoffs will (and are currently) impacting Consulting this week. If you think you're safe behind NS, think... —  read more 

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